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This morning on the radio program Glenn invited Texas Congressman Mike McCaul on the program to get the latest information on the bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon yesterday. McCaul also serves as the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee and was able to provide Glenn and his radio audience with a clear view of what the facts on the ground are in this on-going investigation.

As of this morning, the perpetrators of the terror attack in Boston are unknown, as is their motive.

“I said yesterday, before the President spoke, it’s an act of terrorism. It has all the hallmarks — the simultaneous bombing and a spectacular mass casualty event, which is what they always try to do,” McCaul stated about the attacks. “We do know that there was a Saudi individuals who is a person of interest.”

McCaul continued, “It’s always important in these types of situations — I was a federal prosecutor for awhile — not to jump to conclusions. They’re running down every lead they can.”

The Congressman went on to explain that there was video surveillance of the area where the bombs went off that authorities are looking at, and they would also have teams reverse engineering the bombs to see what they would be able to conclude from how those were assembled, detonated, etc.

One of the things Glenn was most concerned about was that it’s now day two and no images have been released to the public. Recalling what living in New York City was like, Glenn noted that, while Boston isn’t nearly as big or heavily surveillance as NYC, how are there no images of such a popular tourist spot?

“Well, they do, and they are look at that,” McCaul responded. “I’m hopeful that we’re going to get some answers soon.”

He also mentioned another report of a “dark skinned” individual with a backpack — appeared to be a foreign national — that was seen and is being investigated.

“Nature abhors a vacuum,” Glenn said to the Congressman. He recalled that after Sandy Hook answers were being released almost immediately. The longer that questions go unanswered with this bombing the most questionable everything is going to appear to the public.

McCaul didn’t disagree and noted that officials are working hard to bring answers to the public soon. As more information is released describing the bombs used yesterday, they are sounding very similar to IEDs, something the Congressman pointed out they’ve been very concerned about making their way into the country for quite some time.

“They’ve been used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now we’re seeing two of them blown up in Boston,” he said.

Glenn sent his thoughts and prayers to all of those impacted directly by this horrific attack, as well as the Congressman and other officials working hard to figure out what happened.

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