Responding to the tragedy in Boston: Build up His Kingdom

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Many people found themselves overwhelmed with emotions and visceral reactions in the wake of the bombing in Boston. Anger. Sadness. Shock. Glenn himself found himself frustrated and there were plenty of things he wanted to talk about in regards to the attack – but when he got down on his knees to pray he was left with just one message that he felt he was supposed to deliver today: Build up the Kingdom of God.

“There are few things that I know that I shall say. I know while I disagree with most of what politically the people of Massachusetts have done to their state and brought in Washington to our Congress, it doesn’t mean anything because in the long list of things that make us Americans, how we vote is at the very last of the list. Because we are Americans, we are brothers. I know Massachusetts, I know what it feels like and know that millions of Americans prayed for you last night. We prayed for your protection. We prayed for your healing.”

“I know Americans will help. I know Americans will comfort. I also know that this too shall pass.”

And while Glenn knows that Americans will come together, there were several things that he knew weren’t going to make the situation better. Refusing to acknowledge this incident as an act of terror, as President Obama did in the early hours after the bombing, does not help the situation. Labeling that terrorist attacks like Ft. Hood “as “workplace shootings” doesn’t help either. It’s important to call terrorism what it is.

It also doesn’t help to place the blame at any one group or religion. It doesn’t help to rush and blame Muslims, nor should anyone rush to place the blame on Patriot groups.

“I also know that we are not responsible for acts of terror. Acts of terror are created by madmen. Period,” Glenn said.

Glenn then singled out the organization CAIR for their tweet: ‘Please don’t let it be a Muslim.’

He had responded to them with a tweet saying: CAIR should not worry if it were a Muslim. The Problem is with those who kill for God. The people not the faith. Trust Americans!

He said that CAIR didn’t need to worry about Americans turning on anyone for their faith, and that nothing like that had happened since FDR and the Japanese internment during World War 2.

“I trust the small government minded people never to make mistakes like that again. Because small government people look at the individual, not the collective. It’s small government people that say it is the act of the individual, not the collective,” he explained.

“Any decent, honest, peaceful, Muslim or Muslim group should not fear Americans. We are fair and decent and honorable. You should fear statists,” he said.

He did say that when the perpetrator of the attacks are found and brought to justice, it will be incumbent on people of that faith or group or whatever to distance themselves and condemn the actions of the the individual madmen. He does not, however, believe that CAIR will condemn an extremist.

“With all that said, here’s one thing I know that needs to be said: It does no use to speculate on who did it. But I also know it’s getting harder to get the truth. But it makes no use to speculate on who did it, and when we find out who did be it Christian or Muslim. If it’s a Patriot group they must distance themselves from the trash,” Glenn said.

“If it is Islam they must do the same. They will not, however, at least CAIR will not. CAIR is a powerful front organization, and they hold power in all of the networks and the news outlets, and the government. I will be demonized for saying even that. So be it. There are many things that I believe that I shall never say but I shall never say the things I do not believe,” he explained.

Glenn also critiqued the failure the media and the government, not for the Boston bombings but for abusing the trust of the American people – even though it’s more important than ever for people to be able to truth those institutions and each other.

But Glenn said that with everything horrible going on in the world today, between the Boston bombings to the Gosnell murder trial, he had somewhere else he had to be today – by the side of a dear friend.

“I started my day with prayer today, and I’m a horrible listener sometimes but I asked the Lord today, what do you want me to say? What do you want me to say because everything I want to say I’m not supposed to say for you. What do you want me to say? And I started writing this list – and I don’t know if he wants me to say any of these things. Here’s what he wants me to say: Work on building His Kingdom. Period. That’s what he wants me to say. I’m not a preacher,” Glenn said.

“I got a phone call last night on the way back home from a fundraiser. I was dead tired and emotionally spent yesterday. And I had given a speech to raise funds for the Corrie Ten Boom house. And I had seen terror come to our streets. Seeing pictures of Boston ripped apart – it looked more like the Middle East than America.

“A dear friend of mine is dying and she’s afraid. I talked to her a couple of weeks ago and she said ‘I hope you’re right about God.’ I said ‘I am.’ She said, ‘I just will feast on your faith then’,” Glenn said.

