IRS, Benghazi, and the AP: What do all three scandals have in common?

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With three major scandals enveloping the White House, Glenn spent time on radio this morning breaking down how they are all rooted in the idea of fundamental transformation.

“We have Benghazis, IRS, and the AP. I tried to figure out what these things were really all about. In the end what do these three scandals have in common? And what they have in common is the arrogance of transforming the world,” Glenn said.

In Benghazi, Glenn believes that Obama was trying to transform the Middle East by supporting revolution. Glenn theorizes that the CIA was involved with running guns to the Syrian rebels, a theory that has been supported by other members of the media in recent days.

“In Benghazi he was transforming the Middle East. He wanted to run guns, support the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia was the one who asked us to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. So support the Muslim Brotherhood in the entire Middle East, run guns to the Muslim Brotherhood through Turkey into Syria and cede revolution, not just in Syria but all throughout the Middle East. This is the transformation of the Middle East. That’s his policy,” Glenn said.

How about the IRS scandal? Glenn said that’s about transforming political dissent and how the government deals with political dissent. He said the scandal specifically shows the evolution of intimidation and control from “nudge”, encouraging people to only trust sources with an acceptable bias like Al Jazeera and Huffington Post, to “shoot” where the IRS is used as a weapon to attack people’s reputation and finances.

“This scandal is about shoot. We’ve gone from nudge, to shove – which is destroy your reputation and I’m going to send the union thugs out after you ‑ to shoot. I’m actually going to use the union thugs to beat you, and I’m also going to destroy your life and finance through the IRS. I will destroy you. I will bankrupt you. When it comes to the only kind of gun the IRS has, they’ve just fired it at the American people,” Glenn said.

Finally, the AP scandal is about transforming the media.

“The progressives have been trying to transform the media for quite some time, and they’ve done a great job. We’ve all seen it,” Glenn said.

“Now, this, I want you to hear this fact clearly. This president has gone after and is prosecuting more whistleblowers than all of the other presidents combined in American history. By the way, he’s had five years. In five years he has gone after more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined. Understand that’s during the Communist hunts. That’s during Vietnam. That includes all of World War II, all of World War I and Woodrow Wilson. That includes Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. All other presidents combined,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that in order to transform the media, you first have to threaten the watchdogs who are trying to show what the government is doing. And when a few of the watchdogs are able to break through, you go after the press and intimidate them until they are unwilling to investigate.

“This is the last part of the fundamental transformation. What do all of these have in common? Transformation: Transform the Middle East, transform the First Amendment, and transform the media and the watchdogs. Transform, fundamental transformation of the United States of America,” Glenn said,

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Fundamental Transformation – we were warned of this by Obama’s statement five days before his assuming the office of the Presidency in the first term.

    Fine then, Obama is conducting this in the Middle East for the Muslim Brotherhood so they can gain the Caliphate; and here at home for the imposition of the Democrat Socialists rulership in the near future.

    What matters now is this: How can we unite to stop him and the Progressives, Democrat Socialists and others who wish to take the Republic down once and for all? How can we get the media to bring the truth to light?

    • Anonymous


      • Sam Fisher

        You should resigned that to kool aid drinker. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Given the background of Soros and the Fabian Society, has anyone considered how much they are involved in this mess of transformation around the world?

    • Anonymous

      ooooh, that evil fabian society, working to get a minimum wage and health care for citizens, ooooh, they’re so evil.


      • Anonymous

        That’s right; if Beck doesn’t like your political values, then you’re “evil.” Beck has seen the finger of God afterall.

        • Sam Fisher

          And you have a god complex Vicky. 

      • Tara Lynn

        Hey Knowitsome….. So explain why BHO bypassed congress and sent $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood, a well know terrorist group.

        • Mike Crowder

           You know this didn’t actually happen, don’t you?  I guess maybe it did if your sole source for news is the Kuwaiti newspaper… but no credible source (even Fox) has stated this.  I guess you just heard it one day and believed it.  Do you think the president can just whip out a checkbook and mail off a check?  He did state that we needed to find a way to continue to support Egypt (and not the MB) – but he doesn’t have the power you seem to think he does.

          • Sam Fisher

            And who is running Egypt? Muslim Brotherhood thanks for proving her point.

          • Anonymous

            Open your eyes and take your blinders off and put 2 & 2 together. He even has muslim brotherhood personel in his administration. Going around congress is his specialty.

          • Anonymous

            Mike – Obama does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 

            Up until now, he’s be able to do it with inpunity, BUT he screwed up big time when he and Holder messed with the Associated Press (AP).  Isn’t it ironic that Obama & Holder performed the illegal wiretapping against the AP to try and find more “whistleblowers to prosecute”.  How perfect is that? 

            Your head is going to spin when you see how fast he goes down, now that he has angered the press.

            Can you say Impeachment?

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            I hope so. But the press loves liberalism in general and Obama in particular more than they value their personal and professional integrity. I am afraid that the loyalist will eventually get the rest back in line . . .

          • Anonymous

            Thomas, thus far you are absolutely correct but I think Obama, Hillary and Holder have pushed their progressive agenda too far.  They’ve created so many scandals that there’s no way that one is going to stick.  These investigations will start out as individual endeavors, but soon the integrated coersion, deceit, lies and incompetence will all come together and it will become a single investigation into corruption and abuse of power within the Executive Branch.  That’s when the house of cards will come down, Obama will be impeached and a few folks will wind up in jail.  They can’t all just keep saying we didn’t know.  It’s their job to know and their responsible for the actions of all those who serve under them.

            Once they get a few underlings for their roles in these scandals and independent prosecutor will offer immunity to them for testifying about the actions of their leaders.  I’ll be surprised if people are actually willing to go to federal prison to protect Obama, Hillary and Holder.  But we’ll just have to wait and see.  Things are definitely getting interesting. 

          • Anonymous

            Wow Mike, If you are not aware of Obama’s ties to the MB then you are just not aware.  Google it.  The truth is out there.

        • Anonymous

          Uh…..because he is part of the muslim brotherhood…duh.  Oh boy, now I’m gonna get it.  :)

        • Anonymous

          Knowitsome can’t explain ANYTHING that hasn’t been told to him by his Marxist friends. Brainwashing at its finest.

          • Watchman on the Wall

             “Useful idiot” is how V.I. Lenin used to refer to such people.  Use them as part of the liberal mob to take control over the political power apparatus and then knock ’em off.  That’s what Lenin and Stalin did.  That’s what Obama will do too, if given the chance.

          • Anonymous

            Hitler, too.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Yup. All tyrants use the same tactics to gain power. Hitler was funded by the Jewish Talmudist global elites in America and Britain, just as V.I. Lenin and Trotsky were to finance the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. this was all part of the Jewish and Freemason master plan to foment three great world wars to destroy mankind and enslave what was left in a one world totalitarian dictatorship controlled behind the scenes by a group of Jewish Talmudic Zionists whose plan for centuries has been to dominate all of mankind and enslave all non-Jews in a hell on earth. If this sounds like the work and aim of Satan himself, now you’re catching on to who’s actually behind all of this.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, you lost me with the Jewish and Freemason master plan.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You’ll have to take up reading a few books. You might want to start with the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and “The Naked Communist,” by W. Cleon Skousen. If you really are serious, “Morals and Dogma,” by Grand Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Albert Pike, published in 1871, explains and openly admits the close ties between Talmudic Judaism and Freemasonry and their collective plans for world domination as long as 140 years ago.

          • Anonymous

            No, thank you. I said you lost me…as in I’m not interested. I’ve read Dan Brown, too. Even though he spouts facts and history, doesn’t mean it’s true.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Better to stay brain washed, indoctrinated, programmed and ignorant, huh? Don’t bother me with the facts, I like to deny reality…. is that it? You do know that there is a term for your condition don’t you? It’s the word “insanity,” the denial of reality.

            Enjoy the coming New World Order then. Slavery and bondage seems to suit you.

            Dan Brown is no scholar. He’s a globalist and a author of novels based on false narratives to lead others astray from the truth.

          • Anonymous

            You presume to know what I’m thinking? All this because I said I wasn’t interested in your conspiracy theory? You missed the mark with your analysis, your assumptions and sarcasm. Sorry, you can’t bully people to convert to your belief system, religion, theory or fantasy.
            Have a nice day.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I’m familiar with the thought patterns of those who write the sorts of foolish things you write. A fool’s errors are pretty easy to detect from just a bit of evidence and there are a collection of behavior traits which almost always go together. You’re just not as clever as you think you are. And rather lazy and ignorant to boot.

            I don’t recall asking you if you were interested in the admitted fact of the global conspiracy, nor do I particularly care. My target audience is not wicked fools, but those who are receptive and open to the objective truth, even if it turns out to be somewhat unpleasant and distasteful. So you’re not my target audience. Gt over it. I have.

            No one is bullying you here in the least so cut the psychological trickery. You’re brain washed, indoctrinated and deceived beyond hope; I fully get that. You’re free to go back to playing your video games to amuse yourself if you can’t keep up with the rest of us grown ups. Critical and logical reasoning and documented facts that provide an obvious set of clues about what’s really going on in our depraved and decaying world are just too much for you, aren’t they? Just go back to sleep. This is simply too intellectually taxing for you, I can see that.

          • Anonymous

            Wrong again, bucko! Get your head out of your pompous ass. You don’t know half of what you think you do. You’re also pretty lame at sizing up people with whom you wish to have an intellectual debate or exchange of information. Simply put, I choose not to engage with you based solely on the basis of your premise that Talmudic Jews and Freemasons are out to destroy the world. I disagree. Move on.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You really need to go back to your playpen and let the big boys share the truth and learn from one another. You are way out of your league, “bucko.” You’re the one who needs to “move on.” What an arrogant pompous ass you clearly are! You don’t want to examine the facts, but you disagree. And who should give a rip what you think and why?!? Legend in your own mind… how pathetic!

      • Sam Fisher

        More proof the liberals will believe their Lord and savior Obama over the rest of the media and even reality.

      • Adam Broderick

        take the blinders off dumbass….look at how much money  has been printed, look at how dishonest this administration is…and then really take a look at this healthcare …the the same people that passed it don’t want to be a part of it…Then think of how stupid you look for supporting this piece of shit and be silent 

        • Anonymous

          These people don’t care if we are spending our great, great, great grandchildrens earnings to pay for their healthcare. They don’t care if their minimum wage schemes actually raise costs of goods and cost American’s their jobs. As longs as they are getting theirs. Selfishness doesn’t begin to cover it.  So who is evil?

        • Anonymous

          knowitsome is exactly what Glenn is talking about. Ignorant and uninformed Marxist dorks that want to kill this country and turn it into communist property.

          • Watchman on the Wall

             You’re right, but it goes deeper than this and it’s important to understand what is at its root.  Behind ignorance and Marxism is foolishness and wickedness.  Communism was invented by Jewish Talmudist Zionists and is a tool of world domination of all non-Jews that is rooted in the demonic. 

            You have to study what the Jewish rabbis teach from the Talmud to understand how the real enemy thinks and views the world.  A good starting place is the book, “Judaism’s Strange Gods,” by Mark Hitchcock.  It is well worth the time to read and understand.  For a non-Jew, the teachings of the Talmud are absolutely shocking and detestable!  There are many more books which cover this same ground and confirm Hitchcock’s revelation, but his book is the best and most comprehensive I’ve come across so far.

          • Ben Schillaci

            you’re a very stupid person who read a book and liked what it said. keep reading

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Ridicule, scorn and mockery are the tell-tale signs of a fool. You’ve just proven your own character to be morally deficient. So what’s your point? And why would a wise man argue with a fool? It’s a complete waste of time.

      • alexander

        Yes, the same Fabian society that supported Eugenics by sterilizing people they didn’t see fit for reproduction, and supported the “Half-Caste Act”

        Yes, they were evil.

        • Anonymous

          Like Planned Parenthood eugenics? Imagine. The similarities are astounding!

      • Teresa Geib Bacon

        you can’t be serious

        • Anonymous

          Yes this jerk is very serious.

      • Anonymous

         It’s because of the ill informed, such as yourself that we now have an administration which appears to be patterned on the likes of IDI AMIN…..former RULER of Uganda!

      • Anonymous

        if obamacare is so great, why are members of congress exempt?

      • Watchman on the Wall

         Sarcasm and ridicule I see: These are the true marks of a wicked fool, teaches Proverbs.  Don’t try reasoning with a fool; it’s a complete waste of time.  They’re controlled by demon spirits who cannot be reasoned with.

      • Anonymous

        Hey KnowsSoLittle – why don’t you find a website to participate in for people with limited mental abilities.  Glenn makes things very clear, he presents all the facts, yet these topics are still way above your head. 

        We understand what the problems are and YOU are part of the problem.  You seem incapable of understanding even the most elementary concepts of governmental abuse of power, corruption and cover ups.

        Obama claims transparency yet punishes “whistle blowers”.  What a hypocrit. 

        Consider this – Why don’t you become transparent?

      • NotRedYet

         Are you retarded or just ignorant?

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t we make the minimum wage $25/hr?  That would provide a better living for everyone, don’t you thnk?  Do you think that would be feasible?

