UPDATED: Parents of baby who was taken by California police open up to Glenn about traumatic experience

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Yesterday, TheBlaze brought you the heartbreaking story of a couple who appear to be great parents trying to care for their child, but CPS forcibly removed their son from the home. Glenn interviewed the couple on TV last night – check out the interview and Glenn’s thoughts about the situation.

Watch the full interview from TheBlaze below:

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  • http://twitter.com/JenTXRN Jennifer

    I wonder if CPS would’ve taken cstody of that baby, if the baby was not white?

  • Draxx

    This Administration keeps attacking Foreign Nationals as to whether they have the Right to Take Care of Their Own Kids… I believe they are trying to set Precedence in Court Via Naturalized / Legal Aliens, and then let it spill over to American Citizens…

  • Anonymous

    Countrys leadership stinks to high heaven..Look how dumb they fight over the gun violence and the fiasco with the health care bill.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    This is what happens when liberals take over healthcare and childcare. This is our future.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe not. Depends on who wins the war.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667814914 Amanda Miller Spaetgens

      Maybe not….I am trying to change this.  We presented a Bill to the Senate Committee yesterday to prevent families from going through this.  It was cleared by the committee and is headed to the floor.  I am elated that hopefully no future family will have to endure what we or the California family had to endure.


    • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

      This is not the future…America is not owned by the Lord Most High, Jesus and the people of God…Just wait and be faithful to the Lord, He establishes our steps

  • landofaahs

    Doesn’t the left always say stay out of our bodies.  How about stay out of our families?  Govt. has no business in these areas.  Only by taking away govt. power are we going to be able to get our freedom back.  If the money does not come in, the govt. power will wilt on the vine.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why they want our guns! To take everything BY FORCE!

      • landofaahs

        America has too many enemies for the govt. to pick fights with the people. That does not mean they wont make a mistake and try, it’s just that a civil war at this point can be taken advantage much easier by our enemies than it was back then because it is a much smaller world and the oceans don’t protect us as much now. If that happened, our enemies over seas would quickly move to take over strategic areas around the world and the govt. would be too distracted to respond properly. But they may be stupid enough to try. Control freak liberals want to control it all and don’t want to lose that control overseas. They could not live in a world where the are a big fish in a little pond. They just don’t know it.

        • Anonymous

          Indeed! But half of those big fish aren’t aware of what the other half are doing. They can’t keep their stories straight as it is. I’ve noticed that throughout Barry’s reign, he and his peeps have given very little thought to the consequences of their actions or lack of action. That, or they don’t care. Seems they have a REACTIONARY policy on their agendas. Every time they strike a match, they start a massive wildfire they don’t have the competence to put out. Thing is, Barry, et al think their foreign enemies are their friends and the American people are their enemies. With that in mind, it seems they are wasting no time in picking fights and pissing off a lot of American Patriots!

  • Tony Wallace

     Get ready, one of the things about Obama Care that Pelosi said that we had to pass to find what was in Obama Care.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667814914 Amanda Miller Spaetgens

    I went through a similar situation.  We presented a Bill in Louisiana yesterday that would help to ensure that what happened to us and the California family would not happen to anyone else in Louisiana.  It cleared the Senate Committee and is headed to the Senate Floor.  I spoke to the committee yesterday and asked for them to pave the way for the rest of the states.  Our full story is on these 2 sites. https://www.change.org/petitions/senate-bill-109-to-ensure-better-investigations-by-mandatory-reporters-on-all-abuse-claims



    I did speak on rush radio a few weeks ago about this.

  • Anonymous

    GOD bless them
    We are being tested,watched like thieves,told to stay indoors,(a WHOLE city) children takin’ friends and family kill by illegals I think we are just about to be prisoners ,this feeling won’t leave me there almost finished friends.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares what doesnt happen in their own house so-fight fire with fire- call cps and make reports on the law makers or anybody that should have been reporting or exposing this for years and hurting thousands of families now.
    These are our children and future america- do we all want to live in fear of somebody someplace just making a 1 minute phone call?
     Strange that when polio was 1 in every 1400 children mothers marched washington, now 1 in 40 children have autism and getting worse by the year,we hear nothing-no media-nothing-but if autism was cured today, how many would be unemployed.——-Were all supressed
    I have never ever thought or talked like this in my 56 years but I remember what life was like in america as a child and the tax paid people have erased the american way of life for the tax paying people.
    FOR NOW! 

  • sara holy land

    Why can not I see the video ?

  • Anonymous

    Then how do we fight these people?There stepping over the freedoms of others and that cannot keep happening?

  • http://www.comcast.net Anne Gelinas

    maybe it is your future but it won’t be mine. stand up and be counted in America and
    demand this stop.

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