“When I heard that she can no longer eat, and it is not going to be much longer my staff said to me, ‘Well, maybe you can go in a day or two. You have appointments and things and God forbid it is – with what happened in Boston – it’s an important day’, and I knew what I had to do, and this is just the first I guess because Sunday I was sitting in church and praying for help and advice and understanding and guidance, and I’ve heard this a million times before, but it never — it struck me different this time somehow. Build up the Kingdom of God. Put your attention there. And everything else will fall into place.”

“So as much as I would like to continue to vent, continue to be in the newsroom today and find out what’s going on and make sure we’re bringing you everything that needs to be done, I know I have hired an amazing staff. I know I have some of the best people on the case. I know we will tell the truth. No matter what it is, we will tell the truth.”

“I know that I trust my staff. I know I trust my neighbor. I know that I trust my church. I know that I trust my God. I know the one thing that is true. That He loves us. He will save us. If we will just turn from our hate, from our arrogance, and the things that we think are important and turn to him.”

“I’m going to spend the day doing the things I should do and I will see you tomorrow.”

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  • Melissa Walker

    Blessed be!

  • Melissa Walker

    Blessed be

  • Anonymous

    I could have Sworn Our Lord said that his Kingdom is not of this world. I Like Mr. Beck but, this sounds a little off. We are put on this earth to get back to heaven and thats why life is hard because we take a rough road to paradise not the smooth. We walk the way of the cross. If The world is where Gods kingdom is then why even go to heaven cause it would already be here. 

    • Anonymous

      Maggie, He also said to pray: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” also He told us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness …”
      I believe Glenn is listening to the right voice – just one opinion of course.

    • Gary Feldkamp

      I believe his Kingdom is not of this world.   We are to build it here on earth for it to rise into Heaven.   When you leave this earth its too late.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t even know how to make sense of that? How do you plan to build his kingdom? What is this idea? God created Heaven and earth. But, you take it as we can build this too Lord. You are all looking for him and he is already present. No need to build anything. Thats why never see him say in the bible build my kingdom. No just seek it look for him live to seek Heaven (Which is his kingdom)

    • Ronnie Douglas


    • Jaamoose

      Sounds a little off? Now there’s an understatement – we are not put on this earth to get back to any heaven, we are just here- if more of you realized that, it would be a far better place…

      • Anonymous

        That is sad. If this is all you have then how in the heck are you getting up in the morning because this world sucks! It is like having no meaning in life to strive for.

      • Anonymous

        Jaamoose, how can you calculate that the world would be a better place without faith, without hope, without love? If more people realized that one day they would stand before a righteous judge who knows not only every deed you’ve done but also every deed you haven’t and not only every word you’ve spoken/written but all those you haven’t when you’ve had the chance to, then perhaps they would reconsider offering a curse instead of a blessing, or a punch instead of a hand up. Perhaps if you understood that God loves you so much He took your place at the execution to allow you the opportunity to escape what you have coming then you might just be able to see what is coming.

    • Gigi Bellucci

      Actually God’s kingdom is a government, with Christ as King which rules from the heavens. Soon it will act to cleanse the earth as it already has done in the heavens. (Daniel 2:44 Psalms 37:9,10)(Revelation 12:7-12) As for life here upon the earth, it’s hard because our first human parents disobeyed God by believing the lie told by Satan the Devil which brought about sin and death to us all, a divine decree.(Genesis 2:16,17)(Genesis 3:1-6,19)(Romans 5:12) However all things will go back to God’s original purpose, a peaceful earth with obedient humans because God is faithful and can not lie.(Genesis Ch 1&2)(1 John 5:3)(Isaiah 65:17-25 Micah 4:4 Revelation 21:4 Psalm 37:10,11,29)(Isaiah 55:11)

  • Anonymous

    The LORD bless you and keep you;
    The LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
    The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

    • Jaamoose

      May the FORD bless you with good miles,
      The FORD shine its lights upon the dark highway,
      The FORD lift up your countenance and transport it from point A to point B,
      …mine actually represents something real!

      • Anonymous

        Ha! You should say that to God When you stand in front of him he is probably always up for a good laugh.

