Houston airport shooter left a suicide note, posted “cryptic” messages on Facebook

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The timing seems incredible – the NRA convention is in Houston and all of a sudden a crazy man comes running into the Houston airport with an AR-15 and shoots it into the air. The shooter ended up putting the gun down, pulling out another and committing suicide. Glenn went over the details on this story and gave some of his own analysis on radio.

According to KHOU-TV, 29-year-old Carnell Moore of Beaumont,TX posted two “cryptic messages” on Facebook:

Moore posted two cryptic messages on his Facebook wall Wednesday: “This Life Will Crash Tomorrow!” and “I recently had the chance of staring death in the face, and she was beautiful.”

Glenn said that he didn’t think there was anything “cryptic” about those comments and that it should have set off alarm bells among some of his friends. He also thought the timing of the incident happening during the NRA was almost too incredible to believe.

“I’m sorry, but I find it a little hard to believe that somehow you or another the NRA convention was happening here and somebody would come into town you from out of town, grab a hotel room and then decide to kill themselves in the airport after firing an an AR‑15,” he said. “What are the odds on that one?  Somebody call Vegas.”

“Amazing coincidence at least,” Pat said.

One detail that Glenn felt didn’t quite add up was the fact that he wanted to commit suicide by cop, but ended up killing himself before the police did.

“I said immediately, I said, this sounds like a guy who wanted to die, shot them up in the air because he could do death by cop.  But what didn’t work on that piece of the scenario is why did he shoot himself.  If you’re too much of a coward to do it, you go to the airport and you shoot up in the air and you have a gun and you’re wielding it and you’ve already demonstrated that you’ll shoot, and you’ll be shot.  Now, why would you then shoot yourself?  That’s the only thing, you’re saying in your suicide note, I’m going to have the cops help me with that.  Well, you didn’t.  You could have done that in your hotel room,” Glenn said.

And while Glenn did say that he felt it would be a huge coincidence that this would happen in the same town at the same time as the NRA, it’s equally possible that Moore was just crazy.

Glenn emphasized that there were still lots of unanswered questions and that he was simply speculating and looking for answers, and that the journalists at TheBlaze.com will remain focused on reporting the facts of the case as they come in.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Right now, concerning the shooter at Houston International, there are too many still unanswered questions for more than speculation.

    The thing is, in another context, that the Democratic Socialists and anti-firearms nut cases and fanatics will use this as one more example of ‘how violent and out of control the nation is with those who want firearms in their possession.’

    They will run with this to the fullest if they think it will further their agenda – no compassion or remorse, just cold-hearted, soul-numbed, politics on the part of the left.

    Hopefully this post will appear.

    • Brian Johnson

       Sounds like maybe he was hanging around tea party people

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        So the Tea Party is to blame for everything connected to a firearm being used in any means or way? 

        Typical communist drivel.

        • 2War Abn Vet

          Next they’ll tell us that George Bush pulled the trigger.

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

        Oh look the liberals are doing it again. 

        • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

          Is that any real surprise? I have to wonder if there is a factory some place where liberals are cloned by the millions?

          Edit added – to the liberals and communists who read this, the last question is called SARCASM, something that liberals never seem to understand.

          • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

            My theory is the share one brain cell between each other. 

          • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            So kind of a ‘hive-mind’ like insects have?

      • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

        You wish lefty.  He’s going to turn out to be a product of your liberal indoctrination.  

        • Anonymous

          Or another false flag that Jarrett has devised for payback!

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

            Obviously a moron who had had his head filled with liberal mush and is badly in need of a brain enema.

      • notalib

         I hope you didn’t use up all of your brain cells posting that childish remark.

      • Anonymous

        Brian clear the crap out of your eyes & mouth,

         you’ve had your head up your butt again….

      • Anonymous

        Don’t tell me??   You are really Jay Carney shilling for the LEFT.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

        Sounds like you flushed your brains down the toilet; I bet you voted for Obama too.

    • Anonymous

      Both did!

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I tried what you suggested, and so far the system keeps forcing me to repost about every other time before they show up. I have even checked today on different computers with different Internet providers and browsers: same results.

        Honestly I have no idea what is going on.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry this is happening to you. It seems I encountered this problem before, but cannot remember exactly what I did to correct it. Have you noticed Sandie with the Mermaid and shark avatar? She’s a computer whiz. She also has friends who post here as well that are. Try asking her. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more. When it comes to computers, I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to solve a critical problem.

          • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            I have done as she suggested on a different thread, most likely this is a glitch in someones system, a ‘ghost in the machine’ that is producing compatability problems.

            Greta Wire had that happen a few months back.

          • Anonymous

            Hope you aren’t a target of spooks. For that matter, I hope we all aren’t. There have been rumors that ‘they’ are everywhere!

          • Sandie

            Washington is full of them!

          • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

            I heard that they can get conversations from your cell phones long after they have ended on the news yesterday. This means that all communications are being archived by the Government. Now that’s scary.

          • Sandie

            The government (NSA) is building a giant data center in Utah. They won’t say what it is going to store, only that it has to do security.

            “NSA data center front and center in debate over liberty, security and privacy”



          • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

            From what I heard, all digital communications are monitored for certain words and catch phrases. They keep it all in a Government Data Base.

          • Anonymous

            Yes it is. By why would they want to collect all those calls of “when will you be home for dinner?” and “working late; don’t wait up.”

          • Sandie

            Those are filtered out probably. Remember when the news of the “cloud” came out? It was a collection of maybe 100 words that were supposed to trigger a follow of you because they might indicate a possible connection to terrorists – words like Middle East, Al Queda, Muslim, Islam, bomb, fertizer, government, usa, angry, taxes, ketchup, pancakes ….

          • Anonymous

            …White males, old ladies, kids in diapers, Christians, conservatives, Tea Party…. lol

          • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

            They do, it might be code like “I’ll be home at 6 PM” might mean, “the world will end at 6 PM” to the Feds.

            LMAO They sucked at preventing Boston. That’s because the Obama administration has declared the war on terror to be over! Now they are tracking Christians and Veterans because they want to put Christmas trees in the town square and Vets don’t want their services cut . Can’t have that!

          • Anonymous

            And they think they’re so smart. Ha!
            Declaring the war on terror over is just Barry Hussein’s way of eliminating the possibility that he and his motives will be uncovered. Shifting the ‘collective’ agencies’ focus off terrorists as they were initially profiled, allows them more freedom to continue their jihad. I think the reason that Barry Hussein took such personal pleasure and credit for the killing of OBL is because he eliminated HIS competition as the Chief Terrorist. Think about all the attacks that have occurred on Barry’s watch, especially since OBL’s capture/ kill. Think also of all the terrorists who rose out of the quicksand to take his place. Most have been killed by drone attacks! Who is the champion drone attacks king? Barry Hussein. Like a mafia Don who eliminates his competition through gangland wars, so too has Barry Hussein taken the reins of terrorism and steered terrorist attacks to the US. Its a propaganda ploy by the cult of personality Barry Hussein. As long as he denies that terrorists are coming to America, as long as he redefines who and what terrorism is, he maintains a control of the collective soul of the US and sells it to the devil, the Muslim Allah, doing his part to contribute to the world caliphate.

        • mspatdev

          I have had the same problem. I have been thinking that the Far-Left doesn’t want us to post so they have sent us a virus to keep us from posting anything against them and their leader. Some of my post don’t even get posted on other sites. That is alright, because I will find a way to post and make my comments. People need to see what is going on with our beloved Country. If they don’t like it, then move to another country or buy you an Island and have all the communistism and socialism, jihard and everything else on it. Leave America alone.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    It could be or not. I say let’s not act like the left and wait and see who this mad man is. I know one thing if this is a left winger the mass media will not report it.

  • landofaahs

    Was this guy a registered democrat?  Just askin’. 

    • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

      I bet he was but I am going to reserve my judgment until I hear more.

  • Anonymous

    Some sick individual comes to an airport and kills himself. The only think people can think to “talk” about is if he is from the left or right and what it would mean to each respective group. Sad commentary on humanity. Let’s just be thankful if his intent was suicide, albeit by his own hand or suicide by cop, he didn’t take any  innocent victims with him.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for stating what so many failed to see, Irish!

      Good to see you again…it’s been too long!

      • Anonymous

         Thank you !

    • mspatdev

      This is not a gun issue right. This is someone that was sick and Obammy can’t understand that. This guy sounded like he wanted to make a name for himself and at the last minute decided to take his own life. At least their wasn’t others that died or the police to blame. This guy done everything on his own and was high on drugs or was sick.

