Buck Sexton: No question Boston Marathon bombing a planned terrorist attack

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In the wake of the bombing of the Boston Marathon today, Glenn had TheBlaze National Security Expert Buck Sexton onto the program to give his analysis on the latest information from he and Glenn both agreed was clearly a terrorist attack.

“Even if there is someone in custody there is a race against time to go back to look at the footage, look at electronic records, try to figure out if it was one individual or if it is ten, where are they now, are they planning more attacks or are they trying to flee the country,” Buck explained.

“When they go back and look at the video it’s very probable I would say that they will see people casing this area before they set up these devices. This was not something that was done in haste. I think they really chose their targets for maximum impact and unfortunately they were successful today,” Buck told Glenn.

Buck said police officers in other major cities were stepping up their security measures in case there were follow up attacks.

TheBlaze has assembled these key facts for the story:

  • Explosions rock Boston on day of Boston Marathon.
  • Two reported dead, 100 being treated with various injuries.
  • Runners participating in Boston Marathon stranded, terrified.
  • Cell phone service shut down to avoid possible detonations.
  • Two more devices reportedly recovered by Boston police and dismantled.
  • Security ramped up in D.C., New York City.
  • “Person of interest” reportedly under guard in Boston hospital.


  • Anonymous

    All that follow is pure speculations on Boston bombings reason why and possible reasons for timing !!!!! ????  1.) to take the spot light off North Korea and Iran racing for nuclear weapons ,give obama more covers of doing nothing to give Iran more time ??? 2.) a stalling tactic or warnings or threats of these small IED with no return address to do nothing  about rogue countries of Iran & North Korea give themselves more time to develop a nuclear device so they can smuggle them into our cities with no return address 3.) Near North Korea celebration day a false flag ??? 4.) the bomb at JFK could be a false flag too, 3a. to throw the police off  to a right wing groups Tea Party,Republican,NRA ,3b to give obama a crisis to make him move faster against right wing groups because citizens are starting to wake up against the progressive party agenda,bottom comes up the top come down with marshal law ???  We have fruit cakes on both sides ,I don’t think obama is involve I think it could be a fruitcake  on the Democrat side bombing the Democrat Icon of JFK library ,also obama made statement that he would go after the group could be a individual too, ???  Or it could be Iran or North Korea inciting a self grown cell in U.S ,then dis owning them if  they got caught to cause distraction so to slow down the pressure on U.S to make a decision on what to do about these rogue nations who want attain nuclear weapons.  5.) Timing the bombs didn’t go off for leads runners mostly international and Africans why ???/ If it is foreign terrorists setting these bombs off in Boston with no return address ,obama been in office for 4 years now really has done nothing to these nations who want to kill the great Satan or declare war on U.S the count down clock is ticking when these terrorists or rogue states will smuggle a nuclear devices in our cities and only thing obama has done is to give them more time to acquire these nuclear weapons !!!   If anyone was taking video shots or cell video please check who were in the area of these  sites ,please check see if anyone walk into a crowd with bag,back pack,package then leave the crowd with no backpack ??? Plus save any video of cell picture etc you may caught someone with a package  and someone else down street have him with no package!! Thanks !! If you have anything suspicious in these pictures contact Boston Police for the safety of our citizens !! I hope we all get more information & whole truth instead of just speculating so we can add our eyes and ears to help the police matter where the shoe drops !!!!!!!!! Maybe to cut down U.S foreign tourist dollar or money cause a economic collapse and chaos ???????????????? Some how I figure this JFK bombing is to get U.S citizens or government to have a Lynch Mob Mentality to go after innocent group ?????????????????? I hope it’s not a distraction for something bigger ,where state police,local police,national guard running around checking for possible explosive in trash can etc !!,That Massachusetts triple it national guards at Plymouth nuclear plant and Boston natural gas site and natural Gas tankers in Boston harbor,To have army Apache or cobra gunships with infra & zoom camera and record everything in the area of these sites and be arm ready to attack any ground threats or private aircraft threats in area !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Most likely what happened is thus:

      JFK library blast is a diversion or decoy, a foil meant to lure law officials out of the area so the real strike could occur at the Marathon finish line. There may have been other devices set to go off around the city or other attacks may still occur, I can only offer speculation at this time.

      Extremists of both sides are already playing the blame game: the Democratic Socialists were out the gate with the usual ‘its the conservative right-wing radical domestic terrorists, evangelists, fundamentalist Christians, etc.”

      Personally, if this was done by a foreign nation and not a terror group, look to Iran or Syria. North Korea may be insane enough to have done so, but this does not feel like their style.

