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The media has sought comment from anyone and everyone who knows or knew Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. While their uncle immediately came forward to express his condolence for the victims and condemnation of his nephews, the aunt and mother of these men continue to propagate conspiratorial stories that involve the U.S. government having set up the brothers.

“Meanwhile, we also have this Tsarnaev mother who is working really hard on becoming the most hated woman in the world,” Pat said on radio this morning.

The mother believes that her son, Tamerlan, was counseled by the FBI for several years and that the FBI was aware of his activities. She blames the FBI for her son’s radicalization, and she believes America took her kids away from her. “My son,” she said. “It was a setup.”

“America took her kids away from – no,” Pat said emphatically. “No, America did not take your kids away from you. Your kids became radicalized and took other Americans’ kids away from other Americans. And then as a result of that crime, they – one of them lost their lives. And the other one hopefully will too.”

“It’s, you know, it’s always presented as if the Muslim extremists are the victims rather than the perpetrators,” he continued. “So here we go again.”

“Well, what you’re missing there, Pat, obviously,” Stu interjected. “The FBI came up with this idea a long time ago. And started investigating him as a cover for this future marathon bombing that they knew they were going to do. I wish you would stop lying to the people about this very serious issue.”

Kidding aside, while it is easy to understand the overwhelming sadness and confusion this mother might be facing. Her accusatory and outright delusional tone has not won her any sympathizers.

“It’s funny because, look, we understand it’s the kids’ mom,” Stu said. “I mean, I get that she’s a little biased and you’d understand that to some degree with a grieving mother… But she is not winning any friends. And I don’t see anything anybody’s feeling bad for her.”

When you look at other tragedies, most recently, the Newton shooting, rarely do Americans vilify the parents of these perpetrators.

“Like, you know, look at the other tragedies we’ve had. The mother who had nothing to do with it is rarely ever vilified by the United States. Most of the time we feel really bad for them. I mean, you can’t control – you raise your kids the best you can and they go out there and they do something horrible. You can’t control it.”

“But this lovely woman went on to tell CNN that the whole thing was a really big play with paint instead of blood. I mean, she’s hideous,” Pat said. “So it’s really agonizing. And apparently both the mother and dad are on their way here, which will be very lovely when they arrive back on the shores of America. I wish they had never come here too.”