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We’ve all been there – walking down the city street and someone jingles a cup and asks you for some spare change. Most assume the person is just unwilling to work and wants to scam a few bucks from others – but as this video proves, it is unwise to be so quick to judge. Ronald Davis of Chicago describes being called a ‘bum’ and tearfully explains that he is a human being first.


“Bring that to your church. Find him. Don’t give him money or a handout. Find him. Help him fine his dignity again. Out of all of the things that we have done, all of the things that we will yet do together, all the things that we can possibly build, building somebody up is the most important thing we can do. Out of all of the things I have talked about today, maybe the reason why I’m allowed to draw breath today is for this moment. To encourage you to see people,” Glenn said.