Sign of the times? Occupy Wall Street dances around golden calf during May Day celebration

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It’s probably not a good thing when people are dancing in the streets around a golden calf. It really didn’t work out too well last time when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments and found that people had turned their back on God.

“How do you take this, Pat? How do you take this?” Glenn asked.

“I take it as not a positive. You know, that people are dancing around a golden calf. Much the same way that the people did when Moses went up on the ‑‑ on Mt. Sinai to retrieve the Ten Commandments and then he came down and they had fashioned a golden calf.”

But hey, they’re just mocking Wall Street, right? There’s no religious undertones at all.

“The golden calf, weren’t they clearly mocking Wall Street, though? Weren’t they saying that it was Wall Street that was ‑‑ that’s Wall Street dancing around the golden calf. We’re just mocking Wall Street,” Glenn said to Pat.

“I’ve never seen Wall Street guys dressed up as belly dancers but, you know, maybe, maybe I missed the symbolism there,” Pat said.


  • Staceycarverd

    Keep dancing idiots….. You’ll be wishing Wall St. had done better when you’re parents pass on and your inheritance is worth nothing.
    Soon, the bottom will be falling out, thanks to your idol, barry, and you’ll be happy for the minimum wage fast food job you have in the local mall food court.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So how long until Obama gets it in his head to imitate the golden calf and have a massive golden statue-idol presented to the nation?

    After all, to the Democrat Socialists he is their messiah, god-king and papal-incarnation of all that is Communist idealism manifest in the flesh — including its complete insanity.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We see here where the Occupy members have given their allegiance: to the government and to the system of Communism.

    They are denying the very existence of God and His dominion over the world and cosmos, and in this mockery may soon face His wrath. May God have mercy on their souls, for they have made their choices manifest for the world to see. 

  • Sam Fisher

    This country replaced God and morality with government and free stuff. There is a crash coming to this country of the likes no one has ever seen. When a government gets too big and hurts the people God will take it down and free the people. God warned us what big government will do and it is a beast that will try to dethrone God and take over his job but government was never meant to have this power because government is supposed to be under God not the other way around. It does not matter if the danced around a golden calf or a golden statue of Obama it is clear you they really serve when they made an idol out of government and worship it. Socialism is not my religion, government is not my church and Obama is not my God.

    • Elena

       Sam — God usually punishes w/enslavement before freedom comes.  Freedom comes with repentance, not before.

      Habukkuk reminds us of just that principle.

    • Richard Vacman

      Which god are you referring too?  God warned you?  How did he warn you?  Did he tell you about the war on weather?

      • Sam Fisher

        Thanks for proving my point idiot.

  • Anonymous

    “Thinking themselves wise, they became fools”.

  • Carl Johnson

    anyone else think these people are ugly?

    • David Johnson

       Think this is the first time I’ve seen obese belly dancers. Hopefully it’s also the last time!

      • Anonymous

         If Michael Moore had sisters….just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    “The golden calf, weren’t they clearly mocking Wall Street, though?”

    No, Glenn, I think that first and foremost, they were mocking and ridiculing God.  If they had really wanted to mock Wall Street, they could have made a golden dollar sign, a model of a bank or the stock market, or something like that; instead, they chose to imitate the golden calf, a symbol of blasphemy against God.  That they threw in a few jabs at Wall Street was just the icing on their cake.

  • Jim Bromley

    A few of these “Belly dancers” have sure had their share of capitalistic double cheezeburgers.

    • Anonymous

      Cows dancing around a Golden Cow. These must be the husky rug munchers the Government has been looking for….

      • WTF was that

        Govt quite looking for rug munchers when they found Napolitano

    • Chad Portenga

       I just wish I could “un-see” some of them.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t they find better dancers that all those heifers that are prancing around with their poochy stomaches and big butts? They look stupid and give large women a bad rep. The guy in the black suit is stiff like that idol! Idiots!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    AS a VERY special man once said
    It is way passed evil’s starting block        WE got to get moving friend’s

  • mdkrause

    Just stupid un-employed idiots that think they are making some huge statment.  Instead they look like they are worshiping some golden cafe.  Imagine one day these people will breed even bigger idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Besides this clip being an insult to dancing in general and choreographers everywhere, it is very insulting to people who believe in God.  But…in this country people are allowed to express themselves in whatever fashion they deem fit, within reason.  I just don’t see how people can abide by this ugly song and dance, yet complain about seeing a nativity scene when they drive by a church.  As a Christian, I will sigh and move on in disgust, knowing where this nation is headed.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Father, Give them a sign!

  • Anonymous

    I wished someone would have warned me a little better. It’s dinner time and I’m not so hungry anymore!

    Do the words “juvenile” & “adolescent” ring true to anyone witnessing this debacle?

