Nothing to see here: Arrest in MA shrugged off

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On radio this morning, Glenn shared a strange story out of Boston that involves a group of foreign chemical engineering students trespassing at a major water supply near Boston. Even more bizarre – law enforcement’s reaction (or lack thereof) to the trespass.

“Tell me the story out of Boston this morning, Pat,” Glenn said. “Here’s breaking news for you, but don’t worry. Why should anyone pay attention to what happens in Boston?”

“Yeah, there are just seven chemical engineers that were, I guess, on a class outing,” Pat joked. “[They were] trespassing at a major reservoir in Boston, and these chemical engineers just happen to be from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. I’m sure there’s nothing to look at.”

A local TV station had the report:

REPORTER: State police issued summons for the group for trespassing but did not find any evidence of any other crimes. Still they are stepping up patrols at water supply facilities around the state. This all happened at the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown. The reservoir is the main water supply for most of the state including the Boston area. Now shortly after midnight Tuesday state police discovered seven people walking from the reservoir, five men and two women. The men told police they are chemical engineers who recently graduated college and claimed they wanted to see the Quabbin because of their education and career interests. Well, state police say their backgrounds are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore but they live in various parts of Massachusetts, one in New York City.

“So hold on just a second,” Glenn said. “So it’s Pakistan, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.”

Something smells a little fishy when a seemingly unrelated group of foreign chemical engineering students suddenly converge on the same spot, at the same time.

“It’s not like a family. It’s not like we all grew up in the same neighborhood. It’s, we live in different parts now of the Northeast and we all came together to trespass,” Glenn said. not to call and say, “What time of day was it? That they just decided to come together from different parts of New England, all of these, you know, disconnected guys from different countries.

“That sounds totally fine,” Pat said. “There’s nothing to see here.”

When you consider the fact that of the 75,000 foreign students who are supposed to be here on visas, 15,000 of which are unaccounted for, situations like this further justify the need for immigration reform that doesn’t just focus on the southern border.

“Never made it. Came in the front door and then disappeared. 15,000,” Glenn said. “Now, I’m sure these good, hardworking chemists, chemical engineers that just have varying backgrounds and went to different schools, I guess, and they just wanted to – before they go home, they just want to see the water supply system.”

“Makes perfect sense,” Pat quipped.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Glenn concluded. “Honestly, if you’re a chemical engineer, I want you to call me now. I want you to tell me what you could possibly learn by sneaking onto a reservoir and walking around the property that would help you in your chemical engineering life. What could you possibly learn other than, ‘Well, we should secure these things a little better.’ What else could you learn?”

  • Sam Fisher

    Liberals have a habit of ignoring terrorist. 

    • landofaahs

      They have a lot in common.

      • Anonymous

         That made me laugh. Yes they do.

    • F M

      It’s interesting how liberals bend over backwards to avoid even the appearance of profiling when it comes to terrorism – something that directly threatens human lives. But there are quite a number of them now who are trying to justify the IRS profiling and targeting those organizations who merely have a conservative-sounding name for audits and other harassment.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad you can’t profile these students. However, had this been a bunch of rowdy teenagers out for a lark or prank, I bet they would have been locked up first and questioned later.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    More terrorists set free after being caught in making their preparations. How many others have been caught and freed, on orders from the admin?

    • landofaahs

      Where were the drones?

    • Anonymous

       I am a Mechanical Engineer and the other day me and my friends visited our Neighbors house around 3:00 AM while he was at work. We found an open window that he must have left open for us. We entered his bedroom and we all learned how his safe works to help my knowledge in my career background.

      • barbaramiller5212

        hahahah that is a hoot, good one Ben!

      • Anonymous

        Thank-you for the belly laugh, they are rare these days.

  • Gerry Vincent

    They WANT to allow a large terrorist act to draw heat away from the major scandals swirling around president bambi benghazi and to “never waste a crisis” a little bit of martial law (already tested in post-bombing Boston and AOK’d by the residents) as well. And that was just to search for 1! one! man.

    • Anonymous

      Wait for the real test there will be many who get an F-

  • Peter Timber

    liberalism is a mental disorder so being loopy is one of their traits. After all they are college students, chemical engineers and look nice and safe….after all they wear shoes, speak English and are well dressed so what more can you look for right?

