TriBeCa Film Festival to award Glenn as Disruptive Innovator of the Year

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Glenn’s basketball skills may have proved to be disappointing, but he is being recognized by a prestigious event that takes place in New York City every year: the TriBeCa Film Festival.

No, this is not a parody post. Later this month, Glenn will be awarded the TriBeCa Film Festival’s Disruptive Innovator of the Year award. Pretty impressive, right?

“The TriBeCa Film Festival is huge,” Pat noted. “Who have been some of the other disruptive winners?”

This year, the other disruptive innovator is the guy who did Gangnam Style. Among last year’s winners was Justin Bieber, who won the award for his use of social media.

“You are changing the way things are done,” Stu explained of the award. “You’re disrupting the normal processes with innovation.”

“With innovation…so you’re not being a revolutionary and destroying other people. You’re disrupting the normal flow because you’ve innovated and made something better. And so they believe that we may change television and the way it’s being done because we are disrupting the big studios and the big television networks, we’re disrupting through our innovation and so the TriBeCa film festival is giving me that award,” Glenn added.

If you’re thinking, “giving Glenn Beck an award at the TriBeCa Film Festival can’t be the most popular thing they’ve ever done,” you’d be right.

Glenn explained that they called him before giving the award because it was going to be controversial. The award is called the Charles Darwin Award, so they thought Glenn might get too much flack.

“I’m like, I don’t really care. Sure, I mean, I think it’s great. I’m honored. The reason why it’s the Charles Darwin Award is because survival of the fittest.  I believe in the survival of the fittest,” Glenn said.

“At least in business,” Stu responded.

Glenn added that he believes in survival of the fittest in business and humans, but he also believes in taking care of the elderly, the handicapped, and those who can’t help themselves. But what’s ironic is that the people who claim to believe in evolution so much, don’t practice survival of the fittest — they’re opposed to it, at least in practice.

“I don’t believe that we just keep passing you in grade after grade after grade,” Glenn said.

He went on to add that the failing banks should be allowed to fail. If people don’t feel pain in their own lives or when they’re businesses aren’t doing well, no one will ever learn — people will not learn from their mistakes.

If Glenn had never been allowed to fail, he wouldn’t be in the position he is now to receive this award.

“So thank you TriBeCa Film Festival,” Glenn said. “…It’s an honor, and I appreciate it.”

  • Sam Fisher

    And here I thought Glenn was a nobody. HA! 

  • Sam Fisher

    And here I thought Glenn was a nobody. HA! 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Congratulations Glenn, you have shaken the world to its foundations, and are reminding people of what freedom really is about.

    • Cale Soep

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  • Anonymous

    Those of us that have followed you since the good ol’ days, Know what you are capable of achieving; Nothing you do surprises me. In fact, I would be surprised if one day you didn’t run for some kind of office. Imagine the fear that thought causes some to experience!

  • Anonymous

    You know what?  It is about TIME we had someone on the conservative side that shakes up the rest of the country!!!  It is an honor to have been one of your followers since you origianlly came on Fox and now on GBTV! 

    I have to tell you a little secret:  I thought I would be able to resist watching what you were up to because it was going to cost me $9.95 a month – HA!!!.  After a few days, I was going through withdrawal and caved!!!  I am tuned in every day for just about everything but TreeHouse . . . and that is because I am 66 years old!!!  Tell Roz not to take it personally! 

    Anyway, thanks for being an innovator and a support of the free enterprise system!!!! You give us all courage and stamina for the long haul!!!

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Glenn.  I have watched you ever since you started on Fox News and you are just amazing.  Such a good young man.  Keep it up and be strong you will over come everything. 

  • TWF

    Been watching since the CNN days. I’m still here!

  • guest

    Go, you earned it and they have acknowledge one aspect of your many talents.    
    NYC needs some energy, balance go and shake the dice!

  • Anonymous

    Hypocritical little bitch.
    All Glenn Beck does is bitch about NY and make up stories about his family being attacked.
    Now he gets an award and he is all sweet.
    What a fake!!!

    • rene williams

      well, you are entitled to your opinion, as worthless as it is !

  • suz

    twyla tharp.

  • amiciLatinae

    Remember Breitbart and if you attend, don’t eat anything at the festival. It’s nice to be recognized, but you’ve been a popular hero for millions from the moment you began speaking the truth. Truth these days is more valuable than a rare gem. 

  • rene williams

    good for you Glenn . . . give ’em hell . . . these liberal turds need a dose of their own medicine (ie occupy wallstreet) . . . 

  • Walter Moser

     Fake libertarian Beck supported the neocons back then and hes still a neocon shill.

    • TWF

       Why is it the Alex Jones crowd insists on trolling Glenn and his followers?

  • Anonymous

    glenn our only investigative journalist along with aaron klien!! the truth will set you free!
    thanks glenn don’t know what we’d do without you!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah let the banks fail and We The PEOPLE Help Each Other!!

  • Mary med

    No new info on saudi national.Some one blogged they had quietened you,I don’t believe it myself.Whats next Glen? congras.on award . Hope they have not threatened you are your family .( sorry about mistakes in spelling etc.stroke patiet)

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