Obama’s stumping in… Texas? Glenn chats with Gov. Rick Perry

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On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) about President Obama’s impending trip to Texas to kick off his job creation tour. You might be asking yourself, why in the world would the President go to a state that basically proves his economic theories don’t work?

Well, according to CEOs polled by Chief Executive magazine, Texas is the most business-friendly state in the U.S. based on a criteria of taxes and regulations, workforce quality, and living environment. Considering President Obama can use all the job creation advice he can get, Texas is probably a good place to start his tour.

Glenn and Gov. Perry talked about the policies that have allowed Texas to become a hub for new business and entrepreneurship, in what is still a very difficult economy. You can read the full transcript of the interview below:

GLENN: The president is going to meet with our own governor here in Texas, the governor of the great State of Texas, Governor Perry. I believe the last time that he was in town, the president got a letter from Governor Perry, and didn’t he reject it or he just kind of brushed it off, I believe? We have Rick Perry on the phone now. Hello, Governor, how are you, sir?

GOVERNOR PERRY: Glenn Beck, good morning. It’s a beautiful day in Texas. Thank you, sir. Of course, you already know that.

GLENN: Tell me, wasn’t it the last time that you saw the president, didn’t you give him the letter on the tarmac?

GOVERNOR PERRY: Actually the last time I saw the president, he was in Waco for the West Memorial for the EMTs and the firefighters that we lost there with the tragic explosion.

GLENN: Who was

GOVERNOR PERRY: The president was very civil and very appropriately gracious, but the time that we met on the tarmac in Austin, yes, I handed him the letter asking him to take a look at the issue of our border and how to secure the border, and we never heard back from the president directly. Now, one of his staff persons wrote a letter but, you know, you the key is the president’s coming to Texas hopefully in good faith to learn how to create jobs and have a better place in America for a training ground for the president to learn how to do it right.

GLENN: Well, if he wants to learn how to create jobs or if America wants to learn how to create jobs, it’s really quite simple: We just stop electing or hiring to put in the cabinet Marxists.

GOVERNOR PERRY: Well, in Texas we’ve got that figured out.

GLENN: We do? Okay, good. I didn’t know. It seems to be a disease that is spreading all over the country. I didn’t know.

GOVERNOR PERRY: You know, if you really want to be honest, and don’t, you know, try to make some political statement, if results are, I mean just a really scientific look at the states and allow the states to be the laboratories of innovation and say that there are these 50 laboratories out there, Glenn, then who is it that’s actually doing this right? So if the result is the creation of jobs which allow people freedom to live their lives as they see fit.

Now, certainly freedom to fail at an effort, but freedom to be unlimited in what you can what you can achieve and that’s, to me, what America’s really all about. And so if you look at it, from a just cold, scientific standpoint, where is the place that’s created the most jobs both, you know, percentage wise and numbers in jobs in the last five years? Texas added almost 500,000 private sector jobs while this country, this entire country lost over 2 million private sector jobs. That’s from March of ’08 through March of 2013. 6.4%.

GLENN: Here’s the problem. And Rick, you know I love you and I moved here because of the freedom, but we’re having these companies move in and I’m glad to see them move in we have these companies move in and they are bringing all their voters from California and everywhere else and I’m afraid Texas is going to turn into Colorado. We need to have a big sign here someplace that says it’s the freedom that creates jobs.

GOVERNOR PERRY: Yeah, that’s an interesting observation, but I will suggest to you an erroneous observation for a couple of reasons. Number one, Colorado was never this hard red state to begin with. Colorado always had some liberal tendencies, and frankly had there not been an error made in Colorado with the gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis back two, three years ago, he would have been elected and you would not have seen Colorado doing some of the things that they’re doing today that tend to be substantially blue. But the key is the people that we’re bringing to the State of Texas, they’re givers. I mean, these the takers are staying in Colorado, Colorado or, you know, California or Illinois. They know not to come here and expect government handouts to be the answer. There are people that are coming here, want to be free from overtaxation, overregulation, overlitigation and expect to find a skilled workforce so that they can fill the jobs.