  • crazy betty

    How convenient.  MK Ultra.

  • John Stanley

    Once again, just as in the “active shooter” scenario at the shopping mall in Oregon, when met with armed resistance, the deranged shooter turned the gun on himself, and ended things. The only way to reduce the danger of these kinds of incidents, since people will continue to stage these things, whether with firearms, or, as recently happened in China, wielding knives, is for someone who is ALSO armed to be ready to deal with the threat, not by bogging down innocent people with more gratuitous, and wholly ineffective regulations.  “Good guys,” or Women, like like Jeanne Assam, at the church in Colorado Springs in December of 2007, or Sgt. Lisa Castellano, a deputy with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in a San Antonio-area theater, in December of 2112),  have stopped active shooters, with decisive action, showing how it’s done. I hate to hear about this sort of scary stuff going on, but an armed response by brave, capable people is the only REAL way to handle it, so let’s not disarm the brave, capable people, just because there are deranged individuals out there. Should YOU relinquish your boots, because there have been bad guys who stomped their victims, while wearing BOOTS? The only thing more absurd than caving to Liberals’ arguments on this is being hindered from being able to take timely, necessary action, when seconds count, and backup is only minutes-away. Is anybody else getting really tired of having to explain the obvious to people who seem immune to the being able to take-in what happens, in the real world? Maybe there could be a new program, some sort of remedial class, in which the facts are reviewed, and not just the same, lame talking points. If it just meant educating ONE liberal…..

    • Anonymous

      Good points, but fat chance educating a liberal! Once they get an idea into their heads, they aren’t going to back down or change their minds. Remember, liberals are what is wrong with education!

      • Anonymous

         I won’t disagree with your statement about liberals and education..cuz’ I can’t. But do you not agree that the statement” Once they get an idea
        into their heads, they aren’t going to back down or change their minds” can be applied to both sides of the aisle ? Neither are entirely right or wrong in my mind. Abortion..absolutely not. Should every citizen in this country (  obviously I am referring to legal citizens, another issue I concur with those on the right) have the ability to own any gun they want without some type of checks and balances ? Again, I would have to say absolutely not . But…that’s just me !

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

          Dear; You REALLY do need to wake up and smell the roses about liberals The LEFT ARE entirely wrong, have been for many years going all the way back to Wilson.

          • Anonymous

             You almost prove my point for me. No one is always right or always wrong about everything. Such a myopic view of things leaves no room for growth….Dear….

        • Anonymous

          I think that “once…” statement applies equally to the stubborn nature of most people regardless of their politics. But it’s true that the media will side with and present “their side” of an issue, which means the liberal, progressive side. The media bias is well-documented. As for guns, Irish, there are already checks and balances in place. What the dem-socialists want is CONTROL, absolute and without mitigation. They neglect to mention the gun laws already on the books, state by state. Obama wants federal laws that supersede state laws, which vary from state to state. Indeed, abortion is another issue. I don’t want the government in my bedroom and I certainly don’t want them coming between me and my doctor, or any female and their doctor regarding the best interests of a woman’s health. I certainly don’t think that abortion should be legislated as a method of birth control. (See the Gosnell trial in Philly, where abortion became not only birth control, but murder.) But that’s just me…too!

          • Anonymous

             And I appreciate your well thought out response. I agree with some, but not all. And that’s ok..this is America !  I don’t want any control over your or anyone’s guns. I don’t know what Obama wants. The way I look at it is this..because I believe that there should be some sensible gun laws doesn’t mean I am anti gun..just like if I think we should have sensible traffic laws, doesn’t mean I’m anti cars..
            What I appreciate most is civil discourse..where we may aree to disagree.but also ( at least for me.) gives me the opportunity to consider an opposing view and possibly re-consider my opinion.,,or not !

          • Anonymous

            Isn’t that supposed to be what ‘this’ is all about? Civil discourse and honest debate? I think the “my way or the highway” only works in parenting. It’s nice to exchange ideas and state opinions, acknowledging that we can change our minds, or not. I find it a learning experience. I firmly believe that once you stop learning, you’re dead.

            Sure is nice “seeing” you again. Here’s to more chance meetings! ;D

  • Anonymous

     m  Of coure he ws crazy , sane people don’t behave like that .

