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Joe Biden has already been caught several times contradicting himself on his administration’s gun policy. Yet he was completely shocked to learn that the American people weren’t buying it. Since flat out lying didn’t work, he tried mockery instead.

“How the NRA is engaging in a campaign which is, I’m not unaccustomed to, of disinformation to try to scare people. Let me read some of the things they are saying about background checks. They say, quote, we, the federal government, want to put every private firearms transaction right under the thumb of the federal government and keep all those names in a massive federal registry. Kind of scary, man. Black helicopter crowd really is upset. They want to say that universal background checks are, quote, an unworkable universal federal nightmare. Bureaucracy. That law‑abiding citizens don’t want. They say even if we get a true universal background check, it will never keep criminals from buying guns .None of this is true.” Biden said.

The same day that Biden was out mocking people for being afraid, Senator Blumenthal claimed that he couldn’t support a gun control bill that didn’t include “record keeping”.

“Recordkeeping is essential and recordkeeping can be combined with confidentiality and the reassurance that people will not be prosecuted for losing those records when they have no purpose in losing them, when it may be a mistake. There are ways to avoid either frivolous or other kinds of prosecutions that shouldn’t be done. So I think recordkeeping can be done and must be done but consistent with the Second Amendment and other constitutional guarantees,” he said.

Now Glenn didn’t appreciate being mocked by Biden, and sure didn’t think that Democrats like Blumenthal would be consistent with the Constitution when drafting new laws and regulations.

Glenn warned that people need to be wary, as progressives like to do things piece by piece. So while Biden may deny that universal background may lead to a national registry of gun owners, Glenn said this is just going to be the first step.

“Make no mistake. If you give them any kind of additional background check, any, they will take it and they will keep it. And that’s not a black helicopter,” Glenn said.

Watch Biden’s comments below: