Benghazi, the IRS, and the definition of tryanny

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Just a few short days ago, President Obama told a group of students that they shouldn’t pay attention to those on the right who keep crying out about tyranny from the federal government. But if anything has become clear in recent days, it’s that the American people have plenty to worry about from the federal government.

President Obama said:

Unfortunately you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems.  Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works.  They’ll warn that tyranny’s always lurking just around the corner.  You should reject these voices.Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self‑rule is somehow just a sham.

“Today I want to star with a definition of ‘tyranny’ because America needs a lesson what tyranny is.  Tyranny is when there is an absolute ruler.  Tyranny is a system that forces its will on others, a system or an agency that has the power to force its will,” Glenn said.

How is the federal government engaging in tyrannical activity? How about when people are left behind to die in a terrorist attack because it wasn’t considered politically expedient to rescue them?

“What does a tyrannical government look like?  A tyrannical government would look, to use the president’s own words, valiant public servants, heroic people engaged in this heroic experiment.  For instance, if you had people who had volunteered to go into the military, to go and protect people in a foreign land and then somebody in the chain of command would say abandon them, leave them there, when you had the assets available, abandon them, leave them there, let them die, when you could save their life and quite honestly, quite easily.  You didn’t have to bomb anything.  You fly a couple of fighter jets low to the ground at the speed of sound and you scatter everyone.  And we do it all the time.  You don’t have to fire a single bullet.  You could have scattered them, with just a couple of fighters.  And they were available.”

“Tyranny, I would think, would be when you lose your life because someone has decided it is politically not expedient for them to save your life.  Not that we can’t, but we won’t because it doesn’t fit into your version of what should be happening or what would be good or bad for you and your political career.  I would say that would be tyranny.”

“I would say that it would be tyranny that you could have the State Department come out, you could have the White House come out, you could have the president on The View saying, ‘I don’t have any information.  I don’t know.  We haven’t received any information on this yet.  We’re investigating'”  No, no, no.  No, no.  No, Mr. President.  Your own White House changed your own report [twelve] times?

“The State Department knew.  The White House lied, as did the president.  So did the State Department.  The media lied as well,” Glenn said.

How about the way in which they have used the IRS as a weapon targeted at conservative groups?

“So you know, America, if you don’t pay attention to what they did with the IRS and Benghazi, next year your healthcare goes to the IRS.  Next year this administration’s universal healthcare employs the IRS so now you have to turn over all your medical records, all of your medical information to the IRS.  If you don’t think that they won’t use that to source and to sort people and to intimidate and to take away your guns, quite honestly, why?”

“What have they done that has proven them trustworthy?  And I don’t say this just about the president of the United States.  I say this about the Republicans as well.  I don’t know if you saw this, but in the amnesty bill that Marco Rubio is all for, in the amnesty bill that Jeff Flake is for, there was a hidden piece in there about biometric codes.  So now everyone will have biometric information given to the government.  So in other words, they map your face.  It’s a universal ID card without being a card.  Everyone is digitally stored.”

It certainly seems like President Obama may want to reconsider his words to students in the future.


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    As I have warned for some time, Obama is determined to rule as a dictator, and to ensure that the Democrat Socialists dominate all, control all and have power over all.

    With Obama there are only two outcomes in his view: he will rule all or destroy all, nothing is to be found in between if he has his way. 

    • Anonymous

      We have a two Party system.  The fact that no Republican has stopped Obama’s march to Socialism/Communism in our country, nothing to prevent him from violating existing law via implementing de facto amnesty, nothing to protest the plethora of czars appointed to replace Congress, proves to me the Republicans are either incompetent, apathetic, or complicit.

      • bull57

        As a conservative I believe the majority of republicans are complicit. There are several true conservatives in both the lower and upper chamber. Just look for the ones the republican leadership is discounting or not supporting and we have found our conservatives, IE, Ted Cruz.

      • Anonymous

        Kathleen, they afraid to speak up because Obama is the first “black” president. 

    • Anonymous

      if he was a dictator, you would have been shut up a long long time ago.

      • Mike Nelson

        That’s silly.  You’re silly.

        I wish I could be there when you realize one day that you’re a teeeeeeeny-weenie fish in a big, bad World.

        And if you were right in the things you say about the Right, you would have already been silenced.  Difference being, now that your guys are in office, people really ARE being intimidated.

      • Anonymous

        It the path that we are on that concerns people.  We may not be completely there yet, but we are headed in that direction.  So wouldn’t it be wise to change course now while we can?  He behaves like a dictator in many ways and has dictatorial ideas, but not a true dictator yet.  Checks and balances are slowing the progress, yet we are headed in that direction.   

