MSM: We’ll cover the hot woman on trial for murder, not the scandal where an ambassador was murdered

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  • landofaahs

    They will not cover any story that shows a bad light on the first liberal black president.  They are liberals first and journalists last.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Very true.

      If this had occurred under an independent or conservative president, then the cries for impeachment would be loud and long; and if Romney had become President, then he would have been blamed for Obama’s treason.

      • Anonymous

        That is exactly the problem.  We should not expect them to crie for Impeachment.  We The People are the ones, that at this point, should be on the streets of Washington screaming for impeachment.

        • Anonymous

          I Agree!!

        • Marian Austin

          When do we go?

          • Anonymous

             yes when do we do it

        • Shane

           We need to demand that Boehner bring Ambassador Rice an Shillary back to testify under oath about their lies. Who came up with the idea that an anti-Muhammad video was the motivation for a spontaneous demonstraton? It was a terrorist attack and everyone in Libya knew that.

          • Anonymous

            Not only in Libya.  Also, Hillary and Obummer knew it within the first hours & did nothing.

    • Anonymous

      The first anti-American, Liberal/Socialist/Marxist potus!

      • Brian Johnson


        You people that keep calling Obama a socialist and a Marxist
        need to learn the meaning of those terms. People from other countries read these
        comments and laugh at the ignorant Americans, stop embarrassing us. I am a Marxist
        and a socialist so take it from me: Obama is not. A socialist would not have
        passed Obama care; we would have dismantled the entire healthcare insurance
        industry, taken control of the medical schools, nationalized all private
        hospitals and clinics and put draconian controls on the pharmaceutical
        industry. Taxes would be 50% for earnings over 250k and 75% for earning over 1
        million. Estates in excess of $1 million would be taxed at 100%. All natural
        resources (energy) would be nationalized so that all citizens could share in
        the rewards and then we’d no longer have profit motivated disinformation paralyzing
        our response to vitally important issues such as climate change. Trust me, if
        we ever had anything remotely approaching socialism you would notice. The word
        that you’re looking for to describe your opinion of Obama is ‘Nigger’. Obama is
        a nigger!

        • Mike Nelson

          Tut tut, back to your tricycle and bike helmet, Short Pants; big people are talking.

        • Anonymous

          OK, he is a nigger however, he is an ideologue marxist too.

        • Anonymous

          What you say is true, however they know it can’t be done instantly.  They have to have the buy in by the people.  We move slowly and they understand if they were to do that all at once, there would be anarchey.  But they are patient.  They have been slowly growing the communist in the government.  They have been teaching our children, little by little, to follow them.  They keep growing the welfare state so the people become so dependent they have no choice but to follow in order to survive.  The media is in line with the whole thing because they are not independent institutions.  The  liberal/communist/Marxist have for years infiltrated the liberal news organizations.  It’s been a plan for decades and they all work together and in conjunction with the “liberal” politicians.  The people in this country have been sleeping.  I find it ironic how they carry so much power in the palm of their hands with iPods, iPhones, iPads, smart phones of all types, and with the touch of a button they can find anything, any information in the world they want yet they are totally in the dark.  We have been so put off by all the lying and cheating in our government they we turn them off.  In so doing we have effectively allowed them to run wild and do as they please and at OUR expense.

          I could go on forever I suspect, I’m so discussed with the direction of our once great country.  I fear we will fall the way of all the previous great powers of the past.  History will repeat itself, and in the end, the United States of America will be reduced to only words and pictures in history books with the title “The Worlds Greatest Republic… Born by the People, For the People, Destroyed by the People, For the Individual, Due to Lack of Interest!”

        • Shane

           You liberal scumbags like to slander and libel anyone who dares to critidcize your false messiah by calling us racists. It’s not working any more dude, so you’ll have to find a new way to marginalize us.