      • Anonymous

        Something real you say? For how long? How many Fords are Found On Roadside, Dead each year? Games of wit can be fun but rest assured God is not mocked, we will reap what we have sown. May God open your eyes to what is eternally real.

      • Anonymous

        ford = Found on Road Dead

        .LORD = Life everlasting 
        .enjoy your rust bucket in fact if it lasts long enough you can be buried in it…..
         the Believers on the other hand will have life everlasting…..

        • Jaamoose

          Gomer, I don’t really drive a Ford, I was just doin’ a little fun mocking….but oh wise one, how is FORD an acronym for Found On Road Dead but LORD is Life Everlasting? I’ve got a better one for ya – Leading Over Real Dumbasses..

          • Anonymous

            Well All I can say to someone who doesn’t believe in God is I’ll pray for you I’ll pray that someday your eyes will be opened and your ears unplugged So that you may see and hear and know there is a Living God, you can mock me it doesn’t really matter if it makes you feel superior it will only last for so long…. you can mock God if that makes you feel superior that too will only last for so long…… 

          • Anonymous

            The greatest difference in God’s creation of man above all other living creatures is free will. Which allows many to have the freedom to choose to be idiots, and share that decision with the rest of us. 

      • Dawn Brayton

        Don’t worry about people saying you are mocking God. God doesn’t take anything seriously. At least I don’t THINK so. Just look at every reaction to what happens during tragedy and you’ll see. God has to have a sense of humor or else obstacles wouldn’t be going on. It’s just people who take God seriously. That’s all. As for your remark about something being real or not reality is what everyone decides it is for themselves.

        • Jaamoose

          Dawn, thank you for the response, it’s refreshing to have someone on a Beck site come across as reasonable. If more of the faithful were like you seem to be, I’d have far less of a problem with religion. I do have to disagree with your closing sentence, however. We can’t decide what reality is for ourselves – it either is, or it isn’t. That applies to gravity, the sun warming the earth, 2+2=4….we should apply the same standard to the existence of a deity. 

  • Linda Allen

    We enter the kingdom of God when we are born again, and we are then part of that kingdom for eternity.  I know that Glenn is Mormon and I think that they may look at this a little differently, but if God spoke to him and told him to share those words, then I believe God is telling us to share Him and his love with others.

  • Anonymous

    I think they Kingdom come is praying for his return on earth in the second coming and it is when he decided and it will bring a new earth and a new heaven. (On earth as it is in Heaven) I don’t think that it is us Humans who will be building his kingdom because he is God and he creates all things not us.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Seek the Kingdom of heaven first and foremost and He will bless you and guide you in the service He will have us perform each day.

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly Glenn….the evil stalking earth, at this time with what’s happening, Is staggering. There is no respect for life; babies are being aborted at record speed; Mass murders of the innocent; A government that cares nothing for the freedom of its people. We are there! It’s only a matter of time.

    • mspatdev

      I agree with your same thoughts 2liberate. We all should have more  “Building Up The Kingdom of God”  for this nation to survive, but the evil seems so overwhilming.  People and generations have been so brain washed, that is all they know. They are so very right to their thinking that some of them, you cannot move them to a different way of thinking. I have been the recipient of a few people and you can’t tell them nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you think he told pilot that if his kindom was of this world the angels would come down. That in itself is the second coming. His kingdom is himself and the angels and all of heaven. He was pretty clear on this. Seek the kingdom of heaven is pretty clear too. It is keep your sights on the lord and gaining heaven when you die. Live a life that is pleasing to him so that you can be happy with him in heaven.Seek Heaven! There is no easy ticket to our Lord people! You gotta struggle and toil in this world and you will sin and just because you are baptized does not mean you are good to go. He told Magdelen, Go and sin no more. Live your life to mirror his own. Thats your ticket and it is hard! No building of Zion is going to be the great idea.

  • Sarah Aro

    you’re a good man GB!  Keep on preaching the Bible, telling the truth and I wish as american citizens if our elected officials re becoming liars and being deceitful after placed in office we could fire them….senators, reps, president, vp, etc….we should be able t!