    • Watchman on the Wall

      They are indeed part of an elaborate network of secret societies, public and private organizations which are all at work to usher in the Brave New World of the New World Order.  but you haven’t identified who and what is at the core of these varied campaigns to destroy America.  At the root of it is Talmudic Judaism and the Jewish worldview that Jews are the master race, chosen by God, to dominate the rest of us in a totalitarian Communist one world government and destroy Biblical Christianity.  And behind the lies and false teachings of the rabbis and the Jewish Talmud is the devil himself, whose aim is to destroy all of mankind and keep as many as he can on the pathway to eternal torment in the fires of hell – including the Jews.  This is the hard truth that most of the brain washed and mind-controlled world refuses to accept, but it is the truth nevertheless. 

      There’s just one problem.  YHWH, the God of the Bible, remains fully in control and He has been orchestrating and permitting these things to happen to demonstrate to all of mankind how utterly depraved and hopeless mankind is without God guiding us.

      We are living in the final 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation foretold in Daniel 12:1 and Matthew 24:21-22.  Unless a person has spiritual discernment and the Holy Spirit guiding them, they cannot see this.  They are spiritually blind and completely clueless about this greater reality that is driving all that we see in the world news today.  The signs that we are living in the final days of the end times are all around us and easy to spot if one possesses spiritual discernment. 

      Virtually all mainline allegedly Christian denominations and churches have gone apostate and teach little more than heresy today.  Truth and genuine agape love are no where to be found in organized religion, in fulfillment of Matthew 24:10-12, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 2 Timothy 3:1-7 and 4:3-5.  The spirit of the antichrist is everywhere.  Lies, deceit, hatred, conflict and betrayal are the norm.  These are all signs of the imminent collapse of Western Civilization.  None of this can be arrested by the acts of man.  And that’s just God’s point: God incarnate, in the form of His son Jesus Christ, must come again to earth in His second coming to destroy the wicked and rescue His people and set up His thousand year Millennial kingdom on earth and rid the world of sin.

      Until a person grasps the reality that we live in a world at war in the spiritual realm, none of what we are witnessing from a secular viewpoint really seems to make much sense. But when we embrace the true Biblical worldview, it makes perfectly logical sense.  We may not like the implications of that understanding, but that is a different issue than what are the causal factors behind the slide of the world today into utter depravity.

      • Emma William

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        • NotRedYet

          What a crock of BS,  your post is as stupid as the ones showing some off the wall gadget and claiming  “Power companies hate this” Stupid

        • Anonymous

          My monkey’s uncle’s laptop makes $88/hr and no one even uses it.  Amazing right?!

      • Idahocntryboy!

        While I agree with most of your statement I disagree who is behind it and I do not believe we are in the last 3 1/2 years.  I believe we are in the first half of the seven years because if we were in the last half the Christian’s would have already been lifted into heaven.  Once the salt of the earth is gone nothing will stop satan and the anti-Christ which will include printing 666 in the forehead or forearm for economic trade.  As a Christian I would refuse this mark even to the point of starving to death.   I am a mid-trib and believe we shall see who is with the Lord and who just think they are and is on the broad road thinking they are going to heaven.  God has lifted his blessing and protection from the US since 9/11 and we have had punishments every seven years since 9/11.  The next one if I am right and we do not repent will be around September 2015.  I do not know what it will be but 2008 was financial collapse so could it be plaque or famine?  I do not know and I am speculating.  These same events happened to Israel because of disobedience to God.  Unless this country repents we shall see the history of Israel happen to the US.  May God have mercy on us.

        • Watchman on the Wall

          I commend to your attention a few very illuminating information sources, all of which you will need to read and assimilate in order to connect the dots and see the inescapable conclusions:

          1) “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

          2) “Judaism’s Strange Gods,” by Mark Hitchcock

          3) “The Naked Capitalist,” by W. Cleon Skousen

          4) “Brotherhood of Darkness,” by Dr. Stanley Monteith

          5) “A Greater ‘Miracle’ Than the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered… the Dean “Six Million” Uncovered,” by Brian Alois Cleraubat

          These are a sufficient start to understand just how deeply all of us in the world have been deceived by the Synagogue of Satan. Jesus predicted that nothing would be hidden that would not be revealed in the end in Matthew 10:26. This revelation is a big part of what Jesus was referring to and it is now happening through vessels like me and many other watchmen.

          With respect to the so-called Rapture, or “gathering up,” I find no support in Scripture for anything other than a post-tribulation rapture. Jesus explains the sequence in Matthew 24 pretty clearly, as I read it: first the Great Tribulation (also described and foretold in Daniel 12:1)in verses 21 & 22, immediately after the tribulation (which God’s elect and His saints are having to endure), the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken in verse 29. Only after these two events have occurred will Jesus show up in the clouds and only then will he gather together his elect (as also explained in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). this is what the words say and mean. You’re free to believe whatever you choose to, but to arrive at any other conclusion, I believe a person must add to or subtract from what Scripture says, and then one is in big trouble with God, according to Revelation 22:18 & 19. If it were me, I just wouldn’t go there.

          Please don’t hold your breath and hope or expect that America, as a nation, will repent of anything. America has been infiltrated and corrupted with evil by the Jewish Talmudist global elites who rule our government, media, schools, businesses and apostate Christian churches today. Scripture reveals to us that there will be no great revival or repentance, as much as I would live to witness such a thing. At least not until the second coming of Jesus, and then it will be too late for the wicked to turn from their evil and wicked ways.

          The reason I believe we have passed the half-way mark of the seven year tribulation period is because I have studied a couple of well-researched pieces on the net which point to 3/22/2013 as the start of the Great Tribulation. One of them arrives at this date through logic and reasoning which I believe to be in error, but I find it fascinating that they both arrive at the same date and it fits with what I observe in our world today – IF I am willing to consider that a pre- or mid-trib rapture is may not be in the cards. If I cannot get over those views, which I believe to be in error, then the idea of 3/22/2013 being the mid-point date is incoherent and incompatible with my other beliefs.

          Just a few things to think about: The Georgia Guidestones, revealing the globalist plan to trim the world’s population from 7.0 billion people to 0.5 billion people, were erected on March 22, 1980 – exactly 33 years prior to 3/22/2013. 33 has much significance to those who practice the occult. I suspect this is because Jesus was crucified in 33 A.D., but that is merely speculative on my part. The Skull and Bones Society of Yale University (a prime Illuminati and Freemasonry recruiting ground that 3 generations of Bushes and John Kerry were members of) has a chapter number of 322. Why is that? Occultists and those dabbling in Satanism are deeply into symbols that have two meanings: one that only the “adepts” know and the other that the rest of the public is led to believe it means. Thirdly, Obama stood in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on 3/22/2013. That church purports to be built over a grotto where it is believed Jesus was born. Scripture (Matthew 24:15 to be exact) refers to an “abomination that causes desolation stand in the holy place” it is a sign of the start of the Great Tribulation. I am not saying that Obama is the Antichrist (though he may be). But what I am saying is that the Jewish Talmudist global elites scheduled Obama to travel to Jerusalem 5 days before Passover (which always occurs on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nissan) this year. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt 5 days before the Passover too. Is this just mere coincidence? Is it the Jews making a mockery and a parody out of the Bible and of Jesus? Or is someone trying to signal something to us?

          Any one of these events doesn’t prove anything. All three of these indicators starts to paint a pattern that something is up here. Is it conclusive? No it’s not. God delights in concealing matters from mankind and it is the honor of kings and His saints to to search out a matter (Proverbs 25:2) and to discover what is true in our world, we have to look for multiple clues, think like a detective and look for patterns rather than conclusive, irrefutable truth in any one fact. This is all I am doing to arrive at my conclusion of where I think we are in God’s prophetic time line. If my reasoning is flawed, or my facts off, my conclusion will be in error.

          In the big picture, it really doesn’t matter precisely where we are in God’s timeline, but as a modern day prophet and Watchman on the Wall, I’ve experienced hideous deceits, lies, betrayals and persecution starting in 2010, that can only be explained by end times prophecy of the tribulation period.

          The global conspiracy is not theory. It is way more than that. It is admitted fact. when you understand its end objective and the written master plan they are using to drag the world toward their concept of a New World Order, any competent analyst who has spiritual discernment and an understanding of human nature has to conclude that it is nothing short of demonic. End times prophecy predicts all the things we are witnessing in our world today that are in conflict with God’s will as defined by the Bible, which purports to be the flawless words of God. Anyone expecting absolutely conclusive proof of all this, doesn’t have a good understanding of how God operates and what true faith looks like.

          If you or any one else is interested in my sources for the 3/22/2013 starting date on the Great Tribulation, let me know and I’ll reply again with links to my sources.

          • Idahocntryboy!

            You must be Mormon or Jehovah Witness or some type of cult.  I need no other books other than the bible.  It is obvious that you are anti-Semite so enough said I shake the dust from my feet and move on.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Nice try, but you’re so far off the mark it’s pitiful! Institutional, organized religion is universally corrupt and apostate in 2013. I am a born again Biblical Christian who knows how to read and comprehend evidence, to apply the rules of logical reasoning and who knows how to detect trustworthy authorities and fraudulent ones and discern the difference between them.

            Any one who makes the claim you do is self-deceived and is merely “playing church.” We live in a world at war. This war is a cosmic war between spiritual forces of good and evil which manifests itself in our physical world in innumerable ways. The evidence for this reality in this world, points to the infallibility of the Bible. If you don’t care enough to pursue the truth, then you are not of Jesus. Your fruit (the fruit of the Spirit) reveals your true heart and motives. You cannot be saved with “feel good religion.” God and the Bible call all true adopted sons and daughters of His to take up the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, and engage spiritual warfare to exposing the evil deed of darkness of the wicked, shining our light into the darkness of lies with truth and genuine agape love.

            Since you claim to know the Bible so well, you must know that Ephesians 5:11-16 says: “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (other translations read “expose them”). For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. Redeeming the time for the days are evil.” (KJV)

            Anyone who claims he knows it all or that he needs nothing but the Bible is a fraud and a liar and suffers from pride. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble, teaches James 4:6. So where’s your integrity? It appears you don’t possess any. Then you cannot possibly be of Christ who embodies integrity, truth and agape (sacrificial) love.

            As for your specious ad hominem mockery suggesting that I am an anti-Semite, you really are going to have to cease spouting such drivel. It makes you look like the programmed, mind controlled nut you appear to be. Moreover, it merely reveals that you choose to bury your head in the sand and believe all the lies and propaganda that we all have been subjected to all of our lives by some very wicked and deceitful people who are controlled by the Jewish Talmudic and Freemason global elites who are engaging in endless psychological warfare with our minds. It’s time you learned the truth.

            The truth is that I am a true Semite. So how can I be anti myself?!? Second, the majority of the world’s Jews are not Semites, but Edomites and Japhetites and Ashkenazi Jews. but since you don’t read anything but the Bible (or so you claim), you wouldn’t know this. Nor would you know that Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of the Turko-Mongolian nation of Khazaria, whose king and nobles, in 740 AD, converted to Talmudic Judaism out of pagan phallic worship out of political expediency. As such, they have no genetic links to the 12 Hebrew tribes of ancient Israel, although they lie and claim the exact opposite! Finally, the Holocaust is a complete fraud and a hoax of monumental proportions, foisted on the rest of the world to draw sympathy and pity to this pathetic group of sociopaths whose common tie is their belief in the hateful teachings of the Jewish Talmud. In short, you’ve been completely deceived and don’t even know it!

            So much for your absurd claims that you know anything of what the Bible actually teaches! True followers of Jesus obey His commandments: including exposing the evil deeds of darkness of the wicked – no matter how rich and powerful they may seem. I have just demonstrated what a true follower of Christ does in obedience to His commandments and out of love for Him who did everything for me so that I might live free from sin and bondage forever.

          • Take 2

            Through my travels out of the American bubble of what we are being told…it is true that A’ typical Jew dictations is or are only favorable to their own initial tribe.  Both Islamist and Jew remain stuck in a time warp of some sort’s handing down hate verses finding love i.e. the true God through Jesus Christ.

            The main body of USA libors are or is Jewish capitalist. e.g., Movies, News Media, Education, Medical…the whole Mary Ann.

            Islamist believe in God through Mohammad and that Jesus Christ was a profit, and that all Westerners are evil.  Jews believe in God of Abraham and or Moses but are not allowed to acknowledge Jesus Christ and or Christian believers in Jesus Christ. Both are taught that all Westerners are Christians. (This is first hand Knowledge-outside of America)

            The bottom line is at some point canonization of the Holy scripture must go through Jesus Christ, or; all these knukel head handed down antique dictations will continue to cause upheaval against Christians verses peace love and pearly gates for all mankind.i.e. finding perfection or God is only possible through Jesus Christ.  And so it is written.

