Benghazi: What will it take for the press to care?

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How many lies must one administration be caught in before the press cares? Apparently the threshold is pretty high because this administration is building a mountain of lies surrounding Benghazi. They’re piling one on top of the other – easily provable lies but they seem to be willing to go down with the ship. Glenn went over the latest Benghazi deceptions on radio today.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What will it take?

    A massive shaking up from top to bottom as the ‘journalists’ understand that they are little more than ‘useful idiots’ to the Democrat Socialists, to be used and discarded as necessary. They are puppets in a grand play, they assume they have power, and many now see they are nothing but puppets on strings. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What will it take?

    The day the press understands that supporting Obama is no longer in their best interest, then they will turn on him like a bunch of sharks. Watch for the actions of Reid, that is the key to the  retention or falling of Obama.

  • Pachy Serrano

    GB show me the evidence!! Please!! Stop the conspiracy and the lack of info. GB sounds like those who believed 911 was an inside job from our Govt. Do you know how many Presidents are worth of impechment in our history?? Am sure more than 5 if we go deep in history. Again, let Obama govern and put the GOP congress to work for real. Stop the non-sense and deal with the fact that President Obama will be OUR leader until 2016. Constructive critism from conservatives is fair and square, but looking to impeach BO, won’t help your cause, fools!!

    • Sam Fisher

      So covering up facts is not evidence? Liberal logic. 

    • Dan Williams

       Lying about how four good men died for their own political gain is not enough reason?  Let’s add in the innocents who died from Fast & Furious and its coverup.  Exactly how many need to die before it will matter to you Obamabots?

    • Reliquary

      You don’t arrest a thief or murderer because you don’t like them…  you do it because they have broken the law….  Get your nose out of Obama’s posterior and smell the reality.  It’s time for your magician to disappear.

    • Anonymous

       I couldn´t say it in a better way. And I am quite sure the United States will still be a democracy in 2016.

  • Sam Fisher

    The only way they will care is if you try to blame it on Bush instead of the true master mind Obama.

  • Anonymous

    typical liberal comeback….head in the sand….will never look at the evidence or facts…you could have obama on camera doing something wrong and they would ignore claiming someone doctored the video….or he was acting in the best interest of the country

  • Anonymous

    The order to stand down can only come from Obama.  He let Americans die after sending them into a dangerous country without adequate protection.   He’s letting his minions cover for his gun running, his failed Libyan war and his support for Islamic jihadist. 

  • Anonymous

    What would it take?  A White Republican President: plain & simple.

    • Rodolfo de Hoyos

       What a stupid statement.  Really dumb.

      • Anonymous

         You’re entitled to your opinion, just like I am entitled to mine. However, all recent events tend to lend credence to mine. It’s unfortunate, but so very true…even if some don’t like it.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Carney is a stupid little boy.  He looks like one and acts like one. He is a stumbling, bumbling idiot.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    In dealing with Watergate, an incompetent and unnecessary burglary was one thing; the subsequent cover-up was another. In dealing with Benghazi the butchery of four Americans by terrorists was one thing; the subsequent cover-up was another. Guess which one the media thought was of vital importance, and which should be ignored?

  • DixieGeek

    It will take the administration attacking the press itself. You know, like maybe secretly subpoenaeing 2 months of telephone calls from the AP.

    Oh, wait,  I see where CNN just reported that this happened last year! And the AP and ACLU are all up in arms about it!

    Things are about to get VERY interesting….. 