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It is still disgusting that so many low-information voters declare ‘a dictatorship can never come to the land of America.’ 

    Guess what people, if Obama and the rest of those involved in Benghazi and with the IRS are allowed to get away with it, there will be no stopping them. When they have complete power and control, how long will it be before the bloodbath begins?

    • Anonymous

      yes, because an attack and a rogue irs office equates to complete power and control.

      lol. this is probably the most idiotic thing you’ve said here. and that’s saying a lot!

      • Anonymous

        No one is saying it is complete power and control.  It is the road we are on that alarms many people.  Question is: do you think these things are right and should be allowed to happen?  Be careful, you might be the focus of such inappropriate actions in the future.  Have some ethical and moral standards that apply in all cases, not just when they serve your opinion or view point.  

        • Cody C

          Our founding fathers would find this quite comical. This is NOWHERE near the ballpark of tyranny. The article itself is stretching, and is more closely like a pile of cow turds than the current status of the US Government being tyrannical. 

          Question is: do you think these things are right and should be allowed to happen?  
          Here is a question for you, how come nobody asked these questions for 8 years during GWB’s initial invasion of Iraq? Nobody cared. Nobody cared about the opening of the CIA prisons around the globe. People still don’t care that the Patriot Act is still in place to this day, except now it has broader powers. 

          Benghazi is a disaster, try and find a presidency where it didn’t happen.
          IRS having rogue officials, again find a year this didn’t happen. Now it just happened to a bunch of tea baggers with a ton of cash who can make a ruse out of anything they want…if this happened to average joe blow, they wouldn’t even know about it and the media and no political party would care at all. 

          If you want tyranny go live in North Korea, or parts of Africa, or parts of south east asia…that’s tyranny. This is just a government run by retards, and a population with even less motivation than it has ever had to change our ways because everyone is so hell bent on their political or religious affiliation it’s about screwing the other party/race/religion than doing what is right for the country. 

  • Sam Fisher

    We in this country are meant to be free but are we. If we
    are on the wrong side then we get attacked by the IRS. If we ask question like
    why do we need to do this or why not look into Benghazi we are label terrorist.
    We have to fight for the right of a trail before being attack by drones. The time
    is coming when they will round up people who they cannot stand and will not tow
    the party line. If we don’t put an end to it we will be rounded up. 

    • Guest

      What planet do you live on?

      Oh, right, Planet Beck, an alternative world to the one that sane people live in.

      The IRS audited, not attacked.

      Issa has not been labeled a “terrorist.” Witch hunter? Yes, but not a “terrorist.”

      “We have to fight for the right of a trail before being attack by drones.”

      That makes zero sense. 

      Your paranoia does not make you a prophet, but it does make you come across as a fruitcake. With Beck, you’re in good company.

      • Anonymous

        I suppose you would have no problem with the police coming into your home without a warrant and just looking around to find information about you.  Perhaps the IRS should do audits on left leaning groups only.  Bet you would bitch up a storm over that.  Careful what you wish for or support.  It could bite you in the ass later.

      • Anonymous

        By the way, have you ever been audited?  It sure feels like an attack.  You have to jump through hoops to prove you are compliant.  Guilty until proven innocent.  A lot of expended time and energy just to show you are doing the right thing – that is defensive behavior and defensive behavior is only needed when you are attacked, so yes, it is very much an attack in a non-violent way.

      • Sam Fisher

        So I am crazy but yet you are blind that Obama used the IRS as a weapon. So I am crazy but yet you side with lairs that have been proved to be lairs. I guess MSNBC CBS and NBC are also live on “Planet Beck” for saying the IRS was attacking right winged organizations. How come even the liberal media sees this as an attack but you can’t. Oh I know because you live in Obama’s ass or you are so bat shit crazy that you can’t even see not even the liberal media is standing with you which are very sad that even MSNBC can figure it out but not you. Even the AP called what the IRS did unconstitutional but is you are saying that you are smarter than the rest of the flipping media? So you’re saying that being killed before having the right of a trial does not make sense? Your IQ must be -999,999,999,999 to be even this stupid. Oh one more thing moron you don’t have to be a prophet to understand that Obama is a dictator you just need to be smarter than a ham sandwich. Bad news for you a guess. LOL!

        • Anonymous

          “So I am crazy but yet you are blind that Obama used the IRS as a weapon.”

          “but yet.” If grammar were heaven, you’d be in hell.

          There is zero evidence that anyone in the White House was involved with this. Reality is not what you want because you’re full of hatred for centrist Obama, no matter how CONvincing Beck is in his lies to that effect.

          If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence (typical reactionary response), you shouldn’t be writing like a grade school drop out. I’m just saying.

