Rep. Louie Gohmert: We have a broken system

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On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) about the national security threats that face the United States. From the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing to immigration reform to the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, Rep. Gohmert candidly spoke about the shortfalls of the government in many of these cases.

Glenn spoke about the average American’s anger with the government in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, and how he fears people are beginning to “unplug” out of frustration. While Rep. Gohmert remained optimistic that people are waking up and beginning to really understand the situation at hand, the insights he shared into failed intelligence surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi are troubling.

He explained it is “necessary to find out what is really going on, whether it is Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc. This week there have been threats against those who might disclose what they know… Those people should not have been hung out to dry for so long. It sends a message to people in intelligence and in the military that this administration will leave you hanging out to dry.”

In regards to immigration reform, Rep. Gohmert admitted he is a good friend and supporter of Gang of Eight member Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ). But he clarified that he does not support the legislation’s proposed path to citizenship. “We have a broken system. And those that say we’ll fix it by adding 11 million people all of a sudden to be checked out just do not understand the extent of the brokenness of this system.”

It can be frustrating to hear people within the  government talk about the seemingly overwhelming and wide-ranging problems we currently face, but Glenn attempted to end the interview on a more positive note – asking Gohmert what the American people can do to help right the course.

“Get involved by watching what is coming out of Washington,” Rep. Gohmert responded. “I had a lot of friends in high school who said, ‘Louie, I don’t care what the government does as long as they leave me alone.’ Well, guess what, when you don’t care what the government does, it does not leave you alone. People have got to start noticing. We’re part of the government. We hire on a hiring day called Election Day. You need to know – examine those people, look at their resumes, interview them. People have got to be responsible, or we are going to lose the greatest gift God has ever blessed the people with and that is this great nation.”

“Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas – one of the few good guys with a spine made of titanium,” Glenn concluded. “May God bless you and all those who are working by your side in Washington.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Look at our system, and yes it is far from perfect in the best of times, and right now under the Obama administration is nearly to the point of collapse – which is how they want it.

    Top down – bottom up – inside out – pressure, pressure, pressure, until the entire system comes crashing down around you. This is the ultimate goal of the administration and the Democratic Socialists; and then will come the implementation of a tyrannical system of government under Emperor Caligula-Obama.

  • Harvey Ardman

    Any system that can produce a Congressman such as Louie Gohmert is indeed broken.

    • BlackBeaver

      I take it you don’t support Rep. Gohmert. Why, then, no details? No facts on which you’ve based your opinion? Surely- you want to share them?

    • C Bartlett

      I would say the same about Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and several others – in spades. Louie does NOT compromise his principles or our constitution – ever.

  • Anonymous

    Louie Gohmert, ooooh, poor you. You’re such a victim. So, every time you said Jihad they give you a hard time. Poor little baby.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We are seeing the end results of generations of Americans who have allowed the government to run completely free of any restraint, and now we have to take it back and remind all of those in DC that they work for us, and not the other way around.

    • Warren Huff

      Its funny you would say that! I just sent a letter to 96 of the 100 Senators yesterday and it says “first I want to remind you that you work for the people and not the other way around”  also sent them this video that is the single most powerful video I have ever seen and recommend everyone of you watch it and share it with everyone you know now!!!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for taking time and effort to contact the senators and thanks for recommending the video (AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN).  Everyone in America should be required to watch that terrific video that provides the background of how we got to be in this MESS and what needs to be done.

    • Anonymous

      You sure it’s not the fault of the democratic socialists??

    • Leslie Elledge

       I think you nailed it right on the head!!

  • Luis L Montemayor Sr

    No shit Sherlock, you are part of the problem and have been for several years, We really need ro pass Term Limits and kick every one out of office after two terms, I know, we will loose some
    goodones that way but the way it is now…all you guys do is get elected, take your place and immediately start campaigning for next race!!! Man..this system need some changes NOW!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We have a broken system because tea party republicans refuse to do their jobs, represent the people, and do the work that needs to be done. They are petulant children, brining the entire country down if they can’t have things exactly their way. They are the perfect example of the culture of entitlement that has taken over right wingers.

    • Anonymous

      Pure PROJECTION.  (Look it up.)

      • greywolfrs

        You need to be more specific, it’s called Psychological Projection or Freudian Projection, as it is sometimes referred, and Knowsnothing is a prime example…

        • Anonymous

          Nah. Specifics only confuse the BRAINLESS. Doubt that KNOWNOTHING has ever “looked up” anything, other than maybe gay porn. LOL.

          • greywolfrs

            That’s not true, he has looked up child porn too…


          • Anonymous


    • Mike Nelson

      You should post your address here; I’ll send you a wet-nap for your kool-aid moustache and a hardbound copy of Heinlein’s Revolt In 2100, in which you will find the story “Coventry”.

      In the meantime, don’t breed :)

    • greywolfrs

      Hey stupid, they are doing their job for the people who elected them, which is NOT you. They were elected to STOP the Democrap train wreck and that’s what they have been doing, therefore, they are doing their jobs and what they were elected for. Entitlement, seems you left wing idiots know a lot about entitled people, as you morons are the ones who have created all the programs and people who feel entitled.

  • Leslie Elledge

    Louie, baby…did you just wake up? Go home, I think I hear your mom calling you.

  • landofaahs

    We are not going to get a knight in shining armor to save it.  We may have to admit that it like a bad marriage needs a divorce, especially if one of the partners is not willing to change and do what is right.  It’s better to sever it and start anew. 