      What matters as well is what exploitation Obama will make of this for his agenda to further crack down on the ‘enemies of the state.’

      • Anonymous

        You could be right on the money ,but they could be copy cats too make like it a foreign power ,where you have two bombs go off near each other one to get attention the other for the site seeing crowd and rescue workers ,we seen this on TV many times ,, there could be two  dis information explosions one the second explosion near finish line and the other JFK  ,they be could to be to throw police off or cast blame in the direction of a innocent group ????   With obama never let a crisis go to waste !!!!!????

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Given the fact of two detonations, and one or more additional devices which failed to explode, then yes this indicates a degree of planning was involved. 

    Right now what matters is whether it was a domestic lunatic or a foreign agent who conducted this attack and the one at the JFK library, and if a foreigner or recruit of a foreign power, who are they and what will Obama do about it.

    Note – it can be all but guaranteed Obama will in time blame the Conservatives, and never call it a terrorist event. If it turns out to be a Islamic Extremist group or individual, then the media will hush this up faster than anything.

    • http://twitter.com/RandieDonoff Randie Donoff

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    • Staceycarverd

       When 0banana is involved, you can bet a couple things.  If actually an act of terrorism, by the usual suspect of fanatics, he’ll try his best to avoid using that word.  If it in any way, shape, or form involves an actual native born citizen, he and his regime puppets will use it freely, and the lame stream media will try their best to link it to conservatives.

      I suspect they’ll use this event to further push for the continued stripping of our rights while opening extending more to foreigners, and with less restriction.

      • Anonymous

        Dead wrong. You’d lose that bet.

        • Staceycarverd

           I think I’m right, case in point: Ft. Hood shooter.  He is a muslim extremist…. when had 0banana labeled him as such?   Yet, how often has his regime(or his lapdogs in the media) been willing to label vets, senior citizens, anyone concerned about the country their children/grandchildren will inherit as extremists and potential domestic terrorists?
          And yet, we can believe he didn’t know bill ayers was one…..

          • Anonymous

            It’s President Obama NOT 0banana that is disrespectful and ignorant. Only FOX News viewers would say such stupid things

          • Staceycarverd

             Just showing him the same respect many of you msnbc & cnn viewers showed President Bush.  When he shows the average freedom loving, law-abiding LEGAL American citizens the same respect, rather than referring to then as “bitter clingers,” and labeling our vets as potential domestic terrorists (like his buddy bill ayers) then he’ll start getting some respect.
            BTW, I rarely watch TV news

          • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

            No liberal Dems try to paint the bomber right winged before there is even any proof of who the guy is disrespectful. A liberal Dem standing in congress saying it was the other side’s fault because of sequester is disrespectful. You liberals might as well piss on the people that died in the attack as well.

    • Anonymous

      Once again you are proven wrong. Obama already called it a terrorist attack. Now stop your insane lying and demonizing of Americans and get real. You are part of the problem.

      What’s sure is that it was done by a extremist, most probably a religious extremist. This is the act of a radical, extreme Muslim or Christian.

      • tobias

         Sorry knowitlittle The WH called it a terrorist attack AFTER obama said it was not ! check it out OK!  obama called it ” A Tragedy” during the presser and just like he called the Fort Hood massacre “A workplace incident” please,  knowitalittle get yourself informed before you collect your Huffpost paycheck!

      • Jamie Childress

        YOU ARE SO DUMB!!!! I can already see that the Government has you completely fooled Obama said it was a terrorist attack ??? Obama knows exactly what this was HE Knows that that is not the case but stupid people like you are exactly why this world is on the edge of destruction

      • Jaamoose

        You’ve nailed something on the head that is prevalent here – almost all of the people here are indeed demonizing liars, and part of the problem, if not a majority of all our problems. The right wing in America is currently held in check by the structure of our civilization, but they are waiting for a few cracks so they can slither through and attempt to satiate their lusts for power and what they see as their divine rights to lord over the rest of us. 

        • Anonymous

           “lord over”? – you’re a joke! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. So the liberal power junkies don’t lord over those who don’t go along with Obama’s fundamental changing of America, but instead, hold onto traditional values and beliefs – the same beliefs, that made this nation great – the strongest in the world. All men being created equal – even those yet in the womb, and that marriage is a male-female covenant in the eyes of God, having deep spiritual meaning, something by the way, you scoff. You don’t believe in a God, but you sure as hell don’t mind playing God. Hypocrites all…!

