How is Fox News’ Bret Baier covering the Saudi national story?

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TheBlaze has spent the last week exposing the truth behind the Saudi national who was initially questioned and considered a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing before being downgraded to merely a witness.

People like Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have been quick to discredit TheBlaze’s reporting, while several senators have put their weight behind the story. The media, for its part, has been relatively silent. But last night, Fox News’ Bret Baier addressed the ever-growing controversy in his “The Daily Bret” video blog post.

“I want to go to a deal from Bret Baier,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Bret Baier yesterday – and this is being used to discredit us… he is saying that the Department of Homeland Security told him that this is all wrong. Well, that’s pretty important information I would think that would need to be on the show. But he put it on his blog, and I want you to listen to this story, and listen with more than your ears and listen to – something just doesn’t seem like Bret’s married into this.”

BAIER: Janet Napolitano, the Security of Homeland Security just said today that he [Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi] really was never a person of interest. But out of an abundance of caution and out of diligence according to these U.S. officials, federal authorities at that time, because they wanted to question him, added him to the no fly list. Now, this is key: When anyone inside the U.S. with a U.S. visa is added to the no fly list, the process, the process is started. And I stress process here, to revoke visa. And that’s automatically begun according to U.S. officials. The 212 is a national security indication and anyone looking at this would say this is a bad guy. This means they had a lot of stuff on this guy. The U.S. officials we’re talking to say this document was simply triggered by them putting him on the no fly list when they went to talk to him.

“Stop,” Glenn said. “Bret’s smarter than this. If he wasn’t, he should put this on his real show. But Bret is smarter than this… you’ll notice here that Bret is saying ‘our sources at Homeland Security.’ Well, I’m sure that if I called the newsroom at, you know, or the press room at Homeland Security, they would tell me the same thing. I’m going to give Bret the benefit of the doubt because I don’t know – it’s not like we hang out with each other, but I have respect for Bret and I have respect for his team and I know, I just, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s on it. What pressure is being applied I have – one can only guess. But I appreciate the fact that he is putting this on his blog. Be careful who you trust and be careful who you throw under the bus. You’re not necessarily always getting the full story. And this is going to take an orchestra to be able to navigate through.”

Glenn may have been willing to give Bret the benefit of the doubt, but he had a message for all the journalists out there who are ignoring or discrediting this story.

“Now, for those journalists elsewhere, I’m not sure what your story is. I don’t think you have one. You might want to go back to work,” Glenn said.

And for those of you sitting at home wanting to make sure this story gets its due diligence, Glenn shared this:

“Call your congressmen now and tell them, look at the story at TheBlaze. If they think it’s a conspiracy theory, explain away what’s being posted now at TheBlaze,” he said. “And by the way, there’s much, much more where that comes from. Tell your congressmen you’d like to know exactly where this gentleman is. I warn you, you’re not going to like the answer. But you’d like to know exactly where this man who is armed and dangerous and how he got into this country without being vetted at all with special access. If he has this special access, you’re telling me when they came to him that they had no idea who he was? That seems awfully strange. Seems like someone might be lying.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So here is the question to be asked, who is pressuring the man to stick with the administration story – Saudi Arabia, Obama, or the Fox leadership?

    • Draxx

       They keep making the waters muddy so that we cannot tell what is going on underneath the surface, so much for their “Transparency”…

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The matter is this, what will it take for any journalist to tell the truth, and will this time around finally bring down the administration and the Democratic Socialist media?

    • Joseph Galindo

       Economic collapse maybe… lol  If the puppeteer can’t afford to compensate the puppets anymore, and keep buying them off to conceal the true, hard, undeniable, evidence, and quit provide us with misleading excuses or scenarios that can be so far fetched considering the morals this nation was constitutionally founded on…or lack of there it seems now…maybe a nice reality check to bring them down to victim status will give them something to talk about. Pun intended. 😀

  • Sam Fisher

    Maybe he does not have the same information you do.

  • Anonymous

    OK I can’t take it any more, lets have all the info Glenn… stop dragging it out !
    My heart can’t take it anymore !

  • Guest

    “TheBlaze has spent the last week exposing the truth behind the Saudi national who was initially questioned and considered a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing….”

    WRONG!  He was NEVER a suspect in the bombing. He was a person of interest until questioned by the FBI.

    Beck can’t get simple facts straight, and he thinks that journalists are going to listen to and take his advice?!?!?

    How do we spell delusional?  G-L-E-N-N B-E-C-K

    Beck thinks that he can do a better job investigating Abdul Rahman Ali Alharb than the FBI.

