“Because it’s right, I will stand”

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Last night, Glenn had dinner with a number of the most active and passionate members of the NRA, and found himself facing the real trouble faced by the organization that is standing strong by for the Second Amendment.

“This is the moment for the NRA, this is the moment for the Second Amendment, and if you don’t know that, you’ve buried your head in the sand,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

During the dinner last night, Wayne LaPierre said, “Glenn, they don’t care about the American people at all. They don’t care what the American people say.”

LaPierre compared the current push for gun regulation to the way the administration rammed Obamacare down the throats of the American people.

“The NRA is the most powerful in the country, and I’m telling you ‑‑ and this is from me, not from them ‑‑ I’m telling you that the NRA is in trouble. The NRA, they play by the rules. Revolutionaries do not. And the NRA understands this. They get it. And that’s the only reason they have a chance of surviving,” Glenn said.

Glenn explained that there are times where he is afraid to tell his family just how dire things have gotten in this country, and there are few people who can empathize with that kind of feeling.

“There’s a handful of people, and that ‑‑ unfortunately that list will grow and it is why I have asked you to know what you believe because you’re going to need that internal strength. And to be able to sit down with Wayne last night, and him not say a word. And I just sat down with him and I said, ‘I know what you’re saying to your wife, and I know what you’re not saying to your wife.’ And to be able to see another man sit there and… to be able to look another man in the eye who is not a soldier, who is not a policeman, who just has an opinion and to look another man in the eye and to have the unspoken brotherhood of ‘Because it’s right, I will stand.'”

“I don’t join things. I join my church. That’s the only thing I think I’ve ever become a member of, and I knew when I watched Wayne for a while, and I think it was about six years ago I was stuck in an elevator with him and a group of people and it was one of those big huge cargo elevators that, you know, you could put a car in. And I was sitting way in the back of the elevator. And we were there for a while, and I listened to them. I listened to him and I listened to his team and they started talking behind the scenes. They started talking shop and they started talking about people and the parties and the system and the values. And they had forgotten really that I was sitting in the back of the elevator,” Glenn said.

“It had become, you know, in a way an old boys circle where, just friends and coworkers and they were talking. That’s the time that I knew… that I wanted to join them for life. Because the way a man behaves when he thinks no one is watching tells you everything about a man.”

“I know who I am. I know what can happen. I know what lists my name is on. My name is proudly on the records of my church, and my name is proudly on the list of the NRA. My name is proudly at the top of the list of TheBlaze. Come what may, I and my family have made our choice and we will stand. May I suggest you do the same,” Glenn said.

  • Anonymous

    I know who I am Glenn I’m on the Same lists, and SEMPER FI even though you are not on that list.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I may not be on the second list, but my Grandfather was, so if I may this one time, SEMPER FI to you and all who serve and have served in his memory. He raised me, and I still value all he taught me…

      Duty to Nation, God, and Freedom first, foremost and always.

      • Anonymous

        teach us Beck  we want a sustainable life where people don’t hate us just because were from USA, terrorist want hurt us   WHy what did we do to them,
        lets start producing usa goods again so were dependant on regions that breed terrorist (saudi)

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I and my house serve the Lord, and I am here in this time and place to continue forward with the cause of Freedom. 

    Our nation was founded on God-given and granted rights and freedoms for all; and I will go into the night before she passes, as I will not comply, not conform, nor will I ever bow to any man.

    • Anonymous

      And WE are right there with your house, RIGHT WITH YA

    • Anonymous

      teach us beck,  teach us to grow our own natural clean food,  teach us to harnass energy,  teach us to filter clean water and live places theres enough water (sorry phoenix)  Teach us to put shelter over our families head using USA products.  Teach us a sustainable life so we don’t need the government.  Teach us to use a gun so we can defend our food and water against those that didn’t think abut it

      baah baaah

      • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

        Teach me to buy gold like a sucker

  • Anonymous

    Glenn needs the internal strength to restrain the sobbing he himself has forced upon on himself. Great show!

  • Anonymous

    Ronald Reagan repeated the phrase “government is not the solution, government is the problem’ so often that even people who new that it didn’t make any sense started to believe it. He was followed up by Grover Norquist who preached that ‘Government should be starved until it was the size of a small child and then drowned in a bathtub”.
    What has become overwhelmingly apparent over the last 30 years is that government can be a problem especially when the party of Ronald Reagan is in control. The solution may be to follow Grovers advice and starve Ronalds party (GOP) until it is the size of a small child or better yet the size of a fertilized egg and abort it. Forever!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is to Glenn and everyone of you out there that are here it is a pleasure to know that everyday whether we all get along or not (we know some are here to deceive) I know we all know what time it I wish we could all be together in person times have change still it makes my life better having my name on the list with you GOD Bless you sister&brothers

  • TWF

    Why do I get the feeling a storm is coming? This can’t continue. Something is about to break, and it’s going to be world-changing.

    Am I the only one who looks out and says “this can’t continue”?

    • Anonymous

      USA lifestyle unsustainable something big will happen,  if the powers at be BUSH/Obummer never bailed out banks to big fail, our economy collapse, World economy collapse and USA empire falls into chaos,  leaving the citezens nothing of there previous comfortable lifestyles.  Only the extreme rich will control the wealth living behind 15 ft fences with armed guards.  While the rest fight for leftovers and scraps.   Read about roman empire or greek, or even mespotamia they all had there day in the sun.  Over consumption at cost of cheap labor no environmental regulations have caused this false illusion of happiness and wealth.  Thanks child labor 

      baah  baah

  • Anonymous

    This suprises me Glenn (joinind the NRA) knowing how you do your research, I have followed you sence way back. The NRA has throwen us under the bus several times,you preach about those slippery slops and be alert. Well the NRA’s support of backgroud checks, wait for the slop, leads to national gun registry, which leeds to confiscatsion and now we are at the bottom of the hill. I support The National Association For Gun Rights (NAGR), please Gleen do your research.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is lying out of his super sized a**!!!
    He is standing up for the NRA because he is in their pocket!!!
    Bought and paid directly and indirectly through their advertising dollars!!!

    • greywolfrs

      What a joke, you have another screen name, vicki tiffany. Then you turn around and “like” your own comment? You are such a punk bitch.

    • Brian Johnson


      For years the NRA has fought against gun registration
      arguing that the records might someday be used by the government to confiscate
      all the guns. If I was in charge and wanted to get all the guns but didn’t have
      those records I’d just grab the membership list from the NRA and then have the
      names of all the dopey gun owners who were stupid enough to put their names on
      that list. Please, join the NRA!

      And if the shit hits the fan the only place Glenn will be
      standing is behind the high walls of his gated mansion surrounded by his
      private security force.

  • Anonymous


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