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      First thing Obama needs to do is make sure the Bin Laden family is safe, secure and on their way home to Saudi Arabia.

      Even if he has to shutdown every airline in America, an exception needs to be made to secure the Bin Ladens.

      Next thing Obama needs to do is go to war with Iran.

      Of course Obama hates America so he will never consider the Bin Laden’s safety.

      • Anonymous

        Your intelligence has been misplaced by your arrogant ignorance. At the time (9/11) Bush did the Bin Laden’s a favor. It seems even Arab families have the notorious  black-sheep within their midst, who more than not, go against the family protocol. You know as well as anyone, that if the Bin Laden family would have been given over to mob vigilantes, it would have created  possible a much deadlier war in the middle-east, resulting in a much different outcome than what history recorded.

        As far as Iran goes – that renegade terror sponsoring state, should of been taken out decades ago, but no thanks to the real warmongering peace activists such as yourself and your fellow “peace-loving” liberals, who you claim to be the real-Americans, war on American shore has now become a reality.


        • ThorsteinVeblen2012

          How many Americans have died or been wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq?

          I’m glad to hear you’re more concerned about the safety and well being of the Bin Laden family than possibility of saving American lives.

          Iran was “taken out.” It was “taken out” in 1953 by the CIA. Then it was “taken back” by a religious extremist.

          Iraq was “taken out” by George Bush. It looks like it’s being “taken back” by religious extremists who support terror.

          You guys are on a roll.

          • Anonymous

             Allow me to clarify, “taken out” – flattened – obliterated – cease to exist…. 

  • Anonymous

    Lesson Two- How to paralyze a city and disable free movement in an intractable nation
    Free Movement in and out, within and without Boston are strangled in what is essentially martial law. Communication are strangled and panic spreads. Nationwide the the crows hover and as the ripples spread outward; the fear and publicity tidal wave begin to have reaction effects, not response effects. Big difference there.
    OR… SOMEONE in Vegas or Jersey or Chicago had a lot of money bet on the outcome of the race and chose to fix the race in an ugly manner.
    But, basically, it is way to annoy a lot of yankees and make them afraid. Watch the stock market tomorrow and make not of who wins and who loses.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I think this was a plan attack,!!  Maybe this person think he was smart didn’t go to finish line site ,a day, or couple days or 6 months before so he wouldn’t be caught on any surveillance video or someone taking video in area !! Previous years,it may show him casing the site or taking video not of runners but more of the layout and crowd positions, !!  This group of person could of use last year or 2011 marathon as his template avoid him being video as he case the place . Maybe someone caught him in their video this year with backpack,but last year he just had a camera ???? Or use video for a dupe Muslims followers where to place bombs ???  Muslims plan in many years ahead look at 911 you all should look at your previous years video and picture if  near these sites and save them it might help police and conflict this mass murder suspect or suspects !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Question if I heard right the two explosion were within 10 seconds of each other ,normally in the Middle East and other terrorists groups they give a least a couple minutes to let a crowd gather and rescue workers to be on the scene !!!  Question was there a cell phone that call two separate phone numbers same exact time the explosions ,to that area ,which didn’t allow the normal amount of time for rings for someone to answers , if there were could this be track ,mostly likely be a throw away phones   use to make the calls and use in detonation !!!  Could cell phones be use as detonation devices and police not informing us that why they had cell phone blackout ?????????????????????? Maybe this person or persons use TV coverage of the Marathon finish line as to give him precision timing for the most effect of detonations !! Figure police would clear the area and look for a possible second bomb ???????????????????? Most likely the cell phone blackout thwarted the other bombs from going off !! Maybe we need a quicker response system where any trouble in major event or explosions going off maybe a simultaneous signal send by head security to all cell phone providers for a state that over secure line a certain frequency tone that will operate a master shut off switch ,can be reset by phone test man, !!! Maybe we could of beat out the second explosion detonation by cell phone 10 seconds or 14 seconds if cell phones were use as detonators !

  • Anonymous

    I knew some of you fools would try to blame Obama. Gee I wonder why you didn’t blame bush for 9/11? Lol. Transparent, illogical, hypocritical haters.

    • tobias

       @knowitlittle blaming Bush?? (you don’t even know how to spell!). Now where have I heard this “blaming Bush” mantra in the last 7 years? ( does the name obama ring YOUR bell ??). I don’t think the Dem’s pay you enough, but then after again reading your “” comments”” there is not much doubt where you get your diatribe from now does it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/brent.canipe Brent Duane Canipe
  • tobias

    Not sure but is knowitlittle the same guy as the thirdarchon and other dimwits?

