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Follow for the latest updates on this breaking news story – MORE. Mercury One has started a fund to support the victims of the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

In the wake of the bombing of the Boston Marathon today, Glenn had TheBlaze National Security Expert Buck Sexton onto the program to give his analysis on the latest information from he and Glenn both agreed was clearly a terrorist attack.

“Even if there is someone in custody there is a race against time to go back to look at the footage, look at electronic records, try to figure out if it was one individual or if it is ten, where are they now, are they planning more attacks or are they trying to flee the country,” Buck explained.

“When they go back and look at the video it’s very probable I would say that they will see people casing this area before they set up these devices. This was not something that was done in haste. I think they really chose their targets for maximum impact and unfortunately they were successful today,” Buck told Glenn.

Buck said police officers in other major cities were stepping up their security measures in case there were follow up attacks.

TheBlaze has assembled these key facts for the story:

  • Explosions rock Boston on day of Boston Marathon.
  • Two reported dead, 100 being treated with various injuries.
  • Runners participating in Boston Marathon stranded, terrified.
  • Cell phone service shut down to avoid possible detonations.
  • Two more devices reportedly recovered by Boston police and dismantled.
  • Security ramped up in D.C., New York City.
  • “Person of interest” reportedly under guard in Boston hospital.