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Glenn opened the radio program this morning with the latest details out of Boston.

“It is quite an amazing week in America as we see things that have happened that we have never seen on the streets of America before,” Glenn said. “We have seen American’s limbs blown off in a marathon in Boston. We have seen our press go in to massive denial. We have seen our president meeting with Saudi officials while they are getting ready to whisk away suspect #1 in the middle of the night.”

TheBlaze has been tirelessly reporting the story all night long, and Glenn recapped some of the most pertinent information.

5:00PM ET: The F.B.I. released photos of two men suspected in the bombing of the marathon. They were described as extremely armed and extremely dangerous, but not necessarily with guns.

“Now they do have guns obviously,” Glenn said. “But the reason why these guys were so dangerous is because they know how to make bombs out of pressure cookers and every day items.”

10:20PM ET: An armed robbery involving two male suspects was reported at a 7-Eleven in Cambridge, Massachusetts near MIT. An MIT campus officer responded to the robbery and was shot and killed in his vehicle by the two suspects. The two suspects then carjack a black Mercedes SUV. It was pursued by police vehicles. They drove six miles to nearby Watertown.

12:48AM ET: Radio traffic indicated that during the pursuit the suspects were tossing multiple explosive devices outside of the windows of the vehicle. The car came to a stop on a residential street in Watertown, and the suspects engaged in a shoot-out with police who were chasing them. One transit officer was hit and critically injured. One of the suspects was hit multiple times and taken into custody. The second attempt to flee is at full speed in the SUV. After the vehicle is barraged with gunfire, the suspect escapes and reportedly flees on foot.

“So you understand, these are not normal teenagers,” Glenn said of the suspects.

1:10AM ET: The injured suspect is rushed to Beth Israel hospital. They report he is suffering from too many gunshots to count.

1:35AM ET: The suspect is pronounced dead after 15 minutes of failed resuscitation. He is believed to be the black hatted suspect in Monday’s Marathon bombing.

“I want you to hear me carefully,” Glenn said. “There is so much information going through here. It is critically important that you understand that this is suspect #2 that just died and suspect #3 that is still on the loose. Suspect #1 – the government is going to try to hide suspect number one. Do not forget him.”

Police cordon off a 20-block area of Watertown and order the residents not to leave their homes as they conduct a house-to-house search and a street-to-street search for suspect they say is number one.

“I say he is number three,” Glenn added. “He’s the guy in the white hat.”

3:36AM ET: Residents in and around Watertown should stay in their residence. They should not answer the door unless it is identified as a police officer, as tweeted from the Massachusetts State Patrol.

5:45AM: The Mayor of Massachusetts suspends all public transit service in the Boston area. The public is told not to congregate in groups, as residents in six Boston neighborhoods are told to remain in their home and stay off the streets.

5:52AM ET: Harvard University announces it is not opening due to the public safety concerns. MIT has already closed down.

6:39AM ET: The Associated Press announces that the suspects are Russian from Chechnya, and had lived in the United States for at least one year.

8:00AM ET: Boston police commissioner says all of Boston must stay in their homes as they search for the surviving suspect in the Marathon bombings.

“All of Boston is locked down as they try to find another suspect in the bombings on Patriots Day,” Glenn reiterated solemnly.

“Unless you look at Patriots Day as the shot heard around the world; unless you look at Patriots Day as the beginning of this country and people – Jihadists that wanted to make the statement of Patriots Day as the day to destroy the United States of America,” Glenn concluded. “These are not Tea Party members. These are Russian Chechen Jihadists.”

For the most up-to-date information on this story visit TheBlaze.