Height of Insanity: CNN’s John King afraid to describe potential bombing suspect

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CNN’s John King took political correctness to a new extreme yesterday during his highly criticized and erroneous coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

“I’m trying really hard not to be angry, but there’s such righteous indignation,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “When I saw John King yesterday on CNN – and I presented it as laughter yesterday because the staff was laughing because it was so – it was a clown show.”

After reporting that a suspect had been identified in video footage, King went on the air around 1:45PM to report “an arrest had been made” in connection with the bombing. He attributed the report, which turned out to be completely false, to two unnamed sources – one in law enforcement and another who had spoken to a colleague of his. But political correctness soon got in the way of the story:

KING: I want to be very careful with this because people get very sensitive when you say these things. I was told by one of the sources, who is a law enforcement official, this was a dark skinned male. The official used some other words. I’m not going to repeat them until I get more information.

“He’s not going to use ‘other words,’” Glenn asked. “What are those other words? Foreign national, Saudi, Arab? And who is offended by this, John? CNN, look at yourself in the mirror. Who is offended by this? Saudis? Foreign nationals that are bad? Al-Qaeda? Muslim terrorists?”

Once it became clear no arrests had been made, King returned to the air to say, “Clearly there was confusion or some misinformation.” But the damage was already done.

“So they get on and they flush their credibility down the toilet,” Glenn said. “Because John King comes in and says, ‘I’ve got breaking news, We had just confirmed by a Boston police authority that they have just taken in a suspect, and he’s going to be brought to court, and I don’t want to use some of the language that they use to describe this individual, I’m going to say he’s a dark skinned man.’”

When you take into consideration the story TheBlaze broke this morning – that the Saudi student who had been questioned in connection with the bombings may now be deported because of “terrorist activities” – it becomes clear that sometimes the truth is sensitive, sometimes the truth is unpleasant, but it still must be reported.

“Truth is offensive sometimes, but when the truth is said because it’s true and because it’s important to know,” Glenn said. “It’s important to know and we have a foreign national with wild connections. The President was meeting with some of those connections last night. This has been a lie from the very beginning. It’s important to say those things, even if they are offensive.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We see with CNN the clear politicizing of their own agenda and how little the truth matters; only their agenda and the desperate desire for the ‘truth’ to be that of a white male conservative.

    The truth matters not to the Democratic Socialist media. Only the insane ideology and the way they demonize anyone of their opposition at any opportunity. Just look at how fast the left was accusing away the conservatives, and this was even before the investigation had begun.

    Is it little wonder almost no one trusts the government?

    • mspatdev

      I agree and true. Since everything is about the Democratic Socialist rag media, they are causing alot of the problems along with Obammy and his czars. I am not racist, but if I want to say something about blacks, hispanics, and whites, I will. I still have my freedom of speech. The rest of you do to.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    CNN and the rest of the liberal elite want this to be so much a white tea party protester dressed as Washington. Have they no shame don’t they even care that people died for their political ammo. No they don’t because all they care about is making the other side look bad. In return the only people that they make look bad is their own selves.

    • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

      It’s a common tactic of the leftist media.
      Read about The Spin and the Lies of the Leftist Media.

    • Anonymous

       or as it turned out Glenn’s people were wrong and so was king

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

        Yes I think both jumped the shark on this one.

  • landofaahs

    It’s not PC but cowardly. They are afraid of Muslim terrorism against them.  They know they can bash Christians and Tea Party types and not be targeted for beheading or being blown up.  They are simply Yellow cowards.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Land – I received some interesting news a bit ago from a friend in the area of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He claims that the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, when he met with Obama, delivered an ultimatum to the man: The blind sheik must be freed at once or worse will occur. 

      Mind you, it makes sense but I am considering it as an unconfirmed story.

      • landofaahs

        I’d release him from a plane at 30,000 ft. without a parachute right over their palace.

        • Anonymous

          Damn these Muslims sure have Barry over a barrel. Sure makes me wonder why they aren’t threatening him, instead of innocent American citizens. (shaking head)

          • mspatdev

            Because he is one of them.

          • Anonymous

            Without a doubt. He said so in his book “Audacity of Hope.” He wrote, “I will side with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Page 261
            His loyalty has been purchased with our freedom. The low info voters, socialists and rehab nut jobs are the only ones who worship him as a Demi-god.

          • Sandie

            It’s amazing how they totally ignore the words he wrote, admitting where his loyalties lie and what he really is.

          • Anonymous

            Amazing how tone deaf they can be about their Black Jesus. There it is in black and white and they still don’t believe he lies!

          • Sandie

            It’s Obamazambie-ism

          • Anonymous

            lol “zambie” or “zombie”?

          • Sandie

            either one works for me! LOL!

          • landofaahs

            I just think he’s one of them.

          • Anonymous

            you “just think he is one of them” and you take that as a FACT??