        • Anonymous

          You make it all sound so attractive, Marxism. Do you reallybelieve this stuff or are you pulling our legs?  Imagine if thegovernment was in charge of the whole health care industryand the oil industry as well?  We’d own a lot of nothing as inshort order all would be in ruins as they are in every otherMarxist Communist state.  Still, your point is valid,  Obamahas not taken us there, yet.  That does not mean he wouldn’t if he could.  His life is populated with mentors who think as you do. He does not believe in the American dream and that our freedoms have created the most dynamic countryon Earth with wealth and a standard of living that the rest ofthe word often dies for in the attempt to partake in it.  I just hope this country can get over the blinders they puton to elect this person, with no experience or any noticablestrengths other that to campaign. Your use of the “N” wordonly confirms that the racists reside on the left and when theyare not forcing the blacks on to their political plantation, theyare making the whites feel guilty for past offences they had no part in.  There is no undoing the last two elections, but I suspect when we get a better look at ObamaCare and we have another 4 years of 7%+ unemployment the American electorate will return to competance, and positive regard towhat made this country great.  Just hope it’s not too late.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry, but isn’t that what Obama Care is doing?  Isn’t it just nationalizing health care?  Obama already attempted to take over the auto industry by trying to dictate what cars that can and cannot be made (he even mentioned that all dark cars should not be made (like he has a right to tell me what color car I can purchase).  Taxes have risen (for all of us – not just the rich — sugar tax, “sin” tax, taxes on alcohol and cigarettes).  I’m not a drinker or a smoker, but the statistics are that the low income earners are the biggest purchasers of “sugar” items, alcohol and cigarettes.  I’m not as savvy in the political world.  I don’t profess to be.  I may not have as much information as some, but I see where this country is headed.  I have eyes and I do pay attention.  Parents are losing authority in their homes through government interferance.  We no longer can eat what we want and need the “nanny state” to help us eat right.  (I’m sorry, if I want a Big Mac with french fries, I should be able to get a Big Mac with french fries.  I earn my money with no help from the government and should be able to spend it however I want.  It’s my body, my CHOICE, right?) Autism care is being cut. Health care for the elderly is being cut. Continuing Education now a days is a joke.  It’s nothing but political propaganda that’s disguised as Higher Education (e.g. the female convicted cop killer who is now a professor).  I’m ashamed of where the United States is heading.  It’s a gradual descent, but a descent none the less.

        • Anonymous

          Like a frog in boiling water . . . Everything you outlined is where we’re headed. Can’t expect Obama and company to bite it all off at once. Goodness, he’d be labled a socialist or even a Marxist.

    • suz

      correction:  not journalists at all.  activists, yes.

    • Shane

       They are not only protecting Obama, but Shillary, their great white hope for the 2016 Presidential election. It is clear that Shillary participated in the cover-up from 9/12 until now. The Benghazi fiasco clearly shows that Shillary is not up to the job of protecting Americans from Islamic militants, and that Obama did nothing to save our people from the Muslim savages.

    • Angela Rich

      Your right landofaahs, to bad.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Democrat Socialist Media will do nothing to endanger their god-king Obama unless the leaders of the party demand he be sacrificed as a scapegoat to save the party.

    They have sold their honor, integrity and loyalty to an insane ideology, and in the end they will be betrayed and called to account for it as well. May that day come soon.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Remember, all that matters now for the Democrat Socialist Media is the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

    They need Benghazi to go away, and so they will do all they can to keep it covered up and under wraps for the low-information voters across the nation. This corruption needs to be dealt with across the board, from the administration and across the media.

    • Anonymous

      I have heard that Hillary Clinton is worse (if you can believe it) than Obama.  I don’t like her either.  I pray we get someone in office that we can put in office to get us rolling again in the right direction.  Either that or I pray the Lord comes, because it is going to be awful if she is elected.

  • Sam Fisher

    The media is Obama’s right hand. 

    • Anonymous

      And, we should cut that hand!

    • JoAnn Graham

       I think it’s more like they are his LEFT hand.  NOTHING about Obama OR the Media is “right”.

    • Anonymous

       …and he’s jerking it around….

  • Anonymous

    Well the Russians are now far more prepared than they were a year ago for WW3 in Syria.  Obamanation by surreptitiously sending arms to the his Muslim Bros. from Libya into Turkey and then into Syria, now in Syria has awakened Putin for the day, very soon coming, when the Obamanation Administration starts arming the same rebels openly and brazenly.

  • Anonymous

    How much you want to bet that these hearings will be a jumping off point for Obama to openly arm the same rebels that he has been arming through nefarious channels.  He will do this to avoid being impeached.  He will claim, “Look we are arming the rebels directly now.  It is all above board.  This therefore legitimizes the cause for which Ambassador Stevens died when he was the point man on the gunrunning which at that time was done under the table.”

  • Anonymous

    Nothing will happen because the media is nothing more than a front for the democratic party. Bill Clinton lied under oath, as did Hilary and everybody knows it! Who’s going to after their throats? The only way the corruption in Washington can be stopped is by sane voters, be it 2014 or 2016. What percent of the population turns out to vote? If ALL conservative voters turned out on election night, there is NO way the dems could win! Otherwise, America is defeated within.

  • Wildkatzaz

    I am so disgusted. It’s difficult for me to believe I’m in America at this point. Our administration, the people who voted them in, and our media are ass-clowns at best, and more likely anti-American anarchists looking for a communist takeover. It’s sick.

