Is Glenn better than Obama at basketball?

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Over Easter, Obama had one of his most embarrassing moments as President when he bricked 20 shots and only made 2 before leaving the court. Glenn is arguably the worst athlete in American history – but even he thought he could beat that performance. So he tried today during radio – could he beat Obama’s total? You can get the answer in the clip above, but you’re really going to want to watch the full episode on TheBlaze TV to see some of the more embarrassing misses, as well as the high pressure final shot.

For comparison, check out Obama’s performance below:

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama sucks at everything there I said it. 

  • Shane Barkley

    That is just fucking embarrassing.. -.-” 

  • Anonymous

    Well he has been playing more golf than basketball lately!!!!

    • Anonymous

       AND . . . your point is?????

  • dennis reilly

    I don’t know Glenns talent because he doesn’t brag about his basketball prowess, while the president considers himself a fantastic hoops player yet he chose to do drugs and party in college and didn’t make the basketball team

  • faxxmaxx

    Obama put a court inside the WH. Think about it. If he can’t even shoot hoops better than Glenn, who has no experience. He plays golf regularly, but sucks at it. Brags he shoots skeet, but sucks at it. Can’t throw a baseball or ride a bike. In other words, he’s a girly boy. That’s got to be why Moochelle takes separate vacations. No woman wants to bed a girly boy. Not even if he’s President. I bet Moochelle is more of a man than he is.

  • Bear Cat

     Just when you think he can’t get more ridiculous…

  • Kitt Marshall


  • Anonymous

    Glenn can do pretty much anything better than ThatGuy.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn could run this country better than That Guy!!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you can explain why Beck is suddenly trying to raise money for this business.

      Beck could not hack college; he sure as hell couldn’t be dog catcher, much less a president.

      • Anonymous

        Glenn Beck would make a fantastic president because he has the intelligence to surround himself with TRUE PATRIOTS who would be trying to save our country, rather than the traitors Obama uses, who would really rather make America a 3rd world nation.  Have you watched the HUNGER GAMES???

  • Anonymous

    Look who got suckered by an April Fools joke. 

    No, Mr. Beck; you will never be a better basketball player than Obama, not even on April Fools Day when the President is TRYING to fool the fools in the media.

    Barack Obama:  1
    Girly Glenn:   0

  • jckamalay

    Hey Blaze TV: I’d pay to watch a one-on-one session with Sarah Palin (mother of 5) taking on El Presidente – she was the point guard on a state championship team in HS. That should be followed up with Granny Palin and old “I shoot skeet all the time” Bamster doing some skeet shooting with one of the semi-automatic “assault weapons” he wants to ban. Although he is clearly more about talk than actions, I think he would be better at ordering his kids to erase their mistakes and kill his grandchildren than she was.

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