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If you’ve been following Glenn Beck and TheBlaze for the past year and a half you’ve heard Glenn talk about taking back the culture and promoting promoting artists whose work demonstrates the kind of character and values that inspire instead of tear down. Work that exemplifies the very best of our country’s wealth of creativity. For too long we’ve abdicated the arts to the uber left only to be quick to complain when our kids, our families, are bombarded with lyrics and imagery with messaging that’s at best embarrassing and at worst corrosive to everything we stand for. Here at TheBlaze, we believe it’s time to do more than just talk about the problems.

Today, Glenn announced a new partnership between TheBlaze and legendary film producer Gerald Molen and his fellow filmmakers Chet Thomas and Darrin Fletcher that he hopes is going to be a bold and exciting step in reclaiming America’s culture and enhancing the education provided to your children. Jerry Molen has produced several famous films in his career including Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, Minority Report, and one of the top grossing documentaries of all time, last year’s 2016: Obama’s America.

Jerry, Chet, and Darrin have developed a school and homeschool curriculum called “Sneak on the Lot” that is designed to teach filmmaking to young would be directors and producers. It offers guidance and instruction from some of the greatest talents in the film industry and even more importantly encourages kids to make movies with meaning, strong moral character and strong family values. The program is currently being taught in about 250 schools around the country.

Glenn said he hops this curriculum included in the art programs of every school or home classroom in the country.

Beginning very soon Liberty Treehouse will begin showcasing the work of aspiring young filmmakers who are learning the craft with the “Sneak on the Lot” curriculum. Liberty Treehouse will also provide TheBlaze audience with a behind the scenes looks at the movie and entertainment industry through the eyes of professionals who are working hard to make movies we can be proud to take our families to see.

The goal of this partnership is to find the next Jerry Molen, the next Steven Spielberg, and encourage the making of quality films that represent the true creative spirit of America. We are taking back our culture through quality arts based education.