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Last night, Glenn had dinner with a number of the most active and passionate members of the NRA, and found himself facing the real trouble faced by the organization that is standing strong by for the Second Amendment.

“This is the moment for the NRA, this is the moment for the Second Amendment, and if you don’t know that, you’ve buried your head in the sand,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

During the dinner last night, Wayne LaPierre said, “Glenn, they don’t care about the American people at all. They don’t care what the American people say.”

LaPierre compared the current push for gun regulation to the way the administration rammed Obamacare down the throats of the American people.

“The NRA is the most powerful in the country, and I’m telling you ‑‑ and this is from me, not from them ‑‑ I’m telling you that the NRA is in trouble. The NRA, they play by the rules. Revolutionaries do not. And the NRA understands this. They get it. And that’s the only reason they have a chance of surviving,” Glenn said.

Glenn explained that there are times where he is afraid to tell his family just how dire things have gotten in this country, and there are few people who can empathize with that kind of feeling.

“There’s a handful of people, and that ‑‑ unfortunately that list will grow and it is why I have asked you to know what you believe because you’re going to need that internal strength. And to be able to sit down with Wayne last night, and him not say a word. And I just sat down with him and I said, ‘I know what you’re saying to your wife, and I know what you’re not saying to your wife.’ And to be able to see another man sit there and… to be able to look another man in the eye who is not a soldier, who is not a policeman, who just has an opinion and to look another man in the eye and to have the unspoken brotherhood of ‘Because it’s right, I will stand.'”

“I don’t join things. I join my church. That’s the only thing I think I’ve ever become a member of, and I knew when I watched Wayne for a while, and I think it was about six years ago I was stuck in an elevator with him and a group of people and it was one of those big huge cargo elevators that, you know, you could put a car in. And I was sitting way in the back of the elevator. And we were there for a while, and I listened to them. I listened to him and I listened to his team and they started talking behind the scenes. They started talking shop and they started talking about people and the parties and the system and the values. And they had forgotten really that I was sitting in the back of the elevator,” Glenn said.

“It had become, you know, in a way an old boys circle where, just friends and coworkers and they were talking. That’s the time that I knew… that I wanted to join them for life. Because the way a man behaves when he thinks no one is watching tells you everything about a man.”

“I know who I am. I know what can happen. I know what lists my name is on. My name is proudly on the records of my church, and my name is proudly on the list of the NRA. My name is proudly at the top of the list of TheBlaze. Come what may, I and my family have made our choice and we will stand. May I suggest you do the same,” Glenn said.