Shocker: Boston terrorists have a crazy mom

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The media has sought comment from anyone and everyone who knows or knew Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. While their uncle immediately came forward to express his condolence for the victims and condemnation of his nephews, the aunt and mother of these men continue to propagate conspiratorial stories that involve the U.S. government having set up the brothers.

“Meanwhile, we also have this Tsarnaev mother who is working really hard on becoming the most hated woman in the world,” Pat said on radio this morning.

The mother believes that her son, Tamerlan, was counseled by the FBI for several years and that the FBI was aware of his activities. She blames the FBI for her son’s radicalization, and she believes America took her kids away from her. “My son,” she said. “It was a setup.”

“America took her kids away from – no,” Pat said emphatically. “No, America did not take your kids away from you. Your kids became radicalized and took other Americans’ kids away from other Americans. And then as a result of that crime, they – one of them lost their lives. And the other one hopefully will too.”

“It’s, you know, it’s always presented as if the Muslim extremists are the victims rather than the perpetrators,” he continued. “So here we go again.”

“Well, what you’re missing there, Pat, obviously,” Stu interjected. “The FBI came up with this idea a long time ago. And started investigating him as a cover for this future marathon bombing that they knew they were going to do. I wish you would stop lying to the people about this very serious issue.”

Kidding aside, while it is easy to understand the overwhelming sadness and confusion this mother might be facing. Her accusatory and outright delusional tone has not won her any sympathizers.

“It’s funny because, look, we understand it’s the kids’ mom,” Stu said. “I mean, I get that she’s a little biased and you’d understand that to some degree with a grieving mother… But she is not winning any friends. And I don’t see anything anybody’s feeling bad for her.”

When you look at other tragedies, most recently, the Newton shooting, rarely do Americans vilify the parents of these perpetrators.

“Like, you know, look at the other tragedies we’ve had. The mother who had nothing to do with it is rarely ever vilified by the United States. Most of the time we feel really bad for them. I mean, you can’t control – you raise your kids the best you can and they go out there and they do something horrible. You can’t control it.”

“But this lovely woman went on to tell CNN that the whole thing was a really big play with paint instead of blood. I mean, she’s hideous,” Pat said. “So it’s really agonizing. And apparently both the mother and dad are on their way here, which will be very lovely when they arrive back on the shores of America. I wish they had never come here too.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I have to say, she is not insane.

    She is living the classic denial of being part of a radical or extremist portion of Islam. For some reason I have the feeling she has been coached in what to say, how to act and how to react for the reason of inflaming reactionary elements of Islam against America.

    By American standards, terrorists are enemies, to the radical elements of Islam and many other anti-american groups around the world, they are self-martyred heroes. 

  • landofaahs

    The little terrorists were on welfare.  They bit the hand that fed them.  We allowed this garbage in the country and allowed them to enjoy freedom that they despise.  Their mother I hear was a thief and idiot.   The people who are crazy is “US” because we allow this crap and put up with it.  She and her children are evil while our liberal run society is …idiot.

    • Draxx

      If anybody commits a horrific crime, they should NEVER be considered a Victim…!

      The fact that they are even trying to convince people is totally obsurd in itself…

      • landofaahs

        I agree but that in no way cedes my right to be the one who…starts sparky. LOL

    • Anonymous

      Everyone should hear what Judge Jeanine Piro had to say about all of this several days ago.  It was so well put that I thank her and Fox News for showing the world that this Tsarnaev mother evidently forgot to teach her sons not to ever bite the hand that feeds them.  Yes, America gave her family many handouts and was generous to them…..but Judge Piro let the world know that America will never be a doormat to the likes of terrorists.  Perhaps instead of focus being on the rants of an obviously deranged mother of terrorists, we could focus more on the mother’s son who stood eating his icecream while watching the Boston Marathon and tragically lost his life to radical Islamic terrorists. 

      • landofaahs

        I went, I heard and I loved it. A Caesar moment. I came, I saw, I conquered.

  • Draxx

     You’re right about it sounding like she was coached into what to say to Inflame the Situation…

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Mind you, it could be the genuine article, but it just seemed too coached.

  • Anonymous

    this is the woman who shop lifted $1600 worth of merchandise from lord & upstanding human being.

  • John Prewett

    It’s not “either-or”,…. likely they were  BOTH linked to whoever masterminded or executed the bombing,… AND “set up” to take all the blame.     Oswald comes to mind.

  • Mary Fetch

    Did anyone else notice the lack of real tears in all that ranting and raving?  What a crock!

  • Anonymous

    The terrorists Mom is not to crazy, she managed to get out of America with clothes stolen from Lord and Taylor.  At least I am sure she looks good.

    We so deserve what we get.  We allowed the left to put that man back in office for four more years.  I am sure by now he has done something that is an impeachable offense, hasn’t he?  We can’t stand 3 1/2 more years of this yahoooooo!!!

    • Anonymous

       Right,  Obama flew a wanted terrorist into the country set him down at national security meeting,  then flew him out to an undisclosed location.  The media refused to report on that either.  Hey maybe we’re wrong.  Obama isn’t the head of the dragon.  The leftist media is.  They decided his platform, they created the desire for him,  They promote and distract from every issue according to evil and, destructive plans.  Obama couldn’t have won without their promotion of him.  If we got rid of Obama that would just be stepping on the dragon’s toes.  The leftist media is the real enemy.  They decide the agenda of liberals,  they dupe the masses, they distract and lie to people.  The left could not accomplish anything without them.  The media is the enemy.  We need to forget about dealing with politicians, and expose the major networks.  We need to destroy their credibility somehow.  We’re getting to the point where they can point fingers at Christians and tea party members,  when terrorists attack.  No matter who we  get into office the media will still have huge victories.  An informed America would not fall for this crap,  but an uneducated,  misinformed America has.

  • Anonymous

    None of them should ever have been allowed in this country after 9/11!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Shocker”!  Glenn Beck’s kids have a crazy, anti-semitic and drug laced father!
    Does this mean Beck’s children will end up as crazy as him.
    Frick, I hope not!!!

    • Anonymous

      And maybe you yourself was strained through a bed sheet at the time of your conception.

  • Anonymous

    Of course it’s feasible the FBI were involved. The only potential ‘attacks’ by Islamic extremists you’ve discovered and thwarted since 911 are ones the Agency’s that “look after you” SET UP THEMSELVES.  

    And for the record, since 1995 only 12% of ‘terror’ attacks in the US have been perpetrated by Islamic extremists. The big chunk of that particular pie is in the name of Right Wing Christian Extremists…  followed by the Animal Rights/Environmental brigade.

    So who are the real nutters ?

  • Anonymous

    Just love all these different pictures the media is posting of this crazy thieving woman.  She looks like she is plying very hard to be the poster “madonna of Islam”.  Yuck.

  • Sam Fisher

    Not really that shocking. If she was a true mother she would have raised her kids right instead of shop lifting and leading them to radical Islam. Your kids stupidity and hate took them away from you.

    • Sandie

      Radical Islam took them, not the USA. She can’t admit it.

      • Sam Fisher

        Which I like to refer to as cowardice and stupidity. I swear how stupid can you are their best plan to get to New York is to car jack some liberal and driving there. They might as well shot themselves there and saved us the trouble of hunting these fools down. what is really sick in all of this is that we gave them the money to kill.

  • James Thomas

    The Boston bomber’s mother is a bad actor. Is it possible to cry without shedding at least one tear. Her eyes are dry and her moans of grief sounds contrived. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    This mother is only disappointed that one of her sons stills lives! The mother of a “shahid” (martyr) is highly esteemed in Islam and receives many perks and much honor for her contribution to jihad.

  • Anonymous

    She’s saying her children didn’t do it, because she doesn’t  believe they did it,  because she doesn’t want to believe they did it.  It is irrational, and she is in a situation where few people could maintain rationality.  It is patriotic to hate an enemy and forget that they are human,  but as Christians we are required to see them as human.  In the case of Muslim terrorists we’re dealing with people who are surrounded by death and tragedy, that is common place.  Their governments and religious leaders tell them it’s our fault and we are their enemy.  They shift the blame to us and ignore their people’s suffering.  Believing their leader’s lies is a patriotic duty for them.  Unless you are fortunate enough to have the truth available to you’ what you believe depends on the accident of where you were born, and who lies to you.  Let’s not curse the confused, deceived, and tortured people of this world.  The devil has created the lie that we are each others enemies.  We do not need to confirm that lie.  Compassion does not compromise loyalty.  We do not have to forget that people are dangerous if we empathize with them.  We must remember to live according to Christ’s example,  when the world tells us not to.  Loving your enemy is one of the hard parts.  Obeying Jesus is not a pick and choose obligation.  Since we love Jesus we must disregard our own judgement, and do as he commands.  Jesus didn’t give advice, or give us suggestions, he commanded us to love our enemies.  Can’t we muster up compassion for a woman who may be confused with grief,  and trying desperately to believe that her sons are not monsters?

