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The timing seems incredible – the NRA convention is in Houston and all of a sudden a crazy man comes running into the Houston airport with an AR-15 and shoots it into the air. The shooter ended up putting the gun down, pulling out another and committing suicide. Glenn went over the details on this story and gave some of his own analysis on radio.

According to KHOU-TV, 29-year-old Carnell Moore of Beaumont,TX posted two “cryptic messages” on Facebook:

Moore posted two cryptic messages on his Facebook wall Wednesday: “This Life Will Crash Tomorrow!” and “I recently had the chance of staring death in the face, and she was beautiful.”

Glenn said that he didn’t think there was anything “cryptic” about those comments and that it should have set off alarm bells among some of his friends. He also thought the timing of the incident happening during the NRA was almost too incredible to believe.

“I’m sorry, but I find it a little hard to believe that somehow you or another the NRA convention was happening here and somebody would come into town you from out of town, grab a hotel room and then decide to kill themselves in the airport after firing an an AR‑15,” he said. “What are the odds on that one?  Somebody call Vegas.”

“Amazing coincidence at least,” Pat said.

One detail that Glenn felt didn’t quite add up was the fact that he wanted to commit suicide by cop, but ended up killing himself before the police did.

“I said immediately, I said, this sounds like a guy who wanted to die, shot them up in the air because he could do death by cop.  But what didn’t work on that piece of the scenario is why did he shoot himself.  If you’re too much of a coward to do it, you go to the airport and you shoot up in the air and you have a gun and you’re wielding it and you’ve already demonstrated that you’ll shoot, and you’ll be shot.  Now, why would you then shoot yourself?  That’s the only thing, you’re saying in your suicide note, I’m going to have the cops help me with that.  Well, you didn’t.  You could have done that in your hotel room,” Glenn said.

And while Glenn did say that he felt it would be a huge coincidence that this would happen in the same town at the same time as the NRA, it’s equally possible that Moore was just crazy.

Glenn emphasized that there were still lots of unanswered questions and that he was simply speculating and looking for answers, and that the journalists at will remain focused on reporting the facts of the case as they come in.