GLENN: Right, right. I’m not wait. You’re misunderstanding me. I’m not saying that the companies are. I’m saying that the people who are moving here for those jobs, they’re coming from California saying, “Something’s wrong with California. It’s all screwed up.” And then they are coming into our communities and they are like, “I love, Texas. Of course, I’d like it to be a little more like home in California.” And I’m afraid they will start voting for the same things that they were voting for in California. I mean, we need some sort of campaign that, you know, is going through the State of Texas that people understand when they move here, what makes it great is the freedom that we have. Because I know the companies understand because the companies, I moved my company down here and everybody knows we’re moving here for the freedom, and my company gets it and my employees get it. But I’m afraid that there’s, you know, people that come in with a lot of employees and they’ll just move them all from California and the employees are just like, “I like California. Of course, it was all screwed up, but my company moved.” We don’t want we want to change their hearts and their minds on how to vote, and I’m not talking about Republican/Democrat. I’m talking about small government.

GOVERNOR PERRY: Freedom. We’re talking about freedom.

GLENN: Right.

GOVERNOR PERRY: And I totally agree with you from the standpoint of it is our responsibility to teach people. We start teaching Texas history at a minimum in the seventh grade. Generally when you hit the ground here, you start learning about this state, the history of this state, the freedom, believing and fighting people that helped develop this state. But I think people come here and they are open to that message of freedom and they are fleeing places that are oppression from a tax and a regulatory and a legal standpoint. So I think they are open and I think you make a good point, but it’s our responsibility as citizens and our responsibility as Texans to educate people every opportunity. I hope here in the next couple of hours, I have the opportunity to educate the president of the United States about freedom and about how powerful it is in the State of Texas and if people reflect that in this great state.

GLENN: (Laughing.) I’m sorry. I just can’t get past that.

GOVERNOR PERRY: There’s a little

GLENN: I just can’t get past, I’d love to teach the president a little bit about freedom. Oh, I wish you the best today. I don’t know how you do it, but I wish you the best, Governor. Thank you so much.

GOVERNOR PERRY: Hey, listen. You take care of yourself. By the way, great job down in Houston this last weekend. It was an incredibly successful convention for the National Rifle Association and a good weekend for the Second Amendment.

GLENN: It was. It was. Thank you very much, Governor. I appreciate it.

GOVERNOR PERRY: God bless you.

GLENN: Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama continues his campaigning from Texas for one sole reason – so he may claim credit for the prosperity of Texas among his low-information ideological base. 

    In Texas, it has been confirmed time and again that people do not need the Federal government to prosper; it shows the complete failure and insanity of the Keynesian economic theories which are encompassed by the administration, and shows what all of us in America are truly capable of doing.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Recall something as well, when the fertilizer plant exploded in Texas, Obama decided that his fundraising campaign was of higher priority than even going a few miles out of his way to see the devastation that had occurred.

    Thus we see again here the effort of Obama to claim credit for success that is not his.

  • http://openid.aol.com/eulogy8894 tom

    Texas will be blue in less than twenty years. 

  • Anonymous

    Five years of Obama and he is still trying to find those Shovel Ready jobs. He must have dropped that laser Biden talked about. Instead of the “Summer of Recovery”, its going to be the “Decade of Recovery” under Obama policies. Its not a surprise, he has been a failure at everything else.

  • landofaahs

    I can say I am proud that I am from the state of Kansas after their stand for the 2nd amendment and their tough stance against that S-B eric holder.  I’m extremely proud of Mr. Kobach.  He and some others demonstrate the independence of the people of Kansas.

    • Anonymous

      Where in Kansas? I’m from Atchison. I have family scattered all over the state!

      • landofaahs

        I don’t like to give too much personal information.  The reason is because those who disagree with you love to use any personal thing they know about you against you to discredit you and never answer the real question.  I profess to being a Christian although I do not mention the denomination because people would look for some perceived quirk or even legitimate belief and Isolate and focus on it instead of the real point.
        I also don’t tell exactly what business I am in and I don’t promote a product.  This helps keep the focus on the main topic.  But I am familiar with Atchison.  That area used to bottle good Weller’s.  I also have family scattered their too.  Anyone from Kansas who goes back knows that things change very slowly there.  There is a certain mix of common sense, compassion, fair play and just downright decency there.
        By the way, every man a wildcat.

        • Anonymous


  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    Get out!

