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It’s probably not a good thing when people are dancing in the streets around a golden calf. It really didn’t work out too well last time when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments and found that people had turned their back on God.

“How do you take this, Pat? How do you take this?” Glenn asked.

“I take it as not a positive. You know, that people are dancing around a golden calf. Much the same way that the people did when Moses went up on the ‑‑ on Mt. Sinai to retrieve the Ten Commandments and then he came down and they had fashioned a golden calf.”

But hey, they’re just mocking Wall Street, right? There’s no religious undertones at all.

“The golden calf, weren’t they clearly mocking Wall Street, though? Weren’t they saying that it was Wall Street that was ‑‑ that’s Wall Street dancing around the golden calf. We’re just mocking Wall Street,” Glenn said to Pat.

“I’ve never seen Wall Street guys dressed up as belly dancers but, you know, maybe, maybe I missed the symbolism there,” Pat said.