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Just a few short days ago, President Obama told a group of students that they shouldn’t pay attention to those on the right who keep crying out about tyranny from the federal government. But if anything has become clear in recent days, it’s that the American people have plenty to worry about from the federal government.

President Obama said:

Unfortunately you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems.  Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works.  They’ll warn that tyranny’s always lurking just around the corner.  You should reject these voices.Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self‑rule is somehow just a sham.

“Today I want to star with a definition of ‘tyranny’ because America needs a lesson what tyranny is.  Tyranny is when there is an absolute ruler.  Tyranny is a system that forces its will on others, a system or an agency that has the power to force its will,” Glenn said.

How is the federal government engaging in tyrannical activity? How about when people are left behind to die in a terrorist attack because it wasn’t considered politically expedient to rescue them?

“What does a tyrannical government look like?  A tyrannical government would look, to use the president’s own words, valiant public servants, heroic people engaged in this heroic experiment.  For instance, if you had people who had volunteered to go into the military, to go and protect people in a foreign land and then somebody in the chain of command would say abandon them, leave them there, when you had the assets available, abandon them, leave them there, let them die, when you could save their life and quite honestly, quite easily.  You didn’t have to bomb anything.  You fly a couple of fighter jets low to the ground at the speed of sound and you scatter everyone.  And we do it all the time.  You don’t have to fire a single bullet.  You could have scattered them, with just a couple of fighters.  And they were available.”

“Tyranny, I would think, would be when you lose your life because someone has decided it is politically not expedient for them to save your life.  Not that we can’t, but we won’t because it doesn’t fit into your version of what should be happening or what would be good or bad for you and your political career.  I would say that would be tyranny.”

“I would say that it would be tyranny that you could have the State Department come out, you could have the White House come out, you could have the president on The View saying, ‘I don’t have any information.  I don’t know.  We haven’t received any information on this yet.  We’re investigating'”  No, no, no.  No, no.  No, Mr. President.  Your own White House changed your own report [twelve] times?

“The State Department knew.  The White House lied, as did the president.  So did the State Department.  The media lied as well,” Glenn said.

How about the way in which they have used the IRS as a weapon targeted at conservative groups?

“So you know, America, if you don’t pay attention to what they did with the IRS and Benghazi, next year your healthcare goes to the IRS.  Next year this administration’s universal healthcare employs the IRS so now you have to turn over all your medical records, all of your medical information to the IRS.  If you don’t think that they won’t use that to source and to sort people and to intimidate and to take away your guns, quite honestly, why?”

“What have they done that has proven them trustworthy?  And I don’t say this just about the president of the United States.  I say this about the Republicans as well.  I don’t know if you saw this, but in the amnesty bill that Marco Rubio is all for, in the amnesty bill that Jeff Flake is for, there was a hidden piece in there about biometric codes.  So now everyone will have biometric information given to the government.  So in other words, they map your face.  It’s a universal ID card without being a card.  Everyone is digitally stored.”

It certainly seems like President Obama may want to reconsider his words to students in the future.