How are the FBI & other authorities working to apprehend the Boston bomber?

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With so much misinformation being tossed about in the wake of the Boston bombings, it is hard to make heads or tails of what is really going on. On radio this morning, Pat and Stu spoke to TheBlaze’s counterterrorism expert and Real News contributor, Buck Sexton, to get a better idea of how authorities proceed in the aftermath of an event like this.

Buck has tremendous experience in the field, working as an officer in the CIA, assigned to the Counterterrorism Center and Office of Iraq Analysis. He also served as an analyst for the NYPD Intelligence Division. He has experience in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

When Faisal Shahzad attempted to bomb Times Square in May 2010, Buck was with the NYPD. Though that attempt was ultimately thwarted, he explained the franticness at the scene in the hours following the event. “We started pulling out black boards and white board and preparing for staying in the office for days on end if we have to,” Buck said. “There’s a sense of responsibility. I don’t want to speak for any of the law enforcement in Boston… but we wanted to get in as quickly as possible to stop the perpetrator.”

It has become easy to forget the constant threat the United States is under because in the wake September 11, 2011, the majority of terrorist plots against the U.S. have been averted in the early stages. Buck reiterated that while we have grown somewhat accustomed to hearing about the foiling of such plans, we are immune from attack.

“It’s weird to think about it in these terms,” he said. “We’ve gotten very lucky a couple of times in the past few years. The underwear bomber – if he was better at what he was doing, he would have blown up the plane. And the Times Square bomber – it was faulty bomb making that stopped him.”

In this particular situation, the high-profile nature and sheer size of the event made it nearly impossible to completely secure the entire marathon course. “Everything I’ve seen and read about thus far for the precautions beforehand would be what I would expect, quite honestly, for an event of this profile that draws the kind of crowd the Boston Marathon does.”

Many people have questioned why there is not more information available about potential suspects given the fact that most major cities in the U.S. have come to resemble a surveillance state. Buck explained that at this time it is possible the investigators are withholding such information for security purposes. “We don’t know what they have at this point. I am surprised we don’t have more at this point,” Buck said. “But they could be playing it close to the vest. Anything they have that is actionable intelligence, they’re going to want make sure they are tight-lipped about for obvious reasons.”

“I think they’re going to figure out who did this,” he continued. “I’m even more confident that they’ll be able to track them down quickly. I think they’re going to know. There are too many cameras; too many eyes on this area.”

Glenn spoke on radio this morning of how Boston looked and sounding more like the war-torn Middle East than a bustling U.S. metropolis in the aftermath of the bombing. It causes somewhat of a helpless feeling because using the IED approach, this kind of attack seems virtually impossible to prevent.

“This is the nightmare scenario,” Buck said. “You’ve got 26 miles of target when you’re talking about a marathon with terrorists casing and surveying this area. They have the ability to try to get a sense of where the weak spots will be and quick routes of egress for them to get away. We’re very fortunate the vast majority of the world has no interest in doing this kind of horrific and psychopathic violence. The best thing we can do is stop the guys that are trying to do it.”

Ultimately, Buck warned Americans against exchanging liberty for an inflated sense of security. Major cities like Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and others already have tremendous surveillance mechanisms in place, but the government has already proven its willingness to implement more in the wake of events like this.

“After an incident you’re going to see more calls for federal funding – more data bases and digital encroachments on our daily lives. And right now people are going to want it,” Buck explained. “Right now people will say, ‘Why don’t we have the data we need?’ If we don’t have it, the government is going to make sure we do for next time. Unfortunately at some point, and it may be years away, there will be another attack. We have to understand that.”

  • Sam Fisher

    May God bring justice. 

  • Anonymous

    The authorities doing the investigating are not the problem. It is up to them to find out who was involved, and they will succeed. But, the MSM is the real problem. Instead of reporting facts as they are uncovered, they are already trying to link the disaster to certain groups just like Wolff Blitzer did yesterday! The progressives will, notoriously, blame someone, before the truth is uncovered. This reminds one so much of Benghazi, where the truth has been hidden and the MSM is totally ignoring it!

    • Anonymous

       the left wing propaganda machine will point anywhere it can other than the people who actually did this

  • Anita Eitmann

    We know this is muslim terrorists.  This is exactly how they work.  This same thing has happened in Israel hundreds of times.  Same way.  Well my fellow Americans at least we know where some of out tax dollars went.  The muslim brotherhood has spend some of the billions we sent them to bomb us. It’s no wonder these muslim sobs can continue to afford to fight wars.  We’re sending them billions of dollars. Americans had enough yet?

  • Warren Huff

    Get a clue Glenn Beck just like Alex Jones said day one this is and was an inside job by our won government. Once again Alex from was right and he isnt politically correct like you but he is right more oftain and his balls are the size of obama’s head but they actually work!  

  • Anonymous

    True, we will never know who the bomber was.  Where is Homeland Security?  What is Janet doing?  This will probably be the same as Benghazi.  We will never have a conclusion with that incident. This will never surface again EVER.  It has been put to bed, and there will never be justice until we get all of them out of the White House.  Maybe then the truth will come to light – just like this terrorist act!!! 