          • Anonymous

            MommaGrizzley YOU have America “shaking their heads” listening to what you MISINFORMED people are believing!!
            That my friend is SCARY to a innocent American!!!

      • Anonymous

        @snowleopard3200:disqus  Do you believe EVERYTHING you supposedly hear? Your “interesting news” from a friend in Saudi is PURE BS!!!!!Get off of Beck, Limbaugh, & Hannity and join “The Real World” and dismiss this destructive BS these NUT CASES are “promoting” for MONEY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Off the subject a little bit, but wanted you to know that if you removed the picture of Lincoln in the background, I might be able to watch your show without getting sick. This guy was responsible for the murder of 650,000+ Americans, both North and South during the late WBS. 
    My family suffered because of him and I don’t count him as someone to honor.

    • Anonymous

      I wish people would get out of the conventional history books and look at the other side of Lincoln.  At that time,  he was to the South, like Obama is to conservatives today.  It was no wonder the Southerners hated him so.

  • Anonymous

    You cannot mention skin color or nationality now days.  However, if said person is white, male and from the Southern states, then by all means identify him and paint us all with the same brush.  And if he is a “Christian”. whooo  boy, watch the vitriol flow.  Just don’t pick on the poor Muslims or illegal Mexicans.  That’s racist!

  • Anonymous

    If this attack was a Syrian response to our support of Al-Qaeda insurgents, we have no one to blame but our own government.

  • Anonymous

    That’s your MSM in full force. What are Americans going to do in the next election? This story will be buried just like Benghazi was. Why would this suspect student be deported to Saudi Arabia? Is he involved in anything?

    • mspatdev

      I have asked the same question about deporting a Saudi Arabian, if he hasn’t done anything to the government or to Boston? Homeland Security ought to protect OUR borders better.

  • http://twitter.com/Harry_ca_Nab The Elderking

    Try the BBC. They have been speculating that these bombs were planted by “anti-abortionists”, “gun lobby people”, Right wingers”, “Christian fundamentalists” – in fact anything but the obviously most likely group – Muslims.

    Strangely, as they cast around for people to blame they didn’t think of the Occupy Movement, anarchists, gays, communists, “left wing people”.

    Funny that… 

    It shows the mindset very clearly.

  • mspatdev

    I have heard many times that the Muslim terrorist and the Mid-East countries were going to do a lot of damage to the USA this year. So why doesn’t Mr. Barry Soetoro (Obammy) do anything to protect us?  Simple answer, he is one of them and he wants the USA to be like a 3rd Word Country. He can manipulate us better so he can be king over us and the world.  USA people will not agree to that and the people woke him and his czars up with the gun issue. He was so upset that it didn’t pass. People didn’t want it to pass. It would be to easy after that for our 2nd amendments to be taken away. Criminals and the sick are not going to registrar their guns, besides that guns don’t walk and shoot, people do.

  • jamohio

    Too bad some white redneck probably didn’t do it . Lol!! To all muslims out there. We still have the largest potential standing army in the world so watch your step!! U.S. citizens won’t tolerate much more of your radical religion. We are waking up to you!! obama, your attack on The Constitution and the legal Citizens of this country is over.

    • Anonymous

       You need to calm down and go read a book douchebag. All muslims are NOT terrorists and do not support killing innocent people

  • Anonymous

    I am glad someone is watching these stations. I’m not
    hooked up at all with the mainstream media , so it does not impact my life. But
    good job for the watch dogs. Need DISQUS bloggers, since Fox has dropped the
    DISQUS format on their Insider page is there any other websites that is still
    using this format besides BECK. Loyal DISQUS user.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    the thing glenn dares not say i have always thought about this president.  i have always  not trusted him intuitively.  i have never been moved by him because his words are all show.  there is nothing i can point to that effects/affects my realm that i believe he would make better — nor america for that matter.  he is on the wrong side of america and it’s not because “we don’t understand/know him.”  he’s a bad guy glenn.  and it’s not something he’s evolved into.  this is what he is and that is to say that you were right when you initially called him a racist.  you backed away, perhaps from pressure, but you know you’re right. c’mon.  who behaves like this who isn’t one. he’s an emotional child w/enormous power throwing a tantrum?

    its very important that we see the truth and say it out loud for if we don’t, then we help our death along.  

    there is a very big difference between what you want to believe and what is true.  it won’t serve us at all if we are holding onto a manufactured trust.  does that make us thick-skinned?  yes.  so what?  it’s what’s required.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if NUT CASE Beck has learned “another lesson” on this bombing?
    Nooooo Beck wanted this to be a Saudi so bad he has made 2 days of spewing HIS BS rhetoric (LIES) and contributing to the division of America!!!!
    Now you know why Beck is no longer on TV (Fox, CNN, etc).

