IRS admits targeting TEA Party…one year after TheBlaze broke the story

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Last Friday, the IRS came out and admitted to “inappropriately flagging” conservative political groups during the 2012 election to see if they were violating tax-exempt status.

While this was breaking news to the mainstream media, the only thing that was surprising to Glenn was the admission from the IRS. Glenn and TheBlaze had been reporting on the issue for over a year.

In a statement Glenn released on TheBlaze over the weekend, Glenn noted, “as early as February 14, 2012, TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka published a story titled: “Is Obama Using the IRS to Silence Opposition Voices?”

In it, Opelka detailed the emails TheBlaze has received from conservative groups “alerting us to the oppressive demands being sent to them from the IRS.”  Among other things, the IRS apparently wanted hard copies of every social media post; the name, address, and corporate federal ID of members; and the time, location and content schedule of each event, including printouts of the text of every speech given.”

This morning on radio, Glenn reminded listeners that, a year ago, when TheBlaze first reported on the issue, he was called a ‘ right-wing, crazy conspiracy theorist’.

Glenn also replayed audio from March of 2012 of IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman answering a question addressing the accusation that the IRS was targeting right-wing groups. Shulman denied the claims, stating the IRS ‘prides itself on being non-partisan’.

“Thanks for bringing this up. Because there’s been a lot of press about this and a lot of moving information, so I appreciate the opportunity to clarify it. First let me start out by saying yes, I can give you assurances. As you know, we pride ourselves on being a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization. I’m the only — me and our Chief Counsel are the only presidential appointees…”

“You want to check your calendar?” Glenn interjected during the clip.

“Documents now obtained by the Washington Post from a congressional aide with knowledge of the findings show that on June 29th, 2011, IRS staffers held a briefing with senior agency officials in which they described giving special attention to instances where statements in the case file criticized how the government ‑‑ hold it.  Where statements in the case file criticize how the country is being run.  Lerner oversees tax‑exempt groups for the agency raise objections and the agency revised its criteria a week later.  But six months later the IRS applied a new political test to groups that applied for tax‑exempt status as social welfare groups.  The document says that on January 15th, 2012 ‑‑ is that before or after this testimony?” Glenn asked.

“That’s before,” Pat responded.

Glenn continued, “January 15th, 2012, the agency decided to target, quote, political action type organizations involving in limiting expanded government educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Along with conservative, grass-roots, and Constitution-based groups being targeted, pro-Israel Jewish groups were also singled out.

“This is just what the Jewish groups were asked to file, when they were filing and saying, “We want to be a tax‑exempt status,” they had to file out all these questions,” Glenn said. “I’ll give you some of the questions, but here are the ones to the Jewish groups:  Does your Jewish group support the existence of the land of Israel?”

“Why do you have to know that at the IRS?” Glenn asked.

“What is the difference there?” Glenn asked. “Also, it demanded the Jewish organizations describe its religious belief system toward the land of Israel.”

Think those are bad? Here’s a sample at what some of the 9/12 & TEA Party groups were also dealing with. The San Fernando Valley Patriots received 12 pages, 35 questions — 80 different sub questions in total.

Here’s a sample:

  • Provide details regarding all of your activity on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Provide details regarding all of your advertising you have conducted using social media outlets.
  • Provide a list of all issues that are important to your organization.
  • Indicate your position regarding each issue.  If associated with any other IRC 501(c)(3), provide the name,
  • The federal employee identification number and address of each organization.  Describe the nature of all context with all other organizations.
  • Candidate forms:  Please provide details including the nature of the forums and the issues discussed.
  • You attempt to influence the outcome of specific legislation, please answer the following:  Provide copies of all communications, all pamphlets, all advertisements, and other material distributed by your organization regarding legislation.
  • Provide details regarding your relationship with the TEA Party patriots and the Sacramento Patriot movement. 

“It’s impossible to do this,” Glenn said.

Here’s a question posed to Ohio Liberty, Kentucky 9/12, Waco TEA Party, Richmond TEA Party, Unite in Action, San Fernando Valley Patriots:

  • Political affiliation of any organization that provided educational services to you.
  • Any candidates for public office that happened to speak at any function they have ever had.  Please provide written transcripts of those speeches.
  • All activities with the news media providing articles, news transcripts, items aired.  Provide the resume of every past and present director, officer, and employee. 