          • steve ward

            hi ,ive been following your post’s and have been with you all the way and in total aggreance to about everything you have commented about the reason why i have been so doing is i was wondering if you were some one i happen to watch and learn from on a weekly basis ( H.L.) for privacy reasons i will use initials only  this comment here though kinda really threw me for a loop though( Finally, the Holocaust is a complete fraud and a hoax of monumental
            proportions, foisted on the rest of the world to draw sympathy and pity
            to this pathetic group of sociopaths whose common tie is their belief in
            the hateful teachings of the Jewish Talmud)so can you please confirm or deny the initials and the explain to me where i could research  this comment or maybe even explain it better than i took it  thanks sw

          • Watchman on the Wall

            SW, No, those are not my initials. As for research sources, I would be happy to provide you some direction. Here are the books I recommend for these two topics (Holocaust and Talmud):

            1) “A Greater ‘Miracle,’ Than the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered… The Dead ‘Six Million’ Uncovered…!” by Brian Alois Cleraubat.

            2) “Debating the Holocaust,” by Thomas Dalton, PhD. Here the author arrives at a conclusion based on the facts that he presents and some leaps of faith that he fails to support with hard evidence or reasoning, but the evidence he lays out on both sides of the argument ought to strike any reader with integrity as quite obvious and in alignment with the proper conclusions that the first author arrived at.

            3) “Judaism’s Strange Gods,” by mark Hitchcock.

            4) “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians,” by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis.

            5) “The Jews and Their Lies,” by Dr. Martin Luther (the same Luther who launched the Reformation)

            The last three books all corroborate one another. I’ve listed these resources on each topic in the sequence I would read them to get the most out of them. There are plenty more I could recommend, but these will get you where you want to go. Happy reading! …even though the topics are not very pleasant, they are the objective truth and we all need to know it.

      • jen

         False – you need to rid the wickedness out of you or Jesus will not pick you up.  You israel loving so-called christians think you can do whatever you want (ex- help obama/romney/bush/rubio) and then just saying you know that jesus is the savior, you think those sins of yours that are used to cause destruction will be forgiven.

        You expect Jesus to forgive you for destroying this world which is his.

        Jesus said only a few will make it back to him – that is bec too many people like you are wooed by politicians and manipulative media and israeli politicians to really want to live according to jesus.

        fyi – even the devil knows that jesus is the savior and son of god.  just by believing it is not enough – you have to prove it.  and that is where they conservatives are deceitful/liars themselves and are not willing to come thru for jesus.

        • Watchman on the Wall

          You miss my point entirely. Read more carefully what I say, not what you wish to twist it and as you wish to interpret it.

          If you are not a genuine follower of Jesus, Yehushua, the Christ, then by definition you are of the devil and the truth is not in you. Because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father (YHWH) but through him. (John 14:6). Those who are of the truth hear the voice of Jesus he told Pilate in John 18:37. So it all starts with the truth. Truth matters, because whatever we believe to be the truth, we act on and if we act on lies, we will experience hurt and pain.

          Obama, Romney, Bush and Rubio all have claimed to be Christians, but clearly they are all lying. All politicians are liars and have something in their pasts that permits them to be compromised / black mailed by their Jewish Talmudist globalist masters who approve and finance their campaigns. There are no exceptions to this. So what’s your point?

          fyi: I am perfectly aware of the truth and of what the Bible, the flawless words of God, reveals. For I am a true Israelite and a modern day prophet following in the footsteps and the traditions of the OT prophets Jeremiah and Hosea. True faith and belief is not merely head knowledge. You are right about that. It is about the heart. It is about deep seated convictions which drive your every thought and action. It is evidenced by a man’s fruit: either the fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians 5:22-23, or by the acts of the carnal, sinful nature spelled out in Galatians 5:19-21. There are many frauds who profess to be Christians and who are not. End times prophecy, which applies to the times in which we are now living reveals that the love of most will grow cold and corrupt and defile the true faith. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 reveals that the falling away or great apostasy and revealing of of the man of perdition, the Antichrist has to occur prior to the second coming of Jesus and the gathering up – AFTER the Great Tribulation, and not before as most false teaching pastors are teaching today. Matthew 7:21-23 reveals what will happen to those frauds on Judgment Day before Jesus: He will tell them, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

          So that addresses what will happen to the frauds and charlatans like Obama, Romney, Bush and Rubio. We’re in full agreement on that. But what about YOU? Where do you stand with God and how do YOU know? God’s not letting you off the hook because the rest of the world is filled with depraved and sinful men and women. We all must one day give an account to Jesus. Those who are not with Him are opposed to Him and their end is always the same fate: the lake of fire and torment for all eternity. Are you prepared for that? True agape love calls for me to tell you the truth: not what your itching ears may want to hear in fulfillment of 2 Timothy 4:3-5. The hard fact is that the Bible is 100% true, reliable and trustworthy. The fact that the world is filled with lies and liars should come as no surprise. The devil is the father of lies and he rules this temporal world. the question each of us must answer for ourselves is who do we serve and belong to? Our selfish selves, and by extension the devil, or Jesus Christ, Yehushua, the King of kings and Lord of lords and master of the universe? I have made my choice and I’m good to go. How about YOU?

          • Anonymous

            Did you just say you are a modern day prophet?  I believe there is a modern day prophet but that he is not self appointed and you are not he.  Boy, the arrogance you display.  You raise yourself up, but tell us that only God can raise ones self up.  Are you listening to yourself arrogant man?

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Yes, that’s what I said. I didn’t appoint myself to this role: YHWH and Jesus did. A prophet teaches that which is true as evaluated against the flawless words of God and of Jesus in the Bible. A prophet is revealed over time by whether what he teaches is fulfilled. There’s your criteria by which to judge the veracity of what I say and teach, and not your emotional reaction to that which you cannot or will not believe.

            All prophets of old experienced intense scorn, mockery, trials, sufferings and persecution which God permitted in their lives to test and refine their characters. My models are the prophets Jeremiah and Hosea. My life has paralleled theirs in so many ways that it defies the imagination. If you knew my hideous life story, you would not believe it. But all my past pain and suffering was designed by God to prepare me for this day and this hour in God’s Biblical timeline of humanity. I know where I come from. I know why I am here at this time and in this place in world history. I know where I am going and who I belong to. God has revealed the truth of things to me that no man has a right to know, comprehend and remember. Why is that? To puff me up with pride and tell others what a smart-ass I am? Not at all! the only reason that makes any sense at all is because God has given me my gifts so that I might share with others what He has revealed to me. Over time, watch and see whether my explanations reveal many things which have been hidden for centuries, but are now being fulfilled, in direct fulfillment of Matthew 10:26. You may not believe Jesus and the Bible. That’s your right. It’s also your right to be in error. I suggest you get over yourself. You are not God; nor am I. the difference between us is that I know it. Apparently you do not.

          • Anonymous

            “God has revealed the truth of things to me that no man has a right to know, comprehend and remember… the only reason that makes any sense at all is because God has given me my gifts so that I might share with others what He has revealed to me. Over time, watch and see whether my explanations reveal many things which have been hidden for centuries, but are now being fulfilled”  What you are revealing that you believe has been hidden for centuries is already known to me and is actually being reported on the Blaze.  I guess according to your logic we are all prophets. LOL

          • Watchman on the Wall

            No mockery, ridicule and scorn merely reveal you to be a fool, not a prophet.

            Not everything I share is revealing hidden things, nor was that the case with the Biblical prophets of old. But you’re not really interested in that which is true, are you?

            So what if you have knowledge of such things if you fail to connect the dots and fail to realize that without Christ being central in your life, you are completely screwed with what’s coming? Those who mock, ridicule and use sarcasm to try to suppress the truth are not of Christ. That means that your ultimate destiny is the lake of fire for all eternity. Sounds a little too toasty to me…

          • Anonymous

            I am not mocking, ridculing or scorning you.  You were the one claiming to be a prophet by revealing hidden truths.  You are the one who says I fail to connect dots, that Christ is not central in my life and that I am completely screwed and that my destiny is in a lake of fire for all eternity. You do not know me, sounds like you are scorning me.  Good luck Prophet Watchman.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I’ll let your words speak for themselves. You don’t get to redefine what words mean. I don’t need to know you. “Even a child is known by his actions (and his words); by whether his conduct is right and pure.” Your words reveal your character (or lack thereof).

            Had you connected the dots, as I referred to previously, you would have fully comprehended that the most important conclusion to draw from recent developments in our world and the revelations of the lies and deceit that has been going on for decades, if not centuries, behind the scenes in secret is that it reveals and proves that the Bible has been 100% true all along. And if this is true, then we can count on end times prophecy to be 100% trustworthy to guide and instruct us of what’s coming. And if this is true, then a whole lotta people are gonna die pretty soon. And if this is true, then getting right with God ought to be everyone’s #1 priority. Yet your prior words reflect none of that insight. Instead they assert that you know it all through the Blaze already and so that must make you a prophet.

            Frankly speaking, I don’t see anyone on this site revealing squat about the role of Talmudic Judaism and the Jews’ plan for world domination written of just about anywhere. Unless you know who the real enemy is and how he thinks, how can you oppose him? The short answer is, you can’t.

            My bottom line is this: unless one comprehends that what is going on in our world today is the culmination of a spiritual battle that has been raging underneath the surface of life ever since the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden, a person is clueless what their real options are to protect themselves and their friends and families. My objective in posting and teaching here is to wake people up to the truth so that they can take protective action, both physically and spiritually. Because that is what I am called to do by God. It’s that simple.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t redifine my words, I said that what you said you were revealing has already been reported.  I know I am no prophet, I know that Christ is central in my life, you assumed he wasn’t.  I believe the bible is true, I never said it wasn’t.  All I’m saying is that for being a prophet, you sure got me all wrong.  All I want to know is why do you hate the Jews?  I don’t see what you are saying as teaching, it sounds more like condeming.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Exposing the lies of a group of people who share a common belief system or worldview that causes them to take actions that are evil and wicked and hurtful to others is not hate. In fact, it is love. It is love for the truth and for justice. You seem deeply confused as to what is morally right and wrong. when any people group commit hideous crimes against others, I get angry and want to see them brought to justice so that it doesn’t keep happening.

            I’m calling on you to think more deeply and more critically here. If you really believe the Bible is true, then why not live and act upon what it teaches? This is what the Bible teaches. It is contrary to what our corrupt culture teaches, which you are mimicking here. One of them has to be wrong. I’m betting it’s the culture. God is unchanging, He never lies and He never fails. Mankind is fickle and usually dead wrong. So I’m betting on God.

          • Anonymous

            Again don’t judge me.  You don’t know me. ” If you really believe the Bible is true, then why not live and act upon what it teaches? This is what the Bible teaches. It is contrary to what our corrupt culture teaches, which you are mimicking here.”  You are assuming that I am mimicking what culture teaches but you truly have no idea of how I live my life.  Arrogance is not Christ like and you may want to work on this.  I believe the bible has harsh words for those who claim to be “Holier than thou”

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I reserve the right to discern truth from error and righteousness from wickedness in all things. I am amoral man with sound moral judgment and an infallible standard by which to assess the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

            You take the verse in Matthew 7:1 out of context and a poor English translation for the original Aramaic or Hebrew word the original manuscripts were written in that is translated “judge” in that verse. A far better translation, in the context of the next 4 verses would be the word “condemn” vs. judge. The word judge has two meanings in English: discern and condemn and Jesus means the former in the verse you allude to. It is patently absurd to suggest that anyone should not discern right from wrong, and so permit oneself to be harmed. No one lives that way and you don’t either. As soon as I steal your wallet, you are quite likely to say tell methat that is wrong or not fair. And you know what? You’d be right. But now you’ve judged me. So I guess it’s OK to judge after all, isn’t it? You really need to think more carefully here, because you are merely spouting off feel good nonsense that you have been indoctrinated into through schools, the media and our culture. but it is patently absurd and any clear thinking individual knows this. I have just illustrated for you that you are indeed mimicking the culture and failing to think rationally and coherently and read Scripture in the context of verses before and after your pet verse to properly understand the author’s intent and meaning.

            There is nothing arrogant about my bringing correction to error and foolishness. In fact, it is in keeping with the teachings of the wisdom Book of Proverbs. there it teaches that I wise man will listen to godly correction and become wiser still. A fool, on the other hand will mock and scorn your attempts to bring correction to him for his own edification and will never learn. Which one of those are you? Your protests to my Biblical correction indicate the latter. We’ll let others be the judge, shall we?

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I reserve the right to discern truth from error and righteousness from wickedness in all things. I am amoral man with sound moral judgment and an infallible standard by which to assess the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

            You take the verse in Matthew 7:1 out of context and a poor English translation for the original Aramaic or Hebrew word the original manuscripts were written in that is translated “judge” in that verse. A far better translation, in the context of the next 4 verses would be the word “condemn” vs. judge. The word judge has two meanings in English: discern and condemn and Jesus means the former in the verse you allude to. It is patently absurd to suggest that anyone should not discern right from wrong, and so permit oneself to be harmed. No one lives that way and you don’t either. As soon as I steal your wallet, you are quite likely to say tell methat that is wrong or not fair. And you know what? You’d be right. But now you’ve judged me. So I guess it’s OK to judge after all, isn’t it? You really need to think more carefully here, because you are merely spouting off feel good nonsense that you have been indoctrinated into through schools, the media and our culture. but it is patently absurd and any clear thinking individual knows this. I have just illustrated for you that you are indeed mimicking the culture and failing to think rationally and coherently and read Scripture in the context of verses before and after your pet verse to properly understand the author’s intent and meaning.

