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President Obama’s former adviser and green jobs czar Van Jones was arrested yesterday outside of a federal courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri during a protest against “Big Coal.”

“I mean, did you see Van Jones was arrested yesterday,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “He was protesting with a bunch of miners. There’s so many jokes here, but he was protesting with a bunch of miners, coal miners, because these evil coal companies are wrecking the earth and they are not paying out the benefits.”

Van Jones took to Twitter to explain the arrest, which he apparently “volunteered” for. He described the event as a “peaceful demonstration, supporting miners being ripped off by Big Coal.”

There is obvious irony in the fact Van Jones was arrested for protesting in support of the very same miners his green energy campaigns have sought to put out of business.

“You know what? I would imagine if it wasn’t for people like Van Jones, those companies would be booming right now and they wouldn’t have a hard time paying those benefits,” Glenn said wryly. “Seeing that they are all being put out of work by the new green jobs which, you know, are sponsored by your green jobs czar.”

“And the only reason we don’t use more coal is because of environmentalists,” Stu added. “You can argue that’s a good thing maybe. You might think, ‘Oh, well, I’m glad we don’t use coal.’ But the only reason that we are not able to exploit these resources and we are not completely energy independent is because of environmentalism.”

Perhaps noticing the remarkable irony of the situation, Van Jones once again took to Twitter to clarify his position:

But given the history, there is truly no logical explanation for why these miners would want to stand next to Van Jones.

“And so now your green jobs czar, I mean, you want to talk about useful idiots, the green jobs czar goes and stands with these guys who are like, ‘The company won’t pay us. They’re going out of business.’ Well… have you been in the coal mine too long, guys? The guy you’re standing next to is the guy putting – was the guy putting your companies out of business. I mean, it’s incredible to me.”