  • Anonymous

    Jesus was so simple yet he has been made so complicated by Men! Thats why he said you must be innocent like a child. Stop trying to figure out what he wants through hidden mean sing or symbols. Kids hear do this and they do it blindly with faith because they are told so. All we have to know is obey his commandments and Love each other like he loved us. Ok! Sounds great Lord! Thats it! Even When evil is taking over you just do those things and you will have our lord shine through you and he will convert people to his heart through you! I must be missing something because it is not complicated. 

  • SargintRock

    As a washed in the Blood believer, I want to encourage Glenn to “walk the talk” and quit launching his childish, mean spirited attacks and smears against Alex Jones, who is a fellow believer and a warrior for the Truth in this evil age of corruption and duplicity!

  • Anonymous

    I am not Knocking Mr. Beck because I admire him so much but, he seems to have this mindset that he has to say the things and do the things to make the world right. I use to think the same thing and nothing ever went right and I said Lord why I am trying so hard I don’t understand why the world is falling so fast! Then I am reminded that it is not me it is God who makes all things new. I have to live life right and bring people to him with love and actions. Because he is the only one who can change things and make them new. HE uses us as a tool when we simply do our daily duties and he brings people in our path to learn that example. I know Mormons feel differently.

  • Dan Beaudry

    And the Lord said “You are all fucking Idiots”.

    • Anonymous

      See right here ^^^ Prime example of what not to do. Thank you sir!

  • Dan Beaudry

    And you need a LIfe Lock, now for the low, low price of only 200.00 a month!

    • Anonymous

      Wow! I only pay 24.99. That 200.00 a month must be the price they give to people who are liberal trolls.

      • Dan Beaudry

        How much more do you pay to Glenn Beck products?

        • Anonymous

          ha ha ha! What exactly is a Glenn Beck product? Life Lock is it’s own company he just gets paid to give them advertisement..(Called a comercial) However, I have bought a shirt from 1791 and it is great quality! Paid $20 on sale! Awesome right!?

  • Jaamoose

    I actually enjoy life, the beauty of nature around me, the company of my son, the meaning of everything that is here – what do I strive for? Not a fairy tale, just what is here, and how I can make it better. Try it – sure beats moping about hoping for the world to end…

    • Anonymous

      Not for the World to end…To be be made new. I strive for my Lord. I yearn to be with him. I live to bring my husband and kids to him. This world has beautiful and wonderful things but it is God who said to live in the world not for the world. There is something far greater then what you and your children have here on earth and you can not comprehend it. There is nothing I can say that will change your mind. The only one who can do that is our Lord and he is a gentlemen he does not just barge in because you have to ask him to come.

  • Dan Beaudry

    Is this all you do here, quote the Bible and yearn and stuff?  You believe in Beck like you believe in some guy in the clouds. You’re being taken and you don’t even know it. I feel so sorry for everyone here.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! Good bye and don’t forget Jesus Loves you!

      • Dan Beaudry

        Oh Maggie140. So sad to hear you say this.

  • Anonymous

    Really…  complaining over semantics.  It doesn’t matter what you want to label it, its how the country handles and deals with itself and helps and supports its people.  It was an unspeakable act.  Lets worry less about labels and terminology and focus on the important things.

  • Andy Norris

    Matthew 6:33 – one of my favorites.

  • Anonymous

    When the day comes Glenn will be the first one to burn in hell .

  • b d

    fuck “god”, believe in yourself.

    • Anonymous

      And how has that worked for you so far?

  • David Tiffany

    I believe God does want us to build His Kingdom through sharing the Gospel and seeing Him change one heart at a time.  But we have to begin with the truth.  We need to get back to the Scriptures, the Bible, and understand that we have the Scriptures, and the Gospel, from 2000 years ago.  The Gospel was never lost from the earth.  Jesus said His Word would never pass away.  And He meant it.

  • Rachel Travis

    God Bless you Glenn Beck for being a voice for many, many, many believers around the world. Your light and dedication for the truth, shines bright through the darkness of our government, media, and the world. I bet you were the only person in the media today, who said, that we need to “Build God’s Kingdom!” You are an amazing person and God is using you in this time, to help restore America’s Spiritual and Patriotic Revival and to help build HIS Kingdom. God Bless!