            There is nothing arrogant about my bringing correction to error and foolishness. In fact, it is in keeping with the teachings of the wisdom Book of Proverbs. there it teaches that I wise man will listen to godly correction and become wiser still. A fool, on the other hand will mock and scorn your attempts to bring correction to him for his own edification and will never learn. Which one of those are you? Your protests to my Biblical correction indicate the latter. We’ll let others be the judge, shall we?

          • Anonymous

            Again, I don’t have a problem with biblical correction.  I have a problem with you (and this is the part where I find you to be arrogant) constantly scorning me and refering to me as foolish.  Now , how wise are you that you don’t listen to godly correction yourself?  I realize that you will become defensive with that question and refer to me again as foolish and ungodly and once again put yourself up on a pedestal. There is a difference between edification and condesention and so far I feel you have treated me with the latter.  As far as stealing my wallet I would not judge you I would just kick your ass, then I would pick you off the ground, dust you off and ask you if you had learned your lesson.  That would not be judgement it would be protection of my property. 

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Actually you do have a problem with Bible correction. You apparently are unfamiliar with the teachings of the Book of Proverbs which defines the clear behavior traits of the wise and of the foolish. You might want to examine those carefully. If you are able to be honest with yourself (something which is highly doubtful, but knock yourself out trying), you will find that your writing reveals a presumptive and disrespectful spirit that is indicative of a youthful fool. A fool who lacks spiritual discernment thinks he knows it all when in fact he is completely clueless.

            Your feelings of wounded pride are not indicative of my being condescending to you at all. Our culture flatters the foolish and discourages rebuke and correction because we are all being manipulated and controlled psychologically to think pridefully and not humbly receive valid and well-intentioned correction. No one enjoys discipline or correction when it is received, but afterwards, it bears the fruit of righteousness, teaches Hebrews 12. A wise man listens to a rebuke, heeds it and becomes wiser still. A fool scoffs, scorns and mocks anyone who has the temerity to bring correction to him, and ends up receiving no correction and makes foolish choices which destroy himself.

            As to my example of the stealing your wallet, you responded quite petulantly and foolishly and demonstrated your deficient character and absence of humility in the process. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble, teaches James 4:6. Thus God is opposing you right now. That’s a very foolish place to be, but if you choose to, give it a try and let me know how that works out for you. I already know the answer, but I’m not nearly as young and foolish as you are.

            In the process of your petulant response you entirely proved my point. You would judge that if I stole your wallet, you would become indignant and do something to correct such a wrong. Thus you prove that you do judge, so don’t tell me that the Bible teaches me not to judge your actions. That’s complete bullshit. It teaches me to discern right from wrong. Matthew 7:1-5 in its full context teaches us to get the plank out of our own eye before trying to remove the speck of sawdust from our brother’s eye to help him. In other words, don’t be a hypocrite: work on your own shortcomings first before trying to bring correction to another. So your presumed action in my hypothetical example would most definitely amount to judgement, followed by action. You need to learn to think more carefully before opening your mouth. You’re not as smart or as clever as you presume you are.

          • Anonymous

            even sinners are your brothers and sisters so anger may very well be an inappropriate response.  I am not deeply confused as to what is morally right and wrong.  Your gift of discerment seems to be no gift at all really, but more of a self view that you have of yourself.  Once again, good luck.

          • Anonymous

            “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”  With all of your stone throwing I guess I am talking to a perfect individual.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Actually, my spiritual brothers and sisters are my fellow born again elect brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Jesus saved his harshest criticism and anger for the money changers in the Temple and for the scribes and Pharisees whom He exposed for their wickedness and hypocrisy in Matthew 23. His is the model all genuine followers of Christ are to follow.

            Yes, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. That is why we all desperately need a Savior from ourselves. However, there are two distinct types of sinners: those who confess and repent from their sins, turn from their evil and wicked ways, submit and surrender their lives and their wills to Jesus Christ as their Lord in everything and so are saved by Christ’s death on the Cross imputing His righteousness and holiness to us, and then there are the rebellious, unrepentant sinners described in Romans 1:18-32 who go from bad to worse and destroy themselves and every relationship they have with others over their own selfishness.

            God is a God of holiness and justice and love. The first two attributes demand that sin be punnished: either via Christ’s death on the Cross on our behalf, or our own spiritual death in hell. Proverbs teaches those who week to become wise not to keep the company of the wicked or of fools, but to have nothing to do with them.

            Today’s godless, demonic Marxist dogma advocates diversity, tolerance and compromise with that which is evil as God defines it. This is directly in conflict with what God’s word says and teaches. Romans 12:2 teaches that we are not to be conformed to the changing an fickle patterns of this world (the culture), but to be transformed (radically changed) by the renewal of our minds (by reading, meditating on and obeying God’s word, the Bible in all things).

            I standby my earlier observation of your moral confusion. Your observations and comments do not maintain full integrity with what God’s word says. I don’t know what it means to say you believe in the Bible, but either don’t know what it says or don’t do it. Something is not right there. Just a clue: it’s not the Bible that is in error. So keep looking…

          • Anonymous

            You said Christ Jesus,  I think you meant Jesus Christ though.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You claimed to believe the Bible. Do you not read it?!? How can you believe that which you do not know intimately?

            If you had such deep familiarity with the Bible as you imply you do, you would know that I meant what I wrote that I derive from the writings of the epistles of the Apostle Paul.

          • Ringo Lapua

            Why don’t you firebreathin, bible thumping nutcases take a hike.  You really are hurting our cause against the devil incarnate Obama.  Do you realize how crazy you sound online? Show your love of God by example and stop trying to shove your beliefs down other peoples throats.  When you do that it makes you no different than the Muslim Jihadists who want the same thing. TO FORCE YOU TO BELIEVE IN THEIR INTERPRETATION OF GOD.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you up to the point where you said, “When you do that it makes you no different than the Muslim Jihadists who want the same thing. TO FORCE YOU TO BELIEVE IN THEIR INTERPRETATION OF GOD.” The obvious difference is that you are not being forced to believe anything. Jihadist threaten you with death if you don’t side with their views.  You can see the difference can’t you?

          • Watchman on the Wall

            No one’s forcing you to read anything I teach. I teach the objective truth, as inconvenient and unpleasant at that may be in these final days of the end times. The truth is foolishness to those who are perishing, because they are spiritually blinded to the truth and want no part of that. The Bible explains all of this too, for those who possess the spiritual discernment to understand it. Apparently you do not. Bummer for you. But I do.

            Jesus embodies both truth and agape (sacrificial) love and so do I. Nobody’s “shoving his beliefs down your throat.” You just are controlled by some demon spirit which abhors the truth because it fails to advance the cause of the father of lies, the devil himself. You are equally mistaken when you claim that my teachings make me no different than Muslim jihadists whose Koran teaches them to kill all infidels. Islam is a false religion of works and hatred that only obtains adherents by force. True Christianity is the one true faith of grace, truth, love and the one true God that is a free gift from God to His elect.

            I don’t interpret anything. I receive truth from God’s revelation to me of that which is true from the flawless words of the Bible God inspired through the writings of 40 men of God. God created the world by speaking it, so inspiring 40 men to write what He wanted them to write is no big deal to the God of the universe, as much as that may confuse you. I don’t interpret what God has written and revealed to mankind. I humble myself and seek to learn God’s thoughts and God’s ways and I become more wise, free, alive and whole when I do so – in submission to a sovereign God over all the universe. To do otherwise, is sheer foolishness.

            The world is full of wicked fools. I’m just not one of them.

          • Cameron Vance

            It only sounds crazy when you put so much emotion into it without THINKING before you write…

            and watchman, Only God can determine if I am a “wicked fool” or not.

          • Anonymous

            What exactly was Romney lying about and how do you know it was a lie?

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Romney is a 33rd degree Mason which is the highest level in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and is also known as the Order of the Illuminati. He is good friends with fellow Mason and Prime Minister of the rogue terrorist state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Mitt Romney is a Mormon and a very high level one. Mormonism is not what it claims to be. It is a cult and a branch of Freemasonry. Mormonism’s secret rites and rituals are almost an exact lift out of the rituals and secret ceremonies of Freemasonry. Both are rooted in the Jewish Talmud. The Jewish Talmud is the most lying, deceitful set of arrogant, bigoted and racist teachings on the planet. Romney founded Bain Capital. Bain is a globalist organization through and through, populated by Harvard MBAs, most of whom are very rich, very powerful and very deceitful. The Harvard Business School is one of the primary training grounds for recruiting the next generation of global elites. I know of what I speak. I went there and in my own business management career, discovered that my fellow alumni proved to be almost universally swindlers filled with trickery and deceit. Mitt Romney didn’t get to be as rich as he has become by being Christ-like. Of that I can assure you.

            In the end, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13:20) Mitt Romney has kept company with wicked fools all of his life and career. Bad company corrupts good character, no matter how clean cut and honest a man may appear on the outside.

            When Romney claimed (shortly before the election) that Jerusalem is rightfully the capital of the rogue terrorist state of Israel, he lied. The Ashkenazi Jews who run the modern day state of Israel (whose name they stole from true Israel, white born-again Biblical Christians) have no Semitic blood in them and are neither the genetic nor the spiritual descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the 12 Hebrew tribes of ancient Israel, and therefore are imposters and interlopers on land which rightfully belongs to the Palestinians. But who controls all the money and owns and controls the world’s media and education systems? That’s right: those same lying, deceitful Ashkenazi Jews who seek to enslave the world in a brutal one world government totalitarian (Communist)state. Mitt Romney (and every other elected politician) is a globalist through and through, as are all of his cohorts at Bain Capital and Bain & Company. As such, his whole life has been devoted to advancing lies endlessly. Need I say more?

          • Anonymous

            #1 I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(though I am no longer a member) I can assure you that is is most certainly not a free mason cult (If you really studied it you would realize that) Romney is a selfless individual who leads by example.(that is very much Christ like) “Mormonism’s secret rites and rituals are almost an exact lift out of the rituals and secret ceremonies of Freemasonry”(not secret, sacred)”Mitt Romney didn’t get to be as rich as he has become by being Christ-like. Of that I can assure you” Of that, you cannot assure me. He has been blessed because of his selflessness, why wouldn’t God bless someone with prosperity when they follow in his foot steps?  I am certain he has done more to help those in need with his wealth(look at his charitable record, which he does not boast of compared to your beloved liberal administration) than you have done with your hateful and shallow words

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You cannot assure me of the integrity of the LDS or Mormon Church at all. Dr. Cathy burns and Texe Marrs have thoroughly documented the history and the heresies of the Mormon Church. Any organization which teaches anything materially in conflict with, adding to or subtracting from the Bible is, by definition a cult. By this definition, commonly accepted by Biblical theologians, the LDS Church is a cult, as is the Roman Catholic Church and I can back up my claims here with extensive evidence to prove both claims. Oh, I’ve studied Mormonism all right. What I’ve discovered stinks to high heaven and I’ve personally been defrauded by one, so I’ve witnessed first hand how they pull their sleights of hand to rip us “Gentiles” off.

            The story of Joseph Smith’s life is the story of a charlatan and a crook. The LDS Church does a masterful job of spinning a great sounding yarn, but it is pure BS. Many have been deceived by it. But when you examine the truth of what is taught and what goes on behind the scenes of Mormonism, you get an entirely different and very controlled and manipulative view of how that cult is run. You can assure me all you like that Mormonism has no ties to Freemasonry, but all you’ll be doing is assuring me of a lie that true history reveals to be just that.

            As for Mitt’s wealth, the love of money is the root of all evil. Smart and devious men are able to manufacture a public image that few are able to detect holes in. But eventually, the company we keep, and the sins we commit in secret, come to light. No one secures the nomination for President unless he has been fully vetted and approved by the global elites of the CFR. These men and women are pathological liars and sociopaths who share the Talmudic Jewish worldview in common or who have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for a little wealth, fame and power. The company and friends a man keeps reveals his true nature and character. Mitt Romney keeps the company of global elites and anyone who is part of this cabal is anything but noble and virtuous, your protests to the contrary, notwithstanding. They may look good on the outside, but inside they are filled with dead men’s bones and all kinds of depravity and moral compromise. This is merely the wisdom of the ages straight out of the Bible. Nothing is new under the sun that hasn’t been done countless times before.

            The prosperity gospel that a rich man’s wealth is evidence of his selflessness is a colossal lie. Jesus teaches very clearly that those who pick up their cross and follow him will be hated and reviled by the world, but in the end, after much suffering, trials and persecution, will experience the delight and blessings of God. Those who are scorned, ridiculed, mocked, persecuted and are financially and socially viewed as unsuccessful in this life, will reign as kings in the next, teaches the Bible. That is my source of all truth, which claims and has proven itself to me to be the flawless words of God. Therefore, anything or any thought which conflicts with the teaching of the Bible is a lie.

            It is not hateful to speak the truth, as uncomfortable and awkward as that may be for those who have embraced a set of hideous lies all of their lives. It is hateful, selfish and unloving to suppress the truth and deny the world that which is just, right, noble and pure. Jesus Christ embodies all of that. The devil, the father of lies, who rules our world today, embodies the precise opposite traits as Jesus does. His aim is to defile and destroy mankind through his enslaving minds with a web of lies so deep that it holds people in bondage and keeps them on the road to hell we were all born into, separated from a right relationship with God.

