Glenn wins award, talks disruptive innovation at TreBeCa Film Festival

Friday afternoon, Glenn traveled to downtown Manhattan where he was presented with the TriBeCa Disruptive Innovation Award. After receiving his award, the Charles Darwin Prize, Glenn sat down with Aryeh Bourkoff to talk about how his company is changing the media.

To those less familiar with Glenn Beck and TheBlaze, what Glenn is building may simply seem like a new news and information platform. For those curious enough to take a closer look, what’s going on at TheBlaze is much bigger. Like the award says, TheBlaze is disrupting the system with something it’s never seen before — something that is taking the power away from the giant bureaucracy that “news” has become, and putting it right back in the hand of the consumer. The engagement of TheBlaze subscribers themselves are a large part of the innovative disruption that is TheBlaze.

“News is like sausage…you might like to eat it, but you never want to see it made,” Glenn told the Disruptive Innovation audience.

Glenn learned this early on in his cable news career.

While at CNN, Glenn was waiting in a green room watching Ahmadinejad address the U.N. What Glenn heard the Iranian leader say was beyond anti-Semitic rhetoric, it was insanely dangerous and needed to be reported and explained to the American people who would, and should, be outraged at his open-armed welcome into our country for this speech. Let’s just say what Glenn saw the so-called “experts” report on this speech wasn’t what the American people needed to hear. They needed to hear the hard truth and they weren’t getting it. Anyone watching the speech would know they weren’t being given the full story, but the media is desperately trying to train it’s viewers to ignore their own eyes and ears and to trust what they’re telling them.

“The system needs you to believe that you can’t do it on your own,” Glenn explained.

But the truth is, you can. You don’t have to do it their way…or any certain way. “That’s why YouTube is so great…there is no filter between them [the networks] and you,” Glenn pointed out. From the ground-level footage of the Boston Marathon bombing to Justin Beiber singing songs that would lead him to his eventual career, you control your own content.

Along with the bureaucracy roadblocks, the world of television refuses to offer you a better product. While televisions keep getting more and more advanced, the content hasn’t improved in decades. If you’ve ever watched Glenn’s show you know Friday’s are just about the only day Glenn stays in the same area of the set for much of the show. The rest of the week he is walking across a 16,000 sq. ft. set, from screen to screen, animated and passionate about the information he’s sharing with his viewers.

Have you ever seen any other television host do that?

When Glenn was at Fox, they were having a hard time keeping up with him. The set was too small and they cameras couldn’t keep track of him when he would hop up and walk to any one of his given chalkboards without notice. How was it possible that in 2009 moving freely around a set was too advanced? Traditional cable is still using what Glenn called a “Desi shoot,” created in the 1950s by Desi Arnaz. Basically, a multi camera set up for multiple stations, without the ability to shoot around an entire set.

What was Glenn’s solution at the time? “Get me a sport’s director, please. Just tell them I’m carrying the ball.”

But Glenn wanted more that just the freedom to move around a set. He wanted the freedom to try new things. In hindsight, walking away from cable news has allowed Glenn to do a myriad of new things, but at the time it wasn’t as easy of a decision. In fact, when he made the decision he was told he wouldn’t go through with it. “No one leaves,” they told him.

Well, he did.

Glenn was able to walk away because, as he put it, “I hadn’t been in it very long, I still knew who I was.”

But there was more to it…Glenn had bigger ideas. A staunch believer in freedom and liberty, the giant cable companies weren’t representative of his fundamental beliefs. He wanted to eliminate the negatives of TV by building something new. Something different.

“Independece and freedom built up first, then transferred over to the network.”

When Glenn says, “TheBlaze is a network YOU are building,” he means it.

The belief that man can do it on their own is key to Glenn’s vision of TheBlaze — something many of the big networks don’t want you to believe. But Glenn knows, with faith and integrity, man CAN do it on their own.

And with that in mind, he wants to empower his audience to be more than just a viewer. His focus is on entertainment, education, integrity, and providing access to information, all of the other rules can be broken.

TheBlaze is just getting started. Television, despite it’s problems, is an important platform — something Glenn believes TheBlaze can help evolve. And while TheBlaze continues is efforts to be added to more TV providers across the country, it’s just one of the platforms Glenn is building right now. The American Dream labs, an entire division devoted to innovation and story telling, is a big part of Glenn’s future, along with radio, books, and stage shows — which are getting more and more creative every year. (Seriously, this summer’s includes giant robots.)

Orson Wells and Walt Disney have had a notable influence on Glenn and his career. Through them Glenn learned to never give up, always think out of the box, humility, and to focus on the story. Those principles, along with a great team of smart business people, innovative thinkers, and hard working, honest employees Glenn is beginning to change the media.

“If you are in the book business you should be worried. If you are in the storytelling business you have a bright future.”

Here’s an inside look at a few photos and tweets from the event:

Yes…yes you did.

…wait what?

Yes, that’s Psy (the Gangnum Style guy) with our very own Mr. Glenn Beck.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Congratulations Glenn,

    We know the effort Obama’s administration has made, combined with Soros to stop you. So keep on doing the good work. 

  • Anonymous

    Kudos for thinking outside the box and forging ahead into the vast unknown! Trailblazing in the medium of electronic digital media is a reward itself! Fitting that the award is a hammer! What better way to break out of the box of journalistic limitations.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn………….an award from the left…… to love that one.  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, congratulations on your award.  You have been the recipient of a number of honors since you became a voice for the conservatives.  Actually a voice for the people, even those who will not listen.  Perhaps I am not seeing beyond politics, but it seems each award has been given with (by those wanting to discredit you) an underlying hope of mocking you.  Kudos for not letting the barbs get beneath your skin.  Since I am using clichés, for letting the insults roll off your back and make them honors.  Honors that then become insults for those who hurl/hurled them at you.
    Do continue to enlightening people and encouraging them to educate themselves.  Because of this method along with books you suggest which are not biased left or right, (except those written by leftists for leftists) we are unbiasedly educated. 
    To upset people like Chris Matthews, we are smart enough to read.  Even smart enough to use e-readers!  We are not a bunch of folks like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s (of the late 19th and early 20th centuries) or semi-civilized creatures seeking food, shelter and an alpha male.  (The alpha male would be Pat, not Mr. Cry Baby or Mr. Maternity Leave.)
    To finish, your news service is appreciated.  Your “rather be right than first” attitude is great.  Although what you shared with Bill O’Reilly made you right and first.  This must be right because the administration nor any minions thereof have spoken out against what you reported.
                                                           Many Thanks
                                                           A Conservative Listener    

  • NPC

     Congratulation Glenn, keep thinking out of the box, you got it going for you,and  for us,  and we are standing with you. God bless you for using your God given gifts, for the good of all mankind.
    And don’t worry about the naysayers, of course they wish you bad luck, they’re just green (blue) with envy. Just think what they could’ve accomplished, had they not shoved they’re head up their …., you know what I’m talking about. Just stay away from the twinkies, we want you to be with us for a very long time o k ?

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn!  You’ve certainly been a “disruptive” influence in MY life…in a good way!!  :-)

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glenn Beck, I hope you know that we are counting on you to pave the way with the truth. You are the light in a very dark period in our country, you give me hope.

  • terrie

    Way to go, Glen!!  Keep the ball rolling, I just hope I can keep up. God bless you.

  • Rbowden Scipio

    Congrats on the award, but….

    It’s hard for Glenn’s media outlets to be taken seriously when their article posters have a command of the English language that’s sorely lacking. For crying out loud, is it really that difficult to properly spell “TriBeCa” in the article title? It’s not like the “e” and “i” are next to each other on the keyboard.

    More than half of the articles I read on The Blaze have some kind of spelling or grammar errors – and that makes the entire enterprise look shoddy. I really do want The Blaze to succeed, so please consider hiring some skilled editors.

    • Scott Todd

       Thanks for pointing out one of my pet peeves.  While we’re at it, while I wouldn’t hold up someone posting comments to AS high a standard, considering how so many of them like to think of themselves as so much smarter than the average lefty they sure don’t seem like it with THEIR spelling and grammar either:  using “to” when they should be using “too”, or one of the worst- using loose when they should be using lose.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck should be proud of how disruptive he is!
    He disrupted his first family’s lives by selfishly drinking and snorting their lives into the streets!
    He disrupted the radio waves of NYC before he was removed because of his anti-semitic remarks!
    He disrupted the Fox News lineup before becoming so crazy, even they couldn’t keep him around any more.
    Now, he simply disrupts his children’s educations by homeschooling them while juggling his time between a dwindling radio market and garage internet show!
    Now we are simply waiting patiently until he disrupts the obituaries!!!

    • J.w. Appling

       Shouldn’t you be under a bridge with the rest of the vile trolls???

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, but the “other trolls” aren’t down here. Did you try your mom’s house?
        bye-bye hater!

        • J.w. Appling

          No I was too busy with your mom she said it was nice to be with a real man for a change instead of that coward you call dad.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe you people attacking a mentally challenged person the way you have!  It’s obvious this person needs therapy, perhaps forced commitment.  Now, all of you who have made such rude comments write back in  and apologize.

    • Anonymous

      You are still a wart on the ass of humanity!

  • Miketrt

    Awesome.  Don’t know much about this org., but just AWESOME what you are doing Mr. Beck!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Glen, with you the truth lives on. We love you, and proudly support you in any way we can.

  • Dawn Brayton

    YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!(Clap, clap, clap, cheer cheer). It’s a happy day with this award being the first in a long line of more and more and more. With cable companies picking up Blaze TV may you have a presence at the Emmy awards. It’ll drive networks out of their minds. They’ll have to make bettter programs seeing as Blaze shows would win, you know how competitive those guys are.

  • Ricky Green

    The Truth is Incontrovertible, Malice May Attack It, Ignorance May Deride It, But In The End, There It Is. — Quote by Winston Churchill

    Congratulations Glenn Beck, Question with Boldness, Hold to the Truth, Speak without Fear. 