  • bull57

    Snowleopard your response is so on target. I think we could also see people in his administration resigning also. Especially the ones that have future political ambitions! I’m thinking we are getting closer and closer to this blowing up, I hope!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I have been a supporter, a believer and a fan of yours since your days at FNC. I’m a subscriber to The Blaze and Glenn Beck. I’ve even been to your live theater feed you did last year, so I’m 100% on your side. One thing, though, that could drop me to 99.5%, that I have to call you out on is something to which you alluded in this posted recording, “Benghazi: What will it take for the press to care?” You talked about how the Media isn’t binging up/out the possibility of weapons running in Benghazi, not even FOX, except for Geraldo. You implied that the MSM is not including The Blaze in doing follow-up on your stories, even FOX, especially in this weapons-running possibility. I believe you’re right that something is hiding in this Benghazi thing. You implied that you’ve been separated or excluded from the media, including from FOX. My observation is that essentially you separated yourselve(s) when you left FOX that day and put Mercury online because you didn’t like the way the MSM, and FOX, was doing their business. Yes, you, your amazing team and The Blaze do wonderful research that none of them can or will do, and you are credibly right every time. But you can’t really whine about your exclusion when you got exactly what you wanted. In my observation, when I see pressers or a crush of reporters microphones on my screen, be it cable or broadcast, I can’t recall ever seeing a mic with The Blaze logo on it, or any reporters identifying themselves as being from The Blaze asking a question. Have I just missed that, or do you need to get some reporters out in the field and start including yourselves;? You could become a true, viable media entity, unless you really don’t want to do that. As they say, “Be careful what you ask for…” And no crying if you don’t get it. Personally, I would LOVE to see The Blaze out there kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

    • Anonymous

      twr4d, you are correct in your assessment, but need to remember that Glenn told us a while back that he wants to set up news agencies in major cities around the globe, and this will take time and money.  So yes, eventually we can expect to see Blaze on a mike in a news report, just not quite yet.

      Meanwhile, remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?
      Also remember Boston.

      Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    The press does what it’s paid to do. Just like Wolf at CNN tried to accuse the tea party for the  Boston bombings with a smirk, he intended to already lay blame for the dem’s opposition. Is this journalism or is it paid instigation?

  • Jeff Swiney

    The talking points may have been the final nail, that turned away the main stream media for good.

    After breathlessly hyping the Benghazi hearings as a “bombshell” which could “bring down” the Obama administration, turned out to the same stuff that everyone already knew. 3 days later, the Republicans leak the talking points memo.

    To which, much to the delight of the conservative media, the main stream media ran with the story headed into the weekend.

    Turns out, after the reporters bothered to do a little research, the Republicans have had this information since the VERY FIRST HEARING. It only became important when the hearings fell flat.

    The main stream press feels that they’ve been had by the Republicans and I’ll bet ya a dollar that they won’t get burned again.

  • Anonymous

    When Obama lied at the beginning of the Benghazi scandal all he has left is to keep on lying, the Liberal media is struggling to keep up with all the lies Obama has fabriated, they have lost track of which lie to cover up

  • scott

    Maybe now with the AP raid we will get some real truths and real reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the MSM is in the full care mode now since they found out their wonder boy and his gang were taping AP conversations to CYA their lies and black mail the unsuspecting dipwads into keeping their mouths shut…Damn shame when you suddenly discover your coddled clown was planning your demise…oh de pain.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda makes you wonder what will be uncovered next.  I love turning on the news and someone has uncovered something else about Obama.  I pray that we can get him out as soon as possible, before he has a chance to do or make a real change to our country.

  • ken.

    leftists will only attack other leftists when it serves their own purpose such as raising their own power status or protecting their current status from a falling comrade. remember their saying    ” that if you want a friend get a dog ” if they can’t trust each other then how can anyone else trust them?

  • Anonymous

    Remember when George Bailey shakes Mr. Potter’s hand?  George Bailey had enough wisdom to realize what was happening.  Apparently, members of the press do not.

  • USN63

    Alexander Fraser Tytler –
    (1747 – 1813) – Professor of Universal History, and Greek and Roman Antiquities
    – University of Edinburgh

    “A democracy cannot exist as
    a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover
    that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that
    moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits
    from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over
    loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the
    world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Great nations rise and fall.
    The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage
    to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from
    selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to
    dependence, from dependence back again to bondage”.


    Obama is fundamentally changing


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