For The Record: Is this life under the Muslim Brotherhood for Christians?

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The so-called “Arab Spring” of 2011 was supposed to usher in a new era of freedom across the Middle East. But it left many Coptic Christians in Egypt feeling anything but free. For The Record spoke to several who were forced to leave everything behind to and flee the country to escape repression by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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For Christians and other non-Muslims being oppressed in Egypt, the United States government’s continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood is baffling. Living under Shari’ah Law, they’re left wondering where to turn for help.

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    One thing can be guaranteed under the Obama administration: any Christians who flee to the United States for asylum, will be handed back over to the Muslim Brotherhood to face death.

    Look and listen well America, this is the future of our nation unless we stand fast and hard against the darkness.

    • Anonymous

      I believe your right this darkness or evil coming to America in full force in the near future unless we stand together !!  

      • landofaahs

        I believe it can be thwarted by the sprinkling of lead in sufficient mass and velocity.

        • William Vining

          Fuck you you terrorist bastard

          • landofaahs

            You really had to dig deep in your intellectual bag of vocabulary for that one didn’t ya. Sticks and stones boy, sticks and stones. LOL

          • SoThere

            Little Willie’s a vulgar one. It’s what they teach in today’s school system. I’m surprised he spelled the words correctly. There’s hope.

      • Marcia R. Whitney

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    • landofaahs

      Many examples of Islam in VOM(Voice of the Martyrs), but also many reason’s for hope when we as Christians support those Christians in persecuting countries.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Our President obama is worst than our President who look the other way in pre- World War Two where the Nazi prosecuted and kill Jews,Christians,Gypsies,mental impair,handicapped,age people for the super race !! Our President obama is out doing our presidents of the past wrong doings he is arming Egypt with our best weapons F16 jets and Abram Tanks while killing Christians because of their religion the Muslim Brotherhood believe they ‘re better than anyone else just another way of saying they are a super race !! . To me obama encouraging this evil by giving them their toys planes and tanks for control of the country population for this I say obama just as evil and his hands are dirty with Christian and others minority blood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • landofaahs

    I find most male muslims in the middle east are lazy.  They tend to work their several wives like slaves while they drink tea. Of course a few  who are not, but generally they don’t keep busy enough not to become the devil’s playground.  Everyone in this country though who pays taxes are slaves to the degree at which percentage of their wealth is consumed by taxation.  If you pay 50% of your wealth in taxes, then you are a 50% slave. 

    • Anonymous

      But you’re taxed on everything you spend the other 50% on.

  • Brian Doose

    Crazy, just crazy to think that in America the govt screams out separation of religion and govt, yet they support religious govts elsewhere? They tell us that a christian clinging to a gun to fight for freedom should be considered a threat to our way of life, yet a muslim with a gun fighting his govt for “freedom” from their previous ideologies is the way to go? I dont know if the Obama admin. is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, or if they are the americain version of the Muslim Brotherhood? If you look at it close enough, this admin. wants law abiding citizen’s guns, but they give guns to an extremist religious rebellion, they have millions of dollars for foreign rebels, but no money for Detroit? The FBI yells out “terrorist” when some nut case from Minnesota says “Fema is coming, I’m gonna fight them now!” (didn’t kill anyone), yet when armed men storm a US embassy they are to be considered as “angry protesters”? They send over 8000 police officers to catch/kill one terrorist on the loose in America when the whole country is watching, but fail to send a team of Seals to Libya to protect our agents abroad? To many things point towards corruption or at the very least complete incompetence in any domain related to govt affairs, Obama needs to stick to speaking, and not thinking!!

    • Laura

      They point to the goal of fundamentally transforming American into an Islamic Sharia Law controlled country, retaliation is going to be bliss.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Easier said than done:

    Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

  • Marc Burcham

    We need to send B-52 Bombers over there and Kill every Islamic extremist person there. They don’t care bout no one but themselves. Wish we would have done that when we bomb bagdad. Should have wiped them off the face of the earh. Nothing but terrorist.

    • Anonymous

      How could you bomb just the extremists and avoid killing innocents?

      • Anonymous

        He doesn’t care if they’re not white.

        • Anonymous

          Really? How has Obama demonstrated disregard for non-whites?