          • Sam Fisher

            So now you’re stocking me. Hit a nerve did I? Nothing you say or do will stop me so stop with the intimation. You see how immature this troll is now that I am questioning his sanity and trying to expose him for the fraud he is. He is now following me and trying to shut me up and stop me from getting him sued. I ask that all of you here post this on other web sites make damn sure this bigot troll gets what he so asked for.

      • Mike

        I notice that you cannot get enough of the “nut” Beck.  Somehow, there seems to be a strange curiosity for the guy that makes no sense and in his madness is not worth listening to.

        You must know that while no one is against someone like you that holds opposing views, it none the less is a waste of your breath and time to cast aspersions, considering, “nut” followers like us, don’t really care what you think anyway.

        Guys like you are just laughable.

      • Sam Fisher

        I guess Jon Stewart lives on Planet Beck as well.

      • Sam Fisher

        Reality Victor Tiffany’s greatest foe.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently, English is your greatest foe.

          When did you drop out of grade school?

      • Anonymous

        YOU are our prophet those like me who know who and where
        you are in YOUR never ending misery.
        As mentioned before:
        YOU will not be moved but when flushed we all know what is being flushed !

  • Anonymous

    And literally, just a few minutes ago, I got a Breaking News alert that the Justice Department has been snooping on Associated Press reporters and editors.   Just incredible.

  • Anonymous

    These tyrants will stop at nothing! Every civil norm has been trampled and destroyed by the barack hussein obama juggernought. The dimwit proletariat were led to the slaughter laughing with their sail fones at the ready. Just look at our country now. Pitiful!

    Benghazi, IRS.These are just the tips of the rotten icebergs. Even old type socialist media hacks are escaping from this stinking, sinking ghost ship. It’s about time! 

    Now, if the inept GOP cannot take tactical advantage of these scandals and start to fight, and use these debacles to get back into office – well, the USA will need to start over with a new political party.

  • bucketnutz

    And now there is another scandal where the Justice Department was monitoring Phone activity among the reporters at the Associated Press Illegally…This is choice to see a media outlet that was comfortable ignoring the corruption of this regime and not being the watchdog for this regime end up being a victim of this regime’s corruption.This is what corrupt Regimes do when nobody is watching,,so if the Media was doing their jobs ,,there would be three less scandals.When will the Media do their jobs???/

  • Elena

    It’s also a beat cop, or group of 9 cops, beating to death a suspect then confiscating all cell phone videos of the confrontation.

    Tyranny is little as well as big.

  • Anonymous

    The Liberal Press is so deep in manure all you can see at the top of the pile is there lips moving!

  • Anonymous

    When will the media do their jobs? Never, evidently. They are too busy pandering to this corrupt administration, covering up and trying to deflect the corruption that is nevertheless becoming more and more evident. They might, just might, be shamed into admitting their complicity. Now that will be an interesting circus to see. (Hey, Glenn, can I have the popcorn concession for the big show?)

    The events are beginning to pile up, and the carney barker Jay Carney will be busier than ever trying to juggle all those spinning plates. And more plates keep getting added to the mix. Very entertaining to watch, and very revealing of the WH efforts to keep obfuscation alive. I would laugh if it weren’t so sad, from the “… most transparent administration.”!!!

    Ah, well, it will keep going downhill until it all ends up in the Valley of Hinnom, Gehenna. Soon, and maybe sooner than we realize.

    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?
    Also remember Boston.

    Who is the enemy, and where is he?
    Recognize evil.

    Laus Deo

    • Guest

      “Also remember Boston.”

      Glenn Beck is lying about the 212 3b “event file.”

      Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

      Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told CBS News that Republican lawmakers who are blasting President Barack Obama’s administration for failing to take military action during last September’s surprise attacks in Benghazi have a “cartoonish” view of the military.”

      I listened to the testimony of [Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta] and [Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey],” Gates explained to CBS host Bob Schieffer in an interview that aired on Sunday. “And, frankly, had I been in the job at the time, I think my decisions would have been just as theirs were.”

  • Anonymous

     This is going to far. Why don’t we get petitions going in each of the states, to have Barry impeached? The person that is supposed to be leading this Country in accordance with the Constitution, is not doing his job. In fact, he seems to be discarding it one piece at a time.
    I don’t want to go out on a limb, but I am fairly sure, Barry isn’t one of your biggest fans. So you won’t be loosing a friend and with your audience being as far reaching as it is, this would spread.
    Give it some thought. 

  • Take 2

    Hitler’s removal of the German CENTER political party to win his mad man election was a brilliant Chess Game move BUT this little piggie went wee wee wee all over every buddy that loves America. 