  • landofaahs

    Yes, yes, yes.  We see the “Restoration” don’t we.  Let’s get out of our Stockholm Syndrome.  But the Adultery continues, does it not?

  • landofaahs

    On Patriot day. On April 15th tax day.  In Boston, the home town of the “Boston Tea Party”.  I smell a rat…. A democRAT.  I could be wrong but our president would not call the Ft. Hood killer a terrorist, but instead, called it workplace violence.  He and the democrats will not call radical islam terrorism. I say all Islam is radical terrorism. 

    • Zooropa Fly

      Racist Idiot.

      Look out folks… the Drone’s are coming…

      • landofaahs

        Oh yes. The race card. The last stand for a vacuous left-wing-nut-job like you. The true racists are those in favor of abortion because they are haters of the “HUMAN” race.

        • Anonymous

          Well come on, ” I say all Islam is radical terrorism” is a narrow minded stupid statement, not least from a supposed Christian.

          A Fly has both a left, and a right wing sir.

          • landofaahs

            No. It is a broad minded statement based on the behavior of Islam. Christianity is the only true religion. Christ is the source of truth and truth itself. Your disagreement does not change truth. You are a close minded anti-Christian bigot. But you have the right to your own opinion.

          • Anonymous

            I believe all men equal (as I think your Constitution and Religion does too). You seem to claim belonging to a superior group.

            Don’t call me the bigot.

          • landofaahs

            All men are created equal but not all ideas, beliefs and values are equal. To suggest otherwise is silly childish banter. Jesus is the “WAY” “TRUTH” and the “LIFE”. I never mentioned a superior group although that is what anti-Christian bigots usually jump to as a knee-jerk reaction. Sadly, you are what you are and you suffer from “Stinkin’ thinkin'”. Next time you quote, quote the entire statement. Not just the part you want to use as a point. “CREATED EQUAL” not “all men are equal”. It really leads people to the assumption that your IQ starts with a decimal point.

    • Anonymous

      I misread your quote–I thought it said “Christ has declared me guileless”. That would be  wrong.

  • landofaahs

    For all of you liberals who are vexed by the deaths in your city, just think of it as abortion….That should make it seem alright to you.  I really can’t understand people who can see 3 people killed and be in a state of depression, but 50 MILLION babies registers no response.  How sick can our society be?  God sees and he will judge for he hears the cry of the blood from the ground from the slaughter of the innocents.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention putting 100 people in the hospital. Fifty million “babies” would register a response if they were actually babies; actual, legal abortion clinics are nothing like the one operated by that monster Gosnell. They were a potential life and once they actually become whole beings…What do you do then? Do you shove ’em into the adoption system if mom and dad aren’t ready? Do you let them live in squalor? You should actually TALK and LISTEN to a Liberal/Progressive some time instead of being fed all of this divisive BS by Glenn and others. Sometimes they DO say stupid things; everyone does. Otherwise? You’ll find that a majority of level-headed Liberals dislike the thought of abortion as much as you do. Legal, safe, and rare is the usual mantra. Can I ask you something? Do you believe in abstinence-only sex education or the full scope of sex education? Because supporting the former and then crying about abortion rates is a tad incomprehensible. We could reduce abortion if we make more allowances for teaching kids, at an appropriate age, the advantages of utilizing contraception. Alas, this article isn’t even ABOUT abortion. It’s about what happened in Boston and what happened in Boston WAS terrible…Although we still don’t have any details.

      ANYTHING could be terrorism, but terrorism carries a specific flavor in this country that brings to mind images of scary people in turbans. :/ For this to be called terrorism could be “accurate”, but not in the sense that it was caused by an extremist from either side. It could have just been a crazy person with zero political/religious motivation. For all we know, it could have been someone who couldn’t do the marathon due to weight issues! We. Don’t. Know. Yet, here’s Glenn declaring it to be terrorism…Which, while “accurate” to a degree, is meant to make people believe that Muslims did it. Hoo boy.

      • landofaahs

        If Obama calls it terrorism, then you know it is being blamed on a right wing Christian because if it were a muslim or an atheist, it would be called “workplace violence”.

      • Anonymous

         I would reply to your nonsensical point of view and warped perception of reality – but seeing how, I do not think of you as a real human being – I won’t waste my time.

    • Anonymous

      Are you a closet member of the Those who Think Like the Westboro Baptist Church Club? Liberals vexed by the deaths in their city–deserve a little death because presumably they all favor abortion?  Have you ever been to Boston? Do you know how many devout Catholics live and practice their religion there?

