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Glenn started the radio show this morning in a very different way than most people were probably expecting. While the rest of the mainstream media was focused on the latest information and misinformation coming out of Boston, Glenn was mentally and emotionally in a very different place. He found himself re-evaluating his role in the national conversation, one where he was no longer the person trying to warn people about impending trouble, but one where he was inspiring and uplifting Americans who were struggling during increasingly tough times so they could continue to care, to comfort, and to restore America.

He had spent the day Tuesday with a friend and employee who has been very sick for the past few years and likely has only a few weeks left to live. When he got on the plane and started to head home, he found himself in a very philosophical mindset – and decided to try and inspire people this morning rather than focus on the anger that comes from the attack on Boston. He played a scratch track of a song that will be played at the opening of The Man in the Moon, a beautiful song celebrating America.

“I see my job as it has been in the past, to warn. It is not one I’ve wanted. It’s not one that’s a lot of fun, quite honestly. It’s not one that is worth any kind of money that I could make. But it’s one that I strangely found myself able to do,” Glenn explained on radio this morning. “I haven’t felt it was my job to lead, it is my job to warn.”

Glenn said that there are a few things that people need to know today.

“Here is the lesson that I think we’ve got to learn. Our society is on a course of destruction and disaster, and I think we all know it. Our families are on a course for disaster, and I think — I hope we know it. Our finances are on a course of disaster, and I think we all know it. The world is on a self-destruct course,” Glenn said.

But what’s the solution? Some will surely come out and call for more restrictions and more security – but will that really protect us? Glenn said that twelve years later, the terror attack in Boston still happened – just a few miles from where the hijackers stayed a few days before 9/11.

“The lesson we’ve learned here is they can’t protect you. And you have to stop giving away your freedom. America is no longer the country that she was 12 years ago. She never will be. America has fundamentally been transformed. And so it’s time to chart a new course,” Glenn said.

Glenn said it was time for a new American Revolution, but not one fought with guns. One fought following the example of Ghandhi.

“This is a personal revolution,” Glenn said.

“My job is no longer to warn,” Glenn said. “My job is to help chart a new course. More than that I think or less than depending how you look at it, I think that’s so my job is to help keep you awake. I think my job is now to help you feel. To help you to continue to care. To help you not get so beaten down. To stand with you and show you the light at the end of the tunnel, because there is one. It doesn’t look like we thought it would look like. I think that’s even better.”

“I do believe that the America we all grew up in is gone. But something better is about to come around the corner if the people who believe in the Constitution keep their heads and restore, rebuild and remain awake.”