New commercial formats debut this week on The Glenn Beck Program

Earlier this year, Glenn said that he wanted to experiment with new ways to do commercial advertisements on TV. He wants to focus on the stories behind the products and use those minutes between the show content to continue to tell stories so people won’t change the channel or fast forward on their DVR. The new format will debut tonight, only during Glenn’s show.

Back in January, Glenn told viewers “The commercial breaks we make have to be entertaining, they have to be meaningful, interesting, storylines, everything. So, you’re watching this show you don’t want to change the channel because it’s something good.”

“We want to redefine advertising by bringing the ideas and concepts behind radio and original TV advertising to TV today,” Glenn said in an email to Ad Age. “Live, in-program advertising benefits our viewers by entertaining them, and benefits our advertisers by most effectively sharing stories of why their products and services are so beneficial.”

Joel Cheatwood, President and Chief Creative Officer, said “There’s a universal concern over the drop-off in audience during the commercial breaks. We wanted to find a way to keep viewers engaged where you don’t lose the audience and they are paying attention to the advertiser’s message.”

“We were reminiscing about how advertisers use to sell products — relying on trusted individuals, whether it was Johnny Carson or Edward R. Murrow, to present the product,” Joel said. “There’s a level of trust and you never lose contact with the key person of the program.”

Ad Age reported:

The new tests will present live ads that more resemble TV commercials, with visual components that could include product demonstrations or employee interviews as well as the logo of the advertiser. Mr. Beck may or may not take part in the conversation, the company said. The network is working with the test’s 10 advertisers — which include Liberty Safe, and TV Guardian — to develop their creative approaches.

TV networks have been experimenting with different forms of TV spots as it becomes harder to get viewers to watch commercials. The results episode of “American Idol” on Fox last week included a commercial break that accompanied ads with live camera feeds from the “Idol” stage, backstage and the audience. It seemed to be the first time the “double-box” format, which has been used during some sports broadcasts, appeared in an entertainment series.

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  • Pamela Peltonen

    Thank Goodness. I’m so tired of watching the same commercials over and over again.

  • Randie Donoff

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    • Anonymous

      Now by contrast, here we have a scammer (?) that pops in periodically, with totally irrelevant comments, misspellings and all, to try to hook us into some money-making scheme. 

      Really, how valid? 

      I don’t know, but not about to trust it. Not that greedy for filthy lucre.

      — Todd who? See what I mean? Totally irrelevant to the story.

      Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    Excellent idea. Combine this with a memorable repeatable tagline, and you have us hooked. Remember the “Where’s the beef?” from oh so many years ago? I will bet many of us could name the product that line was connected with.

    Good idea — looking forward to it.

    As a beginning, I like Glenn’s folksy comments leading into a commercial presentation, and then am a bit disappointed when the canned commercial runs. Oh well….

    Onward and upward….

    Laus Deo

    And I’m going to be persistent — Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

  • Dawn Brayton

    It’s neat if there will be audience reaction WHILE the ad is being seen. Otherwise I’m not sure I can take par tin the focus group seeing as I would be coming at the whole thing from the viewpoint of growing up in that world.(My dad was in print advertising and one of the biggest accounts the company he worked for had was the Keebler elves) Learning that it doesn’t much matter how something is presented if I don’t need whatever it is right this red-hot second no persusation in the world will be tempting.

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