  • Rachel Travis

    I believe what Glenn meant by “Build His Kingdom”, was just like Jesus said in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to Everyone!” Prophecies of End Times in the Bible are coming to pass daily and hourly, and there is a sense of urgency in the born again Christian Believing realm. Time is running out and we need to be focusing on dying to ourselves and doing God’s work in this world and with each other, for the glory of God. We have our limited time on earth, to share the Gospel of God’s Saving Grace, with as many people as we possibly can and for our hearts to break for what breaks God’s heart. We the “church” are commissioned to bring as many people into God’s Kingdom as much as we possibly can, thus “Building His Kingdom!”

  • Yoikes

    One thing that struck me about the series “The Bible” for some reason, was the amount of times Jesus told people repeatedly, “Do not be afraid”.  If Glenn reads this, I think he should tell his friend, “Do not be afraid”.

  • Joshua Ward

    Glen I think that I see God’s plan for you and that’s running for office. You will get to a point where this will not be enough. Glen your a man that comes when this nation is at it’s darkest. Please consider this. 

  • Evelyn Brady

    I believe God’s calling to you is coming into it’s time. Whatever it is God hasfor you to do, it will get done by His grace and in His authority for His glory. God bless you.

  • Evelyn Brady

    LORD = Living on redeemed death

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, our University in the People’s Republic of Eugene just had Bill Ayres speaking at the U of O about how “America is Over”. How appropriate since the Boston explosions are from the same ilk as his mob of bombers and murdering terrorists that are now educators and members of academia and celebrated by the left. Why does it not matter when the completely hypocritical Narcissist-in-Chief (or That Guy) is best friends with a domestic terrorist who used exactly the same tactics, and now pontificates about the “tragedy” in Boston. Indeed it was a tragedy, but the scum that is Ayres and Dorn are those that paved the way. 
    As you have done it before, why not now, in a eulogy for those tragically lost in Boston, do a revisit of the “accomplishments” of Mr. Ayres and Ms. Dorn that can clearly show why the left celebrates them now and makes them coveted speakers for the low information voters and useful idiots in our nations institutions of higher learning. Included should be their “special” relationship with the current occupant of our White House. Excuse me now, I have to go puke from thinking the last sentence. 

  • Anonymous

    You can take God’s words as total truth.  For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Romans 6:23. Evil may win for awhile, ultimately the end will come for them.  Psalm 37:1-4  Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away.  Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.  Take Delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.   Do the opposite of what you see evil people doing. Do something good for your fellow man, neighbors or friends. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I love you but there are days you drive me crazy. This is one of those days.

    Over the past month when anyone in public square references the 2nd amendment in the context of “hunting”, you correctly respond that the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting, it has to do with defending ourselves against tyranny.

    So why is it that when we now have a tyrant attempting to destroy freedom and liberty, and fundamentally change these things in our country, that the answer is non-violence? What is the good of the 2nd amendment then? How come we’re looking to Ghandi and King for answers instead of Sam Adams and George Washington?

    WE are the ones who are armed, and as of now, most of the police and military are on our side. This may not be the case forever, as Obama seeks to fill the ranks of the military with people from his constituancy, but right now. Would George Washington and Thomas Jefferson tell us to turtle up and not use violence? What did they do? They stood up and FOUGHT old Triple George. Yes, there was a spiritual awakening, but at no time did it lead any of those men to conclude that they shouldn’t fight. I dont understand why today’s tyranny should lead us to a different conclusion.  

    • Jaamoose

      Bring it, fascist jackass…

  • Anonymous

    Following Ram Emanuel’s strategy of let letting a crisis waste, and the gun control obsession, how long will it take for the government to impose a background check on owners of pressure cookers?” Nobody needs a 6 gallon pressure cooker to cook his dinner” declares vice president Joe Biden. In addition you will need of course a permit to carry pressure cookers. “if we can save just one child, we have to do it” declares the first lady. And a word to the press: this is NOT a tragedy, it is a terror crime, designed, plotted and mercilessly executed by man!

  • Anonymous

    “12 Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved,  compassionate hearts,   kindness,  humility, meekness, and patience, 13 bearing with one another and,  if one has a complaint against another,  forgiving each other;  as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. 14And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony”

    The Apostle Paul has it right in his advice to the Colossians. These are the things missing in our world.

