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Eighty years ago, FDR outlawed the “hoarding” of gold with Executive Order 6102, essentially making it illegal to posses gold bullion or gold coins. Today, Glenn sees several stories that point to the possibility of something similar happening today. For example, Illinois’s proposed Precious Metal Purchasing Act would require every transaction of gold and silver to be registered with the state. Cyprus saw the government dipping into people’s bank accounts and confiscating personal wealth. China is just one country moving away from the American dollar. But will Americans stand up against the attack on private property?

“Progressives will always go for your money and FDR proved it and Cyprus is proving it now. Illinois and even this President are proving it,” Glenn said. “Are we that desensitized to government corruption that we aren’t even batting an eye at these moves – or have we moved into the final phase of the normalcy bias?”

Glenn said people need to remember that they have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He noted that they also have a right to private property – like gold. But Americans also have a responsibility to work and create, to be prepared to care for people ourselves, and a responsibility to defend.

“It’s not rights versus [responsibility], it’s rights and responsibilities,” he said.

He added that if you believe these rights and responsibilities come from God, they are immovable and government cannot interfere. However, the government clearly believes the rights come from them and they have launched an attack on several of those inherent rights. He noted attacks on Christians, gun rights, and on personal property to support his argument that progressives always go for personal property.

“I have a feeling we are headed for a monarchy because we have forgotten the principles of maximum liberty and maximum personal responsibility,” Glenn said.

He encouraged viewers to stand firm for their rights and responsibilities, especially the second amendment.

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