WATCH: Steve Forbes on economic liberty and morals in a modern society

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All week on TheBlaze, Glenn has been talking to libertarians about the movements future role in national politics. He believes that Americans can come together and agree on the shared principles of freedom and liberty, but that freedom also comes with increased personal responsibility rather than reliance on small government. On tonight’s episode, Glenn interviewed publishing executive Steve Forbes, who has run twice for the Republican presidential nomination, about the connection between morality and capitalism and the importance of moral sentiments. Check out the interview in the highlight from TV above.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    I believe in personal responsibility with my whole heart and head.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    Take note: Steve Forbes refers to “elites” from an outsiders perspective. Absorb this and think about it for a minute – It doesn’t take more than a cursory glance at the man’s life history to figure out that Forbes has lived his life at the million dollar plus table. Now, understand that Forbes himself isn’t elite by the standards of those who forge American political policy. He is a wealthy man that also happens to be an idealist when it comes to the free market. His platform in media allows for him to exert what influence he can, but at the end of the day he is outgunned and outnumbered.

    My point is, people fighting for the cause of freedom and liberty need to understand that our primary opponents aren’t the useful idiots or misguided collectivist activists that we’re faced with every day. They are the “elites” – elites as in elite even by Steve Forbes standards.

    Moral conviction and clarity of purpose are things that need to be ingrained on a profound and fundamental level. That way, moving forward, you’re able to approach each given situation and *know* what the moral paths are. Choose your courses of action wisely – strive for success – but do so tempered by your morality.

    And we need to fight this legal battle now before our very belief systems become illegal. At that point we will be faced to choose between breaking the law and compromising on our fundamental beliefs. They’ve already pushed into that realm with many of us. How many of you consider abortion to be murder? Now how many of you are aware that your tax money goes to organizations and medical grants that pay for abortions? Now how many of you that consider abortion to be murder and are aware of our tax money being spent on abortions still pay taxes? You’re funding murder…

    Do you understand what I’m saying? Many of us are already being pushed into compromising fundamental convictions.

    We HAVE to push back. We have to push back before tyrannical violence, civil unrest, and martyrdom become the new American legacy.

  • Draxx

    Many Americans have lost their Moral Fiber, the cloth that we weave that helps us live in harmony with others.  It is based on Truth, Honor, Integrity, and Good Will Towards Others!  We have in general become a Me This, Me That type of society; which unfortunately opens the gates to the Elitist Controllers (I will give you what you want, you just have to support me until I get where I want to be).  The problem is that once they get where the elitist want to be, it is having everybody else work hard so that they don’t have to to lift a finger except to discipline those that don’t want to be their slaves!  The other side of the problem is people tend to Keep Themselves In Ignorance and Accept Food, Shelter, and Punishment as gifts from those that will harm them (and many think that their Slave Masters are being generous to them).  Unfortunately for us in this day and age, many people believe that it could never happen to them and they will only wake up once they are in shackles & chains.  Elitist KNOW that if the Entire Mass of People wanted to rebel that they would never stand a chance, it has been this way throughout all of history.  But, as long as they can keep those that speak up first Quiet -or- Dead, then others will believe in Ignorance that they will be next if they speak up/out…
    It is that FEAR of Punishment or Death that keeps the majority under control, much like the tactics to Keep Prisons Under Control (50 guys with guns and 1500 without guns, it would not take long to reverse control if the prisoners felt moved to change things).  WE Are In A Prison State Already, over 40,000-50,000 Man Made Laws All Designed to Keep Us Under Control and Fearing What Might Happen to Ourselves If We Were To Stray…

    Ask yourself this, do I worry day to day about what might happen?  Or are you more carefree because you know nothing bad can happen at any moment?  If you have the smallest amount of fear, ask yourself what is causing it, and can it be removed…?

  • Chris Dupuis

    Personal responsibility also includes personally taking action to help your parents when they get old, to help the poor, the disabled, the homeless, the sick, all that stuff taught in the Bible, (which is probably why believing in God isn’t such a bad thing after all for society)..

    Government took the job because we, the people, didn’t want it.  And it’s a wonder they’re after the free-market system now as well?

    Remember personal responsbility comes with a responsbility to family, to community, to state, to country, much more responsibility than you currently have or may wish to accept.  You take the place of your government, literally.  I accept this as terms of liberty, and so I do these things.  Question is, can libertarians and tea part members accept this as well?   If not, then they’re the same as republicans:  rich white guys trying to stay rich.

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