    Uh huh. Apparently Beck is counting on his followers to be the most gullible people in America.

    • Mary Hayden

      I spell delusional G.U.E.S.T.

      • Anonymous

        You embarrass yourself. Get the facts. You’ve heard Beck’s rants, so read all the way to the bottom.

    • Guest

       How do we spell delusional? V I C T O R  .  T I F F A N Y
      Suspect – Person of interest (PC definition)
      Hey Victor, where is your big story? Where is your big scoop you were going to do? No where, because it was all BS. You made an assumption about Beck that wasn’t true. You spewed a whole lot of brag about your self, painting yourself as being an investigative reporter. LMAO! You have done nothing.
      “Beck thinks that he can do a better job investigating Abdul Rahman Ali Alharb than the FBI.” . .  WRONG  – he never said or implied that. He is talking about exposing what is going on.

    • BS61

      Fox News never reports any thing bad on Saudi’s.  The liberal media will never report anything bad about Obama.  So he pisses off the left and right who can’t admit that their guy did anything wrong.  I’ll stick with Glenn or as you like to say GLENN!

      • Anonymous

        The “liberal media,” MSNBC did extensive segments last night about how the drone program is creating more and more enemies of the U.S.  Obama’s drone program.

        You are ignorant in your claim, and that makes you a perfect follower of Glenn Beck who fools some of the (most ignorant) people all of the time.

        Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi did nothing wrong. Beck is a liar. Those are two facts that everyone but Beck’s gullible sheeple understand.

    • Joyce Gregory

       Beck has the FACTS! this time.  And he is not BOUGHT off by anyone….not beholden to anyone…… he can speak the truth as he sees it, and he has the facts to back it up.  No, Beck isn’t delusional.  You people that buy all the lies ….lap ’em up like a puppy dog………Why did the FBI spend 9 hours at Alharb’s apartment?  Why did they spend 5 hours questioning his friends?  Why was he a suspect, until John Kerry met with the Saud’s?  Why if Alharb’s visa was for schooling in Findlay Ohio…..did he never enroll there?   Why was he classified as a 212 3B?  Do your own investigating…….

      • Anonymous

        Beck has NO facts. He is a proven liar!

        How do you believe, the FBI whose job it is to protect American citizens or Glenn Beck whose job it is to fool some of the people all of the time?

        You think that the FBI is out to get us?

        If so, you’re utterly psychotic.

    • Anonymous

      Go drink some more of their koolaid

  • David B

    When this happened I remember several news agencies saying “SUSPECT”! It didn’t take that long either!! Keep going Glenn!! If we don’t wake up to this and Benghazi !!! Then the country Is dying!!

  • Wm Reed

    It seems to me that the saudi national was the real target at the race. That he was somehow distracted or tipped off or maybe someone stepped between him and the bomb at the last second. Then narrowly escaped with his life. His death could have set off a myriad of possible senarios with Saudi Arabia making all kinds of threats and demands against the people of America. But since he survived, the people involved in the blast panicked, didn’t know what to do and, well, here we are. How’s that for a conspiracy theory, now get off Glenn’s ass and let the man continue to post the truth and save America!

  • Sarah Worley

    Why would Michelle Obama visit this guy in the hospital if he wasn’t a person of “great” interest?

    • piniella

       Why would Michelle Obama visit this guy in the hospital if he wasn’t a person of “great” interest?

      She visited victims in 2 different hospitals.

    • Jenny M. Raulston

      I ℊt Ṗáiḋ ōvr $87r hōur wōrkinℊ ḟrōm hōmℯ with 2 kiṡ át hōmℯ. I nℯvr thōuℊht Iḋ ḃℯ áḃlℯ tō ḋō it ḃut my ḃt ḟriℯnḋ ℯárnṡ ōvr 10k á mōnth ḋōinℊ thiṡ ánḋ ṡhℯ cōnvincℯḋ mℯ tō try. Thℯ Ṗōtℯntiál with thiṡ iṡ ℯnḋlℯṡ. Hrwt Ivℯ ḃℯn ḋōin.

  • Michael McDonald

    “And by the way, there’s much, much more where that comes from.”
    Um…what the hell are you waiting for?!  Why are you not giving us all the information?  Beck is claiming the US government is altering documents to allow a mass murdering terrorists to roam free…and he decides not to release all the information?  