  • Michael Bondi

    Let me get this straight: Lord Obama and his Jester Holder want to treat Terrorists as criminals, ok fine, do that so please explain to me why THE F*CK the MILITARY is out searching for these POS right now in Boston? WHY? Also, you want to take away our firearms when people like this are running around free in our country? REALLY? I am sick and tired of PC going rampant and then more people die because our leaders in DC are PUSSIES AND CRIMINALS! Also, lets get this out there once and for all: ISLAM IS OUR ENEMY PURE AND SIMPLE!  CALL THIS CULT OUT FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS! Enough is enough! I will not stand by and see this country turn into England or France which now has an infestation of Muslims! You come to our country, you adapt to our lifestyle and if you do not like it here, go back to what ever third world CRAPHOLE you crawled out of! We the people need to take back our country and our government! Where is the outrage that people in Boston cannot leave their homes, they are in sense under house arrest? WTF? Stop relying on the government to feed you, cloth you and protect you! This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE that they cant do anything right! Wake up America! 

  • Anonymous
    • Guest

      Victor’s propaganda from Media Matters. Will Victor ever get over his unhealthy fixation of Glenn Beck?

      It appears not.

      • Guest

        LOL!  Mr. Beck are playing a game. Go watch TV or you can stay in your room. 

        Media Matters only recorded Beck in his own words. It’s BECK who’s talking. Naked news.

        Funny child.

        • Guest

          Right little boy. I’m not the one who has devoted years to spewing hate from Media Matters.

          You’re a sick little boy.

          • Guest

            Personal attacks means you lose.

            If you want to act like an adult, debunk my prediction, you moron. Seriously, I have to tell you how to fight this info war! 

            You’re just not worth my time, which is why I always hide from you folks, as fast as I can. 

            Beck is spewing the hate!  Media Matters just records and posts it.


            How many times do you need to read this simple fact before it dawns on you that Beck calling for Obama’s impeachment is a story to report on. Claiming he has info is a story to investigate and report on if anything is found. I’m confident that Beck will be relying on his friend, Walid Shoebat.

            This isn’t about “hate.” I’m having a riot! This is an adult game, like chess only played across the Internet.

          • Guest

            “…Beck calling for Obama’s impeachment is a story to report on. Claiming
            he has info is a story to investigate and report on if anything is found…”
              Now Victor has delusions that he is an INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER!  …. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!

            Yeah,  you’re having a riot all right – in your 4 brain cells!. LMAO!! ….The maggots have been tickling your imagination…. LMAO!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!
             ……..Oh please stop, my sides are hurting – you’re killing me!!!!

        • Guest

           Media Matters & Victor Tiffany – both are “out of context” and like to take and print thinks that way.

  • bucketnutz

    CNN and all of the alphabet networks have squandered the reputation that was established over the years and now they all have less credibility than a Psychic. In their quest for Political Correctness they have sacrificed objectivity and gravitas,,which they will never be able to get back. Our national media has evolved into a propaganda arm of the Obamunist regime and the DNC. Forgetting that there are millions of people who didn’t vote for this regime and will not buy their ideology or their propaganda,, they continue to circle the drain.

  • Anonymous

    I remember the anger, recrimination and indignation of the media in 2004, two months prior to the November election, when Dan Rather reported on and released supposedly “fully confirmed and vetted” documents showing that George Bush had disobeyed direct orders from his commander ordering him to report for service in Vietnam, which the former president supposedly refused. It turned out that Dan Rather and his team were just hoping to be able to derail Bush’s presidential candidacy. At the time, the media were livid that Dan Rather would violate the public trust in order to exercise his own personal agenda, thus destroying the public’s trust of the media and compromising their role as the fourth estate. Dan Rather was fired in early 2005 by CBS for his actions.

    Fast forward a mere eight years. In the intervening time, rather than learn from the deception of Dan Rather, the mainstream media is now comprised mainly of young journalists who have replaced many of the old guard to whom journalistic integrity mattered more than any personal bias. Now, blatantly false accusations, made without the slightest shred of evidence are announced as “breaking news”. I would agree with them that the news is breaking…so long as they literally mean “broken.” There is only one caveat that permeates this shameful practice: the accused must be conservative.

    This is yet another practice lifted from the socialist playbook. In the pursuit of the realization of the aims of “the cause,” there is literally no limit on the methodology chosen to bring about these aims. It is simply a version of the mantra, “the end justifies the means.” Lying, false reporting, refusal to report any information that could cast the cause in a bad light, actively attacking at any opportunity, raising unprofessionalism as a new professional standard, taking advantage of any tragedy to attack those seen as enemies to the cause…these are all the standard armaments in the quiver of the militant left. All journalism schools have been infested and overrun by vermin who infect and destroy young minds, training them to view journalism not as an honorable profession, but rather, as a powerful bully pulpit for those bold enough to seize it for the advancement of the activist cause.

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