Real News: Mythbusting gun control

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  • landofaahs

    Gun control is people control.  I’m pretty sure that God has the biggest gun you can imagine.

    • Skyler Sneathen

       I’m pretty sure that God is another form of control of the people.

      • Danny Arrington

        Wow Skyler, all of your comments are so insightful.  You wisdom is just…..mindblowing.  You must have gleaned your perspective from the many years of suffering for your causes that you have surely endured. To think that at such a young age you could be so certain about so many things….just….wow.  Thank you for this post Skyler Sneathen.  You are a man of high integrity and valor.  I hope all of my children turn out to be just like you.  And I am sure that your parents are very proud of the thoughtful boy you have turned out to be.  

      • landofaahs

        God gives you a choice, him or separation from him. Liberals don’t give you a choice. Liberals want to force you to act and think and do as “they” want.
        God is not forcing you to accept him, he gives you choice.

        • Anonymous

          Faith and free will vs propaganda and slavery. Reminds me of that commercial about drugs where the whole egg is your brain and the broken egg in a hot skillet is your brain on drugs. I see progressive demo-socialists as cracked eggs in a hot skillet: an overlooked hot mess!

          • landofaahs

            Having a democrat in the family is like having a worthless little thief in the family. They are family but you are ashamed of them and at some point you have to just disown them.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t know that I’d go so far as to disown them. There are mitigating factors to consider for family, ie the relationship, the degree of their involvement, etc. By far much easier to condemn a stranger. Then again, propaganda and indoctrination have divided fathers against sons, brothers against brothers. I’m reminded not just of Hitler’s and Stalin’s reign of terror against their own countrymen, but also of our own conflict during the War Between the States. (Southerners do not call said war civil. It wasn’t.) It is not a clearly defined dichotomy between Saints and Sinners. Perhaps Democratic Socialists can make a clear distinction between the individual and the collective based on which card they carry, however within their own party they still must face the task of delineating between individuals according to their contribution or lack thereof. In that regard, the party of the collective become elitists.
            It is not my place to judge another, only to decide where I stand.
            God have mercy.

      • Sam Fisher

        Wrong again bigot. Maybe you should try to read the Bible before you try to make fun of it. Otherwise you look like a moron.

  • ken.

    gun control is as stupid as taking aspirin for your headache and not treating the huge crack in your skull thats dripping blood.

  • Sam Fisher

    Take guns away from the people then they take our rights. The need our guns in order to over throw the Constitution and our system. We lose this right and we might as well leave the country for their will be no way to save it.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…  The lib/progs like to ask why we need the Second Amendment?  It’s all about militias and we don’t have militias anymore?  Really?  REALLY?

    They’d better read the Wikipedia article on “State defense force[s]” which says that no less than twenty-two states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico have ACTIVE state defense forces (not to be confused with the National Guard), i.e., MILITIAS – official state entities not loose amalgams of hair-brained neo-Nazi idgits –  and the vast majority of them are armed.  Let’s also not forget that the federal Militia Act of 1903 recognizes that, for the nation as a whole, the “unorganized militia” consists of all able-bodied men 17- 45 not otherwise members of the National Guard or Naval Militia as well as former members of the military up to age 65.

    The lib/progs need to learn how to tell the truth.

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