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On radio this morning, Glenn shared some exclusive information TheBlaze has learned ahead of the House Oversight Committee’s latest Benghazi hearing on Wednesday.

“We have exclusive breaking news from TheBlaze,” Glenn said. “We were the first media outlet and we don’t care, honestly, about being first. We care about being accurate.”

When it comes to Benghazi, TheBlaze has been out in front of this story, while so many news outlets failed to cover even the most basic facts.

“I will tell you that on the Benghazi thing, I came out three days into it, four days, and I said, ‘This is what I believe is happening,’” Glenn said. “And I laid the story out, and so far, everything but the gunrunning is panning out. And I was told by a source last night that the gunrunning thing is a foregone conclusion, everyone in Washington, they all know it was gunrunning to Syrian rebels, which are now headed by the Muslim Brotherhood guy from Dallas, Texas. The circle is complete.”

“Our sources tell us that one the issues that will be cleared up tomorrow is whether or not Department of Defense was ordered to ‘stand-down’ and by whom,” Glenn explained. “This is important because a number of media outlets have reported that a Special Forces team was an hour away when the attack occurred, and could’ve been on the scene before the second attack on the compound took place. TheBlaze has been told by two sources that there was a ‘stand down order’ given to that Special Forces team.”

Glenn then pieced together the information that TheBlaze has uncovered thus far:

If you recall, we were told that three private contractors who were killed along with Ambassador Stevens were just down the road from the compound in an annex. They heard shots and explosions, and ran down to help the Ambassador and staff. Those men were killed in the firefight.

But we are now hearing from sources that two of the three contractors actually had commandeered a plane in Tripoli when they heard about the attack, and flew to Benghazi. We are also hearing that there was a security detail of approximately 15 men inside the compound at the time of the attack, and they were ordered to stand down and evacuate. It is unclear, at this point, if they were told to leave the ambassador behind. And it is not clear if they were military personnel or State Department Security.

We understand this group had to fight their way out of the compound and make their way to the CIA Annex down the road where they waited for more than 20 hours to be transported out of the area. There is more to this story. A number of them were injured, and they were told that they were to be taken directly to Walter Reed Hospital, and ordered not to speak publicly about the ordeal. To date, their identities have not been revealed.

If the media had done its job eight months ago when the attack first occurred, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. “You are not going to be able to wait six months before you get the truth,” Glenn said. “And gee… [the media] could have easily done this story, and it would have changed the course of the election. But instead, we now have to go through the scandal for the next three years.”

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