          • Anonymous

            I was referring to the poster, not Obomber.  But since you mention it…  if you want a discussion about Drone strikes please carry on. Never yet targeted white people that we know of.

          • Anonymous

            That’s because the fight against Al-Qaeda is in the middle east. When America was at war with white people, we bombed them too.

          • Anonymous

            And why is there an AQ ? Oh yeah, after bank-rolling Hitler you decided to jump in near the end, steal the best scientists, and have been screwing the World over ever since !!  

            Look at what the USA has been doing, at an accelerating pace in recent years, then if you can’t figure out why more and more people across the World hate you, you’re as stupid as Mr Stupidy.  

            Keep building your fleet of devil drones, they’re ultimately coming to get you and me sunshine…

          • Anonymous

            AQ formed to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Its enemies are any non-Muslim influences, not just the US. Drones were an inevitable technology. The US publicly admitted to using them first. The question in war comes down to which tactic causes less evil. How many more people would die with boots on the ground compared to targeted drone strikes. The war on terror is not going to stop. Americans don’t want to and can’t afford to send military into host countries to kill AQ leaders. The fragmentation of AQ will require even more cooperation from host countries and continued targeted strikes.

            And when did the US have a policy to bank-roll Hitler?

            It can be reasoned that US foreign policy should return to pre-WWII isolationism, as suggested by Eisenhower’s warning of the dangers of the military industrial complex, but the world is much smaller now. Now there are intercontinental ballistic missiles, global economic interdependencies, internet, ability for people to move anywhere quickly. Diplomacy and coalition building is essential in this world.

          • Anonymous

            Every drone bomb creates you more enemies. That’s inevitable. Any other country who dropped an r/c bomb on your neighbourhood under the pretext of a male of a certain age living there – they’d be sworn enemies of yours too. That’s where the racism and discrimination comes in. It’s acceptable to bomb certain civilian populations, not others.  
            The horrific reality of war, and the human cost, are the deterrent for not doing it in the first place. When all that’s left is machines doing the killing we’re all doomed. If you’ve not got the balls to fight then don’t.  Why are you supporting and arming AQ in Syria ?  If you really believe in Freedom and Sovereign Nations, not to mention International Law, you should have supported Gaddafi, should be supporting Assad. They’d done the US enough favours in the past, as had Saddam of course.   Eisenhower was right, but ‘American diplomacy’ is something of an oxymoron. You turn up to the negotiating table fully armed. If you don’t get your way there’s intimidation, propaganda, all the way to occupation, bombing, regime change, and now the total destruction of Countrys.  As for Hitler, Prescott Bush is your ‘starter for 10’…  

            I would wager that for hundreds of years, most if not all wars have been promoted for political and material gain, by essentially the banking elite. Who have our Western governments by the balls, and are squeezing ever tighter. Ouch!

          • Anonymous

            I agree post WWII wars may have been unnecessary. The communism this country fought so hard against seems to self-implode eventually. It’s impossible to know what the world would look like if the US wasn’t involved. But I disagree with you that the US should do nothing when it’s attacked, or populations are being genesided. And I don’t believe presidents have decided to go to war to benefit bankers. It’s more likely that the decision to go to war was influenced by the country’s superior military resources.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not convinced President’s are allowed to make all the decisions, ask JFK.  Thing about the Bankers, Military Complex, Media, European Royalty (highly interestingly) etc. is they all converge at the highest level of the pyramid, just look at a $ bill it’s staring one in the face ! They don’t all meet in secret every year for no reason. 
            9/11 wasn’t just an attack on America. Because of the target, the aptly named World Trade Centers, people of many nationalities died. If America was just my target I certainly wouldn’t want to enrage the whole World as the attacks did. Iranians flooded the streets in support of you for goodness sake ! As did people from other Country’s the US has since sanctioned or bombed.  

            One major point of course is that it’s not strictly the US that I’m referring to. US forces, as others, are utilised by an undemocratic organisation not acting in the best interests of the US or in fact Global populous.   So who’s making money out of it all ? Who’s controlling the resources ?  Who’s getting all the stuff ?

            The US as a whole seems to have been dragged into mass paranoia since 9/11. Pull back a bit from the East, away from Iran and Russia, chill out for a while. I think any small gesture from the US in that direction would have instantly positive effects. Act responsibly, humanely to All, and in everyone’s best interests and what’s been labelled ‘terrorism’ would soon fade.