    • http://TheConservativePush.webs.com/ SoThere

      The leftists are scared. Hilly 2016!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    Are GB and Perry have some kind of mental unbalance? 1) Perry took plenty of cash when OUR Federal Govt send money to the States during the economic crisis few years ago, so what the heck he is talking about; 2) U can’t tell people don’t come here if u come with liberal tendencies or ideas, where is the freedom they so much praise? U can’t have it both ways GB! If Californians are better fit to take some of those new jobs in TX, the companies will do the hiring not GB or Mr. Perry. They are so stupid!; 3) Just check how much “those illegals” help the economy in TX, the numbers are there to see, but conservatives are so uneducated. Google it!!

    • greywolfrs

      B S, illegals are adding NO value to our economy. You are a liar.

    • Guest

      Pachy, if there is anything that goes over like a lead balloon on this web site, it is facts that undermine Glenn Beck’s propaganda. You should expect to be called a liar by those who don’t even try to detect any of Glenn Beck’s lies.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-Elmore/100000007309980 Jesse Elmore

       Go back to Hufpo pachy!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t disagree w/each of your points but the dem base is comprised of socialist sympathizers and people too ignorant to understand what I just typed.

  • Guest

    “why in the world would the President go to a state that basically proves his economic theories don’t work?”

    Well, that explains the record high stock market; Obama’s economic theories don’t work. Hmmmm.

    “I have no idea what I’m doing with the economy….”

    ~~Glenn BeckGlenn
    Beck Show, 11/26/10

    • greywolfrs

      Yeah, as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money like it’s water, that would explain it. You are a complete idiot, vicki  tiffany.

    • Mike Nelson

      Why didn’t people on your side care about the record high stock market when Bush was in office?  Just saying.

      But seriously, I’ll address your point about the high value of the stock market.  The reason is TINA: There Is No Alternative.

      Bonds and treasuries suck.  People think gold and silver are already too high.  Manipulation of the oil market and possession of so vast a percentage of mineral rights being in Chinese hands, while they manipulate their currency against our own yields an uncertain currency market for all but short-term traders and the very stout of heart.  Various other emerging “unintended effects” of Obamanomics and Obamacare cause both individuals and companies to know that they can plan only tentatively for the future, and required flexibility for companies that are spending, in order that they be malleable enough to comply with new federal guidelines and regulations limit investment and spending.

      So yes, people are investing in the market, because they have nowhere else to put their money where it has even a chance to appreciate… but it’s a bad idea (imo), since we know that the Obamanation is an anti-business animal, where only the administration favorites get business.  This might not be so bad if corporations were still marketing/selling to the consumer, but because the price-to-contract ratio is better by hiring a lobbyist rather than a whole advertising firm, large businesses more often go to the gov’t to get a product of theirs regulated into the market, or purchased on gov’t dime/contract.

      In short, there are very few safe havens for money.  In other words, There Is No Alternative to investing in the stock market – and even at that, the market shows piss-poor gains, considering the massive QE (read: money printing) that is supposed to be “saving” our economy from an undeniable crash.

  • Anonymous

    The best teacher in the world will have no success with a student not willing to learn.

  • Ray Estes

    God  Bless Texas.

  • greywolfrs

    Enough is enough!

    To Glenn, Pat and Stu:

    You guys continually trash CA. I have made several attempts to inform you as to the reasons why my state is in this mess, yet you keep ignoring it. CA used to be a very Conservative state. First, Reagan gave millions of illegals amnesty. Then we true Californians passed CA prop 187, to stop the illegals. The Feds shut it down. Then, William “the Zipper” passed another amnesty. Now, we have a bunch of people, who are NOT Californians, voting and have turned my state into what it is today. We have Obamao wanting to pass ANOTHER amnesty and NO president willing to close the border.
    You guys have some idea that a bunch of idiots in Hollyweird speak for all true Californians. Over 90% of those idiots do NOT even come from here. They were not born here or raised here. They do not speak for true Californians, so stop saying they do. That is a lie. They come from shitty little towns all over America, NOT from CA.
    Another thing, the people who are leaving here are NOT liberals, for the most part. The people leaving are Conservatives. Why would left wing dolts create their ideal utopia here just to leave for places like Colorado or Texas? That makes absolutely no sense what so ever.
    By the way, look at the elections that happened in 2010, over 40% voted for Meg and Carly. That would suggest that there are more Conservatives here than any of you care to recognize. Stop saying everyone from here is a liberal; we are not.
    I generally like your show, but I have had it with this line of bullshit. You keep forwarding these lies, along with the Republican and Democrap establishment, and see how many people you alienate. I know for a fact that my wife and I are sick of it. We are both Libertarians, born, raised and still living in the greater Los Angeles area. We have been fighting this longer than any of you have even realized it was happening. We are on the front lines and we have had it up to our eyeballs with this kind of B S rhetoric.
    So, what if the moment you arrived in Texas everyone made the assumption that you must be a left wing dolt, simply because you moved there from New York? Why would you continue to trash over 40% of the people in CA?
    You claim that there are Libertarians that don’t want you, maybe this is why. You do not get to claim that it is wrong that there are Libertarians who are unwilling to accept you, then you yourselves are unwilling to accept others. That is called hypocrisy. You guys often make these sweeping generalizations about EVERYONE from CA, it’s old, tired and I have had enough of it.

