WATCH: The media epically failed at covering breaking news

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Well, the media really shouldn’t be allowed to break news after today. A series of comically awful journalism fails resulted in an embarrassing day for America and all mainstream news media. Glenn went through the errors in the opening monologue of the TV show Wednesday night – check out some of the highlights in the clip above.

  • Draxx

    Whoever Said that ALL Islamic/Muslim People Are Dark Skinned…?  Now that sounds like a Racist Statement if I have ever heard one from the Mainstream Media…

  • Draxx

    Crime in the United States for 2009 per the FBI…

    Nationwide, law enforcement made an estimated 13,687,241 arrests (except traffic violations) in 2009. Of these arrests, 581,765 were for violent crimes and 1,728,285 were for property crimes.

    The highest arrest counts among the Part I and Part II offenses were for drug abuse violations (estimated at 1,663,582 arrests), driving under the influence (estimated at 1,440,409), and larceny-theft (estimated at 1,334,933).

    The arrest rate was 4,478.0 arrests per 100,000 inhabitants of the total estimated United States population. The arrest rate for violent crime (including murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) was 191.2 per 100,000 inhabitants, and the arrest rate for property crime (including burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson) was 571.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. 

    *Note: I noticed that 13,687,241 arrest (Non Traffic), and 581,765 were Violent Crimes, 1,728,285 were Property Crimes, 1,663,582 were drug related, 1,440,409 were DUI’s, and 1,334,933 were larceny theft (together = 6,748,974).  How come there was a difference of 6,938,267 arrest without convictions (are people being arrested under the Premise someone complained so they must be guilty, in essence “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” which is the Opposite of what it is supposed to be…).

    I wonder what the 2013 Statistics are going to look like (not to mention 2014-2017)…?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Democratic Socialist media has failed for one main reason: it is the fact they are now an propaganda arm of the administration; ideological demands take precidence over such nice things as ‘reporting’ and ‘investigation’ and ‘integrity and truth.’

    That is the bottom line: ideological agendas in which news is bent and distorted to the point the truth no longer matters or is recognized by them.

  • Anonymous

     big difference in burden of proof to arrest and convict
    Arrest is just probable cause, conviction requires beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Makes sense a lot of arrests would go un-convicted due to a lack of evidence.

  • Anonymous

    George Hamilton!  LOL! Hah!  Hope he doesn’t sue you, Glenn!

    –By the way, 12+ minutes is a bit long for this little diatribe, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe for one moment anyone in this country cares about the ethnicity of the person responsible for the bombings in Boston – only that we find whoever it is. Why don’t you just talk about what you KNOW to be true instead of trying to incite anger every minute?

  • Anonymous

    the day of the Marathon Bombing was also Independence Day for Israel. no one has mentioned this either

  • Joseph Foster

     This is a prime example of “crony-capitalism” at its finest!  When the truth is no longer the prime goal of the “News” reporters, then we have already skittered off the road of justice, integrity and honor.  The question is: who do these “faux” newspeople and their organizations really represent?  Is it Obama and the Democrats or is it something even more sinister?  I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions…..

  • Anonymous

    Well, the media has been so busy fostering political agendas, acting in an advocacy role for favored politicians, and many times making news themselves, that when it really mattered, there was no remaining infrastucture on actually reporting. They forgot how to do it. The old adage use it or lose it describes what happened very well. They haven’t been doing it for so long, that they have lost the ability….

  • Sam Fisher

    That is the media for you blaming everyone they disagree with until something stuck. Here I an novel idea stop blaming mad men on disagreements with Obama.

  • Doug Thompson

    Can you say George Soros
    Even when the Congress works and votes to protect the 2nd amendment the executive orders start to come out.  Give it  few day and what the people’s represented vote for will be over turned by one man.

  • Anonymous

    Well because Soros Controls the administration and Soros Worked For The Nazi’s As A Teen and as an adult he collapse All the economys!

  • Anonymous

    the Left Know no Truth!! Know God Know Truth No God No Truth! Look What Happened to the Titanic When they refused to rely on GOD

  • Anonymous

    because the administration are filled with anti-Semetic Jews against the religious Jews

  • Anonymous

    the Crime Is the InJustice Department headed by the blackpanther Holder and Janet InCompetano!

  • Anonymous

    There Are No Reporters they are just teleprompter reading models same for their leader husseinObama! Our Only Investigative Reporters are Glenn and Aaron Klein

  • Draxx

    My question was more on are people being arrested without ANY Evidence, or is Suspicion the Cause… Or is there Legitimate Evidence To Begin A Investigation/Arrest.

  • Anonymous

    If I heard right and news reporting of suspects using grenades last night was true !! ?? We all should ask where did the grenades  come from smuggle across our southern border ? Or on a private Saudi jets or Mexican high official Jets with no checks ,but U.S citizens are check??? or the black market ,but don’t let  legit U.S citizens be arm ?????????

  • Anonymous

    ah, that’s makes a lot more sense.
    i know they make a lot of petty arrests without convictions when dealing with gangs just to try and get guys to talk. but that’s probably not enough to explain the discrepency

  • Guest

    CNN got it wrong. Fox got it wrong. Beck got it really, really wrong.

    MSNBC had it correct all day.

    If you want ideological purity with no correspondence to reality, The Blaze is the place.

    If you want accurate reporting, The Blaze is the place TO AVOID. Ditto Fox.

  • bucketnutz

    The Maggot Media doesn’t cover the news without first getting their talking points from the Obamunist regime. Nobody believes them anymore anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Question did some rogue state or a Muslim extremist fraction encourage   these two bombers or incite them to act up at this specific time ????  The world spotlight was focus on North Korea raising tensions with threats and possible missile launch or possible strikes across the border !!!  Then I heard nothing if China exert pressure or what ???  Was this shifting the world spotlight was it on purpose to, save North Korea from playing this card ,for later  use to give Iran even more time to race for nuclear weapons ?????????????????