            So the question is, is all the chaos confusion and slaughter and breaking up of Country’s in the hands of a few people having a game of chess ?   Of course it is.  

            And are they trying to push us to ww3 ?  I hope not, because if ‘they’ are, it looks like we’re falling for it…

          • Anonymous

            So who do you believe is secretly planning these global conflicts to their benefit and how do they reap the benefits?

          • SoThere

            17% unemployment for the middle class blacks and 40% unemployment for teen to early 20’s blacks.

          • Anonymous

            What discriminatory government policy do you believe is driving these statistics?

          • Anonymous

            I’m fully aware of these statistics. I lived in the lower east side of New York City during the high crime years. The question is: What caused the decline in homocides? Gun ownership was consistantly legal DURING the high crime period as well as the decline. Something changed. Careful study of the statistics suggests that the reduction in crime can be attributed to fewer people being born into poor inner-city evnirnments about 18 years after legalized abortion. Eg.

          • Anonymous

            Well there’s a question and a half ??  Clearly, Presidents, Prime Ministers and the like aren’t able to enact as they promised along the road to victory, so someone else is setting the rules when they get there. (“Sit down Mr. President, have a look at this…. any questions ?).  Obama’s just good at making speeches.

            I don’t have all the answers to who’s who of the real Global elite, sorry to disappoint. There’s a few obvious names could be banded about, the concept seems certain at any rate.  The ultimate goals would seem to be total control of resources and centralised global banking and governance, with a largely subservient population. The latter seemingly ‘in the bag’ after the Boston debacle and the others well in progress.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve heard this theory numerous times, but nobody seems to know who the people are, when or where they meet, or how they directly obtain monetary gain from global conflict and economic decline. It seems to me that economic expansion and stability would be advantageous to anyone interested in making money.

          • Anonymous

            I think the objectives are as stated previously, money doesn’t really matter as ‘they’ don’t need any more. Much control is exerted through the central banks who have our governments and us by the balls. Bailouts ? Austerity ? Massive wealth transfer. Greece is no longer sovereign. Cyprus has had bank accounts plundered. All for interest that can never be paid. You get someone so far into debt you take their stuff. Has always happened to people, now it’s on a country wide scale. Can’t pay the interest you have your gold taken. No gold left it’s your National assets.  The old “It couldn’t happen here” is probably false comfort.

            There’s a lot of rubbish and probable red herrings – information and misinformation. So one must tread carefully before believing stuff.  There’s at least a battle raging as more of the common people are becoming aware and in some parts of the World resisting what is effectively a banking take over. It’s clear that any free thinking Nations who won’t play ball with the global centralised banks get interfered with if not destroyed – Saddam, Gadaffi, Assad, Chavez…  

            America once stood for freedom. I, and I think much of the World now see an America that doesn’t tolerate freedom and abhores competition. The competition has to be eliminated and excuses need to emerge to justify it. So the CIA get to work, the media psychs everyone up for it, wmd-type propoganda, then bang! Wether full-on false flag, set up, or allowed to happen – a ‘terrorist’ event comes along and it’s all systems go – mass killing and bombing because someone doesn’t want to pay for oil in $.  But as I said previously I don’t think most Americans wish to be associated with that sort of thing, and you are being misled and misrepresented in the causes of things. 

            Three, finally merging into one Northern Trade Block is one alleged goal of the alleged elite. Fact is the Industrial Age is over and limited workforces will be required in the future. The World is full of hungry mouths that are of no use. As the great Jello Biafra said long ago “machines can do a better job than you, and this is what you get for asking questions !” Anyhow whatever anyone says there are too many people on the planet. It’s resources are diminishing fast. Any nice bits left are slowly turning toxic. ‘They’ know this. But a lot of us have been duped into thinking you can crap into your own fish tank forever without cleaning it out. You can’t.  Let’s not mention CO2, it’s a distraction.  

            So with this in mind, isn’t it even reasonable to go as far to say there could well be plans afoot to eradicate a significant number of us ?  Would it be naive to think otherwise ? Has it started ? Has it actually been chipping away for years ?  Or is this all fantasy ?