  • Wildkatzaz

    The Greatest Generation has left us – we are now the generation who lets our media and our government lead us into servitude.  I’m disgusted with what we’ve become.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll second that thought. I currently care for a ninety five year old gentleman who was part of that greatest generation. Each morning I’m reminded of his bravery when I dress him and put on a clean pair of socks. I’m amazed that the very two feet I hold in my hands, had once traversed across Europe decades ago, while fighting Hitlers Nazi Regime. This pleasant old man is a bit hard of hearing now-days and his eye sight isn’t quite what it used to be, but he still has his wits about him. Since hes been with us, he’s told a few war stories about those horrific days and what he and his buddies went through – it was total hell on a daily  bases. In fact, he admits that America was damn lucky to win that war, he gives the credit to God, saying, we were guided by divine power.

      This very honorable old man, has now come to the realization, that his hard days fighting – risking his life and witnessing many of his comrades fall, were much in vain. As you so rightly ask…”what have we become”?   

  • dennis reilly

    Clinton says he was first black pres while both his parents were white. Obama claims to be first black pres. while his mom who raised him is white, Herman Cain gets dismissed as a viable candidate for pres while both of his parents are black. Herman got screwed, the other two can’t come close to Herman’s work ethic and character

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about that case??Where is big news Benghazi, Gosnell trial…this stupid case and the ice cream truck war in upstate NY…what??????????????

    • SoThere

      Obama and Susan Rice were at a party the night before the Hearings. The White House is well insulated from all this, they own the MEDIA.

      • Nesta Callahan

         Yeah, You said it all. When the oil leaks Obama goes on vacation.  When he or his administration comes into focus, he usually goes to Mexico, Russia, or England, or even Ohio, or CA.  Usually there is a fundraiser or something that he can pin it on.

  • Take 2

    The predetermined answer will be the You tube Video that angered (at least one person) in Cairo that spilled over into Benghazi. In the Presidents mind sleeping on it i’e’ The successful Ben Ladin Question worked…! However, sleeping on the Benghazi Question was not successful, and turned out an entirely different situation that needed an instant answer.

    That WE are now learning was a flat out no until I can sleep on it-again.

    Enter crime of coverup phase for votes…right.

  • Anonymous

    Well she has breast slaughtered her man shes a sexy little thing with a pot of gold between her legs and what does it matter now anyways ! this is what America thrives on just watch TV you get the same story everything doesn’t matter anymore if sex isn’t involved !
    I know this makes many mad, hell it made me made writing it .THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA !

  • donl

    If something isn’t done SOON about the obama regime we may not get another chance.  I watched obama’s speech to the graduate’s in Ohio, In it he mentioned TYRANNY, like it isn’t happening now. If the students have just half a brain they would know Obama is lying, like stalin,hitler,castro, mao, kim and hugo. Study history or watch some old documentaries on T.V.  The correlations between hitler and obama are staggering!!

  • tom

    The only show on Fox News I really like is Cavuto, and yesterday even he led with the Jodi Arias thing.
    I don’t think O Rielly did, though. I think O Rielly went with Benghazi.

  • suz

    wish i had a billion bucks.  i’d know exactly where to put it.  don’t have it, but i can dream, i can pray.

  • Brian Johnson

    You people are comical.

    Here’s a clue: When the corporate news media ignores a story
    and the only one covering it is the official news agency for the Republican
    Party it’s a fair bet that the story is nothing more than politically motivated
    trash talk. No journalist, liberal or otherwise would pass up a Pulitzer
    winning scoop. Woodward and Bernstein made their careers off of one major story
    and I promise you they wouldn’t have passed it up even if the crook was Jimmy
    Carter. The main stream media had no problem covering the republican created
    circus that was the Kenneth Star investigation. In truth, Clinton getting a
    blow job from an intern was of no consequence to anyone (other than perhaps
    Mrs. Clinton) but a story like that is just too sensational to ignore, even for
    the liberal media.

    This Benghazi hysteria is much ado about nothing. Everyone
    now knows that whatever we were up to there it involved the CIA. Has it occurred
    to anyone that maybe that’s why the administration is dodging questions? The
    CIA prefers to operate in the dark like the pack of rats they are and they are
    usually unwelcomed guest wherever they are discovered. Most would rather have an
    Al-Qaeda presence in their country than a CIA presence, they’re both dangerous
    fanatics but the CIA is much better trained and equipped. As for running guns
    to the Syrian opposition, we’ve been doing that almost from the start. Assad
    has got to go, and just because Al-Qaeda hates him doesn’t mean we can’t hate
    him too.

    • Anonymous

      You might have all the answers and it sounds like you do – but I can tell you if that had been my son, brother, etc.  I would like to know what happened and who was responsible.  Wouldn’t you?  If that had been your family member.  If not something is wrong with you.

