GLENN CRUSHED: Lemony Snicket author loves Occupy Wall Street

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Not sure why Glenn would be shocked that one of his favorite new authors is a flaming progressive, but he managed to find a way to be shocked that a popular writer loves big government. Glenn explained his discovery and subsequent disappointment on radio today.

  • Sam Fisher

    He is a moron. Anyone that calls themselves Lemony Snicket is clearly high. Oh one more thing I been waiting for OWS to somehow get back on the news so I can show this music video but now I can thanks Beck.

  • Sam Fisher

    I can make a few suggestions? What do you like to read? 

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Mostly I read history books, preferable those from the time period where my research takes me. I have recently acquired a book about the Finland – Russian winter war of 1939-40.

      It’s amazing that people fell for the propaganda of the Soviets back then, but I see the same thing happening here in the States with the progressives. The book is using the same arguments used then by the Communist Party USA as they do today to justify the transformation of the United States into a Communist state – exactly as Obama intends.

      • Sam Fisher

        I read a lot of science fiction and there are a few good Star Wars books that look like a warning to big government and hits hard on both sides of the aisle hard as being power hungry just like real life.

  • Anonymous

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  • landofaahs

    Glenn, you seem to have  a lot of disappointments not seeing how far people will go with their liberal policies.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard you say “I knew XYZ was bad but I never thought they would do ABCand D.  I don’t know how many times it will take for you to get it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been disappointing to hear some of my favorite singers/authors/celebrities are communist-loving, idiotic weirdos… *sigh*

  • TylerDurden

    You can’t expect the people who make the music, movies, books, television shows, etc. that entertain you to be completely politically aligned with you. It’s impossible and beyond pathetic to expect.

  • Scott Todd

    This article prompts me to post a question I’ve been thinking about lately:  Glenn- what ever happened to your quest to find folks who could create good, conservative-leaning popular entertainment?

  • suz

    have not read lemony snicket; don’t plan to.  he’s not that bright.

  • Kevin Dau

    Sounds like a very unfortunate event.

  • Dawn Brayton

    New ideas and change is what the arts are all about. People who think “new” gravitate towards that business. Just the way most conservatives gravitatate towards things that stay the same all the time. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s truly unfortunate, then, that the liberal agenda isn’t really that new. It’s comprised of very old ideas painted and marketed as new.  I think it would be more accurate to say that people involved in the arts like to believe that they’re on the cutting edge of ideas because it explains to them why they feel so “out of place” in a more traditional environment.  Unfortunately, it’s that need to feel like they’ve found something better than the old way that inhibits critical thinking and makes them easy to manipulate with a well-marketed, sleek and shiny, “new” idea.  Like most people, their strength is also their weakness.

  • David Callow

    Oh Greg… you silly

  • Kristina Greenwood

    Wow… I’m a huge fan of Lemony Snicket. Between 4th grade and early high school, I’ve read all 13 books of A Series of Unfortunate Events, bought and own all but books 2, 3, and 9 (haven’t gotten around to getting them yet), own a board game based on the series, did a school book report and skit on him in 7th or 8th grade, read fan fictions, and was even an avid member of the Unfortunate Events website during my childhood. I remember when I was afraid of reading them, because the pictures on the covers made me feel that way. It wasn’t until 4th grade when the librarian offered the ninth volume to me in order to get enough reading points on time for the reading program the school was a part of. I was hesitant about it (again, due to the cover pictures), but I checked it out and started to read it. I had no idea what was going on, but I was immediately immersed into the story and was amazed by the story-telling, and how it felt so real that I questioned if it really was a real event that happened to these spectacular orphans. I’m going to be 21 in a little less than two weeks now, and I still hold on to and love those books to death, along with my respect for the author.

    But now I’m a little crushed. It’s very sad to hear that he seems to be for the whole idea of progressive liberalism. As a writer he is my role model. But as a person… It nearly shatters my image (and heart) of how great a thinker he is. But I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion–informed and knowledgeable or not.

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