            Enough of us hate each other to effectively commit mass suicide on each other, saving ‘them’ the work. Division and Extremism are growing. Is all the chaos organic ?  Are we being pushed into mass conflict once again ?

            Damn this was to be a quick reply.

          • Anonymous

            You’ve described quite an elaborate scheme, one that raises more questions than it answers. US debt is held by China. Germany seems to be the only country capable of supporting Europe. These lending countries deserve a premium for default risk. Strategies of much simpler scale than the one you describe go wrong and are exposed. A complicated overarching master plan seems impossible to keep organized or secret.

          • Anonymous

            I know what you mean, that’s always an obvious counter-conspiracy point and a valid one. It is however possible to get away with a lot with few people fully aware of their actual ‘role’ in things. Even the average Bilderberg attendee probably doesn’t know that much – they’re there to take influence. It (if in fact ‘it’ is at all) is a long term plan, a subtle and nuanced one of directing policy throughout organisationsthat ultimately affect who we are and how we think.  Even people seemingly high up in organisations answer above and have to follow company policy. To mention the Bilderbergs – it’s existance and annual meetings are fact. Yet the mainstream media effectively ignore it – ?  Plans to ‘take out’ certain country’s were stated by officials years ago – you can now tick the first four or so off that list. I can’t go into my local shop in a small town without being a cctv star, yet the Pentagon can’t produce one picture of a jumbo jet ?  So yeah there’s certainly lots going on. 

            There is always the ‘incompetence’ theory to which you may have eluded. Bush certainly portayed it well 😉 But was it an act ?  Maybe our systems of western government have become so bureaucratic, too entwined with finance, the corporations and lobbys, that in fact the ‘system’ has become a runaway train that no one really has control of.  Incoming rulers can’t shake anything up – there’s clearly a framework and wider policy issues that must be worked within. Defined by whom ? Nobody known that anyone voted for.

            If there is a space ship up there (and I’m not proposing there is btw !), they must be looking down rolling around the floor laughing their heads off at us.  Of the array of severe dilemmas we face, as far as I can see we ain’t actually addressing any of them.  But hey, maybe it’ll all settle down.

            Oops, more questions !

  • Dan Kelly

    Blind support of the Muslim Brotherhood:  Why?

  • Anonymous

    Tell me what to do to help stop this, and I’ll do it. 

    • Mark Bender

      What would you do to be a change agent for the right side? First comes the end of you…. your ideas,,,, your supposed solutions… basically you become all ears, a receiver of an inspired message. There is only one source for a truly inspired message, but he hides himself in many masks. Once you are on this path then the choices are simpler “my sheep hear my voice, another they will not follow.” in the words of the incarnate God. If you would like to have some practical tools for what we are discussing visit a blog that might help,

    • Stefan Meyers

       Repent, ask for forgiveness and pray.

  • Anonymous

    We cannot wait until our sport addicts and American idol addicts are hit over the head to wake them up !! By a Islam radical bombing of  a major major main stream sport events like football ,hockey,basketball where the stars of kill and many of the spectators ,same goes for American idol and audience . The bombings of Boston Marathon was just a fore running of things to come . Our President is putting them to sleep with 30 sec sound bite and numbing their senses by not labeling this enemy of our country with the proper name of Muslim Jihad,Islam radicals and the Muslim brotherhood who is undermining our country to weaken it and then they be ready to pounce for the kill !!  To hell with obama double tongue and the left wing news media in protecting the Muslim Brotherhood and radical extremist Muslims , We should all use face book and twitter and wake up Sports and America Idol addicts with the proper label where the threats are  coming from ,and who are killing U.S citizens wantonly just because they are not Muslims and don’t practice Shari Law . We shouldn’t care in giving a true labeling on people killing our citizens ,I don’t care it’s white,black,bronze,red, yellow ,martians , Jewish fractions,Catholic fraction or Muslim fractions!! So tell these sports fans that in the very near future their stars players,the audience be kill ,and their games are being cancels because of Islam radical extremists Jihad they might start to wake up. P.S not all of the Islam religion are bad people ! That we all must stand together and speak up and put these politicians in their places they work for us it not other way around !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest 29