  • suz

    in their world the mb are the good guys.  the administration is guilty of treason because, among other items, their priorities are treasonous — GB has shown plenty proof.  forget about impeachment, the administration should be arrested and charged.  who will do that?

  • Anonymous

    If you want a broken system, let the government bureaucracy control it. No matter what department you look at, every one is broken. When anything is run with no accountability, you will not get results.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, what has the government ever implemented that was a success?  Obuttheadcare is going to be the worst ever.  He has already done irreputable damage to not only our country but to the world. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey Louie, Do you really believe that another election is going to solve our problems?  Certainly not at the Federal level– in congress. The Democrats and Obama rule the Senate and the House of Rep isn’t much better with Republicans signing off on everything and agreeing with Democrats. The Supreme Court? We all know what happened with Obama care. The Dept of Justice–Fast and Furious, the Attorney Gen is Obama’s right hand man. Every agency ,dept with the federal government is owned and operated by Obama. The news media and TV is sold out to Obama as well as 99% of magazines and newspapers. No one has or will ever be prosecuted for Fast and Furious,Benghazi or anything else. Obama will simply issue some executive ordrs and that will be that. He will threaten some congresmen and they will look the other way. Some know nothing underling might get thrown under the bus,but they will just get another federal job in another agency. Election—get serious!. The train has left the station and for the next forseeable future at least 12 more years the Democrats will be operating the engine and conducting the train to a socialized destination and complete overthrow of the government. We don’t need immigration reform we need illegal alien reform. The deportation of 12 million aliens from American soil. Period! The government can’t stop the drugs, the illegals or anything else from crossing the border —including terrorist .  Hey Louie, if you haven’t noticed 51% of the American people agree with Obama–they don’t care! They understand!  Muslim Botherhood!  Hell, how many Muslims live here— 7,8 Million. The terrorists in Boston were; Buddists, Protestants, Catholics, Jewish or Muslim? Who flew into the Twin Towers—Seven Day Adventist, Mormons, or Muslims ? Who has vowed to kill Americans and destroy America?  Name a Muslim country. Do you think  that for one second that  Muslims already here won’t die for Allah in a blaze of glory. If they are devoute Muslims and adhere to the Qur’an, they will kill for Allah and do it gladly without reservations.   Remember Ft Hood?  Another Election –Hillary is already picking out new furniture for the White House.

    Wake up Louie– just talking about the problems is not solving anything! 

  • Anonymous

    Gohmert is a true patriot.

    Why isn’t there a BY-LINE on it, so we know who to lecture about sloppy errors?!  The correct term is “in regard to” NOT “in regards to.” (An alternative is “As regards.” It means “in reference to,” and one would not say “in references to.”) 

    And it should read “infiltration [of our government] BY the Muslim Brotherhood” NOT “infiltration OF the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    If it’s important enough to report, it’s important enough to present it correctly… Sloppy writers/speakers are sloppy thinkers, and sloppy thinking (and voting) is what got us into this current MESS in America.

    H.A.P. (Hire a proofreader…)

  • Anonymous

    The system is not actually broken – yet! Its just  the wrong people are in charge and are using their privilege of power to destroy us. This whole mess could still be turned around, starting with, doing away with Obama-care which will probably be the straw that breaks the camels back.

    Strange days these, while America is regurgitating her wealth away and her power and prestige, other powerful nations are well aware of this national blunder and are frantically maneuvering to fill the void, meanwhile, we sit and grovel the time away, as both major political parties rip each other apart, which further divides our people.  

    • greywolfrs

      Actually, I must disagree. The system is broken. Take things like Medicaid, welfare, HUD and WIC. All those programs were supposed to be a fall back, just in case something bad happens to a good person. Now, there are people who have made it a life style. That would indicate a boken system. A “safety net” was never intended to be a way of life.

      • Anonymous

        True. As I said the straw that breaks the camels back, in other words we’re right at the stress point but, we haven’t snapped or broken yet. We could easily enough get those lazy derelicts off the public dole, its called work-fair. Recipients of government dollars would be required by law, to pay their way, earn their handouts the same way you or me – by law – pay back a bank loan. I’m not saying welfare should be paid back, but I am saying that it should without question, be accompanied by some sort of work related program. That would slowly get the system back to what it should have been from the beginning. A temporary Hand Up…not a lifetime Hand Out. So the system isn’t broken yet, but it won’t take much to break it beyond repair. At this juncture, things can still be turned around. I don’t perceive that happening anytime in the near future, it reminds me of a house almost ready to go off the cliff due to a mudslide, unless something happens fast, that house is gone.

        • greywolfrs

          My point was that it could be argued that the system is broken. I pointed out an example of how the system is broken. I do agree with you that it can be fixed and your idea is not without merit, but nothing of the sort has been implimented. As the people who have made it a way of life continue to do so, I would still argue that the system is broken and needs to be fixed. As it stands, the Feds are spending WAY too much and that house of cards is going to fall and take the rest of the system with it…

          • Anonymous

            Point well taken. I feel much like you do – my thoughts are, there isn’t anyone on the immediate horizon that has the ability to right the wrongs that have been thrust on this nation for decades on. That means we’re all going down with the ship…now its sink or swim – everyman for himself.

  • John Antunovich

    It’s not broken it’s thoroughly corrupt !

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