  • Dawn Brayton

    The light will win, it always does. No matter how big evil is (because it wants to be noticed) or what it looks like it is the light is always there. One of the nice things about God is it’s the individual who finds other people to be a collective with. Not the other way around.

    • Anonymous

      Dawn, I agree with you, but I also thing God gives us the power to change things. Fo example, Yes, eventually the Nazis went down in Germany, but they took millions of innocent people with them because good people didn’t stand up and fight soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    We see billboards saying how we should eat well and take care of our bodies. Will we ever see one that shows or tells us how to feed our souls? In our kitchens, we find fruit; In the Word, we shall also learn to be the fruit.

    • Anonymous

      You’re a fruit? I thought you guys hated that!

  • gert kaiser


    • Anonymous

      He died over 2000 years ago.

      • Jaamoose

        If he even existed in the first place….but hey, all CAPS makes it so, right?

  • Anonymous

    Just finished listening to Glenn finish his thoughts, and re-read them again, and I am struck anew by the need to do as he says the Lord tells us — Build Up The Kingdom.

    Commenters have asked, in essence, ‘What does that mean? How do we ‘build it up?’

    Simply, recognize that the War in Heaven was the beginning, and as Lucifer was cast out to Earth, the War continues here, between Good and Evil. Recognize, also, that the War was over  free will and its application in our lives. So, simply, which do we choose — Good or Evil? And what do we do with our decisions, with our life, how do we live it?

    Recognize, also, that that War is coming to its inevitable climax, and is reaching ultimate heights and depths of the division between Good and Evil, and will soon have a terrible end. The middle ground is shrinking and disappearing, so we must choose where to stand.

    Doing good will build up the Kingdom of Heaven, and doing evil will tear it down.

    So, which are we? Builders or Destroyers?

    Remember Benghazi. “Who said: “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      Freedom of religion.

  • Anonymous

    So you’re going to respond by trashing the constitution and turning the US into a sharia, taliban, christian country? You guys are a little unclear on the constitution.

    And the hatred of Americans and the government here is sick, and shows why some people are attacking us from within.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    I watched your show tonight Glenn and I think I know exactly how you feel. It sucks to have to get up every morning and see the evidence of the destruction of our country all over the media. It sucks to have been in a struggle for the past 5 years trying desperately to wake people up, to no avail. I’m sorry that you hate your job lately and I’m sorry that you are angry. I’m angry too

  • Gigi Bellucci

    God’s Kingdom is what will undue the death, hatred and destruction brought on by those who do not know God or his son and therefore do not show love because they have not come to know what it means. God’s Kingdom will end all forms of hatred that exists and will evict the bad tenants from the earth forever. Daniel 2:44 Revelation 11:18 Psalm 37:10,11,29

  • Anonymous

    Modern day America and freedom will not be healed or saved
    until it mournfully deals with the damage done to its children because of its
    adulteries, divorces and fornications. As a result devious schemes of evil will
    rise and overwhelm the benefits of God’s miraculous gift – the best
    Constitution and Republic ever known to man.

  • Anonymous

    Can the liberty of a nation be thought secure when we have
    removed their only firm basis – a conviction of God in the minds of the
    majority of the people? (Thomas Jefferson)


    All we must do is choose this day whom we will serve!

  • Anonymous

    Glen Back (Fox News) has steadfastly and accurately shown
    how the metamorphosis of political evil has evolved in America, on a blackboard
    no less. He has also shown America how the metamorphoses of good can takes
    place, in our own hearts no less.