    • Anonymous

      I’m against paying any pack of rats with my hard earned money to lie and party on my time whether it is the CIA or Hilary or Obama. They are all spending our hard earned money and apparently cannot be fired for bad behavior and incompetence. The media, well they work for a buck. If the people watch them, the advertisers pay. Have you noticed how dumb the commercials are getting.  

  • Cathy

    For God sake Glen, people, stop calling them the Main Street Media. “They are anything but”. So “stop” giving them that distinction.  We want the truth and the whole truth in media, not a complete “cover up job”.  You can never, ever, trust them again with the news.

  • Brian Johnson


  • Jennifer

    Obviously, people who love Jodi Arias are sick, demented people.  Why is it that abuse is accepted? Even admired?  The poor family of the man who was murdered and Jodi’s parents?  I am a parent of a BPD and isn’t something you can control and you can’t even help them get treatment when they are over eighteen.  They are convincing that they are the ones that are abused or cheated somehow in life by everyone else.  They are a master at manipulation, and their one goal is to hurt others. Even professionals don’t understand their serious problems until something like fatality happens.  

  • Kay

    There were blurbs. I saw some CBS coverage. Heard some ABC news updates on it on the radio yesterday. 

  • Anonymous

    They have been showing the same yet difference between Obama and Nixon.  Nixon was impeached and left office – Obama’s  lack of on the job duty got four Americans killed.  Yet, he is still blameless.  I tell you the media is a work of art.  We won’t know what really happened until Obama leaves the White House.  I feel that Obama and Clinton should be liable for murder.  Because of the lack of leadership and command there was murder on their watch.  That is how I feel.  They let the Ambassador, his aid and the two navy seals down and ultimately they lost their lives.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I answer to your I think question – is yes.  I believe he did.  I believe it was a given for 9/11… somehow and in some way he will be found out and he will be guilty.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Why is it that the biased mainstream media covers the murder trail of “psycho-hottie” Jodi Arias on a daily basis, but says little or nothing about the 22-year-old white waitress and mother of two toddlers who was brutally murdered by five black Chicago gang-bangers who blew her head off with a shotgun for $86.73 in tip money?

    Why does the liberal media continue to cover the shooting death of a 17-year-old black gang-banger named Treyvon Martin by Hispanic security officer George Zimmerman, and then say little or nothing when two black teenagers shoot a 13-month-old white baby boy sleeping in his stroller when they beat and robbed his mother?

    Why is it okay for black activist-racist and now presidential advisor, the Rev. Al Sharpton, to preach about “black power” and brand anyone who questions or challenges any of Obama’s failed programs and policies as a racist?

    Worse yet, this same racially-cowered mainstream media has chosen to discredit the Congressional testimony of three brave American patriots in a disgustingly shameless effort to protect their messiah, Barack Obama. It doesn’t matter that our consulate in Benghazi was attacked and four brave American citizens were murdered by Islamic fanatics. Nor does it matter that Obama, Clinton, Biden, Clapper, Panetta, Rice and Carney all lied to Congress and the American people about the cause of the attack and the identity of the attackers. In fact, nothing else matters except to protect the failed presidency of our first black president, albeit he’s the most ignorant, incompetent, indecisive, and incapable president in history. 

    Like Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, so eloquently phrased it during the 2012 presidential election: “Black pride trumps Obama’s failures.” And of course he did his best to discredit the witnesses during the Benghazi Hearing by falsely accusing the Republicans of attempting to manufacture a scandal by politicizing the Benghazi incident, and yet it was Obama who did that when he chose to intentionally cover up the truth and deliberately lie to Congress and the American people.

    Forget the fact that Congressman Cummings swore an oath of allegiance to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America, and forget the fact that he demands racial equality …. because Elijah Cummings, like Barack Obama (who swore the same oath), his wife Michele, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Louis Farrakhan, and Jeremiah Wright are undoubtedly among the most racially motivated bigots on planet Earth. 

    • Anonymous

      You hit the nail on the head.  The Benghazi indicent crystalizes for me the souless corruption of our highest levels of government. This is exactly what fuels my anger. I believe Obama let the people in Benghazi die to protect his chance at winning the Presidency and he and the Secretary of State Clinton have lied about it ever since. To me this is the ultimate in corruption, to protect your ambition at the expense of another’s life. To turn your backs on the American workers in foreign countries under your charge and to cold heartedly let them die when you had the means and opportunity to give aide. Can you imagine this happening in industry?  A business would be hung on an OSHA cross.

      • Anonymous

         American whites, mean nothing to Obama. He hates them all, although, he’s willing to work with them (the liberal base) for the time being, to gain his ultimate goal, which is, the destruction of America from within – or the top down. Once he achieves success (and to date, there’s nothing or no-one standing in his way) those worthless backstabbers such as Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Biden – Women’s rights groups (white) Unions (white) etc,  will become the worthless pigs they really are and given over to the new “american” – “all black” military  and dealt with as the enemy.