    Face it people, Beck is in way over his head with this conspiracy crap.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Beck is the only true Journalist who has BALLS enough to break important stories that are real and important

  • Anonymous

    Then why didn’t Bret state his case on the TV network? Was he too scared? Was he hushed? How many Americans have even heard what he had to say? How many will really care?

    • BS61

      When your boss tells you to never say anything bad about the Saudi’s because they are part owner of Fox, what would you do?  GB went independent so he wouldn’t be censored by Fox – others have too.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps this might shed some light.


    Great job on holding these documents back.
    Napalotano probably needs to stop talking lest she digs herself further in the
    hole that she cant get out of. There is a possible reasonable explanation for
    this if the Saudi was working undercover for the feds to set up these chechens. 

    Who knows maybe this was supposed to go down like
    the sting in Portland where an inert bomb was planted and the suspect was
    arrested. Perhaps these chechens figured out they were being set up and since
    they were going down for life anyhow and their devices were inert, and knew
    that they were being set up by the Saudi informant so they switched out the
    inerts for real devices. This surprised their handlers when the bombs actually
    blew. I certainly do not know but I can tell you that this was not a false flag
    because it does not achieve any political goals that the administration
    currently are pursuing such as gun control.

    Truthers need to back off and quit discrediting
    this information by using it for their agenda. They are no better than rev.
    Jackson and Sharp who sensationalize every racial event. This may be every law
    enforcement officers nightmare where the sting gets blown by the suspects and
    they played the agents and it resulted in a real attack.

    Certainly someone high in the Dhs has released
    documentation that could get them fired and prosecuted in this case and GB is
    pulling the government further into lies meant to cover up our failed
    undercover operation that resulted in a real event. That certainly would motivate
    a government cover up and the persons who released this information would have
    no knowledge of the undercover operation so they too feel a civic duty to
    release this documentation that GB has in his possession. Or they do know that
    it was an undercover op gone bad and find it their civic duty to report since
    fast and furious went sideways, Benghazi went sideways and the administration
    refuses to fight this like a war and instead choose L.E. tactics which are
    failing and costing lives.

    That would be a good reason why the private
    executive protection agents were in the inner perimeter to make sure that the
    Chechens were able to plant the inert bomb without being caught by observant
    local police officers. They would need to complete the planting of the inert
    bombs for a solid prosecution. It would also explain why the announcement that
    there was a bomb drill in progress was made-so that when the chechens planted
    the (Inert) bombs L.E. could secure the inerts in place as evidence and also to
    cover their Saudi informants tracks by making it seem the bomb dogs on scene
    discovered the devices and the saudi did not set them up and then later make
    the arrest as if just good police work uncovered and prevented the attack.
    Arrest the Saudi as LE often does in undercover operations to make it seem that
    he was not their informant but was arrested along with the suspects. 

    This will make more sense to L.E. officers who have
    worked undercover and worked with informants. But my point is don’t listen to
    conspiracy theorists because the explanation i have preferred is without agenda
    and is more reasonable than false flag…that makes no sense whatsoever. 

    The point is that there is clearly a blown
    operation, that government would not release such a failure to the public which
    will definitely embarrass this administration. The same theory applies to a
    certain degree about Benghazi. Instead of water boarding and enhanced
    interrogation the agencies (CIA) etc. community has been forced to develop
    informants and play the “sting” game.

    There has been a track record of Jihadists using
    the trust of their handlers to turn on agents multiple times overseas and use
    that information to bring in bombs to secure areas and kill agents. This time
    however we gambled at a public event and lost under this theory. There are so
    many other scenarios that would result in the information released here by GB.
    This is just one that I propose as an alternative to get people to think
    independently of their Gurus at prison planet and the like.

    The government is certainly covering something to
    protect the identity and involvement of the Saudi. They may be covering a blown
    operation. This administration has a few under their belts, fast and furious,
    benghazi and now this. What it does prove is that enhanced interrogation is a
    better tool than the use of informants when dealing with an ideological
    criminal movement while informants are great tools in the war on drugs,
    organized crime, etc. 

    What I personally am appalled with is the strategy
    to handle a war on terror the same way we do other criminal investigations and
    when it doesn’t work to lie to the world. This is a war. The rules are
    different in war for good reason. Trying to fight a war like a law enforcement
    problem will never result in positive results. I would rather see law
    enforcement enforcing the law and war fighters fighting a war. If the war is on
    our soil the roles should be well defined. Listen to what GB has to say and you
    decide. Btw great job on GB’s behalf to have the balls to do what he is doing
    to force the truth out of the situation. He is putting his life on the line.
    This administration needs to be transparent. Most of Americans can smell bull
    shit a mile away. The rest don’t care enough to think about it.