    Evil presents itself as costless,
    pleasant and good. Good presents itself as prayerful, restricted, painful and

    Liberties are a gift from God and not to be violated but without His wrath.
    Silence in the face of evil is in itself evil. God will not hold guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak
    Not to act is to act. Dietrick Bonhoffer

  • Shelly Burton

    I must have been living under a rock. I came across a book of yours at a garage sale, liked the cover and bought it. It’s a wonderful book. Any way, I decided to google you, and I do not know how I’ve never heard of you. I feel like I’ve been woken up. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    We have Welcome Centers in all our states right? Did you know that “they” use our facilities free, and do not sign in. They collectively arrive in rental cars with no plates, they all wear nice white or light tan pullover shirts and TAN pants, use the restrooms, obtain maps, sit at the picnic tables, face a certain direction, kiss our ground and pray. Then, they do a marching walk filing to their nice cars. What better place to meet…in public…and get everything FREE. Then, I guess they chart an event for a later date. My eyes and mind could not believe what I had witnessed. I did tell in writing. I just wish someone would tell our American public so they can watch the REST STOPS and report. So bloggers, please tell your friends and family who travel. Thank you.

  • Dave M


    ASKS IMMIGRANTS TO GET A SPONSOR. Our existing policy is simple. If an
    immigrant wants to legally become a citizen all they have to do is get a
    sponsor and THEY ARE IN. That American sponsor will ensure that the immigrant will
    not harm Americans, that they will get a job and  not take any government services.
    THAT’S IT. So what is the problem? If these immigrants people are hard working
    people who just want to come here and do the jobs that Americans won’t do, if
    our society cannot survive  without these  hard working illegals, if we are not going to
    clean our own homes or pick our own food, why can’t the illegals find ONE
    AMERICAN over the age of 18, who wants them to stay and will needs them so
    badly they will sign one form that will allow them to immigrate INSTANTLY and

     FORM I 864. THAT’S IT
    THE BROKEN SYSTEM? WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Why don’t conservatives ask every
    complaining liberal “ARE YOU WILLING TO BE A SPONSOR and help some poor
    illegal come to this country? Plenty of Democrats want illegal immigration but
    why don’t they want to do their fair share to help them come here legally.

    Lets  sign up
    Democrats right now-The next time someone wants amnesty for our illegal
    population, pull out the form I-864 and  show  them in public to be
    Hippocrates. Why is Marco not structuring a SPONSOR BANK of THOUSANDS of
    Americans who are willing to sponsor the poor immigrants to come to America to
    do the jobs that Americans won’t do? I’ll tell you why, because the Democrats
    want them to come to America to vote illegally, suck food stamps and welfare
    dry, clog up our courts, ruin our healthcare and it’s all based  on
    CLOWARD AND PIVEN.  Destroy America,
    rebuild it in the European Model and guarantee Democratic control, a la Detroit
    until it all comes crashing down. Oh, oh, say can YOU SEEEEE. . . THE FUTURE?

  • Take 2

    Allah 0r Ba Ba means God in east, Africa…! It’s their holy scriptures that was added onto
    ‘similar’ to the King James version of the Holy Bible i.e. New
    Testaments. I highlighted ‘similar’ for defusing any touche back from Theologians.

    The Muslim faith has never Canonized their additions to the
    Quran is what this is all about…!

    Handed down dictations as The seated U.S. President received remain stuck
    in or around BC if not 14th. Century. And, of course, the Jewish faith,
    is stuck in BC / medieval times, similarly to Jewish Faith not recognizing the
    Canonization of the Old and New Testaments of the Holly Bible.

    We have a born and raised Islamist President. There is no inflection of or distraction of a Birth Certificate in this post. His real sir Name is Boi Husein Barack i.e more like Mohammad Husein Barack.  Based on my research in east, Africa; a first Islamist name is not clear, and may have never surfaced even with momma Dunham. An Islamist son is given the Islamist Fathers first name e.g., for Sons last name still today. 

    Point is is this lemon is a Golden opportunity for a make change artist a revolutionist Lemon President to set the Islamist i.e. Muslim and Jewish Faiths on fire eternally to Canonize their scriptures to include scripture that Jesus Christ as Son of God died for all mankind’s sin(s)

    Which means, adopt the Canonized Holy Bible, and conduct future handed down dictations with peace, Love and that forgiveness is automatic or possible through Jesus Christ.   

  • Take 2

    It’s all smoke and mirrors… Jobs Bill or Highways Bill = Take over of Banking i.e. “THE FED”
    Gun Control = Nationalized or Federal Policing Force.  Health Care = Utopia / Eugenics or Population Control. (plus, increased cash flow from all levels of income.)   

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