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During Thursday night’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor, Glenn made an appearance to discuss TheBlaze’s exclusive investigation into the Saudi national who was questioned in the hospital following the Boston Marathon bombings.

Glenn shared the exclusive documents that have been shared with TheBlaze by multiple reliable sources in the U.S. government. While O’Reilly continued to point to TheBlaze’s coverage as speculation, Glenn continued to emphasize that the information he was sharing was far from a “conspiracy” — TheBlaze has physical government documents backing up what he was saying, including the cover page of the Saudi’s 2123B report.

While Bill was willing to admit there was “some connection to a Saudi family” …kind of… he didn’t seem sold on the facts Glenn was laying out. Will the American people ever really know what the truth is with this Saudi national?

“Yes,” Glenn answered. “There are six congressman that are looking into it. But it’s going to require some press that are willing to go along with us.”

O’Reilly sharply pointed out that’s why Glenn was on his show noting, “we’re always willing to give you a hearing.”

“But what we need, Bill, are journalists that are not going to give up.”

Watch the full segment here:

While many think Bill too often gives Glenn a hard time, Glenn is quick to defend the Fox News host.

“Bill has always been straight up. I think we understand each other,” Glenn said of O’Reilly. He went on to say, “we both believe in something, but we don’t always agree on things.”

“Please don’t come down hard on Bill,” Glenn asked of his radio audience. “You don’t know how good of a friend Bill has been to me over the years. In fact, he is one of the only broadcasters — Anderson Cooper and Bill O’Reilly — those two have been extraordinary. Behind the scenes, on the air, off the air, in person — they’ve been extraordinary. I trust Bill.”