  • Anonymous

    Actually there were 8 engineers…. they went there to test the theory that if they filled Akmed’s pockets with rocks and tied a steel tire rim around his chest Akmed would be able to
    walk on the bottom of the lake….. Akmed never came back up…. strange……

  • Anonymous

    There are many cases of misinformation in this article, namely:
    1.  Belchertown and the Quabbin are almost 100 miles from Boston.
    2.  As a family who regularly visits the Quabbin we are not stopped or searched, ever. The roads are open to vehicles and we used to be able to drive over the dam, but since 9-11 that road has been blocked by concrete and steel pylons. You can walk on the dam and it’s 1/4 mile long.
    3.  The Quabbin is not the water supply for all of Massachusetts. It serves the area around Boston, but most of the towns have their own supplies of water.
    4.  The Quabbin was constructed in the 1930’s by destroying and flooding 5 towns which ceased to exist at that time. The people being moved out took the town treasuries and threw parties with dancing to famous Big Bands, even though the State had said to send the money to the State Treasurer. They spent it all on the parties. Roads and rail lines that used to go to the towns are blocked by gates, but you are allowed to walk around them and in some cases you can ride a bike. The foundations of the buildings are still there under 30+ feet of water, but almost all buildings were destroyed or moved to higher ground.
    5.  There is a State Police office at the entrance and cameras record anyone coming or going. All gates are closed and locked at sunset and you are not allowed in.
    6.  These people were trespassing after midnight on the dam.
    7.  I suspect they were an advance team, checking to see how far they could get, how long it took the police to come, could a truck get through the barriers, etc.
    8.  The reservoir is 40 miles long and about 15 miles wide and it would take a hundred trucks of chemicals to pollute it.

    We like to hike the old roads and go down to the water’s edge. Even though it is one of the most beautiful places in the state, there is a sense of sorrow when you think of all the people who were displaced, as well as all the grave sites that were moved to a cemetery in Belchertown.

    • Anonymous

      So…your point is…????  You put information on the table that is irrelevant.
      Bottom line.  The whole thing smells fishy.  NO ONE should be around ANY reservoir no mater how small or how few it impacts.  Your comment that it would take hundreds of trucks of chemicals to pollute it.  Glad to know you are privy to any and all new micro organisms that a foreign country may have developed that could overcome that obstacle.
      People who have such a narrow view on something that could be mammoth are exactly what is wrong with this country. People are living in a fantasy world that “it couldn’t happen here”.  I am not an alarmist but I certainly don’t think we are safe from any kind of terrorism and we should all wake up and smell the coffee.  Our world has changed forever since 9/11 and even more so after the Boston tragedy. 

      • Anonymous

        Just to make it very clear the world has changed some in time but the world didn’t screw itself people have change and it only gets darker but your point is well taken if jimbos  irrelevant in just a short statement then so are you and I.

      • Anonymous

         Just wanted to correct some misinformation in the article.

        This reservoir is open to fishing boats with less than 10 HP motors and thousands of people use it for fishing.  It is not closed. There is however no swimming.

        There is a small river that feeds the water to the reservoir from the north and it goes through some small cities.  Do you say we should close the river and the cities?

        During the 9-11 attack they established a security zone around the reservoir and that’s when it was stated that a terrorist could not get enough chemicals to pollute such a large amount of water.

        There is a reservoir near Amsterdam, NY which is comparable in size and they allow private camps around it, and swimming and boating are allowed.

        The purpose of terrorism is not to kill people and destroy things, it is to make people afraid to go out in public. I prefer not to be afraid to go out or to take a drink of water.

      • Elena

         Most of our lakes and streams are water sources to be made potable.  Lake Mead, all the Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes, etc., are all reservoirs for the US, Canada, and communities near them.  They also have boat traffic, homes and resorts on them.  I live on a small reservoir used mostly for irrigation but could be used for bulk water sales for the water companies here.

        To put off limits every last reservoir is nonsense.

        Besides most biological agents are not immune to the purification process.  Most chemical agents would be too diluted to make much of a difference, esp if activated carbon filters are used before final settling before purification.

        Water goes thru tests, multiple filters, and settling basins before it’s purified for deliver thru the water mains.  Poisoning the water supply would be incredibly difficult.  It would be easier to mess up hotel services in a mall or large building, but not for the whole city w/o getting into the last stage of purification before delivery.