      ya no major sporting events bombed recently that i can think of

      • Anonymous

        Ya maybe the Boston Marathon is a major event to some ,but there are far more people who really follow football,baseball,basketball ,hockey for extended period during the year !!!  If you really Boston bombing is on the same level as other sports to you good !!,Then give the alarm that Islam radical extremists in the very  near future will target their favorite sport ,maybe you can wake them up !!  If you want to ,but I think you want most of our nation to be asleep for a easy takeover !!  Boston Marathon is a one day event and instead just the star players everyone can take part in it !!!  Not only these lower life forms thinking of  sporting events but any large events where they can kill the infidel and their family ,get more death for the bang ,they were thinking of the Fourth of July in Boston the larger compress crowd on the Charles River. ,not many surveillance camera ‘s . You want us not to label who these people are and their motives so people won’t be aware of possible threats ,Why don’t you move to Libya,Iran, Saudi Arabia ‘Egypt !! You certainly not rooting for U.S citizens safety just like obama  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? P.S take your phony Savior obama with you when you go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s horrible, I feel for these people that can no longer return home.  However for the sake of transparency, HORRENDOUS persecutions happens on the watch of ALL ADMINISTRATIONS.  For example, thousands of SALVADORAN CIVILLIANs were targeted by brutal paramiliatries funded by the darling of the CONSERVATIVES- RONDALD REAGAN.  Similar videos and testimonies of Central American refugees having to flee their native homes because of persecution, in part bc we funded the people, who TERRORIZED them exists.  Therefore we have to remember that both democratic and republican Presidents have blood on there hands. This is a strucural problem that we have here in the U.S, and not necessarilly the isolated self-serving interests of one administration.

    • Mark Bender

       James, a thoughtful entry… Did you know that there was a communist  insurgency working to effect their revolution during that time. And that one of their revolutionary tactics was to execute govt. sympathizers in villages that they might control (however temporarily) . Another neighboring country, Guatamala, refused U.S. aid, and was resisting a similar insurgency, the then president, a friend of mine, is now being crucified by modern leftists for the many deaths that have been uncovered. Many of those deaths were caused directly by the militant insurgency.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I was aware of that. I have family and friends who experienced it firsthand. I understand how messy civil wars are, and I know that insurgencies also have blood on their hands. But I do believe that the overwhelming violence that occurred came from the Salvadoran gov’t, which was being funded by the U.S. govt’  There is vast documentation about the atrocities commited by the gov’t on it’s people, not to mention fraudlent elections that the U.S. overlooked. That’s very convienent, don’t you think? Furthermore,  The military commander who brutually murdered the Salvodaron archbishop Romero was trained by the U.S. at the school of America’s- a military base where the U.S taught counter insurgency techniques and I’m sorry to say torture as well.  This is fact, I’m sorry. It’s irrefutable.  Are you aware that the Salvadoran military would drive around trucks, and pick up boys that fell within in a certain age range, and forced them into military conscription?  This happend in Guatemala as well.  

        I’m not trying to pick a fight, or sound overly self-righteous.  I just think trasnparency needs to be given. As I stated, alot of our foreign policies, have negative repercussions .  Last thing, you mentioned communism. Well, simply bc the U.S. gov’t was overly paranoid about communism  enveloping the globe, does not make it okay, to fund certain groups to carry our wishes, using questionable and often brutal tactics. 

        • Anonymous

           if you really want to get pissed off about that kind of stuff read Legacy of Ashes.  Its a rollercoaster ride of being either pissed off or amazed at how incompetent the CIA is capable of being.

        • Mark Bender

           Bother James, I am truly sorry for any hardships fausted on relatives and friends, similar troubles soon may arrive at our shores as well. I’ll defer to your firsthand knowledge about U.S. funding, and anti-insurgency tactics…. but must ask you to hold on for a minute about some being…. “overly paranoid about communism  enveloping the globe”. You appear to be a bit plebeian in your understanding of the growth and movement of the socialist agenda in it’s outworking in Central America. Glossing over the reality that is plainly evident will only aggravate the problem. What you don’t mention is that Communism has spread aggressively, and that it’s tentacles in the Universal Church have grown to a point that there is a major ideological donnybrook occurring at this moment. And while no one will come out and say it, Salvadoran Archbishop Romero, was a major proponent of this agenda. I refer you to the FIRST PARAGRAPH of the Wikipedia article on Liberation Theology:

          Liberation theology,[1] is a political movement in Catholic theology which interprets the teachings of Jesus Christ
          in relation to a liberation from unjust economic, political, or social
          conditions. It has been described by proponents as “an interpretation of
          Christian faith through the poor’s
          suffering, their struggle and hope, and a critique of society and the
          Catholic faith and Christianity through the eyes of the poor”,[2] and by detractors as Christianized Marxism.[3]

          Although liberation theology has grown into an international and
          inter-denominational movement, it began as a movement within the Catholic Church in Latin America in the 1950s–1960s. Liberation theology arose principally as a moral reaction to the poverty caused by social injustice in that region. The term was coined in 1971 by the Peruvian priest Gustavo Gutiérrez, who wrote one of the movement’s most famous books, A Theology of Liberation. Other noted exponents are Leonardo Boff of Brazil, Jon Sobrino of El Salvador, Óscar Romero of El Salvador, and Juan Luis Segundo of Uruguay.[4][5]

              I say no one will mention it because, while there are ever so many voices raised about injustice and the sufferings of the poor, these very sufferings are brought on by the persistently sadistic world view of self loathing progressives, who beyond any comprehension of God’s overall purpose in the cosmos seek to establish their own constrained world order, which must be governed by their vaunted and celebrated philosopher activists, who have been responsible for more than 300 million murders and untold sufferings, just within the last century.

             And one last thought; I mentioned that an acquaintance of mine is currently being prosecuted in Guatemala for supposed genocide and crimes against humanity, well just Friday, 5/13/2013, a corrupt court succeeded, after a long and tireless campaign, of convicting, sentencing, and jailing my friend Efrain Rios Montt. Yet my knowledge of this man is born of my and his humble service within our family of churches, and specifically his self effacing and sacrificial administration of our little church school in Guatemala City. I know him to be a highly principled and singularly equipped man that God raised to the presidency. So James, while I appreciate you took the time to post, I have to wonder what is the genesis of your concern and your angst of the U.S. funding and of brutal tactics, and horrible atrocities here on a board about the Muslim Brotherhood’s cavalier rejection of a whole population, and their out-rite abuse of Christians?

              To whoever reads…. know this; there is a world conflagration, which induces its followers, if need be, to sift the very earth with their own fingers to trump up “evidence” of atrocities, which can then be applied to a reconstruction of history. These followers are often members of North American liberal church movements, who will spend their vacations and retirements to insure that the history of a godly man is wiped out, and seem compelled to do their utter most to advance a narrative which validates their skewed but well worn outlook, which was probably learned on some college campus in their revolutionary days. BE INSTRUCTED PLEASE, that the fight is generational, can not be abandoned, and is worth all that you can give, if you care for the future of your and your neighbor’s children.

        • Dixie Wright

          James I appreciate how you still acknowledge the atrocities in Latin America from Reagans era. We need people like you to remember what happened in and after the Benghazi attack on our embassy. Remember how the CIA gave an account of what happened and then how we watched our government lie to us and remember how our media betrayed us for an election. I feel for the latin americans but we need to keep our eyes on this north american political game that we have here currently. 

  • Markus Allen

    All of this stuff on TV is lies and propaganda…

    … I’ve had enough of it – so I created an all good-news newspaper here:

    Check it out!

  • Anonymous

    I watched this last night and was absolutely glued to the TV! This new show For The Record is some of the best investigative reporting I’ve ever seen. Last nights show actually brought me tears. Both because of what is happening to Christians in Egypt and because of how much our pathetic media is ignoring or lying to us about. Outstanding show last night! Just this show alone is worth the $100 a year, 

  • Bo Sickels

    That second one looks like John Kerry with a beard…Just sayin’

  • Sam Fisher

    Pray for our brothers and sisters. 

  • Sam Fisher

    John 15: 18-26 and 16:1-4. If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belong to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Remember the words spoke to you: no servant is greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the One who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin. Now, however, they have no excuse for their sin. He who hates me hates the father as well. If I had not done among them what no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. But now they have seen these miracles, and yet they have hated both me and my father. But this is to fulfill what is written in their law: they hated me without reason.
    When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the father, the spirit of truth who goes out from the father, he will testify about me. And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning.
    All this I have told you so that you will not go astray. They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. They will do such things because they have not known the father or me. I have told you this, so that when the time comes you will remember that I warned you. I did not tell you this at first because I was with you.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could have watched this video. Anyone else not able to view them?