            There is no doubt that Mitt’s charitable generosity exceeds that of Barack Obama. But let’s be real: what kind of a standard is that? We all know that Marxist liberal progressives are godless people. As such their carnal human nature guides them to make life all about them and to think that the rules of universal morality doesn’t apply to them. We have a word to describe such social deviants: we refer to them as sociopaths, those who lack a conscience. So comparing Mitt’s visible charitable actions to those of a demon-possessed man hardly inspires my confidence; nor should it yours.

            Your words here reveal how completely confused, deceived and clueless you are as to how the world really works. Fear of the Lord is the source of all knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline, teaches Proverbs 1:7. The Lord is YHWH, or God of the Bible. Until you find Jesus Christ (of the Bible, not the fraud of the LDS Church) and come to know Him intimately and personally, you will never find the truth and genuine agape (sacrificial) love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, humility and kindness. Without love, and without the truth, which is inseparable from love, life has no meaning or purpose. I have been blessed to be led to that place. For your sake, I hope you find it before it is too late.

          • Anonymous

            What church do you belong to?

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I attend a Calvary Chapel, and a small group Bible study of serious students of what God’s word says concerning end times prophecy, especially, but I am not a member of any church or denomination. I was driven out of an apostate Covenant denomination and then a Southern Baptist and finally a Bible church all because they deviated materially from what the Bible says and means and they refused to take Biblical correction. The bottom line is that I have multiple horrendous experiences with false teaching, apostate churches. this is but one more sign that we are living in the final days of the end times foretold in Scripture. I am convinced this was no accident. It was orchestrated by God for a greater purpose and it was to reveal the truth to me and show me just how depraved organized religion has become.

          • Anonymous

            Anyone who reads and inderstands the prophets in Revelations and can see the signs can clearly see we are living in the last days or end of times.  Take refuge in the fact that God loves His children and has made a way for them to return to Him.  I look at it this way, I love my children to the point that I would lay down my precious life for them.  Imagine now, how much our very merciful Father in Heaven loves us.  I believe so much that we cannot completely wrap our heads around it.  I truly believe that we will all be with Him again, though it may take some of us longer to get there due to our worthiness and demands of justice for our unrepented sins.  I also believe it takes more than just faith and a proclamation of a belief in God to be worthy to be in His presence.  I believe it takes actions, “faith, if it has not works, is dead, being alone” James 2:17

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I agree with most of what you say here. bt please don’t miss that God’s word says. According to the Bible, Jacob He loved, and Esau He hated. Only those who number among God’s elect, who are born again in the Spirit at some time in their lives will wee the kingdom of God or heaven. Everyone else is headed where we all were when we were born sinful, selfish and separated from a right relationship with God. We all were once headed for an eternity of torment in hell. this is not popular to a world populated by rebellious spirits and people who don’t think the rules should apply to them. But God is sovereign and we are not, and we simply have to get over this reality, even if we don’t like it. It is what it is.

            Proverbs is very clear that God does not even hear the prayers of the wicked and the foolish. He turns His back on them, because they first turned their backs on Him Romans 1:18-32 teaches us. The question for all of us is will we believe God or will we lean on our own understanding and that which would like to be true but which may not conform to reality? Proverbs 3:5-6 is pretty clear on what wisdom would have us do: “Trust in the LORD with thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding. In all they ways, acknowledge him, and he shall direct they paths.”

            Jesus teaches us in Matthew 7:13-14 that broad is the gate and wide is the road that leads to destruction (in other words, torment in hell for all eternity) and most will choose that route. But small is the gate and narrow is the way which leads to life (here and for all eternity) and few find it.

            The true gospel of Jesus is once of grace by faith. None of us can do one thing to earn our way into heaven other than to believe in and on Jesus as Lord over our lives. All other world religions teach a doctrine of works to earn one’s way into heaven. Many false teachings of churches claiming to be Christian, but really are merely cults that aren’t true teach doctrines of grace + works (the roman Catholic, Mormon and Jehovah Witness cults come to mind in this context). They simply contradict what God’s word, the Bible says. Either they or the Bible is in error. I’m betting that’s it’s men who are wrong and God who is right. You’re free to believe whatever you want. but remember, it’s not the strength of your belief that will save you; it’s the validity of that which you place your faith and trust on. Think of walking out on a frozen lake. It’s not how hard you believe that will keep you from falling through the ice and drowning. It’s the strength and thickness of the ice on which you are trusting that will. Faith in one’s salvation works the same way.

          • Anonymous

            Jesus was a Jew, I’m suprised you are so anti-semetic

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Jesus was not a Talmudic Jew. He made that abundantly clear in Matthew 23 when He verbally flayed and exposed the scribes and Pharisees to be the frauds, hypocrites and sons of the devil He knew them to be.

            Jesus was descended from the line of David and the tribe of Judah. So that made Him a Judahite, which is distinctly different from a modern day Jew who follows the rabbis and their teachings from the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmud purports to be the interpretations of the rabbis of the Old Testament and contains the oral tradition which expands upon and supersedes the writings of God’s word. Anyone with any intellectual integrity and spiritual discernment, who has studied what the Talmud teaches compared to what the Old Testament teaches, has to conclude that the Talmud is the most deceptive, twisted, perverse and perverted set of religious teachings in all of world history that are nothing but hideous lies straight from the pits of hell.

            When criminals are engaging in deceit and distortion, it is noble and morally right to expose their criminal acts in search of justice. If a criminal lies and obfuscates the truth to avoid detection, a morally just person should experience outrage and fury at the criminal’s wickedness and cruelty toward others. such a person is a despicable human being and this should be self-evident to all moral men.

            Finally, the term “anti-semitic” is completely devoid of meaning. Those who identify themselves as Jews (a religion, NOT a race)almost universally have little or no Semitic blood in them. But the world has been deceived into believing the the exact opposite as a ruse to justify the UN, US and Britain betraying the Palestinian people in 1947 and giving the land of Palestine to a set of liars, usurpers and imposters whose record of history is a record of extortion, sedition, fraud and immorality that got them thrown out of virtually every principality, kingdom and country in Europe over the past 2,000 years. The moral of the story is that what you believe drives your actions and behaviors, and we all know this.

            The majority of today’s Jews worldwide identify themselves as Ashkenazi Jews. This means that they are descended from the Turko-Mongolian nation of Khazaria, whose king and nobles converted to Talmudic Judaism out of pagan phallic worship in 740 AD for reasons of political expediency, which are well documented in Jewish historian Arthur Koestler’s book, “The Thirteenth Tribe.” This means that the Jews who rule our world today have no valid genetic or spiritual claim to be the rightful heirs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the land of Palestine. They are complete frauds, liars and imposters who have stolen the land of the Palestinians from them to perpetrate a massive fraud and deceive many.

            This should surprise none of us. Jesus referred to the followers of the rabbis of His day as the Synagogue of Satan twice in the first 3 books of Revelation. So why are we surprised? And why is anyone protecting them from the scrutiny and the punishment they so richly deserve? Greed and fear are the answers; neither of which are of God.

          • GratefulOne

              You CLAIM: “For I am a true Israelite and a modern day prophet following in the
            footsteps and the traditions of the OT prophets Jeremiah and Hosea.”

            I can think of little more that should cause anyone pause than a self-professed prophet. And you’re an anti-Semite AND a Holocaust Denier? Maybe your version of all the “secret” things should stay out in the desert with you?
             ‘Nuff Said.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Wouldn’t it be just like God to plant one of His faithful messengers right in the midst of a sea of fraudulent ones so that none, but the spiritually discerning, could detect it?

            it appears that you aren’t one of them. Bummer for you.

            Just for the record, as a descendant of white Europeans, I am a Semite, and few if any Jews are. Thus the label anti-Semite reveals your ignorance. And why do you think the lairs who rule our world today mock and scorn and persecute anyone who challenges their colossal lie of the holohoax? No one needs to suppress a public admission that is true. But criminals will seek to suppress the truth that reveals their lies for what they truly are. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. It is really quite obvious.

            Anyone who is a true follower of Jesus is of the truth. Anyone who lies or protects liars is of the devil. One of us is lying here and it isn’t me.

        • Bruce Stark

           “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” Please understand I have heard a lot of christian sentiment but am not seeing true christian action please let us all remember that we are taught to love one another  hateful words and actions are not the way we have to stand up for our father and follow our Heavenly Brothers example. we are past the point

        • Idahocntryboy!

          While you are on track as Jesus said in Mat 7:14 He is the narrow gate and few will find it and also in Mat 7:20 by their fruits you shall know them, I find one point in your statement troubling.  You only point out conservatives.  Liberals are also liars and deceitful and in fact we all are as we all fall short of the glory of God.  Jesus said if you failed in one point of the law you failed them all.  Sin is sin and needs to be taught so and all need to confess and repent.

      • Anonymous

        What do you mean “God incarnate, in the form of His son Jesus Christ” ? That doesn’t even make sense.  That’s like saying look at my dog in the form of my cat.  You do realize that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are three seperate personages don’t you?

        • Watchman on the Wall

          God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are three separate persons in one godhead that is commonly referred to as the Trinity, although that word never appears in the Bible to describe this mystery. God is all powerful and manifests Himself in three persons teaches the Bible, which claims to be the flawless and revealed words of God to mankind to teach us His ways and reveal to us His thoughts which are so vastly superior to ours that we cannot fully comprehend the majesty of God in all His glory and brilliance.

          Jesus taught us that He and God are one and that if we have seen and know Jesus we have seen and know God the Father – not literally, but metaphorically. The Spirit of God lives in both of them and in the hearts of all genuine born-again believers that Jesus is Lord over all. Such persons, who believe that God raised Him from the dead and that He sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven today, are saved and have become God’s adopted sons and daughters for all eternity and are reconciled into a right relationship with God. This is the heart of the gospel (good news) message of Jesus.

          God chose to become flesh (in other words, “God incarnate”) by coming to earth as a man (Jesus), born of a virgin (and impregnated by God’s Holy Spirit), to teach us His ways and thoughts, to witness to the truth, and then to die the death of the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice, the only man who ever lived without sin, to pay the price we all deserve to pay for our sins, so that those who number among God’s elect, at a time and means of God’s choosing, might hear the preaching of God’s word, believe it and have their sins forgiven and the righteousness and holiness of Jesus imputed to them, just as their sins were imputed to Jesus and He paid the price on the Cross we deserved to pay. That’s not just our past sins, but our sins today and forever have been paid for and washed clean as snow by the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, the son of God.

          If you fail to understand these basic truths of the gospel, then 1 Corinthians 1:18 applies to you: “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but to us which are saved it is the power of God.” (KJV) Not everyone “gets it.” God chooses who “gets it,” and who does not. To be truly saved, a person must be born again in the Spirit of God and Jesus who comes into the person’s heart and gives spiritual discernment to that person so that he is able to comprehend the things of God. Here’s how the Bible explains this: “But the natural (carnal) man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” 1 Corinthians 2:14 (KJV)

          • Anonymous

            “Jesus taught us that He and God are one” one in purpose not one person.”God chose to become flesh (in other words, “God incarnate”) by coming to earth as a man (Jesus)” God sent his only begotten Son, not His self. Come on now.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            As I wrote before, the message of the Cross and of the gospel of Jesus Christ is sheer foolishness to those who are perishing and don’t even know it.

          • Cameron Vance


            Watchman, the bible is scripture, we can all agree on that…

             However, the book is actually a compilation of many different books and letters, all roughly around 2000 years old, and some are actually much older (old testament). Just because the bible says something, doesn’t mean that we should take what it says literally. Also, the concept of the Trinity as Christians know it date roughly to around 400 AD was conceived, long after all the Apostles had died off the earth. 

            Since there was much corruption and perversion of the gospel going on in the early days of the Christian Church as evidenced by the context of some of the epistles, it is logical to assume that some truths were lost or twisted (hence the need for the Protestant Reformation and similar events).

            Although the Bible is scripture, and are the written works and words of God, the books and letters themselves were written by the hands of men, (very holy men inspired by God, but men none-the-less) meaning that the writers of the Bible were subject to human error, even though the message. 

            (will continue later…)

          • Anonymous

            Excellent response.  Could not have said it better myself.

      • Jenni David

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    • Anonymous

      Today, Soros and the elite’s Shadow Government play a major role in the commies attempt to “rule the world”.  Clower and Piven had a major role in the early days as did ole Alinsky and Ayres.  BHO and his minions have a lot of commie progressives in their pockets. Idiots like these need to be watched very close.  Too bad Karl Marx even existed. 

  • Anonymous

    More proof that the IRS “scandal”, like all these fake scandals, are nothing but politically-motivated attacks on a Democratic President:

    Under Bush, the IRS did the same thing to liberal groups, and Congress knew about it, and didn’t care.

    It’s nothing but hypocritical, un-American  partisanship, and it’s the real problem with the country.

    • Guest

      The IRS is a real scandal; it just cannot go all the way up to the White House as Beck implies because of who the Commissioner was at the time.

