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On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) about the national security threats that face the United States. From the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing to immigration reform to the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, Rep. Gohmert candidly spoke about the shortfalls of the government in many of these cases.

Glenn spoke about the average American’s anger with the government in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, and how he fears people are beginning to “unplug” out of frustration. While Rep. Gohmert remained optimistic that people are waking up and beginning to really understand the situation at hand, the insights he shared into failed intelligence surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi are troubling.

He explained it is “necessary to find out what is really going on, whether it is Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc. This week there have been threats against those who might disclose what they know… Those people should not have been hung out to dry for so long. It sends a message to people in intelligence and in the military that this administration will leave you hanging out to dry.”

In regards to immigration reform, Rep. Gohmert admitted he is a good friend and supporter of Gang of Eight member Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ). But he clarified that he does not support the legislation’s proposed path to citizenship. “We have a broken system. And those that say we’ll fix it by adding 11 million people all of a sudden to be checked out just do not understand the extent of the brokenness of this system.”

It can be frustrating to hear people within the  government talk about the seemingly overwhelming and wide-ranging problems we currently face, but Glenn attempted to end the interview on a more positive note – asking Gohmert what the American people can do to help right the course.

“Get involved by watching what is coming out of Washington,” Rep. Gohmert responded. “I had a lot of friends in high school who said, ‘Louie, I don’t care what the government does as long as they leave me alone.’ Well, guess what, when you don’t care what the government does, it does not leave you alone. People have got to start noticing. We’re part of the government. We hire on a hiring day called Election Day. You need to know – examine those people, look at their resumes, interview them. People have got to be responsible, or we are going to lose the greatest gift God has ever blessed the people with and that is this great nation.”

“Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas – one of the few good guys with a spine made of titanium,” Glenn concluded. “May God bless you and all those who are working by your side in Washington.”