        Christianity will soon afterwards, be outlawed and Sharia Law will become the new law of the land.  This coming (Obama-nation) will not bode well with our traditional allies, nor for that matter, other European countries who’s historical roots grow deep in Catholicism, just as Obama’s cravings have been nourished from from birth in the hate-filled so-called religion of Islam.    

        Obama is out to achieve his fathers dreams and so far at least, America isn’t much interested – the liberal left are too gullible and happy to blindly play along, and the conservative right, are just now putting the pieces of the puzzle together. We must remember though, Obama is in his last term of office – therefore, he stands to lose nothing if what he throws on the table is excepted by the majority of Americans or not. Hes willing to play his cards. Those allied closest to him also know what he’s up to and when the time is right, riots will break out all across this nation – especially when the conservative right figure it out for themselves, causing such civil discourse as never witnessed before. Things really couldn’t get any better for Obama, there’s not many historical instances (if any) where such a takeover, of such a world power has ever gone so smoothly.

    • Anonymous

       After reading about Obama’s past, much of it coming from his own words and watching well researched documentaries about the man – one that especially stands out – “Obama’s America – 2016″ by Dinesh D’ouza  – The only real conclusion that any logical thinking person can deduce  – Obama is after one thing only – race riots, that will escalate full-fledged race-war, or, Americas second bloody civil war, pitting whites against blacks.

      Add in to the mix, the race-baiters and a more than complacent Government Owned News Media and we are well past the “point of no return”

  • Rex Stevenson

    Benghazi Heroes Testify Before Congress

    Wednesday I watched the entire six-hour Benghazi Hearing ….
    listening to the sworn testimony of three honorable and patriotic American
    citizens, as well as to the opposing evidence presented by non-sworn Democrats
    who read from prepared scripts and made no real attempt to learn the truth. In
    fact, they repeatedly tried to discredit the testimony of those brave men in a
    revolting and shameless effort to protect Obama, Clinton, and the Democratic

    I am a 64-year-old former Marine and career law enforcement
    officer (38 years) who has traveled extensively throughout the world, including
    two years in the Middle East, and I have always championed our country against
    all others. USA all the way! I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but
    rather a proud Independent American citizen who votes for the best man for the
    job regardless of party affiliation.

    But yesterday, for the first time in my life, I was sickened,
    saddened, and ashamed by what I saw and heard from Democrats falsely claiming
    to be in search of the truth and concerned about the loss of our compatriots in
    Benghazi, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. They’re a
    disgrace to our country, our form of government, and to the Congress and people
    they misrepresent, and they should be voted out of office in 2014 for their
    shameless participation in an obvious cover-up by the morally corrupt Obama

    For weeks following the attack on our consulate in Benghazi,
    Obama, Biden, Clinton, Rice, Clapper, Panetta, and Carney lied to Congress and
    the American people about the assault and the identity of those who brutally
    murdered our countrymen. We were told there were about 20 peaceful unidentified
    demonstrators who later attacked the compound in retaliation for an
    anti-Mohammad YouTube video for which Obama later apologized and publicly
    stated that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet
    of Islam.”

    Wednesday we heard the truth. There was no mention of a peaceful
    demonstration protesting the video. Instead, Ambassador Stevens’ first and last
    message was: “We are under attack.”

    Then the Deputy Chief of the Libyan Mission, Gregory Hicks,
    acknowledged that a “stand down order” had been given to all U.S.
    forces in Libya from the “highest level of authority” in Washington.

    Then an email, dated September 12, 2012 (the morning after the
    attack) from Assistant Secretary for Middle Eastern Affairs Beth Jones in
    Washington, D.C., to Deputy Chief of Mission Gregory Hicks at the American
    Embassy in Tripoli, was read: “I told the Libyan ambassador that the group
    that conducted the attacks, Ansar al-Sharia, is affiliated with Islamic

    This email directly contradicts the patently false
    “story” told to Congress and the American people by Obama and his
    loyal minions, a story which I might add was also contradicted by the president
    of Libya who said it was definitely a “terrorist attack by Islamic

    Equally disturbing was Hicks’ testimony about ambassador Chris
    Stevens’ planned trip from Tripoli to Benghazi. It seems that Stevens notified
    the State Department on August 22, 2012 (a full 18 days prior to the attack)
    that he planned to travel to Benghazi on September 9th …. which means that
    the White House “Classified Leaks Division” (those responsible for
    the death of 22 U.S. Navy SEALs in Afghanistan) had ample time to pass this
    information on. In fact, Obama has appointed more than 60 Muslims to cabinet
    posts and high-ranking positions in our government including the State
    Department, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, so it would be easy to
    get this kind of information out to the wrong people.

