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Senator Rand Paul joined the radio program this morning to discuss immigration reform and his recent statements regarding drones. While Glenn and the senator are like-minded, and Sen. Paul is one of the few congressman Glenn holds high regard for, they don’t agree on everything.

Glenn took issue with comments Senator Paul made following the Boston bombings regarding drones. While Rand says everything he said aligns with what he said during his infamous filibuster on drones, Glenn couldn’t get on board.

“What I was trying to say is, and interestingly I used this hypothetical in my filibuster, if you look at the filibuster I use the exact same working and the exact same analogy 3 or 4 times,” Sen. Paul noted. “What I was trying to describe was a gun fight where someone is coming out of liquor store and shooting at policemen. Most of us acknowledge that police have the right to shoot back and to use deadly force on criminals who are using deadly force against them or hostages, customers, etc.

The point I was trying to make was, instead of the policemen getting out of his car, was pushes a button and some kind of robotic firing arm is able to engage in the firefight instead of the policeman. That’s what I’m imagining.”

Glenn wasn’t convinced.

“You may in the end be right but I am against it because I don’t want to give the government any more power,” Glenn said.

They did both agree that Tsaernav should have had his Miranda Rights read to him and not have been considered an enemy combatant at any point.

While Glenn and Rand may not find common ground at this point on that issue, however, when it comes to immigration reform, the two men are on the same page. The answers are found in making the student visa program and the border is more secure, while making it easier for good, hardworking people to immigrate to the United States.