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.kountz.3 Jerry Kountz

    Watching to much liberal TV….I think they are brain washing somehow! I would bet he is an obama bot. There has to be a way to wake these people? A lot of them are my friends and Family. obama is using some kind of brain washing, that has to be the answer! ABC, NBC, CBS and many others belong to obama’s thugs and I put NOTHING past them! I wonder if there is a secret word to snap them out of their trance.  OH, and just so you know, no poor grammar here, obama does not deserve to be capitalized!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Thompson/1701622313 Mark Thompson

    Look into my eye’s….your feeling sleepy…..very sleepy.  When you hear the words….you will go to Houston, get a motel room, go to the airport, take out your rifle, shoot into the air…this will draw the police…when they respond, shoot yourself in the head with your pistol.  Manchurian useful idiot ……. or brainwashed, hypnotized tool…..  Don’t think that this is not possible, just add drugs……..Jared L.  Adam L.  don’t dismiss this as crazy…….it’s well within the bounds of mind control today.  If in doubt, ask the cia….or the kgb…..

  • Anonymous

     Anyone ever notice how those liberals that demand gun control because of
    the random deaths of children are the same ones that demand the
    sanctioned murder of millions of unborn babies through abortion?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Thompson/1701622313 Mark Thompson

      I did

  • Anonymous

    Another dead person only one more sad human crazy human vial human .
    To the family be Blessed i’m sure it’s horrible glad you don’t have anymore weight on your shoulders GOD be with you.

  • Warren Huff

    You are right Glenn this guy was placed there to carry out an agenda by people in high places and you know it! Im sure illbomby new about this before it happened just like holder and others like janet nipolwhatever!

  • http://twitter.com/nutts2020 nutt

    The fact that somebody could just walk into an airport armed with an AR-15 and a handgun should be worrying. Luckily, it was a suicidal coward, so it’s becoming a left-right shit-flinging exercise.  I’ve said before, the US makes a Mumbai-style attack so very easy that the only surprise is that it’s yet to happen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

    I am personally of the opinion that these “random” shootings are not so random.  I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Steven W

    Usually the NRA has a Big “Guns Don’t Kill People” convention right after a big Mass shooting but this time a Gun Waco displays his gun craziness right before a convention. The NRA as turned Right Wing Political and moved far away from gun safety and the protection of the 2nd amendment.  If you look at the convection speakers you would swear it was the looniest branch of a Republican party.  The speakers spent more time attacking Obama and Democrats then talking about guns or how they would handle the problems of mass shootings in America. They have lost their identity! 

    • Guest

       Try again when you know what you are talking about.
      They have talked about the issue of addressing mass shootings (handling mental health issues, violent culture promoted in Hollywood, etc) . Dems don’t want to know about it. They can’t face the hard issues that are the real cause.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.enbar Sam Enbar
  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.enbar Sam Enbar
  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i have no doubt that there are those on the left and in the islamic community who work together to get this sort of thing happening.  it’s not a stretch.  we have ffpiven saying why aren’t they out-in-the-street angry?  they want mayhem and i believe they do this just like a bully in the third grade would taunt another student.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.enbar Sam Enbar
  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.enbar Sam Enbar
  • http://www.facebook.com/barry.udoff Barry Udoff

    Glenn, If you’ve been to Vegas, you know that the chances of a roulette wheel coming up 00 twice in a row are as good as not. This is coincidence. To imply an airport where NRA attendees arrive and the occurrence of a suicide is suspecious is just not true. 

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/sVrq6IQzovnHLOIIUYx610Wm5QvlXhxG5Q--#a7ee2 Lewis Lee

    Wondering if he was exposed to bath salts?

  • http://www.comcast.net Anne Gelinas

    You know it is getting laughable to see Americans taking their lives using guns!
    This guy could have jumped the bridge and drowned, he could have eaten lye,
    he could have just stayed home and poisoned himself, he could have shot himself
    in the head, slashed his wrists and bled out, but no he chose to make a movie instead.
    So rather than die alone he chose to die in front of a crowd all with cameras and
    smart phones to post on YouTube and Facebook. how do you stop young people from
    thinking they are not heroes unless they flaunt themselves in everyway possible just
    to be seen? Hollywood glamour is the only way lonely people can survive by using all the props in the movie lines to take themselves out. Thank God he only took himself out.

  • Anonymous


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