      The AP scandal is much more damning in my view. Olbermann, Reince Prebus (poor bastard must have been mocked like hell as a child) and I agree: AG Holder should resign.

    • Anonymous

      So two wrongs make a right? Is that what you are saying? This is systemic on both parties. Agreed. But its a sign of societal degradation of our country. Its a government out of control. Its evil. Sure the emphasis is on the Democrats right now because they are in power. The seemingly biased hysteria is focussed on them is because they claim to be ethically above this type of stuff. Obama ran on such sayings. Now its out that he is no different. And you call this hypcritical? No, its just more of the same stuff thats been going on for decades. Our governement is out of control. its not being run by the people but by elites intent on destroying everything out forefathers have put in place. Stp the partison bickering here folks. its the whole government thats gone mad.

      • Staceycarverd

         Agreed.  Both sides are corrupted; it’s just the speed at which they are driving us off the cliff that differs.  The right drives with one foot dragging the brake; the left has filled up on super unleaded and put it to the floor.

    • Sam Fisher

      More proof the liberals will believe their Lord and savior Obama over the rest of the media and even reality.

    • Anonymous

      Up yours, moslem lover.

  • Sam Fisher

    The liberals don’t care because he is their new god. I am sorry liberals but government is not my church, socialism is not my religion and Obama is not a god. Time to wake up fools.

  • Staceycarverd

    0bama does a few things…. blame others, claim ignorance.   Through all the things we have witnessed with this regime we should be asking what is not possible in the way of them to plot against and suppress anyone from disclosing the truth or speaking out in opposition of his (his handlers) agenda.   And yes, I said his handlers agenda… 0bama isn’t bright enough to have planned out half of this stuff himself.

  • Rex Carman

    Glenn, everyone at the “Blaze” take this home! keep pushing, we are with you. Its clear to me you need to make this right. Your our George.

  • lukescott6

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  • Adam Broderick

    funny how many anti Beck, pro obama douche bags post here…lol. Don’t bother, you’ve already proven how ignorant you are, nothing you say will be taken seriously

  • lukescott6

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  • landofaahs

    3D corruption.

  • Robert Blum

    History will record that a lame duck has been born . . . and a wounded politician becomes more desperate.Question is: Are the people and the republic up to the challenging path ahead ?

  • Jerry Smith

    I have been saying that Soros and his buddies have come too far to let it all slip away. We should all be very afraid.

    • Anonymous

      No Jerry.  With all due respect, don’t be afraid.  Stand up and fight for this great republic.  Yeah, they’ve come far, but I believe it’s not too late.  “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.  Stand for what you believe in.  If it’s a fight they want, a fight they’ll get.

  • Anonymous

    This obunghole moslem brotherhood bastard needs a fatal kick to the groin.  Or at least to slip on the steps of Airfarce One, fall, and break his nuckin’ feck.

    • Anonymous

      This shows you how obummer is splitting this country more than ANY POTUS in history. We have had it so good for so long that we can’t really believe what happening right in front of our eyes. Our freedoms are being taken away from us and it is becoming law without us even realizing it until it is too late to change it. When was the last time any of you have seen a bad law,,,or ANY law,, repealed? Wake up America, it’s happening as we speak.

  • Dan Kelly

    So, is he facilitating the Caliphate or not?

  • Anonymous

    Beck is a liar, this is all made up. Obama has never done a single thing wrong, and he is the greatest president in our history. Republicans and conservatives suck and are all living in a state of denial regarding the overwhelming greatness of our beloved and glorious leader, and the wonderful way that socialism and big government transforms the world into a much better place for everybody.

    There, got that out of the way, so knowitsome and the other trolls can’t move on to all of the other important things on their to-do lists.

    • Anonymous

      You need to pull your head out of the Obamatic islamic ass and get some fresh air there, pal.

      • Anonymous

        Haha. “Pal”, I like your enthusiasm, I really do.  But before you call me names, please take the time to look up the words satire and sarcasm.  Or perhaps read my post again and note the obvious tongue in cheek tone. I’m on your side….I think.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that so many people are upset with Glenn for his well thought out view on what’s happened in the last year to the sovereignty of America and the freedoms of the American people? Could it be they don’t have the guts or the mental acuity to search the facts for themselves? Is it they would rather be taught by the media worshipful drivel as they shout the administration’s spin doctoring baloney? Obama is simply going to find a scapegoat to blame through it all just like he’s done through out his administration. He can’t blame Bush for this.  He has never taken responsibility for anything except that disaster that bares his name…Obamacare. Try thinking for yourself by finding out the facts instead of the lies that are being promoted by this administration.

  • Anonymous

    This administration does not make these kinds of “mistakes”

    • Anne Caluwaert

      I agree. All of his has been planned by Soros and Odumbo in order to transform america into the Socialist states of America. It is sad so many are too blind to see this.

    • Anonymous

      VERY TRUE, these are deliberate from a group that wants to destroy the America I grew up in.

  • Anonymous

    The president is angry it’s 5:22pm WED 15 of May 2013
    I’ve been angry for your entire 1st term your still a liar !
    5:23 pm the liar  is done what a champ !
    Did you see his lip’s move ?  (LIAR)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t look away friends this very well could be the great crisis we have been looking for from these criminal’s !!!

  • Anonymous

    A whole rat’s nest full of progressive 501c groups. There is also a Progressive Insurance Foundation listed as a 501(3)(c)

  • dennis reilly

     His wife said we would all have to change our traditions to her traditions

  • Fighters Intel

     When will Glenn Beck, Grassroots, and other such efforts recognize that the IRS by its legal structure is a foreign entity, has no basis in LAW of the LAND, and that the current de facto government, which is unlawful  was begun under the Lincoln administration when the southern states refused to accept the war debt of the northern states.  So Lincoln’s administration sent those states’ elected members of Congress back home and replaced them with ‘his choice’ of people to fill the seats and so as to get a facade of acceptance of the debt by the southern states…  

    Frankly, I’m wondering if Glenn Beck, Grassroots, or a similar organization, is ever going to get down to the ‘truth of the matter’ of the de facto government – since Lincoln and the de jure government – before Lincoln….  Can you answer that question first, and then at a minimum, the first three questions in the first sentence?  Appreciate your efforts and I, my family & friends
    along with several hundred thousands of other Americans, who are all
    well aware of the history mentioned above, await your answers. 

  • Anonymous

    I have always listened to Glen Beck and about three years ago what he was saying we have been and now coming face to face with it. I also have written long comments on emails and Face Book in which they’d make fun of me and call me the ‘conspiracy  gal’ but they’re not laughing any more. Anyone that knew anything should have listened to Obama when he first came on the scene because he was telling you what he wanted to do with a smile on his face while all the time applauding him like he was the savior for America. Actuality he was prime to be the president to take us to The New World Order said Henry Kissinger and in the background G.W.Bush himself, Whom everyone also loved. As Paul Harvey ended, ..’and that’s the rest of the story.’

  • Dave Murrow

    I think Glenn’s meaning was to ‘seed’ revolution, rather than the transcript grab of ‘cede’ revolution above?

  • Marilynn Linda Reeves

    Clinton’s used the IRS all the time for people who spoke against him. Pastor John Hagee was one of them but he didn’t cow and give in which was a shock to the Clinton’s. Thank G-d he had legal talent in his church to fight the IRS.

  • Thomas Berquist

    Nothing happens in this administration without the blessing of Soros and the direction from obama. 

    • Watchman on the Wall

       It’s much bigger than two talking heads.  It’s the global conspiracy with its stranglehold of networked alliances and secret societies all ultimately guided by Satan himself.  The root of this is a spiritual disease, nor merely a political one.

  • Peter A Wiggin


    Obama is an empty suit Manchurian…he was groomed and placed…he knows nothing and hears nothing, but replacing him may be the Alinski way to induce the Bottom Up Uprising requiring Top Down Military Action and Suspension of Constitutional Rights…

    …you see They are playing a Game with Life and Death. They are only Human, but they are the 0.01%ers who will Die like anyone else, but for now playing games Internationally is their Existence. Soros, Bloomberg and a few others in America playing with the Saudis,Russians and Chinese. Their Board is the World and you know the Countries they “own”. The “Pedestrian” humanity will be Controlled or Crushed and millions will Die. That is just how Humanity is…

    Attempting to remove this “Character” is the reason why he is president (sic)
    …they will move another Chess piece and more will Die…America, Her Constitution and Bill of Human Rights are the Very prize and Destruction is their goal…

    Fundamental Change is bigger than any one Person…

    …Impeach Him Now!!!

  • mccormackterrie

    It’s way past time for the main stream media to expose the Muslim Marxist obama.  They should be shouting “fraud” and “traitor” from the mountain tops.

  • Anonymous

    There are 3 branches of government left to us by the Founding Fathers for the purpose of being checks and balances on power.  The time for our Congress and SCOTUS to spring into action toward stopping the abuses by Obama is long overdue and they need to prove themselves worthy of their entrusted positions now before things get any worse.  Obama has got to be held fully accountable, especially for the treason at Benghazi…what a disgrace!

  • Anonymous

    i keep thinking about that poor soul who made “the video.” where is he? what happened to him? it’s insane that he has disappeared from the earth. scary.

  • Anonymous

    this speech by BO regarding the IRS scandal I somehow feel that there is more than meets the eye. Remember, all that happened was the person resigned. ( I am sure he will be getting his full pension on tax payers dime) Someone needs to go to prison for this otherwise I think the whole thing is a mere distraction

  • Bill Miller

    Finally a politician that’s stand up for us!

    I’m proud to call this man my Representative!

  • Anonymous

    I think I heard Obama say just yesterday that his is the most transparent administration in American history.  Clearly, Mr. Obama, soon to be prisoner Obama, did not learn what transparency means at any of his Ivy League schools.

    Here’s Obama’s definition of transparency – I’m going to do whatever I want, whenever I want and I don’t care what any of you think.  If you don’t like it, too bad, the media will always either lie for me or simply won’t ask me any questions they know I don’t want to answer.

  • donl

    I have heard the fabian society is operated by soros and they have ties to the communist and unions. Soros is wanted in Romainia for his evil deeds, he’s wanted in england for questioning. He is known as the man who broke the bank of england.  I watched an interview of him when he admitted to “playing God”,  he said it was fun!!  Nice guy.

  • Watchman on the Wall

     Their heraldry says it all: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Deception and trickery is their forte.  All liars and deceivers serve the devil.  It’s really quite simple to figure out if we understand the basics.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn puts it like there is no hope. If this is the case then what are we watching, listening to and buying his books for. Then all hope is gone and why fight any longer.

  • Watchman on the Wall

     “Political values” means nothing outside of a moral worldview.  The exercise of blind power for the sake of controlling and manipulating others is a sign of moral depravity.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you come from?  The Blaze is where adults carry on conversations backed by facts.  Beck has provided a better education on the principles that have made America the greatest country in recorded, than any university on the planet.

    What makes Glenn great is he talks with everyone, he listens to everyone’s point of view, he reads virtually everything, and he has the ability to discern fact from fiction.

    We have a government that does not repect “We the people”, does not care about the Constitution, thinks that they’re above and law, and are about to be held accountable.

    This is the big leagues, you’re going to need to hone your skills and do a little reading if you want to add any value to these discussions.

  • Anonymous

    Yes we are and we’re looking forward to it.  The tipping point is almost here, then Obama, Soros, et al will get the “mother of all ass whoopings”.

  • Watchman on the Wall

     You’re asking the right question.  But to answer it requires a proper diagnosis of the root causes of the problem, which are hidden from plain view to make arriving at a broad consensus virtually impossible, and our adversaries know it.

    In 1966 Georgetown University Professor Carole Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor, published his 1,300 page book, “Tragedy and Hope.”  In 1971, W. Cleon Skousen published “The Naked Capitalist,” which reviewed and summarized Quigley’s book in about 150 pages.  Did anyone read either one over the last 40-45 years?  Was there widespread discussion and debate over its revelations that there really is a global conspiracy operating behind the scenes which back then had already taken over the reigns of power in America and was, according to Quigley back then, unstoppable.  since then, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati and Freemasonry have run roughshod over all of us and few of us have uttered much more than a peep.  if this is true, and it is, we are all completely screwed and this train is unstoppable.

    But this is not the end of the story.  Things have to get so bad that mankind cannot fix the problems he has created.  Why is that?  So that God can demonstrate to all of mankind that He is the sovereign of the universe and that man is not, and that we all desperately need His help and protection from ourselves.

    You must understand that all major media outlets are owned and controlled by 5 conglomerate corporations and the Jewish global elites (aka the Illuminati) own and control them all and they are the ones who dictate what is tolerated to be reported and what information is suppressed.  It’s all a massive propaganda machine and that is all.  Nothing is as it appears to be on the surface.  Republicans and Tea Partiers have been infiltrated and corrupted by the same forces which infiltrated and corrupted the liberal arm of American politics in the 1920s and 1930s.  Political parties and elections are all just for show to deceive the masses.  The CFR approves and funds all major candidates on both sides and they declare the winners and losers.  Our votes count for nothing.  All the polls are rigged by these same global elites.  It’s psychological warfare being waged on the American people every day.  It’s all a big charade, just like Jim Cary’s role in the “Truman Show.”  I know how incredible this may seem if you’ve never been exposed to it before, but it is the truth.  Unpleasant to be sure, but still the truth.

