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Dylan Quick, a 20-year-old student at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas went on a stabbing attack yesterday, wounding 14 people, two critically. TheBlaze has since reported that the student used a razor-type knife during the rampage, and piece of the blade was found in at least one victim. Broken blade pieces also were found in the area where the stabbing occurred, and the handle was discovered in Quick’s backpack.

Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the fact that Quick was able to stab 14 people (mostly in the face and neck) in several buildings before being apprehended is alarming. One of the students who was on campus during the stabbing gave a very candid interview following the incident in which he advocated for guns on campus:

VOICE:  We wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff.  We wish that the law would let us carry guns because we’re legal adults and carry guns on campus to protect ourselves.  But so far all we have to rely on is on God.  But we’d love to have God and the law on our side.

“He was there. He could have stopped it,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “14 people, two critical, over knives. That’s why. America, please. Stop the insanity. We’re talking common sense… knife regulations.”

Learning from the best to never let a good crisis go to waste, Glenn opened The Glenn Beck Program last night with an impassioned plea for an ‘assault knife’ ban and stricter knife regulations:

Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

“Last night I did this on the air. I opened the show last night at 5 o’clock with this and I – and it was really offensive because people were still, they were in critical condition here in Texas and, you know, so people might have been offended,” Glenn said. “And I finished this thing and I said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, is this offensive? Because this is exactly the same space of time it took for the President to come on TV and start going after guns [after the Sandy Hook shootings].’”

On the TV show, Glenn was able to show one of the primary problems with the gun control argument. Even a simple kitchen knife can look menacing if painted black, much in the same way that the so-called ‘assault weapons’ can look like an ordinary hunting rifle in one situation and a much more intimidating weapon in the next.

Furthermore, this event serves yet another example of the problem with ‘gun free zones’. As one of the students so eloquently pointed out, just one person on campus with a firearm could have prevented any number of injuries.

“It’s really amazingly, amazingly offensive,” Glenn concluded. “What could have been done in Houston if somebody would have been allowed to carry a weapon?”