  • Anonymous

    Actually, Bret is way smarter than Glenn Beck.
    So much so, that he isn’t willing to get fired by Glenn’s previous employer by lying or trumping up a story that is a dead end.
    Some day, when Glenn is on his 4th wife, 7th stint at rehab and last cent he will realize that people respect the truth, and not Glenn Beck.

    • Guest

       Oh look it’s another Beck hater troll –  sock puppet from the  strtlk Victor idiot camp.

    • Guest

       You have an active imagination. How many joints did you have to  smoke to get it?
      Your post is garbage.

    • BS61

      Fox News pulled Todd Starnes report from their site that had actual information of the Saudi guy.  Why? 

    • Anonymous

      Guessing about the Beck’s future is not useful or productive. It is what Beck says and has said that undermines his credibility with genuine news reporters. For example: Glenn Beck is a proven liar.

      Beck’s cult-followers will consider that fact about their hero “hate speech,” but phuck these gullible sheeple. 

      Fact is, Beck has NOTHING on Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, and his few remaining somewhat intelligent listeners have figured this out and have abandoned this reactionary propagandist.

  • suz

    the 212 3B is probably not a citizen at all — he’s a vip according to dhs and he has needed no credentials. he jumps through any hoop they’ve needed him to jump through w/no vetting or concern for that matter.

    ask the 212 3B the same questions a naturalized citizen would know.  i bet he couldn’t answer one correctly.

  • jalinatx

    Foxs news is no better than abc, cbs, nbc msnbc, cnn, because they ont have the balls to speak up and speak the truth! They know all this but only Glenn will speak the truth. Carry on Beck!

  • Anonymous

      Be careful who you trust and be careful who you throw under the bus.
    You’re not necessarily always getting the full story….”

    This may be the most important thing Glen has ever said. Be careful who you through under the bus. You don’t win wars by making as many enemies as possible. Choose your friends wisely but choose your enemies with just as much care. There are many people who are trying to help in their own way who do not fall under the category of ideological perfection.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct in choosing your friends wisely it is very important. It’s good to see you are imparting your wisdom to help in your own way. It feels like the Titanic has sunk and many are floating around looking for a place to land. Didn’t see this iceberg before it hit. Keeping informed will keep us afloat.

      • Anonymous

         Hi Lgrable. I am happy to hear from you. What is going on with the Fox blog? I do not like the new setup They did away with Disque. I am not on Facebook or Twitter. Are you still posting there or somewhere else? Glen Beck listeners are very savvy. They do not need my input but I posted because many on the right are too quick to throw people under the bus in ideological glee.

        • Anonymous

          Everything has been dumped, all the stories and past comments that could be used to fact check history. It has been a rug of resources being pulled out from those that are trying to not be led around like sheep. I am not on face book or Twitter either. Fox Nation allows comments. It has a lot to be desired but does not lends its self to real discussion format or follow up on your own comments or responses by others very well. It Requires new sign in each time you revisit and make a comment. I put you on to follow through Disque to keep up with your comments which to me seem to be fair and balanced and beneficial to be considered. Hope this does not derail the continued focus on the real issues.

          • Anonymous

             I appreciate the update. I liked Fox because I felt that people who were actually delivering the news were reading my posts. The way it is set up now causes me a lack interest in posting there anymore. I just signed up to follow you on Disque so I can stay in contact with you from time to time.

          • Anonymous

            You wrote my same sentiments. I will miss the ability to have access to past stories and facts. I have concerns as to that I will not be current of all the facts as they happen. Following each other may help lead us to important subjects that need to be understood so as not to become one of the sheep.

          • Anonymous

             Do you have any thoughts as to why they changed the format? Do you think it had anything to do with those of us who were posting or do you think they were trying to improve something.only to make it worse.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe they thought that everyone would jump on the tweet bandwagon. They really like to read them on air But what they have actually done is muting themselves toward their loyal viewers from responding and providing real time feed back in expounding expressions. I am now reminded of a telephone survey about how I use on line communication in regards to twitter maybe 2 months ago? Don’t know exactly who it was who was asking now. I think maybe we were too one sided and they needed their Fair and balanced logo to not be accused other wise? My enthusiasm is at a loss as to how to be just an observer and not have creative exchange and views in their very basic blogging system. Their ratings will drop in the influence from my point of view.

          • Anonymous

             It is the end of an era. Take care my friend.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, you as well my friend. We will rise to the occasion and find a new way, eventually.