  • mspatdev

    That is very true of not letting anyone know who they suspect. I just hope Obammy is the last person to know. If it is the Muslims or the Muslim Brotherhood, he will have it all hidden until he is out of office. I hope that isn’t the case. All I know there will be more of this going on. When Obammy was giving his same ole speech, he was reading it. Why can’t he for once say it from his heart and not read it if he meant it?  The reason is he can’t is he doesn’t believe it is a terrorist. It could be homegrown or out of the USA or he can’t look at the USA people in the face that in some way he caused it. 

  • Anonymous

    The type of bombs that went off tell the tale of who made them.   Same makeup that goes off in Middle Eastern countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, and Israel or in Europe.  Shrapnel, ball bearings and other metals are always used to inflict maximum damage on human beings.  And who hates just to hate. We all know the answer to that one. 

  • Anonymous

    There was a time when I utterly trusted the FBI and Federal agencies. Then there was the Richard Jewell/Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. The FBI was perfectly content to FALSELY blame Mr. Jewell even though the 9-1-1 tapes clearly exonerated him. Had the FBI been successful in suppressing those tapes Mr. Jewell would be doing life in Federal prison–the FBI just wanted to clear a high profile case and did not care. Then there was Ruby Ridge. The FBI is an all powerful agency all too full of themselves willing to destroy the innocent for their own glory. Maybe we will be luck and the FBI will catch the real Boston bomber, perhaps they will frame a hapless mark to falsely accuse–sadly we will not know. Hopefully they do not shoot a women holding a baby again.

    We have allowed sad “stories” to herd us into a mob mentality and given all too much power to government. From the Patriot Act to drug laws and RICO and ever more “gun safety For the Children” gun laws we have given away our rights as autonomous human beings.

  • Anonymous

    If remember right didn’t the 911 terrorists or was some other terrorists group went to strip club in a per-celebration before their terrorist action !!  Question did F.B.I  ask Boston bars,lounges ,nightclubs to save their tapes and give access to F.B.I ,Since F.B.I have a photo of possible suspect  ,if he was guilty then F.B.I have a lead of his possible associates or co-conspirators before his partners in crime pull off another incident or bombing , because F.B.I couldn’t get their suspect to divulge his co-conspirators or too slow in getting their name from him lawyer up !!  Now F.B.I and Homeland security must have a machine something just like finger print scanner that goes though million finger prints in a very short time looking for right key finger recognition points combination but instead of finger print points it’s a facial recognition points ,maybe suspect use his credit cards or his buddy or he  know at this bar  to quickly I.D him and his buddies???? To me is wouldn’t be hard  for  telephone Co. to set up a 1.5 fiber optic system  to receive photo’s  or use a local,state department system and send them to a base computer scanner in Washington D.C ?? ! Maybe Boston bars already have feed to Boston Police Department in case of bar brawl and fights,drugs and already have recordings which they hand over to F.B.I. To me before  ever major events in  cities should urges nights clubs ,bars,stores to save their film !!  Wouldn’t be great anyone using ATM,/  bars or local convenience stores save tape that can be easily download to the police /on city level,county level,state level for the most wanted , plus the computer would weed out picture not good enough for facial recognition because of angle ,but would be personally look at if close match to the suspect to be check out!  If suspect frequent a place close to his work,or resident, or his hang out,school ?? If bars or stores sent their photo’s to the F.B.I or police it won’t tip their hand they are looking for this suspect ???/ P.S the suspect may think they got the wrong person or just a ruse to make him run to make him stand out !!!!!!!!!!!!! Question did F.B.I fail to ask bars etc for their tapes before loop was up or reuse the tapes of previous nights before bombings or F.B.I was smart keeping it a secret once they got one suspect photo they may rapidly catch his partners in the crime ??????????????????????????///////

  • Anonymous

    If the possible reason Saudi ring  leader was  whisk back to Saudi Arabia  to save embarrassment or to avoid connections to Boston bombings !!  Then this could be the reason  for Homeland Security not asking that day of bombings for night clubs,bars,lounges to save their video from nights before ,knowingly  that  these tapes be lost forever that may of show the ring leader with the dirt bags who place the bombs !!  Maybe Homeland Security have such a tape ring leader with the dirt bags will not let it be know to the public, and the reason to whisk Saudi out the country ?? All above is fictional scenario !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sandra Hemmes

    Glenn, please look at this article: “Iranians prepare terror campaign inside U.S.”  The article came from WND.  WND  is on Face book.  The article says ” Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is alive and well in the U.S. and the country’s law enforcement officials ignore them at their peril, according to former U.S. Air Force Officer Steven O’Hern. 

    I think this is what is happening.  Obama brought in about 100,000 Palistinians into America a month after he took office from the first election.  That data is in the “Federal Register.”  he gave them taxpayer money for housing, cars, jobs, food, clothes, and everything else they needed, and it is said that it was $20 Million dollars he gave.  Since then Obama has brought in the Brotherhood and hamas and other Muslim terrorists that are on our soil.

  • Dave M


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