INSANE: Conspiracy theorists link Family Guy, Boston marathon bombing

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Remember the Sandy Hook truthers who all thought that those kids weren’t really killed? Who thought it was staged and that parents were really just acting upset in front of the cameras? Well, they’re back out in full force with the latest tragedy in Boston. The craziest of the conspiracy theorists came out and claimed it was a “false flag” attack. Some are even claiming that Family Guy, a show known for crude humor and pushing the boundaries of taste, predicted the tragedy. Glenn went through some of the craziest theories on radio today – check it out in the clip above.

In the video below, one conspiracy theorist discusses the link between Family Guy, the Illuminati, and the Boston Marathon bombing. Or something…

TheBlaze has more on the conspiracy theories surrounding Boston HERE.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Conspiracy theories abound in the absence of truth and trust from all sources of the median and the government (all levels). Given the one-sided agenda of the Democratic Socialist media and that of the admin, truth and trust are practically vacant, and in that vacuum has the abundance of ‘theories’ from across the board.

    What matters is this: we have been attacked, the guilty need to be caught, tried and convicted and jailed for the rest of their lives. Anyone guilty, from the highest to the lowest, first to last, has to be brought before the courts to account for the crimes.

    I have the feeling that when the truth comes out it will be either a lone nut case, or an extensive terror cell that has jumped the gun on a larger sequence of attacks.

  • Sam Fisher

    I wonder if Chris Mathews put this video together. 

  • Sam Fisher

    I wonder if these idiots just throw a dart at a dart broad full of names before they make this stuff up out of thin air. How in the hell did family guy get involved.

  • Anonymous

    Question with Boldness?

    • Sam Hill

      spot on! well said

  • Anonymous

    NOTICE !!
    YOU didn’t get No   B.S . like you did on CNN and FOX  The truth lives here !
    The truth lives here ! Get the BLAZE ! And the truth has NO Agenda !

  • Onteo

    Please dont spin this Glenn, It was mentioned as a curiosity not conspiratorial. And then fox pulled that episode from the web and you tube pulled it as well. I saw that episode and it does / did exist. It is a little odd that it was the Boston marathon and 2 explosions occurred and Peter griffin (main character) accidentally set the bombs off with a cell phone. But by no means was this any sort of confession or plot by the powers that be. Just an odd coincidence that should be pulled in light of what happened.

  • SargintRock

    Attacks like this against those who are interested in getting thru the Media Theatre to the real truth make some of Beck’s remarks suspect!
    In light of the Kennedy Warren Report Hoax and the PROVEN FBI involvement in the first World Trade Center Bombing, is it any wonder that people are not quick to believe what they are told by the Talking Heads on the Network Propaganda sites?
    The fact that Beck is constantly smearing Alex Jones is beginning to look like he’s reacting to his Handlers instructions!
    Question with boldness has become attack with impunity! Something very fishy is going on in the Beck camp!

  • Gerry L

    Of course it’s true. Come on people look at Family Guy. Talking dog? Does Son of Sam ring any bells not to mention….. LOL oh I almost made it than I started to crack myself up. What a bunch of bs.

  • Guest

    Another conspiracy theorist claimed it was a false flag operation pulled off by the FBI.

    Yes, Beck’s conspiracy theories come across about that dumb sometimes.

    • Guest

      He did call the conspiracy “INSANE” Victor. You’re a typical Beck hater and a small man.

    • Guest

       That wasn’t Becks, idiot!

    • Anonymous

      Beck’s conspiracy theories?  Now that’s a laugh.  Considering Beck has no such conspiracy theories, you are an idiot, lol.

      • Sam Fisher

        Remember they believe the facts Glenn Beck uses is really conspiracy theories because MSNBC and media matters refuses to report anything that makes their god Obama look bad. So the even try to paint Beck with the ranting’s of a mad man.

  • Keith Curtis

    How about Navy Seals

  • Anonymous

    I know what you are doing glenn.Knock it off!!!

    • laura

       Glen are you getting blind too?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know.  Our courts now days are not even able to stand by a credible decision, or by their convictions.  I would probably believe the terror cells.  Their are things happening all over the world.  I would like to know what has happened to Benghazi and just what is being done about those killers,   Would love to be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is like a dog on a bone. Here he is with more pressing and important agenda and he’s still on gun control.
    Hey so called leader, get off your high horse and concentrate on what is important! Find out who set of those bombs!

  • Rebecca Proudhon

    You forgot the Big Bang Theory TV show.

  • Rebecca Proudhon

    You forgot to mention the Big Bang  Theory TV show. 

  • Anonymous

    There are conspiracy facts and there are crazy conspiracy theories,  The crazy conspiracy theories simply take the truth away from the “New World Order, World Government, the powers behind the Federal Reserve  the CFR, Fabian Society, European Round Table, The Bilderberg Group and other high level groups that are legitimately identified as conspiratorial in nature.
    Usually conspiracies are made-up of small groups, so that the conspiracy to do harm, can be hidden and constrained so the word doesn’t get blabbed all over the countryside.  Other conspiracies like the Mafia can include hundreds.  
    Ezra Taft Benson identified communism as “conspiracy fact.”  Communist governments have wreaked havoc all over the Word in numerous countries.  The capture of free nations by communism was secured by subterfuge, intimidation, force and terror.  Fascism in WWII accomplished power by using false accusations against the Jews and force to convince the inspired nature of the Aryan race.
    Conspiracies are as old as man invented writing.  They can be traced back through all of the timelines of History.  Some conspiracy theories are used and manufactured to discredit actual conspiratorial activities. As a result civilizations were defeated and lost forever.  Right now we are witnessing the fruits of conspiratorial cabals that hide their identities as much as they can be hidden. It is a fact that communism is an international conspiracy, just like Islamic extremists are conspiring to destroy the United States.
    Sorry folks, but if you look at the way things “just happen,” always on the as side of the left, you can follow the trail back to its source.  You don’t have to be a super detective to identify the perpetrators, all you need to do is pay attention. Don’t believe everything that the major new outlets tell you is true, because usually it isn’t. It is the agenda of the extreme left.