  • RsGoat

    If our Main stream Media had it’s sold their integrity we would not be in this situation.

    • Anonymous

      First day using English?

      And Beck, the proven liar, has integrity how exactly?

      • RsGoat

        If our Main stream Media had it’s sold their integrity we would not be in this situation. Small addition for “Gadamar_Too”    My attemt was to give this to her alone but worng button. Why didn’t the other networks report on the at leat 3 House Budgets passed last year. This media Lies and ignores (don”t forget alterd 911 tape last year). If Glen makes an error he is reporting whot he finds what he beleives he can prove, not ignoring it. The other Media out lets are not doing that much when it can be deliverd to them by their House Represenitives news letters. Get It Now Gaddie

  • S. Granite

    I keep thinking eventually the grown ups will get involved and things will get straightened out……………. Wishful thinking. The grown-ups have been replaced by the so called “cool kids” and no one sits at their lunch table unless they play by their rules. Rule number one is “make them look cool” Heaven help the USA! 

  • bull57

    I believe you are on your own Glenn. I can’t think of a single news agency or journalist that will be supporting you. I sure hope I’m wrong. There are just too many things that are not adding up in the administrations story. They (the administration) will soon be bringing out their big guns to rebut your facts!

  • Guest

    REALLY listen to this guy with Glenn, a 2123b classification is ALWAYS done before or during the VISA application process, NOT for “deportation” as Beck originally alleged OR DURING an investigation while the student is here!!  As this guy says, that’s IMPOSSIBLE!!

    AND, IF this kid were classified 2123b before he came here, it would be ALL OVER ANY paperwork-even if he got a “special exception” as Glenn claims he got AFTER the investigation.

    Bottom line, either what Beck’s “highest possible levels” of the FBI, ICE & Administration are LYING to Beck because what they are saying is IMPOSSIBLE, or Glenn Beck is lying !!

    • Guest

       You forgot the third one, Vick – that is that you are a delusional misguided nutbag who doesn’t know squat about what you are blathering about..

  • bettyjoebe

    I’m amazed at the people who listen to all the foolish nonsense that’s spewed from this idiot’s mouth. 

  • Anonymous

    “Call your congressmen now and tell them, look at the story at TheBlaze.” Hahahahahaha. This is like, be a pest an propagate right-winger propagada!!!! Hahahahahahha.

  • RsGoat

    Gadmer_Too I had to go to work so this is late.
    Glen Beck is not the point. Amazingly, this story which has changed and will change more because of its newness IN the months and maybe years to come will turn out either true or not and it doesn’t matter nearly as much as the effort to report truth. While you can focus on assassinating his character all you want because that is not the point IS IT. He is one man that can be wrong but how can the Power of ABC NBC MSNBC CNN CBS all miss reporting on three House Budgets for an entire year until we are in the crappy Sequester situation. They putt No pressure on Congress to work out differences with those plans and gave our President a Free ride which can only make him weaker not stronger. Adversity builds strength! People who work together create a better plan but any across the isle effort on one side is ignored. They have not helped us or him by their Media Moguls’ combined actions. I had to leave and cool off to take out lines like “Go back to your fairytale world” and worst. The Media and this Character assassination of dissenters helps to create our current problem which lets Homeland Security buy 2.2 Billion Bullets to fill a warehouse while the FAA needs that money to fund their Air Traffic Controllers. Less time supporting political sides more time watching Them! Tell Them to do Their job reporting before you climb on Beck’s back for errors.

    • Anonymous

      No one has to assassinate Beck’s character. He does a fine job with that himself.

      You failed to note that even Fox News debunked Beck’s witch hunt.

      Beck is not a dissenter: Beck is an un-American propagandist.

      You fail to grasp that Beck is a huckster. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Even Fox News has debunked Beck’s witch hunt, but don’t pay attn to that. Instead:



    Become a minion for America’s huckster in chief.

  • Guest

    Beck jumps shark again, fall short: CHOMP, CHOMP!

    The only ones buying this nonsense are Beck’s pathetic and gullible followers. Actually, that’s true about the caliphate conspiracy theory, the Crime, Inc conspiracy theory and every other dumb theory that comes out of Joseph Goebbel’s mouth.

  • RsGoat

    I borrow these lines from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals– “want to change the world written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future.” “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism.”  A lot of cut an paste there to shorten it a little, best to read his words your self but, belittling or Demoralizing those who speak out against you is another of his tools. This attack on Beck looks a lot like that. Look him up on line, he is a historical figure.

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