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Over the weekend, details started to be revealed on a national level about the horrific Kermit Gosnell murder trial. Gosnell, an abortion doctor, had been performing gruesome late term abortions in horrible conditions in his Philadelphia clinic. Glenn went over some of the graphic facts on radio today.

“If there’s any justice in the world, (this guy will be known as) the largest serial killer in American history,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“In addition to the murderous allegations being waged against this guy, eight former employees of the clinic have pleaded guilty, some to third‑degree murder, for having spoken in great lengths about the terrifying conditions at the clinic. 15‑year‑old girl allegedly helped facilitate the abortions, including live babies potentially, we think that they were live at the clinic. Ashley Baldwin, now 22, claims she worked nearly 50 hours per week and even more shocking, she allegedly helped give women the drugs needed for the procedure and assisted throughout. Baldwin said she saw aborted babies move on at least two occasions following abortions. In one instance she said the chest was moving,” Glenn read.

“He reportedly used untrained and low‑paid staff to conduct nearly 1,000 abortions every year. The charge for the procedure, $350 and several thousand, depending on how far along the pregnancy was. Prosecutors believe he made millions from the practice. The abortion clinic they believe brought in $15,000 a day. The grand jury report, the clinic was said to smell of animal urine and bloodstains were on blankets and furniture inside the office. Not surprisingly, sterilized instruments were unheard of inside of this place. They had failed to inspect the clinic since 1993,” he continued.

Glenn explained that he was struggling with how to cover this story on his TV show, noting that he feels like it’s important to show some of the gruesome photos from the clinic in order to wake people up who believe that abortion is simply removing a clump of cells from the body like a tumor.

“Will those who believe that abortion is just about, you know, tumors being removed, you know, useless cells being removed, will they ever watch something that is true? And should the media actually show it? They will show you what your lung looks like after smoking because those are just tumors. That’s just cancer. What should we show?” Glenn said.

“I personally think you should see it. I personally think that there is nothing ‑‑ there’s nothing left anymore. There’s nothing left anymore. There’s nothing shocking that could be said,” he said.

Glenn was also critical of the media, noting that there has often been a mantra of “if it bleeds, it leads”, meaning news outlets will often center their coverage on stories that involve violence and crime. In this case – where there have been multiple counts of murder and disgusting conditions and even race-related elements – the media has ignored the story. The first real coverage came over the weekend.