  • Watchman on the Wall

     We are observing evidence of a spiritual disease.  If you listen to liars, and fools, you will be destroyed teaches the Book of Proverbs, which reveals God’s wisdom to mankind.  America has been infiltrated and corrupted from within decades ago.  When any person or nation gives legal grounds for the devil to afflict a person by sinning, God usually turns that person over to be controlled by dark spiritual forces controlled by the devil.  These controlling forces are what the Bible refers to as demon spirits.  Eastern mysticism refers to them deceptively as “spirit guides,” but they are one and the same thing.  When sex, drug and rock ‘n roll took over the baby boom generation, of which I am a part, the Jewish Talmudic globalists threw three spiritually corrupting influences at America’s youth at once and most of us succumbed to it.  All three of these influences are pathways to demonic control in which God sends a strong delusion on people who repeatedly believe a lie (because demon spirits are influencing their thoughts).  This is explained in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.  Once God sends a strong delusion on a person, there is no turning back from wickedness and deception.  They are headed to their own eternal destruction with no way out.  Homosexuality is one of the most potent ways in which people are afflicted with demon spirits and it is why the globalists have intentionally sought to normalize and encourage homosexual experimentation and acts in our society: to weaken and destroy it spiritually.

    So when a nation is populated with demon afflicted and controlled individuals, they are incapable of thinking critically and solving problems effectively and they are easily manipulated by dark spiritual forces.  This is what explains why America is so brain dead and has permitted a deranged individual like Obama to even become a candidate for President, much less declare him the winner.

  • Watchman on the Wall

    You’re right.  Every President since Woodrow Wilson has been little more than a stooge for the global elites, aka the Illuminati, to direct and control as they wish.

  • Rex Stevenson

    IRS Targeted Patriotic Americans But Granted
    Tax-Exempt Status To Obongo Obama

    This story will
    really piss you off. Obama and his brother Obongo have been illegally
    soliciting donations here in the U.S. to finance the teachings of the perverted
    prophet Mohammad in predominantly (93%) Christian Kenya.

    Registered Democrat Lois Lerner, the senior
    IRS official who is at the center of the decision to target tea party groups
    for burdensome tax scrutiny and the person solely responsible
    for granting tax-exemption status, has
    admitted the agency was mistaken to subject tea party groups to additional
    scrutiny and has apologized. But she denies rejecting groups based on political
    ideology – this despite the fact that she signed paperwork granting
    tax-exempt status to the “Barack H. Obama Foundation,” a shady charity headed
    by the president’s half-brother Abongo
    “Roy” Malik Obama that operated illegally for years here in
    the United States.

    According to the organization’s filings,
    Lerner approved the foundation’s tax status, despite numerous questions about
    how it is run, within a month of filing, an unprecedented timeline that stands
    in stark contrast to conservative organizations that have been waiting for more
    than three years, in some cases, for approval. In fact, Learner signed off on
    Obama’s tax status right in the middle of the
    27-month hiatus for tea-party groups.

    Lerner also appears to have broken with the
    norms of tax-exemption approval by granting “retroactive tax-exempt status” to
    Malik Obama’s organization.

    The National Legal and Policy Center filed an
    official complaint with the IRS in May 2011 asking why the foundation was being
    allowed to solicit tax-deductible contributions when it had not even applied
    for an IRS determination. In a New York Post article dated May 8, 2011, an
    officer of the Obama Foundation admitted, “We haven’t been able to find someone
    with the expertise to apply for tax-exempt status.” Amazing!

    Nevertheless, a month later, the Barack H.
    Obama Foundation had flown through the grueling application process. Lerner
    granted the organization a 501(c) determination and even gave it a retroactive
    tax exemption dating back to December 2008.

    The group’s available paperwork suggests an
    extremely hurried application and approval process. For example, the group’s
    990 filings for 2008 and 2009 were submitted to the IRS on May 30, 2011, and
    its 2010 filing was submitted on May 23, 2011. The New York Post article
    appeared on May 8, 2011, and Lerner signed off on the group’s approval on June
    26, 2011, this despite the fact that it is illegal (an unlawful punishable
    offense) to operate for longer than 27 months without an IRS determination and
    solicit tax-deductible contributions. In fact, the ostensibly Arlington,
    Va.-based charity was not even registered in Virginia despite the foundation’s
    website including a donation button that claimed tax-exempt status.

    Its president and founder, Abongo “Roy’ Malik
    Obama, is Barack Obama’s half-brother and was the best man at his wedding, but
    he has a checkered past. In addition to running his “bogus charity,” Malik
    Obama ran unsuccessfully in March 2013 to be the governor of Siaya County in
    Kenya – and one of the reasons why he lost is because he was accused of being a
    wife beater and seducing the newest of his twelve wives while she was a
    17-year-old school girl.

    Ken Rutherford, winner of the 1997 Nobel
    Peace, sensed something wrong when he and a group of Missouri State students
    visited Kenyan in 2009 – determining that Malik Obama was a “shady operator”
    and elected to give a donation of 400 pounds of medical supplies to a local
    clinic instead. “We didn’t know what he was going to do with them,” Rutherford
    told the New York Post in 2011. “But you can be sure that any money or supplies
    donated to the Obama Foundation were not going to be used for the purposes

    It is also not clear what the Barack H. Obama
    Foundation actually does. Its website claims the organization has built a
    madrassa (Muslim school for Islamic education) and was building a imam’s (Muslim
    cleric) house but there is no other evidence that the nonprofit was actually
    helping poor Kenyan children.

    “The Obama Foundation
    raised money on its web page by falsely claiming to be tax deductible. This bogus charity run by
    Malik had not even applied and yet subsequently got retroactive tax-deductible
    status,” complained Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy
    Center. He called the attempt to raise money “common law fraud and
    potentially even federal mail fraud.”

    Boehm doubted that the charity is doing what
    it says it’s doing and wondered why the charity was given tax-exempt status so
    quickly after the evidence of wrongdoing came to light. “How do you get
    retroactive tax-exempt status when you haven’t even applied to get it in the
    first place?” Boehm said.

    Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas,
    said the IRS actions show how the Obama administration puts politics ahead of
    anything else and “abuses its power” by unlawfully using a federal agency to
    further its own political agenda.


    Let me get
    this straight. The IRS granted tax-exempt status to a “bogus” charity group run
    by Obama’s half-brother Abongo Malik Obama who lives in Kenya. The Obama
    Foundation raised money on its web page by falsely claiming to be tax
    deductible, which is “common law and federal mail fraud.” Then the
    IRS tries to “cover up” for Obama’s illegal activities by granting
    his group “retroactive tax-deductible status” to avoid prosecution (no
    doubt acting on the advice of Attorney General Eric Holder).

    Christ Almighty! The entire Obama family are felons. His aunt and uncle were here
    illegally in the U.S. for years mooching off the welfare system, and now his
    half-brother wants to get in on the “easy action” by soliciting
    donations to supposedly help poor children in Kenya where he lives and banks,
    but instead the money is being used to finance an Islamic education center and
    build a new house for the Muslim cleric who runs the center. Incredible!

    Enough is enough! Impeach the SOB for “abuse of power” and deport him and his
    “extended” family back to Kenya where they belong! 

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck Pops Champagne In Celebration Of IRS Scandal: Proves ‘Everything I’ve Ever Said About Obama Is True’

    Except there was a Republican in charge of the IRS at the time.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Calls Benghazi Investigation Political Circus

    The Obama administration is a “political
    circus” and “Obama the Clown” is the star of the show. He and
    everyone in his administration has lied about what really happened in Benghazi,
    and those lies and the cover-up dishonor the memory of the four Americans killed
    in the onslaught. And today he lied again.

    Obama: “The day after it happened, I acknowledged
    that this was an “act of terrorism,” and I pledged to the American
    people that we would hold accountable those who had perpetrated this terrible
    crime.” LIAR! The FBI investigation was cancelled.

    Let’s be clear about this. Obama is a liar! He never
    called the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi an “act of
    terrorism” or a “terrorist attack.”

    The following excerpts were taken directly from
    “official transcripts” of the President’s “Rose Garden” speech. Pay

    “The United States condemns in the strongest terms this
    “outrageous and shocking attack” on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi.”

    “There is absolutely no justification to this type of
    “senseless violence.”

    “The world must stand together to unequivocally reject
    these “brutal acts.”

    “No “acts of terror” will ever shake the resolve of this
    great nation.”

     “We will not waver
    in our commitment to see that justice is done for this “terrible act.”

    So as you can see, Obama referred to the attack by
    Islamic terrorists as: (a) outrageous and shocking, (b) senseless violence, and
    (c) a terrible act.

    The words “acts of terror” and “brutal acts” were used
    only in a generic sense and did not refer the Benghazi attack or any other
    specific terror attack.

    Keep in mind that Obama’s choice of words is not a
    trivial matter in White House parlance, and the words “act of terrorism”
    have an historic and a very specific meaningful distinction.

    Truth is, Obama never once referred to the attack as a
    “terrorist act.” Nor did any of the official White House statements in the
    following two weeks refer to the Benghazi attack as a “terrorist

    In fact, Obama has never used the words “Islamic or
    Muslim terrorists” to describe any act of Islamic terrorism against the U.S.,
    including the Twin Towers in NYC, Benghazi, Boston, and the Ft. Hood massacre.
    But he did reclassify (change) their official designations.

    The 9/11/2001 attack on the Twin Towers has now been
    reclassified as a “man-made disaster.” The 2009 Fort Hood massacre is now
    classified as “workplace violence.” The Boston Bombing is now referred to as “a
    criminal act of wanton violence.” And Benghazi is now an “unfortunate

    Think about it. And again today, Obama made no mention of
    the Benghazi attack being made by “Islamic” terrorists. The cover-up

    Script: Sorry. I forgot to mention that Obama blamed the attack
    on our consulate by Islamic fanatics on a YouTude video. He then publicly
    “apologized” to the Muslims for the degrading video. Two weeks later,
    on September 25, 2012, Obama addressed the U.N. General Assembly, not to
    condemn the attack or demand justice for the death of our diplomats, but to
    loudly proclaim that “the future must not belong to those who insult the
    prophet of Islam.”

    These are the words of our Muslim-loving president.
    Islamic terrorists attack an American consulate and slaughter our brave
    diplomats, and Obama publicly “apologizes” and defends Mohammad.

    And by the way, when six brave American soldiers were
    back-shot in Afghanistan in 2011 after four copies of the Koran were mistakenly
    burned, Obama “apologized” for the burning and promised that those
    responsible would be held accountable …. no, not the Islamic fanatics who
    shot our boys …. the Americans who burned the Koran.

    We need to wake up and realize that our country is now in
    the hands of a racist civil rights community organizer and radical Muslim who
    promotes and protects the Islamic religion and supports and finances Islamic
    terrorism because he believes that Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, al-Qaeda, and the
    Muslim Brotherhood are “freedom-fighters” fighting against oppression
    by white Christians.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see Obama impeached.  He does not deserve to be in the White House.  It sickens me to think he is the president.  This is a very sad time in history.

  • Anonymous

    thanks Glenn i sure wish the lame stream news would start to do there job but i dont see it happing

  • Anonymous

    “The progressives have been trying to transform the media for quite some time, and they’ve done a great job. We’ve all seen it,” Glenn said.
    Who has transformed media more than Glenn Beck? No one is doing what he’s doing. This was noticed by  Tribeca annual disruptive innovation awards. Somehow, Beck was awarded the Charles Darwin Prize. Yes, anti-evolutionary propagandist Glenn Beck wins the Charles Darwin Prize.

    Tribecca has yet to explain that one.

    In the interview with Bourkoff, Beck made some comments that lead a Fox “News” spokesman to fire back a response. Beck said:

    If you stay in it too long, you become Norma Desmond…I remember feeling … If you do not leave now, you won’t leave with your soul intact.

    It is not for me to make the case as to whether Beck had a soul or not, but Politico’s Mike Allen received a response for Beck’s assertion:

    Glenn Beck wasn’t trying to save his soul, he was trying to save his ass. Advertisers fled his show and even Glenn knows what that means in our industry. Yet, we still tried to give him a soft landing. Guess no good deed goes unpunished.

    Beck is right: we’ve seen it all…from him. He rails against liars in the media who should “should be put out of business.”  But Beck is a liar! Does that mean that he should be put out of business, or — more likely — Beck doesn’t listen to what Glenn Beck says.

  • daverognsvoog

    OK My Brothers , RECUSE-GATE

  • Brian Johnson

    Beck, you are demented!


    Are you really this ignorant or is it that you know you can
    say anything and your clueless fans will accept it? A whistleblower is someone
    who comes forward with information of crimes by their employer or government.
    This was a case of someone who leaked information to a news reporter about an
    ongoing counter terrorism operation involving the successful infiltration of a
    terrorist organization by an undercover CIA operative. The leaked information
    didn’t reveal any wrongdoing by any government agency but it might have seriously
    compromised and important operation and endangered the lives of the agents
    involved. Whoever leaked that information is guilty of serious crimes however
    the accessing of phone records by the DOJ, while certainly a violations of privacy,
    was well within the bounds of the law.