    • ethix2

       “…and it would take a hundred trucks of chemicals to pollute it.”

      “Or a few gallons of biological bugs that thrive in warm water….”

      Native intelligence has not been high priority for Police Recruits for many years.

    • Gossamer Dawn

      Well we’re so glad you got it all covered

    • Steven G Bruno

      I think with their backround they don’t need truck loads to do the job!!! But what do I know, just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Geesh … whenever I was out partying at 12:30am, the MA police ALWAYS seemed to find me …

    I’m amazed at how  they didn’t see them pull up, park, & walk through thick woods towards the reservoir. They caught them coming OUT of the woods …. too little, too late at that stage.  Oh, and by the way …. the State Police barracks is RIGHT ON THE WATER there on the dam!

    Good thing I’m only allowed 10 bullets to defend myself ….. (rolls eyes)

  • Anonymous

    Recently, there were 2 men arrested here in Canada for planning to blow up a bridge across the Niagra river while a passenger train that runs between New York and Toronto was over the gorge. Hundreds would have been killed when the train fell into the river below. A week after that a third individual was arrested in congunction with the other 2 for planning to dump chemical/biological compounds in the water supply as an alternate plan. He wasn’t satisfied with hundreds of dead, he wanted to kill a hundred thousand!
    Eternal vigilance people!!!

    • Anonymous

      A few years ago I read an article in the Fargo Forum, our paper here in Fargo ND, about a car that was stopped at the Canadian border that was searched. The border guards found a bag with some citrus fruit that was contaminated with a fungus. The people in the car said they were going to Florida. The article said if they would have made it to FL, the contaminated fruit would have devastated the citrus industry as there was no known anti-fungal to this type of fungus. I never did read anything about this incident ever again. Does anyone know anything about this? I wish I would’ve keep the article.

  • faxxmaxx

    In Florida a new law is afloat. If passed, it will be illegal to take pictures of bridges if no one is in the foreground posing. I’m not sure if the law will only include bridges or if it will encompass other structures as well. I heard it briefly on the radio this morning.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad they weren’t smoking pot-they’d all be in jail by now.

    • David Ellis

       Pot is now legalized in MA. Thanks Mini-ME Gov…..

  • Anonymous

    Later power players :

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  • Shirley

    The local Boston news said that these individuals will return for a court date later in the month.  It sounds like they were released!  If that is the case, how stupid are they?  Ya, I’m sure they will all return on their own.

  • bumpkin

    Glenn, I am not engineer material, but I can STILL tell you that it is a dry run to see what security there is, ESPECIALLY if the water in the reservoir is used for drinking, or watering crops.  Can you even BELIEVE that the PC cops had to ignore them?!  Not even a couple of well-placed questions.  

  • Anonymous

    The people in Boston are mostly libs anyway so I could care less if Boston got hit twice in one year!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Extrapolating your logic, when your town gets bombed, assuming your comment is reflective of the average IQ of its residents, no one will care if innocent stupid people get maimed right?

      • Anonymous

        Just saying I don’t care about you communist out east. Keep your Muslim terrorist out east we don’t want them here. You think those seven Muslims chemical engineers went to Boston’s water reservoir to get a cup of water. Is there a dam at the water reservoir near Boston I don’t know, might make good target for Muslim terrorist ! I’m trying to tell you that you liberals will get hit again Just keep your Muslim terrorist in New York and Massachusetts or east of me and I don’t give a rats butt !

  • Anonymous

    This incident, and others, are disturbing and reflect on the plans of those who look to take our republic down. I will give a small point to the left (a very small one) – we have had those of the right with a similar object.

    Let me digress – the terms left and right come from the seating of an early French parliament, but they improperly imply a line where the left and right ends are far apart. The political spectrum is better described as an interrupted circle – think of the Greek capital letter Omega. Facism is at the bottom of the figure, and freedom at the top. Fascism can be religious fundamentalism or Progressive elitism – it can proceed from either the left or right, and like the letter Omega they are almost the same as the circle turns and they approach each other.