      • landofaahs

        Any sin is enough to condemn us. Abortion, sexual immorality of any kind, lying, stealing etc. It’s all enough to sink us all. No matter how devout you think you are, I assure you, you are not. If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. But if we confess our sins, God who is faithful and just will forgive us all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
        Westboro members are right in some respect and wrong in some ways. God does punish societies for their behavior though. But believe what you want.

        • Anonymous

          No one, especially me, is claiming to be free of sin. I am questioning your construct, especially when its “factual” basis seems to be based on buying into the conservative media’s pilloring of Boston in particular and Massachusetts in general as some sort of evil place. I suggest you try living in some regular folk neighborhoods (they still exist) in the eastern Massachusetts area and actually learn how conservative many people are. We are all sinners, people of all situations in life. Punish a city because some of its residents believe in abortion? The Old Testament as justification for tragedy has been a powerful misguiding force for many people.

          You are the first person I have seen in print to suggest any aspect of that Westboro freak sideshow that masquerades as a Church is correct. If you find that any aspect of that hateful family’s religion  (I refuse to consider them Christians) gets you to heaven, more power to you.

          • landofaahs

            The “freaks” at Westboro iare the best friend of the homosexual in that westboro is so hated that the generate sympathy for the gay community. Westboro is correct that homosexuality is a sin and God does punish nations even though some of the people may be faithful. God destroyed the nation of Israel and scattered them even though a few were faithful, no doubt they also were delivered into bondage.
            There is an element of truth in what “SOME” of what Westboro says although folks like you cannot conceive that there is some right in what they say but a lot more wrong. Your type are all or nothing and cannot separate what is true and what is false. If I can agree with them only one point, then to you I must believe everything they do is just and condoned.
            To your point about the Old Testament. It shows us the result and punishment for sin. That is not misguiding but just warning.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you landofaahs, for seeing the reality of the times in which we live. As far as I’m concerned, this Boston Massacre can be blamed solely on the heads of the liberal progressives among us. I’m already tired of hearing “In this moment of sorrow, none of us are republican or democrat, no – we are all Americans” – BULL….I’m not a pathetic cowardly liberal peace activist. Their idea of ending the war on terror is to run from it and bury their heads in the sand, as if, all is well and if only we Americans would try loving our neighbor more than being the world bully, then all this evil would simply go away. Well look what has happened in the mid-east since our boys have exited the Iraqi theater….all hell has broken out and we still turn a blind eye on the mid-east terror sponsoring shenanigans of the Iranians, who, at this very moment, are seeking to perfect nuclear bombs to wipe us and the Jewish-state off the world globe.

      Now yesterdays carnage is proof, that if we do not take the fight to our enemies around the world (on their turf) then these religious extremists have no problem in bringing the fight to our shores.

      One story from the news yesterday, is about a man (wearing a cowboy hat) who rescued one of the bomb victims (his photo is all over the news) This mans son served honorably in Iraq – this brave soldier unfortunately lost his life while fighting for American freedoms. After his death though, his father (the gentleman  wearing the cowboy hat) tried to commit suicide – since his failed attempt at murdering himself, this man has become a “peace activist” – look what peace activism has brought to our shores…this mans son was an honorable citizen, his father, on the other hand, has forgotten that it takes brave men, such as his son, to continue the fight for freedom around the world wherever it exposes its ugly head. In that way only, when the Boston Marathon is run in the future and upon crossing the finish line and after the proud son who’s father just finished the grueling task, runs out gleefully to meet him and after a heartwarming embrace can return to the safety of the sidelines instead of being blown to bits.

      These liberal do-gooder-peace-necks are the real warmongers – for their lack of rational thought and foresight of a very dangerous world, has brought war to our shores, now these evil bastards are calling for all American troops to be brought home in the near future…I guarantee, things will not get any better. What will our land look like when the Dems get their way and gun-control becomes law, criminalizing law abiding citizens the right to defend against this sort of evil.  

  • landofaahs

    Who cares?  Someone just chose to abort those who were…”inconvenient” to them.  Does that sound Bad?  Well, I guess life only has meaning to some people if they themselves place value on it.  If that is so, then how could you possibly condemn those who just think as Jeremiah Wright would say, “Your chickens are coming home to roost”. 

  • Anonymous

    Circumstantial implications Let’s see Tax Day + Senate Debates Gun Restrictions + Immigration Reform all US anti government Militia issues I wonder ?

  • Kelly Smith

    Am I the only person who sees connection to Israels Memorial Day and Boston bombing ?