…and that’s just one small sample of what was being asked of these groups by the Internal Revenue Service.

Glenn went on to explain that the ACLJ is going to be litigating this case.

“And sue this government and they should. This is a violation of your civil rights,” Glenn told listeners. “This is a Civil Rights Movement. As I have been saying for a while, this is a Civil Rights Movement, and if anybody in the press cares to show the slightest bit of interest, you’re welcome to all of the copies of all of the letters that we had and posted in 2011.”

“Now, I also, I could provide classes for you on what happened in Benghazi if you’d like to ‑‑ you’d like to pick up the Benghazi ball.  If you’d like to understand what happened with Benghazi, I can help you on that as well, seeing that you are now reporting the things that we reported a week into Benghazi.  And you had.  Because I’m the our gang comedies of news compared to the worldwide global resources of ABC News you.  So I know you had the same information.  The question is why didn’t you report it?  CBS, the same with you.  CNN, the same with you.  Same for all of these news organizations:  Where were you?  We reported it.  You didn’t.  Why?” Glenn asked.

“So I can give you a schooling on that.  And if you’d like, I could also give you the schooling on the Muslim Brotherhood and its infiltration.  I can show you again the documents that you have, that you verified and that many of your organizations have spiked after your top journalists went after the Libyan ‑‑ not the Libyan but the Saudi Arabian connection to Boston.  You’ve spiked the story.  So you already have it.  Your top journalists in two of the networks did multiple filings on stories and they were spiked.  So that’s the next thing.  I suggest you guys start coming clean.”

It wasn’t until Friday that the media really started to take these stories seriously — right about the moment that the White House called a private meeting with 15 journalists.

“They called 15 or 17 journalists in to the White House on Friday to have a private conference with them on Benghazi.  And then everybody said, “Oh, this is a really important thing.”  So the White House is going to start throwing midlevel staffers and low‑level staffers underneath the bus.  Do not accept it, America.  Do not accept it.  This goes all the way to the top.  You ask yourself ‑‑ you ask yourself this one question:  Why exactly did the president, why was he ‑‑ why was he completely invisible on a day that we had an ambassador killed?  He made a political calculation to say, “I went to bed.  I didn’t know.  The Pentagon ran the whole thing.  Everybody ran it but me.  They just told me, and I’m still, I’m still ‑‑ I don’t know.  I’m out of it.”  Why?  Why, during an election, would a president want to look like he was completely disconnected?  That was our first tip something was wrong.  Because the president came out and said something, and we should find the tape, where I came out and said, “Look, something’s wrong here.”  Why is the president making himself look not presidential?”

“Something’s very wrong,” Glenn said. “Now, if you’re going to take a low‑level staffer when the President of the United States behaved in a way I’ve never seen a President behave before, you are still covering for this White House.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    With the revelation of the IRS, will we see any civil rights attorneys step forward to take them on and seek recompense for the groups maliciously assailed by them?

    Will justice be done in this matter?

    • JoAnn Graham

      Um, no.  Our government is SO corrupt and left-leaning, and the media is SO in the tank for this lying dirtbag that it will be like pulling teeth to get ANY coverage (other than Fox news) of what he has done and is doing, the lies he has told and the MULTIPLE coverups in which he is involved, much LESS prosecute him for his crimes.  But if we can shine enough LIGHT on this disgusting mess and the amoral sociopath at the center of ALL of it (our wonderful Traitor-In-Chief), then MAYBE people will begin to see him for what he is and we can finally force him to GET OUT of our White House!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So we now have IRS-gate: is this another diversion and distraction on behalf of the admin to draw attention off of Benghazi? Or is there something larger coming out of the wings and this is one more desperate effort to save their flaming tails?

    • Anonymous

      Since this story essentially came to light a year ago, I submit this is a diversion to redirect the outrage from Benghazi to the IRS, since this essentially hits us in our pocketbooks and closer to home than Benghazi…or so Barry Hussein hopes! Besides, Barry Hussein can say he’s sorry, it won’t happen again after a long drawn out posturing of bringing the guilty to justice–save himself, of course. Then if Benghazi should become an issue again, his response can be “that was so long ago; we have more important things to do…like gun control.”


      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Most likely your right. I wonder how long it will be before Obama’s fragile grasp on reality snaps completely into insanity – at which point he will become capable of anything.