    • Beverly Evans

      This program The record episode 2 will air again Saturday night May 19 at 7p.m. Mountain standard time on the Blaze. Don’t miss it. It’s very informative.  This episode is about the horrible situation in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood took over, also covers whats going on with human slavery here in America.

  • Anonymous

    Last night’s “For The Record” was a great–tragic–program.  Every day I am more and more pleased that I am a part of helping to build The Blaze–my small part.  The programming has been totally professional from the first day.  I am not stating that it is easy to watch a lot of what has been covered, but it confirmed that deep feeling inside of me that something was just not right years ago.  Lately, I am actually relieved that my father is not still alive.  As much as I miss him, he was brought to America as a child–from Austria.  He used to tell me–in the seventies, that the Age of Idiots was in full swing.  
    Congratulations on all parts of the Blaze–it is such a good network. And by the way, Buck Sexton was so informative–and I am not ignorant and could have understood without Buck’s commentary, but he encapsulated what was being said and what was significant–with his two guests, and he is to be congratulated.  The staff of Real News is flawless–Wilkow is a time bomb ready to go off–great show.   And then there is Stu’s program–well Stu just cracks me up and he is right–you manage to learn a little bit and laugh too.  Brian Sack and the gang are hysterical.  Sometimes I just need the laugh and watch any of his programs again for a laugh.

    Congrats to all,

  • Shery Hancock

    Rise up, Americans and fight for justice!  We must support these people with our prayers and we need to let our elected officials know that we are taking a wrong path in the middle east, to back away and look for ways to bring actual help to the people.

  • Anonymous

    Islam is a cancer, when are we going to realize this? when?

  • Jeremy Eliot

    Let us not forget that it was our President, Mr. Barak Hussain Obama who helped the Muslim Brotherhood topple President Mubarak of Egypt. Please do not fool yourself to believing that only Pres. Obama is to blame… Most of the blame rests with Pres. Clinton!! Yes, Pres. Clinton.
    He forced Mubarak to allow the participation of the Islamic Brotherhood in the election process!! and the rest is history.  

    • Anonymous

      You’re suggesting an organisation shouldn’t be allowed to participate in a democratic election ?  What exactly are you trying to export to the rest of the World ?

  • Anonymous

    Now it come out that C.I.A  original report was right on the money,but was change afterwards by State Dept and the White House for their BS propaganda before election !!Then our fame General ahead of the C.I.A was thrown under the bus for false reasons ,saying his talking point were change and he had to follow orders to go along with obama BS to U.S citizens !!  Now if obama and his left wing news media can falsely throw a frame general under bus ,if they can stoop to this low level what will they do with un check power and they want more power, ??!! What next falsely accuse Republicans,Tea Party NRA, people who believe in our constitution  are a danger to our country  & enemies of the state and if they can go after a famous general a common individuals would have no defense from this runway dictatorship !!

  • Anonymous

    It really isn’t all that difficult to understand. The bible states in the book of Daniel, that “the king of the South will push at him” – who? – well that would be the King of the North. And when this pushing takes place – (as is evident by this and many other current news stories) the king of the north will “come at him like a whirlwind and shall utterly destroy him” – that is, this southern king and it will completely eliminate him. (we’re talking nuclear world war) The crusades never ended, that is precisely what is happening today, there’s nothing new under the sun. The typical clash of civilizations who’s main ideology difference is that of religion – Islam vs Christianity

  • Anonymous

    WHY THE HELL…cant I get a video clip on  I wnat to share these clips wt. my fb, friends—(whom do not pay attn!!!)—-but as in above…I get the text, but the space where there should be a clip—I GET A WHITE WALL!!!!
    Adobe has been telling me to update my player—and I HAVE TRIED, 3 or four times!!!!
    People help me, I’m a dinosaur, on here—but I WANT MY MTV!!!!!!
    awaiting responses and suggestions….john!

  • Bruce Hopkins

    Read Geert Wilder’s discussion of Islam at and, read what their Koran says to do with unbelievers:

    THIS is called “the religion of peace”….

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