    “Israel Memorial Day 2013: Nation Honors Fallen Soldiers And Victims Of Terrorism”

    “JERUSALEM — Israelis paused Monday to honor fallen soldiers and victims
    of terrorism with sirens and ceremonies on the country’s annual Memorial

    It’s the Zionists galvanizing american with a Memorial Day.

    • Anonymous

      No there is likely more than one other lunatic on the planet. Check out the comments  below–it was Patriot’s Day and Tax Day; North Korean “celebration” day (Kim Young’ins one year as party leader). All sorts of theories out there. at 5:30 PM on CBS radio yesterday Dick (I’ll say anything to stay on the air) Morris was blaming Obama for it. There is a long line of conspiracy theorists in front of you–why don’t you post it somewhere and make it go viral. You and your friends can then think you are an important political movement.

      • Kelly Smith

         You can attempt all the stereotyping you want.
        But the facts are the facts.
        April 15 2013 was Zionist Terrorist Day in Israel.

        “Israel Memorial Day 2013: Nation Honors Fallen Soldiers And Victims Of Terrorism”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…

        “JERUSALEM — Israelis paused Monday to honor fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism with sirens and ceremonies on the country’s annual Memorial Day.”

        Israeli’s from illegal camps terrorize,maim and kill Palestinians for decades now.
        With assistance of the Israeli military.

        Propaganda in America has kept the true nature of Israel shrouded for a long long time.

        If the good people of America (obviously you are not one) knew the truth and that the Israelis are not even the socalled chosen people of the bible.
        Then they would have no reason to support the terrorizing and takeover of Palestine.

        You know people view muslims as terrorists also because of the propaganda.
        When in actuality muslims and christians should be brothers united against Zionist followers of Babylonian Talmud.
        They are not only the Evil 1% they are as antichrist as is possible as a religion.


        “Let us examine further some of these anti-Christ Talmud passages:

        Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement.”

        Sanhedrin 43a. Says Jesus (“Yeshu” and in Soncino footnote
        #6, Yeshu “the Nazarene”) was executed because he practiced sorcery:
        “It is taught that on the eve of Passover Jesus was hung, and forty
        days before this the proclamation was made: Jesus is to be stoned to death
        because he has practiced sorcery and has lured the people to idolatry…He
        was an enticer and of such thou shalt not pity or condone.”

        • Anonymous

          Before you become unglued please explain:

           1)  the connection to Boston Marathon bombing? Mossad is responsible? Why? how do your hated Zionists benefit? my recollection is that Mossad can build better bombs than the crude blackpowder devices used in Boston. If they wanted to make it look like a islamic extremists, they would have made a bigger bomb, and created a fake group complete with a website that accepted and bragged on their repsonsibility for the job.

           2) did I assign responsibility to a Muslim extremist group for the Marathon bombing? According to terrorism experts who have dared to offer opinions on the news waves, all preliminary evidence would suggest otherwise–or at least it was a very inexperienced terrorist group.

           3) my stereotyping –is limited to– there are conspiracy theorists for every situation and most of them are half baked at best and delusional at worst. their ideological/poltical religious stripes are of no import to me–they are usually living in the world of paranoia, like Glenn Beck for example. 

          4) ah the use of scripture to try to prove some modern day phenomenon–aisde from your anti-Judaism, your attempt to explain world events by reference to ancient texts is practiced widely on this webpage–you should fit in well.

          5) glad to know that I am not a good person in your eyes.

          6) Propaganda is the nature of political speak. In the United States we have an Israel lobby, a Palestine refugee lobby, a free press which occasionally gets the story right and a fundamental Christian lobby that seems to want to move to Israel as if they are entitled to it. None of these influence organizations confuse me about the truth.

          • Kelly Smith

            1. You obviously prefer to post than actually read.
            I stated the bombing was done by Zionists to galvanize America and Israel on their Memorial Day where they celebrate people killed by terrorists.As the article showed they do so with the blowing of sirens and ceremonies.
            Now on April 15 Boston and Jerusalem will be doing the same now and forever.

            2.Your a disinformation type poster

            3.That is correct.
            You try and make anyone who see’s what is going on out to be some kind of nut.
            AKA “conspiracy theorist”
            You do know a conspiracy does not even have to have the 2 parties actually conspire.
            In the case of this bombing would be like lets say JFK being assassinated.Where everything was put together so some angry person or people would do the deed.
            Such as 911 event or rockets at Israel.
            Zionist International Bankers always in the lead.