    You all seem to have failed to understand that the left is starting the Second Civil War. It, most likely, will be started in CA, because we have a LOT of good Conservatives here that will stand up and fight, unlike New York. I will stand with my fellow Libertarians, all 109 thousand of them here in CA.


    • Mike Nelson

      With respect: toughen your epidermis.  You make the same case in this as black conservatives make all the time – and that literate, legit, LEGAL immigrants do – and that honest cops and lawyers do – and that businessmen do – and that honorable verterans do – and that not-yet-corrupted politicians do – and that respectful teenagers do…

      YES, we are all sub-categorized by others into distasteful groups with whom we personally feel no identification.  Your sensitivity to that fact is the tool which is effectively used against you, and which prompted you to post this not-quite-juvenile rant about how you feel; the fact is, your state is the best example of bad political behavior that we have, short of the federal racket.  To NOT point at it in expression of disapproval would be the same as NOT pointing to Islam as the source of the greatest percentage of terrorist attacks.

      You have failed yet to grasp the fact that THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, and you, as a proud libertarian (and I do hope you intended to use a small “L”, to indicate your beliefs, rather than a capital “L” to indicate party allegiance…) can wear as a badge of honor, strength, and fortitude the fact that you are one of the minority who knew right from wrong before it became public knowledge, and you are in a position to make that case and LEAD because you are in the lion’s den.

      Don’t EVER get angry with someone for telling the truth – what is the alternative?  The truth is armor; learn to like it, or someone else will, and then you lose sight of the moral high ground.

      And don’t call your allies “mean” because they point to your troubled and unenviable circumstance, and express disdain and contempt for the result.  I read your posts, and you’re better than that.

  • Leah Lax

    Perry was found in bed wirh Muslim Imans inviting them to redo history in the school syetem and personally greeting them at the airports with a red carpet , He should feel very comfortable with Obama the Muslim President since he love Muslims Terrorist so much

  • Leah Lax

    Perry was found in bed wirh Muslim Imans inviting them to redo history in the school system and personally greeting them at the airports with a red carpet , He should feel very comfortable with Obama the Muslim President since he love Muslims Terrorist so much

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000222737084 Patti Berry

    My guess is that Obummer is visiting Texas in order to find a way to HALT the success- and he most likely will with the help of Muslims. 

    • Anonymous

      Hey, maybe he is coming here to get educated on how we do things here in Texas.  Maybe he’ll learn something.  Still don’t want him here.  Move on Obama…..

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    laughing right w/you guys.  “teach the president about freedom.”  ha.

    i gotta say it’s wrong, even when the politician says that because he should be saying out loud “the last thing this president cares about is jobs folks.”

  • Anonymous

    Obama can shove a stump up his nose.  Stay out of my state you are not wanted or needed here.  We are getting along just fine without Washington come to Texas.  We love our Family, State, Country and God – he need not come here!!! Go to um California….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-Elmore/100000007309980 Jesse Elmore

    Why is he meeting with Gov Perry….Odumbo has nothing to do with the job success in Texas. What a joke of a President.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    Greywolfs, please use your talents Google it! and for Jesse Elmore, this is a free country and I can comment as mush as I want as long I don’t insult anyone. Check the Constitution again!

    • greywolfrs

      Wrong, this is a private website and you have no rights. This site is privately owned and they have the right to refuse service to ANYONE. You should try reading the Constitution and understanding the difference.

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