Buck Sexton: “These are guys as tough as it gets when you’re talking about Jihadists.”

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TheBlaze’s counterterrorism expert Buck Sexton joined Glenn on radio this morning to update listeners on the latest news and to give his analysis surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and the incredible events that took place overnight in their pursuit.

Buck started off by noting his concern that the suspect still be pursued by law enforcement would detonate an s-vest (suicide vest) if he were to get cornered. He noted that it’s his belief that this suspect doesn’t want to be taken alive. It has already been confirmed that the two suspects, the first of which died last night of gun shot wounds following a shootout with police, are radical Islamists from Chechnya.

Most Americans aren’t that familiar with the Chechen’s history and ideology. “Explain who the Chechens are,” Glenn asked Buck.

Buck explained that Chechnya is about a 95% Muslim separatist state. Two of the worst mass casualty attacks outside of the U.S. in what Buck calls the “Jihad era” dealt with Chechen extremists. One is Beslan, in which extremists kill over 200 young schoolchildren with bombs and machine guns. The other is the Moscow theater siege, where the Russian used gas to knock them out, but also caused many casualties.

“The Chechens have been fighting against the Russian FSB — sort of the old Russian military apparatus — so they’re hardened,” Buck explained. “They’re trained. They’re not messing around. This isn’t a bunch of rich kids from the Gulf who want to pretend they’re playing jihad. For these guys it’s a real way of life. There’s also real military training that goes into a lot of what they do because they’re up against an enemy. The FSB, which is sort of the new KGB in Russia, they’re not playing games either. These are guys as tough as it gets when you’re talking about jihadists.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Go to the Strategic Studies Institute site and search for the information found in their books and pamphlets about the Chechen terrorists and jihadists. 

    We are looking at the opening moves for a larger game, one in which the message will be that of the United States and Russia being tied together as ‘oppressors of the Chechen people.’ 

    We also need to bring into the light the truth of why Obama and the administration are yet again covering matters up. There is much more going on here than anyone can imagine, and all who are involved need to be brought to justice for the cover up and all other crimes. 

    I think we have seen here an event that will make Benghazi pale by comparison.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Villa/1639447441 Joe Villa

      oh shut up.  
      you throw you lies without backing anything up.

      • jackcandobutwont

        HOw will you believe ANYTHING when your head is buried so far up your ass??

    • Anonymous

      while I agree with you somewhat on the Administration’s pathetic run for politcal cover on the  Benghazi disaster, I do not know how or why this Administration has committed crimes or coverup in this matter so far. If you are suggesting that the failure to adequately identify and surveil potential terrorists is intentional or negligent conduct worthy of criminal charges, that is quite a leap that only a full investigtion will be able to answer. Elsewhere, you suggested that Obama’s terrorist “allies” are responsible for this event. Evidence? The Chechen leaders and the Chechen rebels hate the US and the West–you think our CIA works with the “emir” of jihad in the Caucausus or the president of Chechnya or neither? What is your theory about Obama being responsible for this event?

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        The matter with the Chechen jihadists is fairly simple, they have links to the Muslim Brotherhood and to the radical elements within the government of Saudi Arabia. In turn these radical bands are the ones Obama has armed and given assistance to via Libya, Egypt and Syria.

        Taking these facts into account, and the ongoing lies, denials and outright arrogant fabrications of ‘facts’ from the administration means more is going on behind the scenes – criminal activities.

        Plus there was the ‘unplanned meeting’ of the Saudi Foreign Minister with Mr Obama. 

        Taken together we have a grand old stew of criminal and treasonous actions on behalf of Obama and his administration. 

  • Anonymous

    For Buck’s reputation, he better hope there is evidence that these guys, who according to aunts and uncles in the Boston area, only lived in Chechnya for one year when they were 6 and 12 each, were trained as children in Kyrgistan or Dagestan; or were trained elsewhere by Chechen rebels/al queda. They allegedly have been in the United States for several years.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    Pray for the men hunting the coward down. 

  • Anonymous

    Who here thinks there will be a LIVE suspect? There has to be a real person for there to be a suspect. I don’t believe one word from the LSM or this lame administration. Actually, I believe the opposit of what is reported.
    Just like the Benghazi debacle to the bin Ladin body that was supposedly tossed out to sea. Unless I see things for myself, with my own eyes, It didn’t happen.

    • Alfred Ferguson

       Yes, skepticism is both admirable and wise, when dealing with this duplicitous world.  However, isn’t “Unless I see things for myself. . .it didn’t happen” carrying a wise and admirable enjoinment a bridge too far?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, that may be true in this case, but it wouldn’t be the first time we have been lied to, is it?

  • http://twitter.com/FlyKimmie Kimberly Lambdin

    I know this is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE but Buck Sexton is a great name for porn!  Sorry… I had to say it.  Now back to our program… 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bunkin91 Sandy Young

    Buck, Why did the aunt of the terrorists when she called you Saturday say ‘to the people of CANADA and the US’ about her nephews when there was no mention of Canada until Monday afternoon. Did she know something about the Canada-NY Amtrak plot in advance?

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