            4.I did not use scripture persay.
            I only pointed out others go along with the evil people because they are believing certain things about the scriptures that are not so.
            Israeli Zionists are Asknenazi Jews and Khazarians descendants.
            Nazis were named after Ashkenazi
            Arian Nation after Khazarians.

            5.Your a disinformation person.
            And that is not good.

            6.My statements about propaganda is that the nation has been brainwashed.
            The status quo propaganda supports people like you so you see not what it is.

            Watch what is going on in Israel and Palestine.
            And I mean the oppression and terrorist acts against Palestine.
            And that is what the Zionists have planned here for everyone other than Supporting Zionists (Christian Gentile and Jew alike)
            Then it is the “Master Race Zionist “who becomes elevated to the highest status and all others become the “Goyim Beasts”
            to be treated as subhuman.
            Just like they do to Palestinians today.
            Israeli’s invade their land.
            Israeli’s attack the unarmed Palestinians on their own property.
            Israeli’s hunt and shoot Palestinians with the backing of Israeli military.
            You think they won’t do that here if they could ?
            Well,look at Nazi (Ashkenazi) Germany.
            Hitler was a Zionist and he even alluded to the plot in his Mein Kampt speech.
            That if the people really knew what Zionists were up to it would never work.
            Majority of people still do not know the whole thing was about getting Jews over to Palestine to take it over for Zionism.

            So bankers being what bankers are.
            They bought the right to first invade thru the Balfour Agreement.
            The Rothschilds brokered the deal.
            And have been instrumental ever since including donating their stolen money to build government buildings in Israel.

          • Anonymous

            as this thread gets crazier by the minute, quick reply–

            Not sure exactly what disinformation I posted;

            Your talking points sound borrowed from Ahmadenijad–I have read this crap before ;

            if you think Bostonians or Americans will ever link Patriots Day and the Marathon to Israel’s founding day and memorial day that suggests to me you do not know much about America or Boston.

          • Kelly Smith

             4. Why must you state I have an anti Judaism stance ?
            Could you define Judaism ?
            If you mean Judaism as practiced by the Ancients or the Zionist followers of the Babylonian Talmud,then you would be correct I am Anti Zionist Blood Sacrificing Evil Doers
            And if you knew what they really stood for,you would either be one of them by bloodline or someone who thinks they can survive by cleaving onto the Zionists as one of their slaves.

            And you should know that by just being a Jewish Convert will not save you from the Zionists.
            Look what they did in Germany WW2.

            And if you think by being born into a family who has a long line of Jewish practices is enough,think again.
            If you do not have the sociopathic gene of the Kohanym then you are doomed as far as they are concerned.

            You can call me conspiracy theorist all you want.
            But your ignorance will not save you from that “chosen nation”
            AKA “Holy Goyim” AKA “Sacred Pack Of Animals”

          • Anonymous

            ok, sorry I didn’t get it before, but I get it now. I looked at your website reference– you have Michael A Hoffman, holocaust denier, self made historian as your reference source. This conversation is over. 

          • Kelly Smith

             “Your talking points sound borrowed from Ahmadenijad–I have read this crap before ;

            if you think Bostonians or Americans will ever link Patriots Day and
            the Marathon to Israel’s founding day and memorial day that suggests to
            me you do not know much about America or Boston.”

            I see you are catering to “title readers”
            People who scan thru posts and extract catch phrases,so you use stereotypes and cliches.

            I think 40+ years in Boston area I kinda know how things go there.

            You watch,in the near future there will be a stone memorial or 2 placed on that 30+ foot wide sidewalk.

            And people of the Israeli persuation will be relating it to Israels memorial day of ceremony for the victims of terrorism.

            And if you followed how Israeli’s invade Palestine and “terrorize”
            civilians because Israelis are covetting Palestinian  land.

            You should be able to figure out just what is going on.

            I’m not saying you would admit it.
            But you should at least understand.

  • Anonymous

    If the folks liberals like to label ‘right-wing’ anarchist militias, aren’t they pretty much part of the same manufacuturer of Socialism/Communism? Couldn’t you just say that they are just a smidge ‘right’ of some of the leftist theology?   

  • Anonymous

    This morning at the Boston Press conference with the FBI, the Mayor and Governor:
    someone  asked Massachusetts governor if the bombing was a “false flag” attack.