    • Andy Alvarado

      It’s both the right and the left. They’re two sides to the same coin. 

  • Sandie

    Oh come on Glenn, don’t you know that since Osama Bin Laden and his messenger were killed, that Al Queda has been using the Truman Show to send new messages of planned attacks to it’s US affiliates?

  • Richard Rigg

    Why did Fox pull the show’s episode permanently? This was an FBI operation like the 1993 WTC bombing. Yes I believe this was the FBI and CIA. Here is a NY Times article.
    There were DRILLS with bomb sniffing dogs going on at the marathon and they were announced. Since terrorists know that the FBI pulls this crap all the time, maybe instead of dummy bombs like THE FBI planned in 1993, the same thing happened here. YET, “Mr Question with boldness” poo-poo’s people thinking for themselves if they’re not in “goose step”, ahem lock step with the Glenn Beck mantra..
    Also the SAME pattern of “attack” and government officials receiving suspicious powders in the mail. Remember 9/11 and anthrax? This is the same crap and again the pattern is ignored.

  • Guest

    “Insane” conspiracy theorist and rodeo clown has the gall to point fingers at other “insane” conspiracy theorists. We can count on Glenn Beck to demonstrate hypocrisy on a regular basis, so much so that it’s no longer mind boggling. It’s just funny. Gerry L (below) is right: “What a bunch of bs.”

    • Guest

       “Insane” conspiracy theorist and rodeo clown has the gall to point
      fingers at other “insane” conspiracy theorists. We can count on Victor Tiffany to demonstrate hypocrisy on a regular basis, so much so that it’s
      no longer mind boggling. It’s just funny.

    • Anonymous

      LOL  From your own statement here, it is clear that you have absolutely NO clue what hypocrisy actually means.  Glenn beck is neither a conspiracy theorist nor a rodeo clown.  I mean, so far NOTHING Beck has ever stated has been conspiratorial in nature.  EVERYTHING he has stated has thus far come to pass.

      • Sam Fisher

        To be fair to the bigot Glenn did call himself a rodeo clown a few times but I wonder if this idiot knows he was making fun of their attempts to smear him.

        • Anonymous

          True. But to be honest, Beck making fun of his own self in such a way shows his own humility. You can’t expect hypocrite libtards to even understand what humility is.

          • SoThere

            Hey there.

          • Sandie

            Their thing is the other “h” word – hubris.

          • Sam Fisher

            That is why I like to listen to him even if I disagree with somethings he says you can’t say he is not being honest on how he feels and does it in such a humble way.

  • Adonis J. King

    The biggest conspiracy theory I see lately is one which Beck promotes with much ferver now..The fallacious and crazy idea that Islam is coming with their Sharia Law to take over America.. So although I agree that this Family Guy thing is a bunch of hooey it sure seems Beck is quick to mock “Conspiracy Theories” while at the same time perpetuating one himself.

    • Anonymous

      LOL  You do realize that Islam actually IS coming with their Sharia Law to take over America, don’t you?  Literally EVERY single documented fact says that.  You look at current events recently or are you just stupid?

    • Guest

      Check out Michigan…. little Islam. They are concentrating in certain areas hoping to get Sharia passed to allow them to “take care of things in their own communities”, by-passing established law.  They have been in the courts about it. You are another low information voter.

  • Anonymous

    Ok..we all are well aware (I hope) that governments do conduct false flags on their own citizens as a way to further their agenda. After 9/11 Americans lost a few of their freedoms as well as going to war with Iraq. Was his newest event a ‘falseflag’? I don’t have a clue. For he sake of discussion..i read government falseflags are always followed by a loss of citizens freedoms. It will be interesting to see who gets blamed for this bombing and what loss of freedom we will have to endure(if it was government involvement). Will Obama deploy TSA agents on city streets for ‘love pats’? Obama is already blaming the sequester for this latest event and what did he mean when he stated ‘it was tax day’? All of the conspiracies talked about these days points to one very important detail. Americans DO NOT TRUST THIS GOVERNMENT and believes it is very capable of harming its own ppl. 

  • Anonymous

    An 1898 novella written by Morgan Robertson and entitled “Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan” was also a case of fiction seemingly come to life in the disaster that was the Titanic wreck.

    Those damn icebergs got the idea from the book, I tell you!

  • Alicia

    Glenn, I suspect you’ve been told to back off by certain “people” and, that’s totally understandable as, we all fear for our lives but, “try” to let Alex do his work because he isn’t fearful of the same things you are. There’s no need to keep ripping on him… if you don’t like him try ignoring, pretend he doesn’t exist, acquire another part time hobby that takes you away… anything!.

    Some of us do believe in his work and efforts.


  • Guest
    • Guest

      Tell every one how it feels to be irrelevant, Victor. No one is buying your crap.

  • Chris Geo

    Ummm. The FBI says there was more than one bomber. Are they conspiracy theorists? A conspiracy is two or more people organizing to commit a crime. Are we not supposed to theorize that there were more than two people? Is Glen Beck trying to say that there was only 1 person involved and if you theorize there are two or more, you’re a “conspiracy theorist”??

    Well, yea, I guess we’re all conspiracy theorists.

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