You’ll never guess who is supporting Common Core?

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Common Core is the new system of educational standards the Obama administration is trying to cram down America’s throat, and it’s gaining more support from the oddest places. Glenn plays more creepy audio from Common Core’s primary source of funding, Bill Gates. And you’d never guess Common Core’s latest supporter is – Exxon Mobil?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We will find more and more groups tied to Common Core; which should actually be entitled by the truth: Complete Conditioning and Control.

  • jakiechagnon67

    before I looked at the receipt for $9335, I accept
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    • Mars Booth

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  • Sam Fisher

    Well I know where I will not be getting gas. 

  • Draxx

    Black Gold (Oil) has Corrupted As Many If Not More People Than Yellow Gold…  How many people have lost lives or been enslaved to produce oil so that a few people can get Wealthy?  We have allowed ourselves to become to dependent on it, and we will pay a price for letting it happen!

  • Draxx

    Did you people know that there was another Blowout by BP in the Caspian Sea before the Deepwater Horizon Event…?  It was known by the U.S. Gov’t and Other High Officials but it never really made it to the light of day to be openly seen by the masses!  The Cover-Ups are happening to Change History on a Daily Basis…  Through Education They Can Ensure Complete Brainwashing and what they want you/your kids to believe is the real history!

  • Anonymous

    My old computer does not allow me to download many items.  Will someone please tell me if this Common Core is Related to Hydrofracking???? 

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I’m through with Exxon.  Only get gas from them because we live in a rural town and Murphy’s gas was down for a couple of weeks.  

  • Anonymous

    God lives in the hearts of every person.  All you
    have to do is call for him to help you and America.
    If you are an atheist, just call on that power
    that you have inside you to do what you know
    in your heart to be right.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    Freaking horrible news as the exploitation of the country goes on by large corporations. However, freaking hilarious segment… I definitely enjoyed the humor. 

  • Anonymous

    We should all stop at Exxon/Mobil and let them know we aren’t buying gas there for this very reason!  What the hell???  Have they all gone nuts?  Or should I say Communists?

    • MarsBarsTru7

       No. Just fascist.

  • Anonymous

    Will not by gas from exon mobile

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be buying my gas at BP from now on. What a Commie Company.

    • Anonymous

       Actually, you might want to try Valero.  I understand they’re one of the few who buy & sell only American products.

  • lin

    You are right, no Exxon gas for us.  Boycott and let them know 

  • Ginny Auldridge

    boycott and tell Exxon why we are boycotting them

  • Anonymous

    Ever done buisness with EXXON?  Their hiring practices are not particularly admirable…

  • Sharmane

    Corruption has infested our government at the highest levels.  We need to clean out the rats nest from DC right on down to the local level.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, shoud we just go back to Cuba? We are going that route.  no rights to speak, to defend our selves, What in the World??

  • Rigoberto Serrano

    Many conservatives need to learn that Big Corporations don’t give a damn about the American people, their liberty, and their needs. Our Govt. from Reagan to the current one have been pro-Corporate America and the welfare of those companies. That’s call cronny Capitalism in action!
    Many conservatives want full freedom with full personal responsibility, but I don’t see Glenn or others telling our justice system, hey, what happen with those CEOs, Big Corporations and Wall Street for screwing us all for the past 10-30 years?? Wake Up People!!!

  • Dawn Brayton

    Hey, neat. Dominicks supermarkets supporting Mobil gas stations(with the customer points program)supporting Common Core supporting potentially sucessful people during their toughest years. Exxon Mobil has been also a huge supporter of PBS for quite a while now. Which might have something to do with education.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    We’ve lost our country already…it’s just a matter of time until The New World Order commences.  I have no confidence in either party or any so-called leader.  It’s over.

  • annelouisegelinas

    we won’t buy exxon gas anyway  they should not want to be a part of brainwashing children in America. What do you suppose is their reasoning and Bill Gates too?  Power and Control.

  • Anonymous

    COMMON CORE!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Despite what Glennbeck says its probably nothing to wet or poo your pants over

  • Shanna Cannon

    A list of companies backing Common Core are listed in the NY Times in an open letter:

    Here is a larger list of companies in support of Common Core:

  • Jenny Sue Hane

    Exxon needs engineers and other well-educated employees … that could provide a possible motivation for their promotion of educational matters.  It’s not at all unheard of for a company to develop its future workforce by spending money on scholarships, education and outreach programs, etc.  Not that it would shock me if this had something to do with a government bribe, but there are other possible explanations.  Keep digging.

  • hopeintomorrow

    Exxon is now pushing Common Core–why?  They are an oil company, who must have ties to Obama and the liberal agenda for America.  Freedoms are being attacked and Obama would like ultimate and complete authority over us.  If Exxon is for Common Core, than they have a special interest tied directly to Obama.  Common Core is a evil, communistic takeover of our schools where state and parents use to have this authority.  Thanks to our governors, we have lost our rights as parents to this federal takeover.  Exxon is now part of the liberal cause–beware, do not support and buy gas from them.

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