  • Guest

    Re: Benghazi: If lying (about the talking points in this case) to the American people were impeachable, Bush would have been impeached over the Iraq war.  Virtually every politician lies.

    Re: IRS scandal. Beck neglects to convey who was in charge of IRS when this happened. It was Douglas Shulman, a Bush appointee, a Republican. Heads will roll over this immoral and probable illegal targeting of right-wing groups, but there is no evidence that the orders came from the top. Shulman would have had to been involved.

    Finally, when Beck has the perfectly legit reason to call for Obama’s impeachment last year, he whiffed. Instead, he celebrated the murder of an American without due process.

    The only tyranny here is….Well, Beck stretches the meaning of that word so far that it is unrecognizable. 

  • Anonymous

    What a twisted government. Everyone is supposed to be equal under the law.  That means the unions and other special interests should not be exempted from Obamacare, while forcing others to comply.   Now Sebeilius is scrambling to get the healthcare bill funded by Big Healthcare companies for its implementation, because they don’t have the money.  That is illegal too!  The same goes for the IRS targetting Americans who are not liberal.  This government is way out of Sinc with what our country represents. 

  • ken.

    it looks like the current progressive/democrat/republican one party system

  • Anonymous

    Question if obama can use IRS to target people of the Jewish religion because they believe the Jewish people have a right to  retain a Jewish state in their homeland !! Then what is the next religion he will target will it be the Christians of Penn who cling to their religion and guns and will not vote him , in public states their disagreement with his policy !!

  • Anonymous

    ALERT -To all Jewish citizens and citizens who believe the Jewish people have a right to the Jewish state of Israel in their homeland  !!!!  Our fork tongue sneaky snake obama that his true colors have just have been  reveal by his underhanded use of the IRS with IRS investigations !!!  What obama is doing is aiding abetting the Muslim Brotherhood by silencing citizens for the state of Israel with the IRS , so the Muslim Brotherhood can throw out propaganda that Israel shouldn’t exist or be a Muslim run state with no opposition !! This to change U.S citizens sentiment  towards Israel present day existence or makeup !!  Ya obama might give some military aid to Israel as a ruse ,but what he did with IRS  show his true hatred for the Jewish people and Israel !!! This why he aiding and abetting Iran by giving it more time to get nuclear weapons while holding back Israel !! To me obama will wait to the final battle in the Middle East and then stab Israel in the back ! No Jewish voter should vote for this back stabbing fork tongue snake obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  he aiding abetting enemies of U.S,Israel,and the free world while they’re in our country yet !! !!

  • Anonymous

    As usual, Beck is missing the biggest story. The Justice Dept. is undermining the free press.

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck is lying about his claim that he has “not suggested that anything rises to … the level of impeachment…”

    And he wonders why the MSM doesn’t take him seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Guest at the next President Press conference ,Why don’t you ask the President point blank  do you think this abuse of government power by IRS in targeting over 470 conservative groups slanted last election in his  favor !! Was it done politically to obstruct groups to elect their candidate and corruptly to help in election  of the President obama and the progressive Democrats ?? I hope some reporter will ask this question or Glenn put this question to the President on TV and on the Blaze site !!! ??  1.) IRS delay many groups in getting tax exempt status impede their operation 2.) giving donor lists scarce many people away 3.)gave the groups with so much paper work  hinder their operation by double checking & re-checking everything right to penny & list of names were complete 4.) While IRS gave most liberal groups free rein  !! .I talk to some retire IRS agents ,they said never mind some rogue agents they say even 4 and 5 level management would not give such orders on their own !!  Here a simply question to obama did the IRS misuse it’s powers slant the election  in your favor ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Guest

      “Why don’t you ask the President point blank  do you think this abuse of government power by IRS in targeting over 470 conservative groups slanted last election in his  favor ?????”

      1) It was about 70 conservative groups, not 470.  

      2)  Obama has condemned it.

      3)  The Commissioner of the IRS at the time was a Republican Bush appointee.

      4) 501 (c) 4 corporations are NOT supposed to be primarily political.

      5) There is no evidence that the Administration heard about it until just recently.

      Why do you believe a liar like Glenn Beck?

  • Anonymous

    Today I want to star with a definition of ‘tyranny’ because America needs a lesson what tyranny is.  Tyranny is when there is an absolute ruler.  Tyranny is a system that forces its will on others, a system or an agency that has the power to force its will,” Glenn said.

    Gee, there was a Republican in charge of the IRS when this scandal was under way. Beck didn’t mention that because it would disrupt his propaganda and false narrative.

    Cherry picking facis is just one tool of the propagandist.

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