    Now by contrast, Bradley Manning was a whistleblower and is now
    in indefinite detention and will likely never see the light of day again and as
    I recall Beck, you have always mocked and insulted him.

    Malice toward none, eh Glenn? Yeah right. You lying piece of

  • Guest
  • Take 2

    This is all floundering;s awaiting the key to the door that sends Congress packing for good. i.e. The completion of the Banking take over that Bill Clinton started years ago. e.g., G e o r g e S o r o s et al.  Thank God for the Brown Vote…!  The Infrastructure Bank has been successfully blocked…each and every name change and new Bill hidden in since Brown. They are pretty confident that wrecking crew Obama and Mrs. clean up Clinton will eventually take over Banking.    

  • Anonymous

    You people are certifiable. First off, if this were end
    times, Israel would have been attacked and saved by God’s Grace. Secondly, the
    Temple would have been rebuilt, courtesy of a World Government headed by a dominant
    Christ-like Personality. Thirdly, Watchman, you’re just a malignant
    anti-Semite, with zero knowledge of history. Karl Marx introduced communism to
    the world because he was a self-hating Jew. The Talmudists are sitting around
    waiting for the Messiah to come. They have no control over anyone – including Israel.
    Even China doesn’t practice communism, numbskull. The whole world is controlled
    and the events of it are orchestrated by Crony Capitalists. This is all about
    money, government and as Beck suggested power. Obama has always believed he
    could transform America. He did not say he would do it alone. In the end, the
    world will likely be controlled by a few power brokers controlling industry,
    commerce, unions and the military. The rest of us will be serfs. That’s my

    Both major parties have contributed to the demise of America
    because in the name of change, they circumvent the constitution. In truth, the
    Framers were Messianic. The Constitution is your last best hope to restore
    America as a beacon of hope. If this experiment in a free society fails, the
    world will be finished.

  • VampireNexus

    The RICO act has been violated by the lRS

  • Richard Marsh

    Honestly is America ready for the size and scope of this scandal.  Carney said the only thing they changed about the talking points on Benghazi was the type of facility it was.  Of all the things you could have changed has anyone ever ask why that would be the one thing you would admit to changing.  In his own covert way he was telling you it was a cover-up.  Changing the type of facility would mean it mission would change from that of being under the direction of the State Department to that of being the State Department providing cover for a CIA operation. If indeed this was a CIA facility and there were covert ops going on like selling guns to the Syrian Rebels through the Turkish government then who does the CIA get those kind of orders from?Then you have to ask yourself why is Speaker so unwilling to do a full scale investigation on this, well if they were funneling Manpads to the Syrian rebels then who in the House might have known or who was briefed about what was going on and who authorized the funding for this operation.  
    The other dots that no one seems to have connected yet is that even though the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda both want the same thing a world wide calophate with Israel and the United States eliminated.  They are mortal enemies because they both want to run things if they accomplish their goal. So we are funneling guns to the Muslim Brotherhood which will help them overthrow the Syrian Government, Ambassador Stevens is the point man who meets with the Turkish Government who is help to broker the deal.  Al Queda has a spy planted with the detachment that comes with who the Turkish Government sends to meet with the Ambassador.  The spy tells his Al Queda contacts what the meeting was about and when the goods would be delivered and shortly after they leave the fighting begins. 
     I want a full scale investigation, and I do not care who is guilty if they were selling Manpads, then there should be more than just impeachment it should be charges of treason and I do not want so underling to fall on his sword either, I want the whole bunch and I do not care how many Republicans or how many Democrats are involved.  We are a country of laws and if they want to try and abuse them then they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I wonder why you allow all this (watchman on the wall) antisemitic diatribe to be published on your site without your reaction? I know that this is a free country and everyone can say or write anything they want, but to publish such rubbish on your esteemed site is outrageous. I expect you to stop it.

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    Well!I hope that most of mainstream media is happy with the people that were educated in public schools.The problems occurying today is partly due to this.So much indoctrination,which turns into corruption.Kids nowdays don’t know a difference between a lie&truth.Liz  

  • Guest

    How is Beck in favor of the dictator of Syria?  Is there not a more suitable state in the Middle East for transformation than Syria? So Beck backs vicious dictators (again). He backed Mubarak too, remember?

    Why would al Quada attack the Consulate in Benghazi because the CIA was running guns to help their cause in Syria? They attacked the compound and the CIA Annex because we’re the U.S! What Beck is arguing about Benghazi makes no sense, but that is nothing new. 

    The talking points were shaped as much by the CIA as the White House, so Beck wants to question our national security efforts?  Not if this had happened during a Republican administration; Beck is a tool:

    Remember the conspiracy theory Beck has around the Saudi student injured in the Boston bombers? That was going to take down the administration, remember?  Now he’s not talking about that because that was complete BS. Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi plans on suing Mr. Beck for defamation of character.

    I could go on to explain that the Commissioner of the IRS during the 501 (c) 4 application audits was a Bush appointee and Republican, but facts that conflict with Beck’s narratives do not matter to Beck’s gullible followers. They believe what the want to believe, no matter what.

    Beck missed his chance to call for Obama’s impeachment. After Obama violated the 5th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution, Beck celebrated the assassination Anwar al Awaki, an American citizen assassinated off the battle field. President Obama should be
    for that.

    Monitoring the AP? That has nothing to do with “transformation” and everything to do with national “security.” If a Republican administration had done this, Beck would be defending this unconstitutional act. AG Holder should have resigned in protest instead of recusing himself, and now he should be fired.

    • Brian Johnson


          I hear you man, I voted for Obama the first time but then he
      proved that my trust in him was misplaced. I hate to be put in the position of
      having to defend this president but these scandals are all bullshit, the real
      ones are ignored and the people Beck and company would replace him with would
      be exponentially worse.

          People need to realize the world is a different place
      and whether capitalist or socialist, your old rules are no longer applicable if
      they ever were. We need to stop defending systems that obviously don’t work,
      inventing excuses for their failings and then set about finding a new system
      that will truly provide liberty and justice for all.   

      • Guest

        That’s a tall order, but you’re right. I believe that the advancement of liberty and justice for all comes from a human rights regime. Civil rights advance freedom as much as material rights do.

        Implementation of that simple idea is no easy task.

  • Ringo Lapua

    Glenn you are right on target. It’s what we don’t see or hear we should be worried about, however there are clues. For example, Obama and his adviser / mouthpieces all say that the IRS scandal was actually caused by local misinterpretation of the 501 tax free status of conservative organizations, then WHY where employees fired and WHY did the IRS commissioner resign.  Why did Obama throw these people under the bus rather than hold firm to his argument and defend their actions.  BECAUSE OBAMA HAS NOT TOLD THE TRUTH AND THE IRS ACTIONS WERE ORDERED FROM ABOVE.  Obama is dishonest but not stupid, he never directly orders anything, he always hides behind one of his mouthpieces.  

    • Brian Johnson

      And Ringo, you too are not stupid just dishonest… well you’re pretty stupid as well. But I think it’s pretty obvious what you’re up to, the clues are all there if one looks. Why are you trying to cause a distraction by making wild accusations against Obama? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE??? What kind of name is Ringo Lapua, were your parents some kind of communist hippies? I’ll bet your middle name is Moonchild. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE BOMBS WENT OFF IN BOSTON? I know your agenda, it’s all about control. Top down, bottom up and then you’re going to transform America, take away our freedom to even name our children and force us to name them George, Paul and John.

  • Ringo Lapua

    If Obama was innocent and did not conspire with Holder on Fast & Furious, then why did he claim Presidential immunity and refuse to answer. BECAUSE HE IS GUILTY AND WAS CORNERED LIKE THE VERMIN HE IS.  Bengazi, the IRS incident and AP….Just TIPS OF THE ICEBERG.  PS…. google Obamas executive orders for the past year, take time to read them, you will all learn a lot about our Mr. Presidunt.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard that the MSM has been finally “waking up” over recent events. I don’t think so.  They’ve had their eyes wide open all along.  It’s just that they’ve lost control for the moment. They remember from driver education class that when that happens, you “steer in the direction of the skid”. 
    That’s all they’re doing.  Its a tactic to regain control.  Once they do, they’ll “spin” the wheel back to the course they’ve been on.

  • Nanette Gray

    WE have known Glen, because of you way back in 2007. I watch all your shows on Fox news!  The very sad thing is, that there are many Americans that keep themselves stupid and dumbed down. Apathy and out right self imposed ignorance is scary!

  • Linda Barkmeyer

    The new Hollywood movie shows killing those on Wall Street.  Obama loves Hollywood and its money but even more to stir up the people and incite anarchy.  Obama is a fool.  While he adopts Muslim philosophy he loses because he destroys all that is good.  There can be no love or trust in his world.  Everyone’s integrity is so questionable in his world that you never have peace.  Heart attack stuff in the making..  Perhaps that’s what he deserves.

  • Linda Barkmeyer

    Our dear deceased Aunt who had great adversity in her life used to say the good Lord never sleeps.  I say Obama the good Lord is watching you.  You better clean up your act.

  • Anonymous
    • Cameron Vance

      Government: 1, Citizens: 0

      O Snap.

  • Anonymous

    What do all three scandals have in common?  Beck lies about each and every one of them.

    It’s OK Glenn; we understand. You HATE the man and can’t help yourself.

    • Cameron Vance

      How do you know that he is lying?

      How do WE know that you are not lying?

      How do I know that everyone isn’t lying?

      • Anonymous

        Actually Cameron, that’s a very good question. It’s hard to know, especially with the Benghazi operation. It was a CIA operation with a State Dept. cover; and you know that the CIA is not a transparent operation. Understand, the CIA wrote the talking points, so the fact that they were not accurate is not surprising. Were they running guns to Syrian rebels? I, for one, hope so. Assad has got to go, but there is no proof that is or was the case…yet.

        Your last question addresses the very nature of propaganda in the last 100 years. If it comes from a corporation, it’s questionable info, and most news organizations are corporations, including BlazeTV.

        So, in this post-truth political reality, it’s hard to determine the truth, but one thing smart people do is to avoid listening to and believing anything asserted by a known and proven liar!

        Where does that leave us? If you’re lied to, stop believing the liar. If you don’t know, find out. Read information from multiple sources, including ones you are not in alignment with politically. We have the Internet, and that means we can check and double check sources. It’s f$#ked up; but we all have to be reporters. 

        I feel your frustration. We can’t trust the government/empire. We can’t trust corporate “news.” We have to find trustworthy sources, and one certainty is that BlazeTV is not one of them. Way too many provable false claims made there.

        • Guest

          The original Peckerhead Beckerhead promoting his ignorant website.

          Beware Cameron.

          • Anonymous

            You’re something else with your consistent, ignorant and deceitful repeated insult.

            You can’t stand that the Review is making a list of Glenn Beck’s known lies.

            Ignorant slander much?

            Yes, apparently over and over and over and over….

      • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

     I’d love to see it, but I don’t think it will happen.  This great scarey press he has just “angered” has been in his pocket far too long.  There will be a little dog and pony show, a bunch of smoke and talk, and then business will continue as usual.  As much as I hate to say it, I don’t think we see Holder, Obama, Hilary, or anyone “big” for that matter go down for this.  Maybe at the very most we get offered up some patsy to make the republicans and the people stop barking and go back to sleep.

  • Rex Stevenson

    IRS, Benghazi, and the AP: What do all three scandals have in common? The short answer is: “Obama didn’t know.”

  • BestestGuestest1

    ” Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket ”

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Guest
  • MudPuddleBunny

     I know that its passionate and bold, but please read…we’ve got to stop this sickness; together with God’s help.

  • Jane Martin

    This is in response to Watchman on the Wall.  The problem is not the Talmudic Jews.  The problem is the Kabbalach Jews.  Talmudic Jews follow the Old Testament Laws of Moses. Zionist Jews follow the Kabbalah, a mystical book of Judiasm.  Throughout the Old Testament, God condemned mysticism and sorcery.   

    The  Zionist Banking Cartel (the Jewish elite – ie. world bankers) are at the root of the problem and they control the world’s economy.  A great resource toward uncovering the truth is “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, an in depth look at the Federal Reserve.  Many of our government officials, at the highest levels, are members of this elite group.

    The Zionist Jews are symbolic of the Pharisees of the Old Testament.  In its Hebrewish form Pharisee means separatist.  They were initially loyal to God, which is extremely ironic, in view of the fact that by Christ’s time, they made themselves the most bitter and deadly, opponents of Jesus and His message.  Interestingly, when jesus said  in Matthew 16:26  “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul”, while speaking to Peter and revealing his journey to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests, and scribes, culminating in his death and resurrection, he was speaking about them.

  • Anonymous

    What do these all have in common? The election and control of future elections.

  • Laura

     So where is Valerie Jarrett, she seems to be lying low, the Islamic/communist who stated “We will punish our enemies and reward our friends.”

  • Anonymous

    What do these three have in common? Like Paul Ryan, Beck is lying about them.

  • Anonymous

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