  • Fred Von During

    I will support you in all you say and do..just so long as you rethink your stand on the 2nd amendment and the interpretation of such that allowed the killing of 26 ,20 of which were school age innocent children, by a 20 yr.old mentally deranged idiot…this country and it’s citizens are not educated nor psychiatrically screened to use semi or fully automatic weapons…the 2nd amendment was written when a muzzle loader was the weapon of choice and no one involved in writing it had any idea what would come in the future..the 2nd amendment is out dated and over 240 yrs old..stop killings like Newtown and re-write the 2nd amendment to allow hand held, maybe semi automatic 6 or 7 cartridge weapons only and leave the rest to the military and law enforcement..there is no way the 2nd amendment provides us with the ability to overthrow an unwanted government as supporters preach..the public is just not capable nor do they need automatic weapons even if they have them they could never stop a tyrannical or unwanted government….. 

    • Anonymous

      First of all your assuming that the military forces will follow the government.  Your very wrong.  With respect to tyranny the military is made up of men and women who would be fighting against their own families.  When push comes to shove, the Obama regime would be in trouble.  I would like to hope it would not have to come to anything like the people having to stand up against Tyranny, but I have spoken with a number of military members in airports, resturants, and random places and have flat out asked them what they would do if it came to such a thing and I asure you their answers would amaze you.  Sure there are those in the military who would follow the government but they would be fighting against their own.  Benghazi changed much in the thinking of many in our military members.  They are wondering who would have their backs and really don’t feel the government would.  They see the lies the government and media spread.  They know Clinton and Holder are in the thick of coverups.  It doesn’t make any difference that the 2nd amendment is over 240 years old.  The admendment isn’t about the weapons used it’s about THE PEOPLE protecting themselves, property and THEIR country from invasion by criminals, foreign armies, and yes tyrannical governments.  The peoplel who work in the government also have family members who don’t.  Do you really think they will do the things the government asks if it means wiping out their own family?  I’m sure there will be those who can be “bought off” but I think many would be willing to go to jail for a time until the PEOPLE take back their country.

      • Scott Todd

        So many of the high level military brass who might agree with that position have been replaced by Dear Leader with lackey political appointees.  It would be up to the soldiers up to the Sgt. level then.

        • Anonymous

          You may be right but there are more Sgt and below then there are top brass. And if those below do not follow the brass who will the brass lead?

  • Ernest Spoon

    It’s T-R-I-B-E-C-A, you morons.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn,  Nice job buddy.  I do wish you would stop appearing on O’Reilly…he doesn’t appreciate or respect anything you say, he doesn’t deserve the ratings he gets the nights that you appear on his show…..his flipency makes me sick, and after all the time you traveled around with him a few years back.  He’s a user.  I’m so proud of you and so grateful to be here learning from you ” for such a time as this” God bless you & your family
     Regina… Rockaway, NJ

  • Danni Skaricki

    Wopa- Gangnam Style.  I would have paid Beck big money to see him do the dance.

  • Joanie Annuzzi


  • TurboCat

    Disruptive innovator is the perfect way to describe what you, as an individual, are doing. It is a very good thing! It seems so right now.

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck wins the Charles Darwin Award?  Beck, who does not accept the science of evolution, wins the Charles Darwin Award?  WTF?

    Next thing you know, predator drone warrior, Barack Obama will win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Oh, right.

    It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    No dancing with Psy??!!!!…. Aweeee man…. Wanna C Glenn Beck wit MC Hammer Pants doing Gundum…

  • Kristy Charland

    several typos in this article, including the Title!

  • Sargonarhes

    “radio, books, and stage shows — which are getting more and more creative
    every year. (Seriously, this summer’s includes giant robots.)”
    What is that supposed to mean? Giant Robots have been around for a long time, even before the Transformers Japan had the Gundam series which is king of giant robots for any one that knows anything about it.

    But you’re doing good Mr. Beck.Keep this up.

  • Anonymous

    Kudos for everything team Mercury has accomplished.
     Beck’s most vocal critics wished they had his broad appeal, talent and success. 
    There’s a valid reasons why he is not on mainstream TV –  informing, teaching, raising the bar and creating movements.  
    A gifted but well-mannered smart trouble-maker at boldly dissecting ugly realities and revealing painful truths yet offering alternative solutions.  GBU Beck.
    His talent is he can touch people identify with them and make you feel it thru media. 
    Use to scream at Faux television when he was on it, he was too much!
    ”Is he for real”  because he really was correct on certain issues and all his crazy predictions that some unfortunately have come to pass.
     Keep on expanding and winning Beck the general public will catch on and catch up!

  • Anonymous

    If I had fallen asleep in 1969, then awakened today to find that conservatives were the new radicals and the nihilists were now the Establishment…. Thank goodness for the Blaze, one of the few places where honesty is considered important.

  • Anonymous

    In all seriousness, WTF?!?!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Does beck not realize that the darwin award is a ironic, joke award? 

  • Anonymous

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