    Of course there’s more, much more …. like witnesses being
    threatened, intimidated, and told not to speak to Congressional investigators,
    falsifying evidence, and White House spokesman Jay Carney’s feeble attempt to
    discredit their testimony. But suffice it to say that there will soon be enough
    solid evidence to impeach Obama and imprison him, Clinton, Biden, Clapper,
    Rice, Panetta, Carney and all the others, including members of the mainstream
    media, who aided and abetted in the conspiracy.

    God Bless and Save America!

    • Anonymous

      I felt so sick too. Hard working government employees having to become whistleblowers because the truth is not acceptable in Washington. I’ve been there but not at a level of life and death like these guys were, told. “R…we appreciate you for being our conscience, but we are moving ahead with out strategy, truth be damned.”

    • Anonymous

      By 2014, “voting” might be a thing of the past. By such evident lying and misrepresentation of the facts, what do these people (the liberals) need to do for the conservative right here in America – write down their ambitious plans for the new socialist takeover of America out in full view of “we the people”?….I’m afraid that’s one bill, that most definitely, will have to be past, before it is read.

      That’s the only sense, this daily democratic nonsense makes.   

  • Rex Stevenson

    Obama Blames Whites For Black Poverty & Crime

    I just checked out the “2013 Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In America,” and guess what? All but 1 of these jurisdictions are run by democratic incumbents.

    And by the way, these same neighborhoods are strongholds of Obama supporters, nearly all of whom are on welfare. Can anyone guess why? Can anyone explain why crime in these neighborhoods has increased so dramatically during the last 4 years, and why there is little fear of punishment or reprisal?

    If not, I will give you a big hint.

    Barack Obama 2009: “I don’t believe it is possible to transcend race in this country. Race is
    a factor in this society. The legacy of Jim Crow and slavery has not gone away. It is not an accident that African-Americans experience high crime rates, are poor, and have less wealth. It is a direct result of our racial history.”

    In other words, black poverty and high crime rates can be directly attributed to white oppression. Blacks are victims and are not responsible for the crimes they commit or the high-crime, drug-infested neighborhoods in which they live – they are simply the product of an environment created by their white oppressors – and it is the whites who must be held accountable.

    Believe it, folks! This is the President of the United States of America, the same guy who claims to be a president for “all the people,” publicly blaming “whites” for all the woes and
    troubles of blacks – and you can sense the deep-seeded hatred and animosity in his words. He really believes it! And sadly, so do the vast majority of uneducated and easily manipulated African-Americans (not the educated and hard-working American blacks) who believe Obama to be some kind of black Messiah and that they’re entitled to “cradle-to-the-grave welfare” rather than having to earn a living, pay taxes, and become productive members of society, not realizing that their dependence on welfare has enslaved them to the
    Democratic party.

    Remember, this is the same guy who attended Chicago’s anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic Trinity United Church of Christ for over 20 years, a church that preaches the racist
    gospel of “Black Liberation Theology” and believes that blacks are entitled to $7 trillion in reparations for the descendants of slaves.

    This is the same guy whose black father abandoned him when he was 2 years old, and was then raised by his white mother and grandparents who he later blamed for “the white blood
    that runs in his veins.” Never mind the fact that his father was already married to a Kenyan woman who supported him when he married Obama’s pregnant 17-year-old mother, or that his grandparents loved and cared for him and sent him to the finest prep schools in Honolulu, Hawaii. No. He was a “mulatto,” a mixed breed, and while he later admitted that he was never shunned by whites or experienced racial prejudice, he nevertheless perceived himself to be an “outcast” who, in his own words, “found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense
    of grievance and animosity against my mother’s white race.”

    In fact, Obama so resented his white roots that he came to worship and idolize the black father who had abandoned him and later wrote at length in “Dreams From My Father” (in which he praises his father, degrades his mother, and refers to his grandmother as “a typical white person” because she had, on more than one occasion confessed her fear of black men and uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes) of having to live by the white man’s rules. “Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race (white) would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart.” And when he graduated high school and relocated to Chicago – thus jumping from the frying pan into the fire – his deep-seeded anger exploded into open hostility and he became a “community organizer” crusading for civil rights, although he,
    himself, had never been the victim of a race-based crime, never experienced a drive-by shooting, had never gone hungry a day in his life, and knew nothing about black slavery other than what he read in books.

    Then he was off to college, where he once again actively campaigned for black civil rights, smoked marijuana, used cocaine, and hung out with others of similar belief. “I chose my friends carefully – the more politically active black students, the foreign students, and the Chicanos; the Marxist professors and structural feminists. We were resisting bourgeois
    society’s stifling conventions. We weren’t indifferent or careless or insecure. We were alienated, and it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names,” wrote Obama.