  • Pamela Peltonen


  • Walter Ignatius Baltzley

     “The golden calf…”  No, watch the video…that is not a CALF they are
    parading around…it is a replica of the great bronze BULL that sits
    outside the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.  Anyone familiar
    with that area would get the reference.

    And no, they are not
    “worshiping” the image…they are MOCK worshiping it (hence the ugly dancers, and horrible music), much like the
    Roman Soldiers mocked Jesus when they dressed him in purple robe, pressed
    the crown of thorns on his head, and cried out “ALL HAIL the King of the Jews!”.

    To Glenn and his listeners…you are making “mountains out of mole-hills”…I say to you what Christ said of the Roman Soldiers…FORGIVE them, they know not what they do.

    • Tom Cooper

      This is extreme satire.  That is the the “Golden Bull of Wall Street”  and they are drawing a parallel the the lesson of the Golden Calf.  Agreed.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s funny. They clearly aren’t worshiping a golden calf because liberals don’t believe in a God of any kind.

  • Cormac Shea

    Apparently I’m the only one who noticed that “99%” looks like 666 upside down….

  • Anonymous

    good grief these morons have no idea the WRATH they are asking to beat down upon them…  how stinkin sickening…   GOD is MOST IMPORTANT – HELLO PEOPLE – WAKE UP!!!  Doesn’t matter left, right, middle Christian, non believer WHAT EVER – GOD IS MOST IMPORTANT IN THIS LIFE…

  • Anonymous

    Drug addicts have no sense of who they are and put on dislays of ignorance in the public, it has become common in cities like Portland, Oregon where drug use has killed the brains of the 1% of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

    • Sandie

       Are you sure it’s only 1% ?

  • Chris Chambers

    Spitting in God’s face has never been a good idea.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn. The Golden Calf was used because it was a very powerful god that YHWH didn’t fight and conquer in Egypt. The Calf was a sex god of sexual play. Hence, the orgy that Moses saw when he came down from the mountain.

    As you can imagine, sex god’s were very popular at the time since you went to worship and had sex there. And, not with your own wife either…

     It was easy for those “churches” to raise money…

    For OWS to do this is as you said, a slap in the face of God and probably will illicit a response of some kind. You might want to keep your distance from them.

  • Anonymous

     Someone should tell Glenn’s sister to put some clothes on!!!

  • Omegaomni

    I find it funny that you bring up the golden calf glenn. Because that is what exactly most christians worship: Gold/ Money. Long ago you replaced a religion that revered the poor, and then made wealth a sign from god. 

    I wonder how you nut jobs  get through the eye of the needle.

  • Jo Beau

    Oh no they didn’t!  May YHWH have mercy on their souls.  

  • Sharmane

    The woman in the photo/video with her big belly hanging out…..yep, that’s a group I want to join!  They look like a bunch of lunatics and bring zero logic or value to the table of ideas.

  • Anonymous

    I just checked philly’s abc action news before I came on your site.  Looking for information about Gosnell.  There was not a thing on their home page so  I searched Gosnell.  Only news from 5/6 that the jury was still deliberating.  How pathetic, like this trial never even happened.

  • Steven Dahl

    Occupy is the only group willing to put it all on the line to expose our system for what it is and the golden calf is it.  Seems like Glenn MIGHT be starting to see who the enemy is…he should be angry that his photo was shopped to be Jared Loughner.   Speak truth to power.

  • Sandie

    There’s been a break at the asylum.

  • Anonymous

    You people can’t even understand a satire when you see one? Amazing.

    • Guest

      I know what the problem is with the concept. But, rather than you just sporting this loose claim about it – that it is satire, I would like to hear why or what you think about it.

      • Anonymous

        loose claim? What in the world are you talking about? Are you seriously considering these Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are actually adoring a golden calf because they somehow came to place as their idol the exact same object of adoration (GOLD) as the people they oppose? Loose claim… sure. If someone here is obsessed with gold is Glenn Beck, and you know it.

        • Guest

          I didn’t think you understood it. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

          • Anonymous

            Listen. You want clear answers? Ask clear questions.

          • Guest

            I asked you to explain what your take on it was. Is that unclear?

          • Anonymous

            I gave you my take. In short: it is obviously sarcasm. Is that unclear to you?

  • Anonymous

    ok lord let a big nasty storm hit that area.

  • xuanshi483

  • Anonymous

    Have those who think this is about idolatry lost their thinking caps? 

    geez, glen. You just gave new meaning to “grasping for straws.” 

  • Anonymous

    Such projection from Beck who, like his religious mentor Joesph Smith,  is a con man. Normal people realize that Occupy is showing America’s hypocrisy as a nation that “Trusts in God’ and one that worships, adores and rolls over for the Bull of Wall Street.

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