        • Anonymous

          Narcissists are self-destructive. Barry Hussein’s house of cards is collapsing. Time to cue the false flag, wag the dog sympathy play. Today’s address in the East Room was prelude to his final acts. I can’t believe he is fundraising as we speak/write.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It sounds like between IRS-gate, Obama-care gate, and Benghazi-gate, Obama and many others of the administration will be facing long sentences in jail. 

    All the better then.

    • Anonymous

      Time to up your meds.

      • Anonymous

        Landree, your an idiot

        • Anonymous


    • JoAnn Graham

       If ONLY.  NOBODY is going to put a sitting U.S. President in jail.  The politicians who would have to do that will be looking at HIM and thinking “there but for the grace of God go I” . . . and if we can even get them to demand his resignation it will be a wonder.  And do NOT underestimate the number of minions he has working day and night to COVER his sorry butt–not to mention the media lackeys who will spin and equivocate and outright LIE for him.  But Nixon was hounded out of office and forced to RESIGN for a LOT less than this dirtbag liar has done–so there IS hope we can force him to quit if we can make things hot enough for him.  We can NOT allow Obama, his “useful idiots” OR his media lapdogs to marginalize all his lies and the scandalous results of his lying, “playing politics” with the lives of our embassy personnel  and his obvious incompetence for the office he holds.  We must hold their feet to the fire until they are FORCED to acknowledge what he has done, and HE is forced to resign and GET OUT of our White House.

  • Anonymous

    Tea Party & Patriot Groups included Abolish the IRS in platforms IRS said OK Tea Party you want to play games let’s play games

  • JoAnn Graham

    Why now?  Because a lawsuit was filed and the IRS KNEW the fat was in the fire and the truth would come out–so they rushed out and “confessed” and apologized–hoping that would exonerate them.  Move along–nothing to see here. Also, that way, Obama can claim he knew nothing about it, pretend to be “outraged” about it and vow to “get to the bottom of it”, after which, the matter would be quietly dropped and his lapdogs in the media would see that the story was IMMEDIATELY deep-sixed and would never see the light of day.

    However, his many lies and cover-ups are unraveling so quickly and blowing up in his face one after another, and his threats designed to silence “whistle-blowers” aren’t working, either. All this is happening so “fast and furiously” that he can no LONGER keep the lid on it, so he has to go into his act of “I know nothing”, “I’m outraged”, and “I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

  • Anonymous

    The laws can’t enforce themselves…men and women have to take that responsibility.  

  • B D

    No one that matters cares about the stories The Blaze reports on.The reason why comes down to one word:CREDIBILITY. Glenn has cried WOLF! so many many many times in the past, that he’s badly damaged his credibility. “Blood running in the streets during the Summer of 2012!” Beck Fail. “Loaf of bread will be $25 next year!” Beck Fail. “We’ll see the ARM OF GOD” Beck Fail. “The Boston Marathon Bomber was a Saudi student named Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi!” Beck Fail.  And the list goes on and on and on.  You sow what you reap Glenn.

  • Brian Johnson

        I read and listen to this dangerous lunatic
    almost every day despite the fact that I disagree with nearly everything he
    says. I’ve always been fascinated by his type of reactionary populism going
    back to the Wally George show when I was a kid. Wally was an
    idiot whose studio audience of mostly drunken college student who would hoot
    and cheer as Wally tore apart his liberal guest.  Beck isn’t as dumb as Wally but his audience sure
    is. I could picture all you people in the studio where, instead of the usual “applause”
    sign, he has ones that say “moral outrage” or “angry indignation” and just like
    trained seals you guys respond on queue.

         Anyway, here’s
    something to consider: The IRS scrutinized only a tiny fraction of all returns
    and audits around 1% of them, that’s all they have the man power to handle.
    They could use random selection but that would be the least effective way to
    find the tax cheats. Instead they look for various ‘red flags’ that indicate
    the likelihood of fraud. Now do you suppose that an organization who’s stated
    purpose is to loudly and publicly declare their opposition to paying taxes and
    who’s members (some apparently mentally deranged who carry flintlocks and dress
    in 18th century costumes) gather together at rally’s and make angry speeches
    denouncing the tax system as well as thinly veiled threats against elected
    officials, do you suppose such an organization might be a red flag? The
    bottom line is, don’t cheat on your tax return and you won’t get in trouble..

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