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This Wednesday at 8pm ET, TheBlaze will debut a new episode of For The Record, the investigative news show that aims to tell the stories the mainstream media has ignored. This week, For The Record exposes what life is like as a Christian in Egypt. The show takes an exclusive look inside Egypt and exposes the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrifying campaign to persecute and destroy an entire faith.

“The first half of the show deals with a story the mainstream media has largely ignored. In fact, I don’t even think I could say largely ignored. Has ignored, and that is the genocide of Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. That is happening,” Glenn said.

“You know, if you follow the scriptures at all on Biblical times, you know about the persecution of Christians. Those same things are happening again in ways that you cannot even imagine. Children are being kidnapped from their Christian parents, the children are being raped and then thrown out into the streets, families are split apart, parents are murdered, children being forced to accept Sharia law and extreme Islamic beliefs. It is horrendous what is going on.”

“Our trip to Egypt a few weeks ago went under the radar. In fact, very few people on my staff even knew that we were sending people to Egypt, and we did that to keep our people safe. And they did undercover investigation. They did interviews with people who I ‑‑ I mean, you’ll watch this, and if you really know what’s happening, you’re watching dead people talk. You are really, truly ‑‑ these interviews you will see on Wednesday and you will see dead people. Because they had the bravery to say it out loud and then stay behind.”

“You’re also going to see a group of growing Egyptians here in America that have come here because their family is in danger. Don’t miss it. It’s Wednesday night at 8:00, only on TheBlaze. For the Record.”

Watch the trailer below: