MSM embarrasses themselves by taking Media Matters talking points as fact #FAIL

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Well, the mainstream media is at it again. Rather than focus on the important stories of the day, they MSM has once again decided to try and troll for web traffic by putting “Glenn Beck” and “Hitler” in their headlines. It must work pretty well for them considering the great lengths they’ll go to try and make Glenn out to look like he’s trivializing The Holocaust, the greatest tragedy in modern history, when almost no other public figure has dedicated more resources to standing with the Jewish people. What’s the latest attack? Many outlets are claiming that during his speech at the NRA, Glenn compared Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Adolph Hitler. True? Nope.

“I would like to call for an apology now by the mainstream media, particularly ABC News, for smearing my name and saying that I am making Bloomberg look like a Nazi,” Glenn said on radio.

ABC News reported:

Glenn Beck roused the National Rifle Association’s annual convention this weekend with his attacks on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but he also aroused criticism by a major Jewish group for depicting the mayor giving what appears to be a a Nazi salute.

“I hate to do this to you, ABC News, but what you stop taking your stories directly from Media Matters, you might begin to have a little bit of credibility,” Glenn said.

A little research would have shown the Bloomberg image was inspired by an image of Lenin:

“I’m sorry this looks to you like Adolph Hitler, but this was actually the exact image ripped off Soviet propaganda art – who also killed a lot of people, yes. But you guys never seem to have a problem with Lenin. You never seem to have a problem with Mao. You never seem to have a problem with Stalin. Isn’t that weird?” Glenn said.

And did anyone call to actually see if Glenn used Nazi imagery in his NRA speech? Nope.

“You guys should learn history before you start pontificating,” Glenn said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The main reason that the leftist Democrat Socialist Media is up in arms is the usage of Lenin, one of their ideological icons, being used to represent Mayor Bloomberg. 

    To the left, that is the highest order of sacrilege anyone could commit. The only thing worse is when anyone dares to stand up to the madness of Obama and the Democrat Socialists in any shape, form or reason.

    Remember, to the left, symbolism is everything. 

    • Anonymous

      Remember, to the left, symbolism is everything.

      ….and facts never matter….

    • Anonymous

      Very well said. 

      Below is a link to one of the most inimitable documentaries on the subject of Marxism, Communism, and Progressives ever made.  It is called “Agenda:  Grinding America Down.”  It is the most in-depth reporting on the President’s ideological connections I have ever seen.  It lays out everything from A-Z.  It really goes into detail on Stalin and Lenin’s vision as well as those who took up the mantle since they’ve died and gone to hell.   I’ve contacted Glenn and Scott Baker several times in regards to having the movie’s producer, Curtis Bowers, on The Blaze.  Have your notebook handy when you watch it because it delivers so much insider information it is easy to miss some things here and there.  (see link below)  – and pass it on!

      Also, an associate of mine in 2008 once worked for the History Channel in the programming and research department.  I casually asked her why that channel has programs playing about Hitler over and over again but never even mentions Mao, Stalin, Lenin or others.  She told me NBC universal, who was and I believe still is a primary shareholder of the History Network, “frowned upon” discussions of anything associated with “socialism” being portrayed in a negative manner.  She was also told at one point there was “insufficient” footage of WWII obtained from Russia and China as compared to what was recovered in Germany.  I told her, “well, that may be true but…….funny thing…..I don’t remember much footage unearthed from Nostradamus’ era…..”   

  • Sam Fisher

    Chris Mathews must me so far left that he thinks Bloomberg center. He must be drunk again. This is liberalism for you they don’t read history or care about history because all they care about is their little Marxist revolution. They don’t care that Marxism killed over a hundred million people. They don’t care that most other countries that tried it turned into North Korea like. All they care about is having everything given to them on a wooden platter because silver is racist 1%ist.

  • moderate Guy

    Well, to be fair, Communists and Nazis ARE birds of feather, and Communist propaganda and imagery is very much like Nazi propaganda and imagery. So it is possible for low information liberal drones to confuse them.

    • Anonymous

       And Islam is in bed with the Nazis…

      • Anonymous

        Why would you assert that Islam is in bed with the Nazis?  YOU have said this, not moderate Guy.

        • Anonymous

          Bert – Islam was in cahoots with the 3rd Reich.  You think that there’s no connection between two different peoples who both wanted to wipe a race off the face of the earth?

      • moderate Guy

        Islam is not a religion; it’s a totalitarian cult.

      • Anonymous

        Islam and the leftist/progressives think they can use each other to accomplish their individual goals. The only trouble is that neither can be trusted. It is an unholy and evil alliance.

    • Anonymous

      Not just the low info voters, but the trolls and libtards as well. Just wait till everyone logs on tonight and starts posting. Those trolls and spammers will light this site up like a Christmas tree. And they will blame Beck, not their media matters trolls and news networks!

      • moderate Guy

        Well OK, but low info drones, libtards and trolls are kind of one and the same. There’s probably 98% overlap there.

        • Anonymous

          There are distinctions that do overlap, but not 98% worth. Low info drones aren’t posting on blogs and making comments. Libtards are commenting and writing the blogs and articles. Trolls are spamming articles and blogs with media matters talking points and flame wars. You can get statistics to say whatever you want, depending on the polling questions. It also depends on the site, too. Conservative sites are bombarded with these cretins. Liberal sites are nothing but libtards blowing smoke up each others’ asses, with a few determined conservatives wading into the muck and mire to set the record straight!

        • Sargonarhes

          Definitely not a 98% overlap. I should know as I’ve been known to troll some websites once in a while, and I ain’t no libtard. So say hello to a conservative troll.

          Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’,
          keep the page a scrollin’
          keep those comments goin’
          With pride!
          on internet news and forums
          to keep away the boredom
          makein’ people rage both far and wide.

  • missy janie47

    We, as conservatives should make a concerted effort to use proper adjectives and adverbs when reporting the actions and talking points of progressive liberals such as the Alinskyite bully Hillary Clinton.
    Clinton wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky. She learned his tactics well. She has mad lying an art form. All these things can be described with one word, BULLY OR BULLYING. Let’s use proper dis ruptures henceforth, shall we?

    • Anonymous

      You know I read Rules For Radicals all the way through, just to educate myself, that is a disgusting load of filth.  I remember Alinsky saying that most religious people only do good works in order to try and look good in front of other people.  He believed that nobody is really innately kind and nobody does good without expecting reward.  Why would anyone want to subscribe to that kind of mindset?  I can’t read another Alinsky work.  I won’t make it through the pages.

  • Barry Levy

    once more the lib/dem/lame stream suck up to obozo media proves themselves a source of idiocy, and their failure.

    It really is about time that the lame stream media get off their knees and stop osculating obozo’s anal sphincter, while trying to tell us what they are kissing smells so lovely. 

    Manure by any other name will still smell like manure.

  • Anonymous

    Liberal news media is TRASH, dirty stinky TRASH

  • James Hubbs

    The Left is sensative about the use of thier icons by non Leftist’s, say something negative about anyone of Communist leaders and you draw attacks by their followers. I personally have had members of the American Communist party come after me verbally for things I have written about their beloved Founding Fathers Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Trostky etc. Even if it is a comparison of these men or talking about their differences from one another and not actually attacking them but simply pointing out how they spent social hours you get attacked only they can speak of these men. They are paranoid of their identity they are on one hand proud of it but equally scared of people really knowing who they are. In other words they are afraid of coming out of the Commie closet some do but most stay back and wait.

  • smokehill

    Though Glenn may not feel comfortable comparing Bloomberg to Hitler …

    I have no difficulty in making the comparison.  Bloomberg’s self-appointed role as the Food Fuhrer convinced me.

  • suz

    stu, i just don’t think he “actually” won.  i guess you do.  wow. 

    is the country in piss-poor condition — enough to steal a vote?  yes.

  • suz

    c. matthews cannot speak distinctly because of the drool that gets between his lips which causes him to spit on himself.  so no problem there — he just needs a bib.  but, honestly, don’t you think all that goes w/his rosy-pink cheeks?

    or is that stress?

    hard to tell.

  • Rick LapLante

    The ABC news folks are all pretty much victims of a government school education.  This really IS the best they can do.

  • Anonymous

    Part of that evil MOUSE!!     Hey HANK it looks like it’s time ”  New song start putting the words together.

  • Anonymous

    Look up pictures of chairman Mao or any of the communist leaders and one will see many propaganda posters and photos in a similar pose.

    The communists should be outraged at the MSM for mistaking that pose as Nazism.

    Oh, that’s right, the communists need the MSM to Deceive the unwary.

  • sharinite

    “You guys should learn history before you start pontificating,” Glenn said….Glen, they don’t have a clue not only about history but about truth…why they love Gosnell and his murderous ways…and they think killing 60 million American babies is O.K.  Talk about “covered in blood”…..

  • Anonymous

    The left attacks Hitler but spares Stalin,Mao,etc because Hitlers
    killing was motivated by racism. The communists killed people
    who either wouldn’t obey,or were just in the way or just couldn’t
    pull utopia out of thin air fast enough–because well you got to
    crack those eggs to make that omelet.
    Anyway if you get killed by a Communist instead of a Nazi you
    can take some comfort that at least you weren’t killed because
    of your race. It’s kind of like getting stabbed or shot by a pistol
    is far preferable than being shot by an “assault” rifle. Sure your
    just as dead but at least you weren’t assaulted.

  • Paul Marks

    The problem is that for every person who sees the truth here, at least ten will get (and believe) the Media Matters lie from ABC news.

    For all the talk of the decline of the “mainstream” media, the above remain the bitter truth.

  • Anonymous

    The armband?

  • Anonymous

    I’m so weary of the scheming, dishonest people that purport to represent the interests of the America people and the uninformed, naive, and ignorant people that repeat the lies put forth..

    They are trying to change the definition and values of America and her people.  We must make the message – the way to a successful life is not the Democrat or Republican Way but the American Way.

    If we can keep politics, religion, race, sex and every other issue used to divide Americans out of the picture and stress the strengths shown by our Founding Fathers as the American Way, then maybe the people will better understand that they need to vote for the candidate that best represents the America we love.

  • Guest

    Referring to billionaire capitalist, Michael Bloomberg as “Leninist” or “communist” is more absurd, more deceitful than referring to him as Nazi. 

    Nazi, Leninist: either way, Beck is being deceitful…again.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s take Beck at his word for a minute. Beck cleverly fooled Media Matters, ABC and HuffPo among others by depicting capitalist billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, as a “communist” or Leninist or whatever he thinks he was doing. And Beck sure tricked them. Yep, people thought that the exact same salute was Nazi because Beck is so clever.

    (Actually, the Soviet salute looked more like an American salute.)

    So Beck thinks that a capitalist billionaire is Leninist or communist. Right. That, actually, is more absurd than depicting Bloomberg as a Nazi. Either way, Beck is being deceitful. Nazi salute or Soviet salute (it wasn’t), Beck is STILL engaging in deceitful propaganda.

    Oh yes, Beck is so clever. Too clever really.

    Too clever by half.

    • Anonymous

      Beck didn’t “fool” anyone. The MSM was on cruise control and created their own accident through sloppiness.  At this rate, the MSM may as well call themselves Pravda.

    • Guest

      Actually the poster that this was copied from was an actual poster of Lenin but you stay stupid, you’re good at it.

      Go on back to Media Matters where you belong.

  • Jon Charles Acker

    Lest we forget the Nazi Party’s official name was National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party.   

  • Anonymous

    That picture is not of Hitler – it is of Stalin.   But – why would Glenn Beck care about actual facts?  It’s not like his targeted audience would know the difference either.

    • Anonymous

      its not stalin its lenin

  • Anonymous

    Could it be that they pointed to someone that most of those who are ignorant of history’s “bad boys” and have grown up with Lenin and Stalin and Mao being praised as great leaders and the saviors of their countries while Hitler was hated for his atrocities. The media has almost deified the former three since World War II, while the reporters of the WWII era actually reported the facts about Hitler instead spin doctoring and re-writing it rather than just reporting it.

  • Staceycarverd

    You’d think that since leftist organizations like media slithers would know the correct image to associate it with; these organizations recycle them enough on their own.
    I guess they prefer to make wrong accusations and look incompetent than allow anyone to find out they’re the masters of the practice themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Ha…  Clever…  But lets be truthfully I think you knew it would be a controversial image to use and I would suggest that you knew it would get wrongly Identified.  I watched you speech and saw it, and thought it was a nazi salute and was disgusted by it.  So I wonder if it hurt or helped your speech

  • Anonymous

    PUNKED !!!

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