It wouldn’t be the first time America & Saudi Arabia did this…

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The usual suspects are taking a critical tone to The Blaze’s ongoing reports of the Saudi national who has been handled in a way that leaves more questions than answers. Why the media is so quick to defend the government is curious, considering after 9/11 several private planes shuttled Saudi nationals out of America when all other planes were grounded.

Glenn had more on radio this morning:

GLENN : You know, I don’t know if you saw this last night. I mean, this is conspiracy theory kind of stuff. This is the 9/11 commission report and so if you go through the 9/11 commission report and you see the black in here, this is all the stuff that was allowed in. However, the Saudis, the Saudis got to us when this was published and they met with the president and said, “You’re not going to put all that stuff in about us, are you?” So anytime you see any red in the 9/11 commission report, it’s the stuff that has been removed and redacted but it’s only just a little bit. You’ll notice that there’s really no red in this at all. And just, you know, a few lines here and there might be redacted from the Saudis. They were really kind of very, very clear that they just didn’t want anything at all about them in here and ‑‑

PAT: You’ve got page after page after page that says redacted in red.

GLENN: But it’s just a few little things that they wanted.

STU: Seem to be about 50 consecutive pages.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: And nobody even talks about that.

PAT: Jeez.

GLENN: Nobody even talks about that.

PAT: That was during Bush, right?

GLENN: That was during Bush. This is not a problem with this president. This is a problem with our government. Our government is playing footsies with the Saudi Arabian government, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are pushing poison into our society through the Muslim Brotherhood and through all of their nice little school things. It’s been redacted from the 9/11 commission, and it’s going to happen again unless Americans stand now.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Are you still ranting about the Saudi, after the bomber already confessed? The Saudi had nothing to do with it. At least the Reddit apologized when they realized they ran a false story. You’re just doubling down on the bullshit, huh? Hilarious.

    • Kim Pilioglas Adlesh

      Please tell us how the Saudi had nothing to do with it.  I’m all eyes & ears.  Saudis are known for being wealthy. It’s possible the Saudi funded the attack..but you just keep on believing Obama and his minions, keep believing he is wonderful and not capable of covering up lies and corruption.  

    • Anonymous

      No one said the Saudi was responsible for this attack. There is discussion about why the Saudi was put on the terrorist list, what is his back ground, why was he going to be deported and then suddenly not deported, many other unanswered questions. Could he have been part of this attack? Maybe. I don’t think enough is known about the attack and this person. Glen is trying to get some answers from the gov so it is not swept aside like in the past. 
      Again, I concur that we MUST get our own energy supply, natural gas, drilling, etc so we can stop sending money to people that hate us and want to kill us. However, I am not sure that this relationship with the Saudi’s is all about oil – Not sure what is at the core but it certainly seemed strange when O bowed and the US continues to cover for the Saudis.

    • Stephen Musclow

      Get a life already. You detest Glenn Beck, yet read his articles and mock us. Give it up, we know you’re trolling.

    • landofaahs

      I can see why you would not respond to my destruction of your assertions.  Why were you too coward too respond? LOL LOL

  • Elizabeth DeFranco

    You are 100% correct!!! We do need to finally realize energy independence here in America, instead of continuing to be tethered to the ME OPEC Oil Overlords & thus, enriching & funding the Wahhabis who support the majority of the terrorist activity around the globe. The Saudi Kingdom is complicit in this practice, with the knowledge that by doing so, they keep the “radical Wahhabi sect” happy & content & thus keep them from targeting those within the Saudi Kingdom itself. This corrupt practice needs to end, as it costs us at least $1 Billion per day that flows out of nation & ultimately into the coffers of the Saudis who help to fund these deviant, warped individuals!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t anyone remember when Bush  got some family members of Ben laden who were living in the USA  OUT within hours after 9/11 ? Not a plane was allowed in the air but THEY were allowed to get out of the country !
    We have been sold out by BOTH political parties for money, power and votes !
    The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve, those who go against the grain are dragged along for the ride.

  • Anonymous

    Problem with the Saudis? The answer is simple: Expose the overseas bank accounts of our politicians. It doesn’t matter which party they are from since politicians are twins with actors and actresses…nothing what so ever inside and they try to fll this gap with money. TERM LIMITS!!

  • Kanak Attack

    There’s more to this than meets the eye.  We ALL know we don’t need Saudi oil, even our government.  Yet why do we continue to pay for it?  Can anyone answer that question?  Why does our government feel the need to protect the Saudi’s economically, financially, and militarily?  It doesn’t make sense when we use the facts we know so we’re missing a big piece of the puzzle that is being kept secret from the people.

    • landofaahs

      Liberals talk about fairness and how we need to spread the wealth. Most people don’t realize that that is not just a regional idea within America but that view is a worldly one. So we Americans must be punished and stolen from so that the poorer countries share in America’s success. In other words they are GLOBAL communists, not just American communists.

  • Anonymous

    Friend’s come on if you just think what we have learned here in the past year plus there’s one thing everybody is forgetting you see when you go to bed and do the nasty with an evil country the child that they keep forgetting to remind to make you aware of :
    What country is helping to hold the PETRO dollar to feasible  but made up entity ;
    THAT’S CALLED THEY OWN ARE BUTT’S and that’s what is really going down !

  • Douglas Reinis


    • Anonymous

      please  please me oh yeh  like I please you oh yea !
      Nice dobi my Sheperd likes the look of his throat

  • Ron L. Harmon

    The 7th Day Humbling of Mankind – The Beginning of the End of the Age

  • myServal

    … unless Americans stand now? how about we remove Obama-king-of-Fraud from the White House. He was warned by Putin & refused to do anything about it. O. deliberately put citizens in physical danger by ignoring direct intel, which is treason.

  • Anonymous

    An overall summary. With All the hoop and hollering about
    the present administration. Nothing is ever going to happen ,with all the, he
    is this and that who has done diddle to do about diddle. All the so called
    facts and hype is just fodder for frustration. Now I’m the first to say MUCH
    could and should be done BUT where is the ACTION. Who is going to carry the
    golden torch, when will all these so called conspiracies take place. NEVER,
    even old Glenn with his late breaking, earth shacking down home spin, yet
    Nuttin from nuttin is a nuttin . I do hear a phenomenal amount of talk and
    speculation but come on folks; it has to be HYPERBOLE knee jerk news for the
    masses. So let’s focus on elections and the turning back of the socialists
    programs that have plagued our country for a very long time. Just think over
    the past years and ALL the news , facts , dislikes, screw-ups , YET they keep rolling
    along. So calm down redirect your energy’s, it’s an emotional junk  pile. He will serve his term, the next
    election will take place his records and antics will be in the record books but
    So what’s the point, we can and will talk until the end of the worlds but in
    reality NOTHING will ever happen. There will always be the over the top
    emotional dems screaming and intimidating But nothing is going to happen. IF SO,
    show me, where is it, who is it that is at the forefront. NOW WHERE is where it’s
    at? CBS< NBC< CNBC are still here, all the conservative TV and talk shows
    are still here . Every one throwing mud pies but Nothing is ever going to
    happen. END of summary

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much this has to do with money and oil

    • Anonymous

      its about power and control the arab spring husseinobama started is really for him to create his brotherhood,a Islamic Caliphate!! BHO is islam through and through-ultimate goal to rid the world of the littlesatan and great satan!israel and USA. even tho islam is really Lucifer!cuz they are antiGOD!

  • Anonymous

    it’s not money with the one’s on top, they will never spend all they have, it’s not the power for the ones on top,,they have that also= they are there, it has been going on for more than a live time!!??? it is an eternal concept= a religion and it is not Muslim!!!! wake up

  • landofaahs

    It’s time to cut all the ties with these countries and the first step is opening up ALL domestic energy options.  Democrats are destroying this country and I have no sympathy for a democrat who suffers. In fact they need more until they get the message.  But if you are a democrat you are either an idiot or corrupt and benefitting off the taxpayer.

  • Anonymous

    If you folks would read former Governor/Senator Bob Graham’s book “Intelligence Matters” you will find when he was on the Senate Investigation Committee to invistigate 911 he found a money trail leading to the Saudi Military Officials who were funding the terrorists! Bob Graham stated that President Bush never pursued/investigated the Saudi Connection to 911! Instead he attacked Iraq!
    Graham also stated he read all of the CIA and FBI Intell on Sadam’s connection to 911.
    Graham stated there was no proof at all of Iraq/Sadam being responsible for 911!
    Buy the book! Read it for yourself! I did!


  • Anonymous

    ARE WE LIVING IN A COUNTRY THAT NO LONGER RECOGNIZES THE TRUTH? A Country of The UnReal Reality TV? the UNA=UnionNations of America or the USSR Union of the Socialist Republic? under the NarsisisticCelebrity-in-Chief KingHusseinObama it is!he never wanted to be President of US,he wanted to be Dictator-of-theWorld!the NewWorldOrder of the OneWorldGovernment George(lordSidious)Soros(theJewishTeenWhoWorkedForTheNazi’s) has always dreamed of!all bureaucraps are on his payroll!

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of us, my dear honorable friend, who condemn terrorism without ifs, ands, or buts. It all depends on the media to really show that.

    • landofaahs

      I would believe that if I saw it televised. Perhaps FOX news will put you on TV. I think they and others like me are looking for people like you.

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