    With Glenn, and many others who don’t necessarily agree with him exactly, and whom he doesn’t agree with, I’m at the upper level of that circle – the freedom and individual responsibility segment. Some may be to the left of the top center, some to the right. We get into trouble when the government falls below the horizontal center and falls to the Fascist half, where they come together.

    Now I’ve rambled on I’m finally going to get to the point, and the reason I put this in this thread. I’m almost hoping for more attacks, God help me, as we need to understand the threat. I don’t want anyone to die, but it may take that to awaken this Republic (I yet have a faith that even the  druggies and American Idol idolators might rise up).

    The great threat is gradualism, and it is a favored tactic of some who would change the world to their philosophy. The overt and extreme attacks on the US are better for our future, although not for those killed or injured, as they should mobilize our population. It happened at Pearl Harbor (my vintage).

    One has to remember that Hitler was to the left (National Socialism) and that George III was to the right (OK, if my mind were working better I’d think of a new example). Left and right are misnomers, good men of good will can be to the left or right of center in that circle, but as they proceed further along the circle they drop into facism or authoritarianism and move back to their own center.

    Best, Jon

  • Anonymous

    This is only one of many such incidents.
    There have been numerous reports from around the country of groups of Muslim men, usually “students”, visiting and taking photos of bridges, nuclear power plants, government buildings, reservoirs, and other potentially sensitive areas, AFTER these facilities have closed. 
    Apparently, none of these “students” ever thought to visit these facilities during regular business hours, and none of them ever thought to request permission for a visit/tour!

    Typically nothing is done about these incidents. The “students” always feign ignorance of our laws, claiming that they have difficulty with our language (couldn’t read the posted signs that say “Keep Out”) and they claim that due to cultural differences, they didn’t realize that they weren’t supposed to be on the grounds of that particular facility, after closing hours, in the dark.

    There have also been a number of car “accidents” reported around the U.S. with Muslim taxi  cab drivers who suddenly “fall asleep at the wheel”, “lose control of the car”, or have a “medical problem” and then drive onto the sidewalk plowing into groups of pedestrians. 

    When will the American people wake up?

    To keep up with news stories about Islam from around the world:

  • Anonymous

  • F M

    It’s interesting how many political liberals bend over backwards to avoid even the appearance of profiling when it comes to terrorism – something that directly threatens human lives. But there are quite a number of them now who are trying to justify the IRS profiling and targeting those organizations who merely have a conservative-sounding name for audits and other harassment.

  • Anonymous

    With the FBI and State Police involved, hopefully they are tracking them and all of their communications between now and the court hearing date. One hopes they do a beter job than was done with the Tsarnev brothers.

  • MudPuddleBunny

     I know that its passionate and bold, but please read…we’ve got to stop this sickness; together with God’s help.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals could not connect the dots even if they were playing Twister.

  • Sharmane

    For decades now we have been allowing foreign students into the country, often giving them preferential admissions treatment.  Once they are here many of them are never tracked and it is not even known if they actually attend school.  Of those that do attend, many major in high tech sciences including IT, various engineering disciplines and economics.  As a former employee of a major university in the NE I witnessed this back to the mid seventies.  In my opinion we have allowed too many students, particularly from the Middle East, into the country to be educated here and I don’t believe this policy has served our country well.  

  • mdkrause

    The Boston police should have picked these guys up, take them to a bruins game and tell the fans what they were doing and let the fans decide if there is something funny going on.

  • Anonymous

    As an patriotic American born and educated in the Texas panhandle engineer with varied studies (mechanical, civil and petroleum engineering studies), it never occurred to me to do what these people have done.  Whenever any student or engineering professional needs to evaluate or participate in a certain study, they get the permission of the controlling entity or local law enforcement prior to their actions.  This, as all of the recent incidents involving foreign visiting nationals, needs to be a wake up call as to a future crisis.  Certain ideologies, both inside our own government as well as “visitors”, are determined to destroy the Great American Dream and those that oppose them, religious or otherwise.  We need to closely watch those that undermine our American CONSTITUTION and FREEDOMS but not our political ideals and politicians.  FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

  • Steven G Bruno

    How about if they left a time release capsule in the water??? You know ,, like something that wouldn’t leak out for say a couple of days?? Just long enough to give them enough time to get out of the country, like!! you know, the guy we had arrested that was in the hospital that we sent home to Saudi Arabia??

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