    Returning to Chicago, he became even more vocal, not only in the local civil rights movement, but also in his support for the Palestine Liberation Movement and Islamic terrorists who he believes are fighting a religious holy war (jihad) against white Christian oppression.

    He later used his popularity in the black community to run for public office as was elected to the Illinois State Senate, where he used that platform to continue his fight against perceived white suppression. As an example, in 2001, then Senator Obama spoke about the failure of the Civil Rights Movement – not because it lacked positive results, but because it only gave Blacks equal opportunity without the “forced” redistribution of wealth from whites to Blacks.”

    But it’s not just Obama himself, it’s everyone around him as well. Michele Obama’s racist paranoia and anti-American hostility is evident in her Princeton thesis: “White people treat me fine, but I know they’re really out to get me. America has a racist soul.” Really? Who has a racist soul? Shortly before the 2008 election she was quoted as saying: “For the first time
    in my life, I’m proud of my country.” And then soon after the election, during an ABC interview, she stated: “Well, you know, Barack could be shot just walking to the 7-11 in a white neighborhood.”

    And then there’s Obama’s close personal friend, the Rev. Al Sharpton, an outspoken black activist and racist who has close ties to the PLO, is now a presidential advisor on foreign policy, and who publicly stated that “paying taxes is the white man’s way of keeping black folks down,” because he currently owes more than $3.8 million in back taxes that he refuses to pay.

    Anyone who believes that race relations have improved under Obama is delusional. During the 2012 election, Obama fired up the Latinos by saying “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” Gosh, I wonder who the enemies are that he referred to? And later, both Obama and Eric Holder publicly declared that state voter I.D. laws are a form of “racial discrimination” and a “violation of black civil rights” – racially-charged lies that divided our country and turned his re-election campaign into a heated racial issue.

    This, then, is the warped justification behind Obama’s plan for the “redistribution of wealth” in
    America – because he believes in “cradle to the grave black entitlement.” He believes that white racism and oppression is responsible for black poverty and crime – that he is the avenging angel who will return the black wealth and privileges stolen by whites – and now this racist is in control of our country and our destiny. God help us!

    • David Whitmore

      I copied and pasted your posts here into a Word file so that I can share them.  You, sir, are a critical thinker who’s able to present your thoughts in a logical and convincing manner, not to mention are an excellent writer.  You should write books.  I, for one, would buy them. 

    • Anonymous

       But sadly, tell the American black-man, that hes a slave of his own race who have manipulated his mind into revenge, calling for reparations from days gone by. You’d be the racist, but in reality, the blacks are showing their ignorance by not seeing with their own eyes the truth of how their being used. Almost 95% or more are willing participants to the path Obama takes us down. Instead of looking at the facts and comparing American life to anywhere else in the world, they almost to a man, have jumped on board with the race haters, who’s agenda is the destruction of America as we know it.

      The trouble is, when all the dust settles afterward, will there be anything left to call a nation, and then the question must be asked, will those nations who love to hate us, will these evil bastards not wage war on us themselves.

      The trouble with our commander in chief. Hes a bastard child left with an unfilled mission from his father, and now, hes out to prove to the world, that he is his fathers son.  

  • Marian Austin

    Jon Stewart, whom I don’t respect, asked why people were making such a big deal over this embassy attack, when there were sixty plus attacks during Bush’s administration….The main reason is the actual reason for the attack, terror and not a video,  was covered up and Americans and the parents of the four were lied to…We are still fighting for full disclosure of why talking points were changed and why the few left to defend the embassy were told to stand down….It isn’t the attack itself, but the mishandling, criminal, of the information, that is most upsetting…plus the  real reasons why we have been told no military forces could get there in time to help…Extra security was begged for and instead some security people were taken out of the embassy area earlier….If one had listened to the hearings Wednesday, they would have heard outrageous testimony regarding the intentional intimidation, threats, and demotion of the second in command of the embassy, Mr. Hicks….We lost an ambassador also, something not true of any of the Bush era embassy attacks…I was not a Bush supporter….I am just so frustrated that so many are saying this is a political ploy of conservatives to slander Clinton, and deface Obama….I am tired of everything being politicized and the loss of morals and genuine concern of the people who are supposed to be protecting our country, and us… 

  • Coming Apart

    In the run up to the Iraq War, who in the MSM survived, keep their job, and came out against the Iraq War. Phil Donahue was against the war, and was canned, even though his show was the highest rated show at MSNBC. The MSM has been like this for a while, just different Presidents. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Iraq War all horrific…Can it get worse with the MSM?