    “Why were people in the audience telling people to be calm moments before the bomb went off,” the person asked, “Was this another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote Homeland Security by sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?”
    “No,” the Governor said, “Next question.” ( you know, they are all democrats up there in the evil Beantown–they are aiding and abetting this conspiracy for sure)

    At about the same time on the radio this morning, Glenn Beck is ranting about “this Admininistration has vowed on the record to never let a good crisis go to waste” and with the preliminary arm chair anyalysts citing signs that it was a black powder device, Beck proclaims another target for the administration to regulate firearms. And then he repeats his mantra-you cannot trust the media, you must put your faith in me. Whatever laudible goal Beck may have in fundraising for the victims, he does it to raise his profile and it does not atone for his sin of self aggrandizement and fear mongering.

    After reading the comments below, I wish you all well in dealing with the daily dose of paranoia administered by Master Beck.

    Our prayers are offered for the victims and their families. Godspeed for the recovery of the survivors. Success to the law enforcement communit in arresting and convicting the murderers.

    Glenn Beck-why dont you return to silent prayer and stop trying to exploit a crisis for your own good.

    • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

      The other side is doing the same damn thing but yet no attacking them why aren’t you being fair? Personally I find it sick that any side would have the balls to dance on dead people that have not yet even been put to rest. Glenn was wrong in doing this today but what about Chris Mathews and a liberal congress man blaming these attacks on the sequester. If you want us to believe that you don’t hate Glenn Beck maybe you should mention all sides of aisle instead of just one guy because as far as I see it not doing so makes you no better than they are.

      • Anonymous

        Fair point – No one, not any public figure , including the President, should be seeking to take advantage of this situation. You are right, I am not fair and balanced if I do not hold the other guys to the same standard. Actually i do; I just dont bother with their websites. So If Mathews and any other person, much less a US Congressman said such things, that is despicable. The only thing any public figure should be saying is, God Bless their souls and we wish the survivors a speedy recovery–and law enforcement, better do a good job. 

        I haven’t seen or read the comments you referred to. i usually do not bother with tV news anymore. ( i watched news shows on Fox and MSNBC occasionally for about a year in 2008–after concluding they were not journalists,  just  liberal foils to Beck Hannity and O’reilly, i stopped watching–same time I stopped watching Fox).I drive a lot and heard about the attack on the radio yesterday late afternoon–NPR, CBS and Fox. I also heard a former CIA assistant director on BBC Newshour radio this morning saying it was not likely a sophisticated group that set the bombs and could be a domestic group or a deranged individual. Whatever the outcome of the investigation, even with his expertise, his assessment is also premature. Beck and Morris were the only ones I heard trying to score pundit points with it.

        I am in agreement with your comment posted above about coming together. I stand chastised for joining in the argument. Unlike our friend Glenn Beck however, i do not profit from my argumentative nature.

  • Anonymous

     If the Feds. don’t think this is not a problem, and WE think too many unchecked illegals are here, what happens when the unchecked people start a war, and WE are unarmed?

  • Justone View

    I see two explosions that were, while horrible, relatively small compared if compared to a terrorist suicide bomb attack.  As far as we know there was not internet or cell phone chatter before or after these two explosions. This may be a new tactic or I sense something more like the lunitic frindge here but that is just me being honest. The data will come in and the picture will become clear. I hope those who have no regard for innocent life are brought to justice.
    There are some sick minds in this world; foreign and domestic.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    It is a sad day can we please stop pointing the finger at people and both sides are doing this and it is just making my blood boil. What in the hell is wrong with this country? This should be like 9/12 not the WWE we should be standing as one not trying to score political points for the sake of winning. If this is a sign of our country let it burn in hell because there is no use of having a country if we cannot even come together as one whole people.

    • Anonymous

      You see Sam, the liberal portion of our nation will have it no other way than their way. Bring all the troops home from American bases overseas they demand – strip God fearing, hard working tax paying US citizens, who obey the laws of the land mind you, of the right to bear arms and this is what you get. When a nation as does ours, hides from its responsibility around the globe….and that would include fighting for American freedoms here at home, then what happened yesterday, will become all too common place. The progressives utterly refuse to look at the reality of the times in which we live. Burying their heads in the sand will do nothing more than to invite even more terror on our soil.  

      This sort of terror could have and should have, been nonexistent, but no thanks to the weak political liberal peace activist policy(s) and that, almost a full half of our citizens, this kind of thing will unfortunately, become more common place.

      You don’t win the fight against evil by turning your head and burying it in the sand. Evil must be confronted head-on. Those who are part of Americas liberal progressive ilk are standing in the way of real lasting peace, because their lack of insight and understanding of the real world we live in, they are dismally naive and dangerous, what happened yesterday is proof of that.

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