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Tired of those greedy capitalists and their evil capitalist ways? Stu’s not! He loves capitalism, and he’ll show you some of the good things we have in America because of it. He takes on progressives and liberals by dismantling their phony statistics and misleading claims. The Wonderful World of Stu is the perfect mix of humor and news that drives the left crazy and leaves the right laughing out loud. This Saturday, April 13th, at 10:30pm ET, don’t miss a brand new episode of the Wonderful World of Stu!

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, you are 10 steps behind and for us, the liberty minded, tortuous to listen to.  I am sick of the “NOBODY ELSE IS TELLING YOU THIS” crap.  Drudge, Alex jones etal always come out with these things before hand and you act as though it is your own.  The hand has been dealt and I tell you that we have no “RESTORATION” possible.
    Before any of you retards claim that I am a secessionist, let me say.  I am not leaving.   You liberal blue state idiots are leaving. We are going to kick you anti-American, Anti-Constitutional one world govt bastards out.  Long live George Washington. Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin, Benjamin Rush, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson’s dream.  If that be treason, so be it.

    • Leonard Urban

      Not everyone is coming to the game at the same time, or by the same route. Those who haven’t discovered Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Rense et al may have just discovered Glenn, and are hearing all of this for the first time. Because of his Fox News history, there are probably more people out there who know Glenn and listen and read here, than have ever heard of the other guys. For those people, “NOBODY ELSE IS TELLING…” them.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely. We need more people ringing the bell not less…

  • Anonymous

    Conservatives are soooo desperate to have their own Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.
    We’ve seen Greg Gutfield try… we’ve seen Dennis Miller try… now we’ve got Stu trying. And from the looks of things Stu’s efforts will be as embarrassing as those first two.

    • Kevin Dau

      I like Jon Stewart despite his politics and I don’t think Stu sounds anything like either of the comedians you mention. It looks to me more like an expose show using humor. I  enjoy it more for the untold story Stu reveals in an entertaining way. I don’t think it’s about wanting to be anything except realizing that Americans today want to be entertained and so we cannot just inform, we must inform entertainingly.

    • Sam Fisher

      Liberals will never get right wing humor. 

      • Sandie

        It is over their heads, like, Zooom! At best it just ruffles their hair. LMAO!

      • Anonymous

        Can you give an example of something funny a conservative has said?

        • Anonymous

          Anything polking fun at the butthead President is pretty darn funny. I think the things Ann Coulter comes up with are hillarious.

        • Guest

           Why? You wouldn’t get it! Fool ! HAHAHAHAHAAA

        • Sam Fisher

          Like I said liberals will never get it because you guys are that stupid.

  • Anonymous

    ha! I love stu :) he cracks me up :)

  • Sam Fisher

    Funny stuff. 

  • Amitie Kassis

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  • Anonymous

    If you want left wing humor you have to keep it very simple.  Something I’ve noticed watching John Stewart. Stephen Colbert on the other hand couldn’t carry funny in a jar.

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