  • Anonymous

    Even the German News Outlet “Spiegel” had nothing to say about Benghazi, not a word. Seems even the German media only prints story’s they can spin positively to Obumers favor. I suppose they are all giddy over Obumers visit in June!!

  • Anonymous

    The mainstream media has seriously damaged their credibility by ignoring the most important issues facing our country, and have claimed for themselves the obscurity they deserve.  After all, they lack viewers that have any real  information about the most important things currently facing our country, and the msm is very adept at censoring the news in order to keep these people in the dark.
    What difference does it make?  Hillary asks.  The difference is that Benghazi was a national disgrace for allowing the ambassador  and the three others to be killed instead of setting immediate actions in force to save these brave patriots.  The help that was asked for was clearly denied.  With Hillary in charge, if she should eventually win any future  presidential election,  we might have to face even worse

  • Anonymous

    Jonah Goldberg says it the best, check it out:

  • Anonymous

    Hot woman?  Who in their right mind would think that! lol.

  • Anonymous

    what else would you expect from msnbc, nbc who’s boss, big wig, whatever the hell you wanna call him works for the Obama admins. “Jobs creation” board (what-a-joke) JEFF IMMELT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Obama and his Administration are directly responsible for four dead Americans, if Liberal Media will not print the truth about there failed Democratic leaders then the liberal media is equally guilty of the four dead Americans, these people all have American blood on there hands. Conservative news needs to point this fact out , scum bags all fit in the same bag together!

    • Anonymous

      If Obama is responsible for 4 dead americans, bush is responsible for 3000 dead americans.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Ditto. They not only “left” them to die, they actually “watched” them die. Remember? There were two Predator drones flying overhead that relayed back “real-time” images of the attack as it took place, covering both the consulate and surrounding area including the roads leading to the consulate that had been blocked off by the 17th Brigade hours prior to the assault, as well as the CIA Annex. This was later confirmed by DOS Security Chief Charlene Woods who testified that she and others at the State Department, as well as the White House Situation Room, watched the “live video feed” from the drones. She also stated that the reason why the repeated requests for additional security were denied is because SOS
    Hillary Clinton wanted to “present the appearance of normalcy” – and so additional protective security measures were not only denied, they were decreased, and four Americans
    died as a direct result of Clinton’s gross negligence and incompetence.

    By the way, today former ambassador and now Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner appeared on the Dana (Loesch) Show and said that the only person who could give the “stand down” order was Barack Obama, and this was confirmed by now retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney, former USAF Vice Chief of Staff, who claims that Obama and our top leaders should all be held and prosecuted for “dereliction of duty” for their inaction on 9/11 in Benghazi.

     There are some good articles on

  • Anonymous

    The traditional news networks are fighting for their lives. They want ratings. They know that most people are not interested in Benghazi. A lot of people don’t even know about it (I think that’s partly thanks to these networks). People want infotainment. They’re fascinated by Arias and the kidnappings in Cleveland. That’s what gets covered.

    Most people want the War on Terror to be over. Sorry a gov’t employee died, but they’d assume not be involved. They’ve tuned it out. We’re back to a pre-9/11 mindset, looking forward to when our soldiers come home from Afghanistan in 2014, and then it will be over, so we think…

  • Take 2

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

    Seriously, why did the LORD make Barry choose to murder and or kill Bin Ladin but do nothing to save Innocent life in Benghazi? why?  Will you know whose nature repeat same or similar miscue after miscue? Is he mature enough to pack his own bags. really? 

    Is freewill in play. Since, someone removed God? BUT didn’t really…Hum?  Such a lost Politicle Party and Administration.

    Why did he remove God through Christ and sneak back in Allah through Mohammad at the DNC…that really bugs me because in my gut that is what I feel.

    Foot Note: I base the above on most all founders wrote about God through Christ was their Lord in ALL things. Obama was raised Muslim and continues to acknowledge the Muslin faith.

    • Anonymous

      Lightweight cotton cloth in a plain weave.

      • Take 2

        I print on Muslin all the time…artist ya know!

  • Anonymous


  • bucketnutz

    As time goes on we will eventually win the day with the truth and eventually the Socialists will be exposed and expelled as will the Same Stream Media cheerleaders.

    • Anonymous

      lol. you think one day that half the country is going to be expelled? 

      gotta love americans who hate other americans. that’s how serial killers and domestic terrorists are made.

      • bucketnutz

        Expelled from Office ,,you dope

  • Anonymous

    It’s been covered to death. But that’s irrelevant. The fact that it happened dozens of times under republican administrations and was ignored proved that no one here cares about the lives lost, they are just using an American tragedy to make political points. Which is pathetic and unamerican. 

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