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Glenn took a call during this morning’s radio program from someone the left likes to pretend doesn’t exist: an African American who is opposed to the policies of Barack Obama and bigger government.

Russ, from Connecticut, is in his mid-40’s and grew up in a time when a lot of people living in his community were dependent on the government to get by.

“In my community you have a lot of people on welfare, a lot of people were dependent on the government.  And at some point people were skeptical, but over time you have more people who were dependent on the government,” Russ explained to Glenn.

Russ believes that dependency lead most of those individuals to trusting the government — thinking it was “their friend”.

“I think that’s what Barack Obama is trying to do now,” he said. “Basically get more people trusting the government who are dependent on him saying, ‘look, we’re your friend. We’re here for you.’ Look at what it’s don’t to the black community?”

He went on to point out that 90% vote Democrat.

“When he first came out, during his first election, he said something critical about black men. He said they need to take care of their kids.”

After Barack Obama made that statement, Russ noted that he was attack by Jesse Jackson on cable news.

“You step out of line and start talking about personal responsibility and they [the far left] snap you back,” Russ added.

The same figures snapping at anyone preaching personal responsibility are the same ones complaining about how bad government is. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, even Reverend Wright — they all like to point a finger at big government…until that government check comes through, Russ noted.

“Once they write that check, they’re good,” he said.

Russ’s main point was this: 90% of the black community is voting for Democrats, but they haven’t delivered anything but food stamps, government housing, and welfare for as long as her could remember. Combine that with a horrible public education system teaching kids to look to the government when you need help.

People who do know the truth need to start speaking up, Glenn noted. He told Russ that he no longer cares what the media says about him — it’s time people are no longer afraid of what is going to be said about them if they’re on the side of the truth.

Deion Sanders experienced the media backlash of standing with a conservative . Sanders, who didn’t do or say anything politically charged, simply tweeted out a picture with Glenn when he saw him in the Dallas studios one day last week. Since then, he has been on the receiving end of an enormous amount of backlash from the left on twitter.

They’ve tried to make him into a horrible person because he was standing next to “racist” Glenn Beck. The comments that have been made about him and tweeted to him on Twitter have been nasty. Twitchy highlights a few of the attacks HERE.

It seems that the “diversity” the left is always promoting does not apply outside of their particular narratives.

“People have to realize that our freedom is at stake and that we are going to lose money, we are going to — we’re going to be broke in the end and we’re going to — we’re not going to have a reputation in the end,” Glenn said. “But that happens, whether you stand or not.  I would rather be free with nothing than beholden to somebody.”