Senator Rand Paul discusses Boston Marathon bombing, gun control legislation with TheBlaze

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Senator Rand Paul joined Glenn on radio today to discuss several of the big stories in the news today. Sen. Paul reacted to the Boston Marathon bombing and to Obama’s use of the Newtown families in the gun control debate: “In some cases, I think the president has used them as props,” he told Glenn. Check out the full interview in the clip above.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Consider well that all things Obama does are centered around one simple goal: the advancing of his insane political agenda that will have the United States ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a communist regime with him at the helm.

    Obama is a pathological narcissist, sociopath, liar, cheat and murderer. He is completely insane and will stop at nothing to completely rule the land.

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama uses every victim he can as props. The victims have the right to speak their mind but the right to be used as a political weapon to get gun control that would not of prevented the shootings in the first place. This was not about protecting children but control over the masses. The last two mass killings are proof that taking guns away will not protect us.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      We have a matter here in Phoenix in which the democrats message of fear and chaos has been used to impose a 2% tax to ‘save jobs of police, firefighters and teachers’ and that ‘it will be temporary.’

      Net result: less officers and firefighters, more democratic members with bigger paychecks.

      These same democratic hacks at the city level also send forth the standard vitriolic on the matter of illegal aliens, gun control and ‘gun buybacks.’ In that last part, one or more of them were overheard stating ‘all firearms should be seized and destroyed, no one has cause for them NOT EVEN THE POLICE!!!”

      Up front, the last statement was discussed on a local radio program, I am still seeking to have independent confirmation from other stations and media; if it is true, I intend to be at the next city meetings and hammer this home once and for all. 

    • Draxx

      Law Abiding Citizens Shoot At Targets With Guns… (Some occassionally shoot at Bad Guys For Protection, but not often [enough]).

      They want to take away our guns so that We Can Become Targets…!

  • landofaahs

    We don’t need any gun legislation.  Crazy people should not even be roaming the streets or even trying to purchase weapons.  They need to be institutionalized.  We used to do that when we had common sense.  But liberals are still trying to get Hinckley out on the streets.  What obvious idiots.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Land – a question I need to ask, how do you define ‘crazy people”?

      Mind you, this is due to me being diagnosed as Bi-polar II (extreme). I have one neighbor who has repeatedly demanded our manager toss me and all other people diagnosed as Bi-polar out of the apartment complex we live in for, “being so dangerous to everyone around them,” and we are seen as monsters by her that are waiting to detonate at the least provocation.

      She constantly compares us to mass murderers and psychopaths. 

      • landofaahs

        Defined: Democrat.

      • Draxx

        I would start defining a “crazy” person as someone that Believes In This Administration, and Truly Believes They Are Here To Help Us…!

        I don’t need them to protect Me from Myself, I have Zero Intentions of Doing Things That Will Hurt Me By Any Means!

        • Anonymous

          a “crazy person” is defined as someone who believes ANYTHING Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh say!!! ANYTHING!!
          You could be defined as crazy for listening to these other Crazy People!!!

      • Anonymous

        a SMART NEIGHBOR Snowleopard!!!!

  • landofaahs

    O.K. you convinced me on one point.  Democrats/liberals/progressives/communists/socialists should never be allowed guns because they are mentally ill.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      On that I agree with you completely.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Boston’s Awakening

    Two bombs went off on a crowded Boston street.

    Numerous cell phones began to furiously tweet.

    “Body parts and carnage everywhere!” “Horrific scenes!”

    “Young and old alike oozing blood through fire torn jeans!”

    There stood Martin, an eight year old bystander so full of life,

    as yet to fully understand the complications of terrorism and strife.

    Martin aspired to peace, as most children do,

    not yet affected by a cruel and tainted point of view.

    Martin, Krystle and Lu taken in a split second of time,

    all their hopes and dreams ended by a cowardly crime.

    They are now souls in heaven, listening to God’s good word,

    aiding the angels among us who whisper “Have you heard?”

    “Have you heard of the hope and promise that only God can bring?”

    “Do you remember to praise the Lord daily, to pray to him and sing?”

    God is fully aware of the evil that is taking place.

    He warns us to not take for granted, to be commonplace.

    It is our duty as citizens of a country that God made free,

    to uphold his principles, to honor him on bended knee.

    No act of war shall ever extinguish our God given light.

    Our enemy may try again, but we must continue to fight.

    American fortitude will prevail in good times and in bad!

    Our God given spirit is not just some passing fad!

    Evil will never prevail, it is written in the book,

    just open the Bible and take a good look!

    America must begin to awaken from it’s politically correct sleep!

    Only then will our restoration and spiritual revival begin to take a giant leap!

    Proudly display our American flag, now and forever more!

    It is a symbol of our country meant to invigorate our patriotic core!

    We will come together as one, traitors beware!

    We will expose you for what you are, because we care!

    Millions of patriots are ready to keep our unique Republic alive!

    We will assemble after our many victories, do the high five!

    God is on our side and will continue to bless our brave!

    The enemy had better retreat now, return to their dark cave!

    America is and will always be the beacon of light for all,

    children all over the world are counting on us not to fall!

    So mourn today, then don God’s armor and return to the fight!

    God is eagerly waiting to assist us with all his Holy might!

    Martin died with peace on his mind, hope for others around the world!

    It is time to dust off your spirit and flag….make sure both are unfurled!



  • Anonymous

     “In some cases, I think the president has used them as props,”

    Gee, there’s the understatement of the decade.

  • Wade McKay

    Sen Rand Paul’s bill stating that a bill must be read before it’s voted on sounds good but who is going to police that? What’s to prevent a politician from just saying ” I have read the bill and am now ready to vote”.
    Politicians lying to us is so common anymore, who is left to believe them?

  • The Floorguy

    Interventionism, is the cancer the Progressives use to control everyone else.
    My freedoms are taken for what might happen. Well it may not happen either and there are courts to figure that out if I caused harm or occur a liability for damages.

  • Anonymous

    Obama always has to have props that is the only way he can deliver his agenda.  Those poor people who lost their children – a shame he has trotted them out before the cameras to try to get his gun law passed.  Sorry Obama – might want to go another route because we are not giving up our guns.  Even the Dems voted against it.  WOW!! that is a first.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t understand why they’re allowing themselves to be used as props.  if it didn’t happen would they feel the same?

  • Lani Roscoe

    Here is an idea that should be considered regarding immigration and the 14th amendment.  NO CHILD BORN OF NON AMERICANS AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A CITIZEN OF AMERICA.  That should be a nobrainer given the climate in our country.  I believe America has moved beyond  this at this given time.
    I would love to have a discussion on these lines.

  • Anonymous

    The people were just props . Rand is absolutely correct. Their presence dishonored their dead children. Shameful!

  • Anonymous

    Our fine Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul. 
    In the finest tradition of the original VEEP  Senator Alben W. Barkley. (Ky, D)
    Representing the people amd speaking for the people.

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