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Three scandals are breaking around the Obama administration this week: Benghazi, IRS, and the AP. The media has named none of them. There hasn’t been mention of an IRS-gate, a Benghazigate, etc.

While Real News has labeled their segments on the trifecta of scandals, “SCANDALPALOOZA,” Glenn is looking for a serious label that will make these scandals easy to communicate among Americans. This morning on radio, Glenn asked his radio audience to take to Twitter in order to help find the right name for the scandals that this administration is involved in using #OSCANDALNAMES.

“As a network we need a great name that explains what this is really all about, ties in all three scandals, makes sure that you know what we’re talking about here,” Glenn explained. “It can’t be something flippant, it can’t be like Scandalpalooza because it has to have some gravitas to it.  It can’t be so in your face that your friends are like.”, “Oh, well, you’re just part of that conspiracy theory.”  Okay, got it.  What should this scandal name be?”

There were some pretty unique ideas — so many that #OSCANDALNAMES was trending world wide for most of the radio program.

Here’s a few of our favorites…

There was also this creative idea from the Young Cons:

So, what was the winning name? Glenn reveals the winning scandal name for TheBlaze in the video below…

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