  • Anonymous

    This fiasco is becoming more macabre..!
    Glenn Beck started to look into the story.. indicating that there were many inconsistencies
    and we never heard any more..BOY, when the government can control even HIM.. you know
    there is something going on..
    The WHOLE thing smells of CIA/FBI.. and eventually they will slip up.. and we will start
    looking for the REAL Boston bombers (you COULD even say that this whole story is
    there only to staff for time… if you thought that they were that clever)

    1.The brothers were originallly blamed for a 7-11 holdup.. which turned out to be a lie,
       but barely made the press
    2.NOTHING has been done on ballistic checking of what killed the MIT guard..
       friendly fire..?
    3.WHERE are the guns, explosives, etc that the brothers had..? nothing found…?
    4.There has not been one shred of real hard forensic evidence provided…?
    5. Of COURSE the Russians “cooperated”… the more Checeyans they can
       put in jail anywhere… is that much less trouble..AND, helps them with their
       propoganda against them…

    6. I cannot believe that Glenn has been silenced..! Smells of the Reichstag…??

  • Anonymous

     Muslim extremists always try to play themselves as victims. These people came to the US to be safe and they repay us with bombs. I find it absolutely disgusting that our government will allow these people to go on welfare. We have people here who have to file for unemployment and apply for jobs each week to keep the little bit of money they can collect when they’ve been working for years. How is that right? The government wants a “diverse” nation and welcome everyone because we are a nation of immigrants. Well, immigration isn’t the same as it was back in the day. This isn’t the germans and the italians anymore. We have a serious problem with our borders and any muslim extremists should have to pick up and leave our country and go back to where they came from. If this were Americans in any other country things would be dealt with differently. Other countries don’t like us, so why are their people allowed over here? The mother is a crazy theif and the kids are worse. We shouldn’t put up with this. People coming here and committing a devastating tragedy like this should be a wake up call to the idiots in office. America is the victim. We need to stop worrying about everyone else and worry about our own backyard.

  • Anonymous

    The U.S. denied immigration and asylum to Japanese after they bombed pearl Harbor 12/7/41. Based on 9/11 and the testimonies of the Boston bombers and their parents and family members shouldn’t Arabian immigration and asylum be denied also?

  • Ken Wardlaw

    Those boys radicalization began when they were born.  The oldest was named Tamarlane, after one of the greatest butcher’s in history, Timor the Lame (Tamarlane).

  • Jane Fairchild

    My son, who immigrated from Egypt legally to America as he went through years of the paperwork, verifications, etc… He shared that before he came to America – he thought that ALL AMERICANS were RICH because the American Government gave us everything with FREE MONEY… But when he got here – he found out totally differently. NOTHING WAS FREE – NOTHING. Only if you LIE, CHEAT, and you get on WELFARE through our American Government but he chose not to do this… He went through the RIGHT LEGAL WAY – and never received a dime from our American Government.

    When he worked – before he became a citizen – he paid taxes just like everyone else from his wages to the American Government…

    I am SICK AND TIRED of people LYING / CHEATING America to get over to America… and yet they are TERRORISTS…. This makes me SICK…
    I am SICK AND TIRED of people asking me over and over for money, money, money… give me money – thinking that MONEY grows on trees when my own family does not even make it….. We have NOTHING to give and WHY would we give to strangers when our own family needs help…. IDIOTS.What occurred from BOSTON – makes me SICK – and I say KICK THE MOTHER OUT OF AMERICA, KICK HER REMAINING CHILDREN OUT OF AMERICA, and make them go back from where they came from as they are nothing but TERRORISTS who hate Americans – so WHY should they be paid WELFARE and not pay consequences for FRAUD AND LYING to gain WELFARE and gain to come to America from FRAUD LIES….KICK THEM OUT… The should have NO RIGHTS at all in America for being TERRORISTS – they lost their RIGHTS… KICK THEM OUT…

  • Anonymous

    She might have got that way, having to endure that push broom hanging over her eyes. Indeed, that lady needs a good hair stylist to trim those monstrous eyebrows.

  • Anonymous

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